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38 responses to “LSU coach Will Wade caught on wiretap discussing recruiting “offer” with Christian Dawkins”

  1. dhard

    LSU needs to try and get on the North Carolina plan for punishment.

    1. bigbluenationmbb

      LSU and Arizona are both screwed they will be terrible for a while lesson learned don’t cheat unless your duke or unc

    2. bigbluebanana

      Yeah, but there’s more than 1 “fam” around here who would kill to have Will Wade as our coach instead of Cal. Shows you how delusional they are. Right bigolblue? You have literally typed Will Wade as a person who is better for us than Cal.

    3. bigbluenationmbb

      Totally agree glad we have cal and people would also rather have tony Bennett who hasn’t even won a title at Virginia and that’s bob problem with cal

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Same people that want Bennet thought Billy the Drunk G’s football scheme was excellent for basketball. Let’s just Nickel and Dime it down the court, never go for a td, hopefully kick a field goal and see how that works.

  2. Catcasey1

    Don’t care if they shut it down. That is the dirtiest playing team I’ve seen since the p. Ewing days and it falls back on there coach

    1. The last sith lord

      Quit crying !! Big pat played physical but wasnt dirty. He was a hell of center in hs, college n pro.

  3. jeffj

    bit confused here . notified he would be subpoenaed yet we’re reading the wiretap ?

    1. Mathlete

      It’s part of an ongoing court case. Wade didn’t need to be there, Christian Dawkins was

  4. Mathlete

    Gotta disagree about the self imposed postseason ban. They need to play in this tournament because they’re not going back for a LONG time after this year. Plus I really think they could beat Duke given the chance

    1. J. Did

      Good point. LSU is a great team.

      But if they advance to the sweet 16, elite 8, final 4, the ‘ship… may well end up like uavel’s last trip.

  5. ClutchCargo

    If they want to avoid strong-ass penalties, they should just deny everything and drag their feet like UNCheat. There is no incentive to cooperate with those crooks.

    1. IrishCat

      That’s the truth.

  6. Bluebloodtoo

    Idk… NCAA has yet to weigh in on any of this. If it turns out that 5-8 of the high profile teams have been involved in this, gonna be hard for NCAA to maintain revenue stream if they shut down post season play for all the big boys. This is going to be interesting, to say the least.

  7. Get_Sixed_KY

    Find it funny how Torres said Wade was positioning himself to be Cals successor. Lmao not anymore bro.

    1. bigbluebanana

      And plenty of “fans” too!

  8. IndianaSucks

    I think UofL taught everyone that a self-imposed post-season ban does nothing because they still got the axe. Keep playing LSU, don’t admit fault and maybe you’ll get off like UNC did. Doubt it though.

    1. J. Did


      If you’ve taken the ‘money’, now come on……you got to run.

  9. weneedpitino

    The only thing I got from that is he needs his mouth washed out with soap. What a foul mouthed young man. Go cats!

  10. az1006

    I think the schools that are already involved will ultimately me the scapegoats for the NCAA, and that’ll be that. UofL is likely to be public enemy #1 as far as the NCAA is concerned. Wouldn’t be shocked if Arizona, Kansas, and now LSU all get hit too. But, beyond that, I just don’t think the NCAA wants to gut the sport, and they’re in a precarious situation anyway, given how poor their reputation is. You can’t bite the hand the feeds, so to speak, so I’d guess the breadth of NCAA sanctions will be relatively mild, considering the apparent reach of this scandal.

    1. ClutchCargo

      This makes sense to me. They can go after this handful of schools and then let them be a lesson for the others. Although I will believe Kansas gets spanked when I see it happen. The NCAA no doubt wants to put this behind them asap and get back to counting their piles of money.

    2. J-Dub421

      I think any schools that had a player take money from an agent directly may not get punished, if there are a lot of them out there. Any school who’s coach/coaching staff arranged for payments to players through Adidas to get them to sign with said school will get the hammer dropped on them. Which is as it should be.

    3. StuckinLville

      Couldnt disagree more. This stuff has been going on for far too long and the only way to stop it is to make examples of these schools. Let other schools know it will not be tolerated and since the NCAA has become a joke, I bet they will hand down some harsh penalities. All the hard work is being done by the FBI so the NCAA isn’t having to take the time that investigate so that helps.

    4. J. Did

      KENTUCKY went through hell post-Eddie…prior to Pitino’s arrival.

      Hence: I don’t throw stones.

      If KENTUCKY has cheated since that episode, I would be extremely surprised.

      This is not Tom Jurich’s uavel program which had for years been sleeping with anything to get to the top.

    5. az1006

      Let me clarify, StuckinLville…I’m not saying the schools that have been connected already won’t get sanctions…I think they will. UofL, Kansas, LSU, and Arizona are all likely to get sanctions, in varying degrees, depending on what continues to come out (if anything else does). What I mean, though, is the likelihood that this sort of behavior being rampant across the sport, including ALL of the major programs, is high. So, when I say the sanctions will be relatively mild, I’m doing so under the assumption that FAR MORE than those programs are involved in this. But they’ll be the ones that get hit as examples. What I don’t expect to happen? The NCAA (or FBI for that matter) to broaden this investigation in an attempt to eradicate it across the board. Punish the ones they’ve found, use it to serve as a warning to others, and hope things get cleaned up, relatively speaking.

  11. michaelb

    What a disgrace to this season . False champs running around gloating that their top of the sec . The questionable wins seem so much more stupid now .

  12. michaelb

    Nothing’s even gonna happen to them , we might as well been paying under the table too, hell

    1. Shredder

      I agree. Nothing will happen to Kansas or LSU. There isn’t enough evidence to “convict” except in the court of opinion. If he is subpoenaed, all he’ll say to keep from incriminating himself is I don’t remember. The only way something happens is if they tract the money or other more damning wiretaps come out.

    2. michaelb

      Plus there’s actually nothing illegal going on in the laws of the USA

  13. Grazilla

    I agree. What a disgrace! Language like that should be nowhere near these kids.

  14. BigolBlue

    Our future coach. Dang it

    1. bigbluebanana

      Except you actually wanted that. Lol

    2. 4everUKblue

      With a little tutoring from Pitino he could become dirty enough to coach at UofLittleBrothel, that’s BigolSlaterMedic’s team for real.


    I guess somewhere down the road, this season will have 1 less loss in the record books.

  16. jaws2

    The corrupt NCAA is NOT going to kill the golden geese of college basketball. There will be limited penalties sent down just to make people take a look.

  17. michaelb

    The NCAA needs to be abolished. All they gotta do is say “We’re not gonna be a part of the NCAA”. Start your own organization that way the talking heads can funk it up anyway they want to. It’s still not gonna be perfect . No system is perfect

  18. Racerr11

    Wade gone, Sean Miller gone, North Carolina St also involved and I think it’s Kevin Keats thats involved which is former loserville asst. Guess Ricki boy taught him right. Loserville was only on probation from stripper gate for 2 weeks when the $100,000 payment to Bowens family was made on there part. That’s called a repeat offender and that’s one reason a program can be given the death penalty. Plus the attorneys for other people saying loserville is the most non compliant and dirtiest basketball program in collegiate history won’t do them any favors. When u testify and lie your going to prison so it would be in there best interest to tell the truth.

  19. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    With the NCAA being as dirty as it it’ll probably put everyone on probation in exchange for them “testifying” against teams like Kentucky, Villanova, and Gonzaga. Teams that are innocent but are in a conference that doesn’t belong in let along winning the NC.