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LIVE: John Calipari Talks After Loss to Texas A&M

Watch Coach Cal’s reaction to the loss in College Station.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

16 responses to “LIVE: John Calipari Talks After Loss to Texas A&M”

  1. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    It’s eff’ing Feb. Enough of the “we’re a young team” talk.

  2. JDG3566

    That’s going to be his excuse till the season is over.

  3. Catlogic15

    Without even listening I feel bad for Cal. Not in his wildest dreams did he think he had a team this ignorant of basic basketball skills, not even counting lousy shooting. The perfect (bad) storm. Live it and move on.

    1. bankerbh

      Why would you feel sorry for the coach who hand picked these players? The results this season are totally on Cal and started when Antigua left and the recruiting dropped off as well as when he pushed out last year’s players who should have stayed around.

    2. justaguyinthebackrow

      How do people come up with such ignorant opinions like he pushed players out? I mean, it goes against all reason, against all evidence and known facts and yet people cling to these nonsensical beliefs. It’s puzzling.

  4. BigBlueNationDude

    Time to stop pampering these kids. Turn into popovich and tell them they suck and we will miss tourney.

  5. truBLU

    Lots of ice cream being pooped out all year.

  6. ilovekaturday

    Cal can’t coach he’s a joke

    1. bigbluenation90

      I agree. Why does he not play Brad more?

    2. ilovekaturday

      I agree he’s a talented shooter

    3. FACTS

      Brad is a little bitch

  7. blueblood4life

    Can’t teach heart guys! Cal is coaching his tail off these guys have selective hearing . Win or lose we got the right coach ! Go cats!

    1. bigbluenation90

      I think it is showing he can’t coach. If we don’t have a guy like KAT, Wall, AD then he can’t win

  8. DerBaron

    Knox talking about defensive lapses is absolutely hilarious!

  9. DerBaron

    One thing I give Cal credit for he could barely handle listening to Knox’s bull*shit.

  10. RC

    I roasted Cal last week for not calling TO, which was completely his fault. However….
    If you listen to his comments from last night you can hear how exhausted he is by this team’s refusal to embrace his coaching.
    I have a 19 yr old son, freshman at college, who’s a great kid but he struggles at times to work hard. And he doesn’t accept “coaching” very well. If you’ve ever parented a teenage boy then you should understand where Cal is coming from.
    Sometimes-despite your best efforts, and punishments, and their failures- kids just don’t listen. Sometimes you can’t move the needle. This is one of those seasons.