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Louisville loses to Minnesota in the first round

And now for some truly tragic news: Louisville is going home. The Minnesota Fighting Richard Pitinos just sent the Cards packing 86-76. What a shame.

Somewhere in Greece, Rick Pitino is smiling.

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60 responses to “Louisville loses to Minnesota in the first round”

  1. weneedpitino

    Good enough for em. Go cats!!

    1. weneedpitinojr

      lil Ricky to UK when Cal goes to UCLA!

    2. weneedpitino

      Well holy cow would you looky here weneedpitino. I like it. Go cats, and go weneedpitinojr!!

    3. Realme

      Oh Lord, we really don’t need 2 of you.

    4. weneedpitino

      Realme don’t ask me, I didn’t ask for this. I’m just being me and I don’t know who this guy is. I should have expected the fandom with me being as popular as I am, but I’m a little surprised by this. Go cats, and boo to makeitstop!!

    5. StillBP

      haha it was actually me just being silly! I’ll fess up!

    6. StillBP

      I didn’t realize how easy it is to change your display name. Now I see how BoB does it with such quickness.

    7. weneedpitino

      Stillbp shoo I was worried for a minute. I kind of felt like how a celebrity might feel who has a stalker, I felt a tad violated. Go cats, and go to stillbp’s sense of humor!!

    8. StillBP

      No stalkers yet wnp but I can see how you came to that conclusion. Your posts do get a lot of attention, only makes sense that you feel like a celeb.

    9. weneedpitino

      Yeah you would think I would be used to it by now, beings that I have been a bit of a celebrity just about my whole life. About 40 or so year ago back when tug o war was a thing I was a coach/player for a local tug o war chapter I was a part of. I had the most strapping strong young men on my team, I even had 2 ladies. Boy were we good to, so good in fact we had elementary schools all across the state begging us to come perform for the kids. This lasted for about three years until one right after the other injuries plagued us, torn groins, broken fingers, hemorrhoids, hernias, dislocated fingers, you name it we were plagued by it. We made the newspaper on multiple occasions before injury took us all out. We won every match but one that we participated in. Go cats, and go to all my tug o war tuggers!!

    10. Realme

      Good one, BP!

    11. catsarerunnin

      Slater’s bracket is officially BUSTED!

    12. RealCatsFan

      Oh come on, wenee. We all know that you enjoy feeling violated. 😀

    13. weneedpitino

      Realcatsfan I like to violate mrs. Weneedpitino. Speaking of her remember when I told you that she made me burn my power K sweatshirt thanks to the bed bug incident in Nashville. Well luckily for me I found one on Ebay, and it’s on the way now. I can’t wait to wear it to football games next year along with my trendy hat. Go cats, and go power K sweatshirts!!

    14. UoKFB PHAN

      Go read some posts by Paris10 on the Saturday Down South site and then read weneedpitino’s stuff. Anyone see any similarities?

    15. weneedpitino

      I’m gonna check this saturday down south thing out. Go Cats!!

  2. 4everUKblue

    Jeff Capel is an analyst on TNT at the half? Wow!

    1. 4everUKblue

      Wonder if he carries that bag of cash everywhere he goes.

    2. 4everUKblue

      I can’t look at Capel of listen to him, he just looks like a bag man.

    3. RealCatsFan

      He looks like the devil to me.

    4. 4everUKblue

      May be the illegitimate son of Count K.

    5. BigolBlue

      4 ever just making excuses yet again as to wht Cal lost all his guys to Duke

    6. 4everUKblue

      Welcome little buddy, your lips tired from all that sucking? Bet you made some good money though.

    7. 4everUKblue

      I would make an excuse for you BigolSlaterMedic, but there is no excuse for you, I’m sure your mother has been looking for one for the entire 12 yrs of your life.

  3. cats646

    There goes my bracket. Lol, worth it.

  4. Ridge Runner

    Outcome doesn’t surprise many I would think as the 10/7 seeding was more closer to even than it was that.

    1. Ridge Runner

      I’d be lying if the fact an ACC team loses bothers me too.

  5. ScottGreene22

    Loserville mad Minnesota look good

  6. CellarDoorx06

    At this point, I could honestly care less. You don’t hear me say things like that much during March. 🙁

    1. J-Dub421

      If you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t be on here posting. You would be off doing something else.

    2. StillBP

      Well j-d he did say he could care less, so more proof he does care.

  7. secrick

    I had the cards winning the first game but losing the next one but glad i was wrong.

    1. J-Dub421


    2. 4everUKblue

      Whatever it is that would allow me to feel sorry for UofL is missing.

  8. nocode96

    Still perfect through 2, my best start in years.


      Same here lol it will all go to hell soon enough

  9. gasman01

    I’m going to hold off making snide comments until we get by our game tonight. I don’t feel confident against anyone without PJ

    1. StillBP

      So you’ll start making snide comments around 9:30 this evening if we win? Okay, got it.

    2. gasman01

      You bet?

  10. jaws2

    I guess Mack thought he’d try the one and DONE thing!!! uOFsmell goes Dowwwwwwn!!

  11. 4everUKblue

    Man Auburn in a barn burner. Harper made a bone headed play and fouled out, could cost them the game.

    1. J-Dub421

      Auburn was ahead the whole game and tried to give it away there at the end.

    2. 4everUKblue

      The foul by Harper was a serious mistake. I’m sure Harper was coached better than that, goes to show you can’t blame everything on the coach….looking at you Cal haters.

    3. J-Dub421

      Every time some idiot whinges about Cal’s coaching, I remember James Young saying Cal diagramed a play during a timeout, “But I forgot what he called, so I just shot it.” (Or something to that effect.)

  12. ukcamel

    These are the posts that separate the trolls who aren’t actually UK grads/fans (BigolBlue, BigBlue2284,etc.) and actually likely Louisville, and the UK fans that are just certified lunatics (weneedpitino). You can’t post all day every day about how pretend-concerned you are about UK and then skip dancing on UL’s grave.

    1. bigblue2284

      Having a hard time following you hear… Also stop assuming you know someone because of a sports blog, you sound dumb.

    2. 4everUKblue

      Learn to spell before you call someone else dumb bigblue2284.

    3. ukcamel

      “Having a hard time following you hear”

      “You sound dumb”

      *audible gasp*

  13. weneedpitino

    Mr camel sir I’m really not sure what your trying to say here. I despise the cardinals, so much in fact that when my son was playing peewee football they tried to assign us the name cardinals. Well that wasn’t flying with me me and young weneedpitino walked back to the truck and left. That night they begged me to come back if they changed the name to Wildcats. They knew what a legendary coach I was, and they couldn’t bare me to not be a coach. Man oh man our team was good, in all the years i coached peewee we only lost 6 games in total. Go cats, and go peewee football leagues!!

  14. nocode96

    Auburn just got ridiculously lucky.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Yep they put themselves in a really vulnerable situation and lucked out big time.

  15. 4everUKblue

    Mich St might be the next upset, they’ve got their hands full with Bradley.

  16. secrick

    Did Mack ever get out of the sweet sixteen with Xavier

    1. catsarerunnin

      Elite 8 in 2017 I believe.


    I want every ACC team eliminated before the Sweet 16.

    1. IndianaSucks

      Don’t hold your breath. Or do. Up to you really…

  18. Eazy

    UK is 36-16 vs Louisville. Cal is 10-2. We own them. It’s not a rivalry. Taking over in football now, too.

    1. IndianaSucks

      What does this have to do with them playing Minnesota?

  19. Kerosenerag

    Hate too admit but I had them winning this game in my bracket…dirty birds let me down

  20. kyinsider

    No one on earth is as happy as Rick Pitino

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