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LIVE: John Calipari Speaks after Kentucky’s Loss at Auburn

Drew Franklin is at Auburn Arena where John Calipari and select players are breaking down the loss at Auburn.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

50 responses to “LIVE: John Calipari Speaks after Kentucky’s Loss at Auburn”

  1. BBNstrive49

    “we prayed to baby jesus and he didn’t answer us”

  2. Miller45

    blahblahblahblah freshmen blahblahblahblah selfish blahblahblahblah my fault blahblahblahblah

    1. callitlikeiseeit

      Kick Diallo off the team.

    2. syrin23

      No, but don’t play him. You cannot watch game film and justify his game time.

  3. original slappy

    I’ve honestly had enough of whatever this pompous ass has to say. He’s lying in the bed he made

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Is that you Forde?

  4. BBNstrive49

    “It’s hard with all these freshmen”

    1. BigBlueOnYou

      Tired of this crooks excuses

  5. BannerDown2018

    Four. Explain that.


    What about the Kentucky basketball team this year…?? Oh! They’re HORRIBLE!

  7. BigBlueNationDude

    Who else has cal fatigue???

    1. Rembrandt

      Just you. Moron.

    2. original slappy


    3. bosch8184

      On year 2, maybe year 3 of it myself.

      NCAA tournament record was built solely on recruiting which was built on bullshit which has been exposed and/or rendered ineffective.

    4. bigbluehank

      I sure do! The schtick got old three years back!

  8. Dragon

    Explain why we don’t call a timeout at the end of the half to “coach” them. Instead green jacks up a co,tested 3 w 10 seconds left and auburn gets a run out chance for an easy lay up

    1. LouisaCatFan

      Already used one never going to burn two in the first half unless it’s a need.

    2. vandzandz

      Which they missed

  9. A_Blue_Wildcat

    The more I see of Cal every year the more I realize that he is easily one of the worst late game situation coaches in the game. He just sits there and prays the players can figure it out, doesn’t make necessary adjustments, and often times gets completely out schemed by the opposing coach. Just look at every tournament loss we’ve had under Cal and you’ll see that when there’s 5 minutes or so left he’s clueless and we go on a scoring drought and fall apart.

    1. Mc12

      Hate to agree but this is the truth

    2. bosch8184

      100% Accurate.

  10. callitlikeiseeit

    He will talk about what a great team Auburn is…….lol….Here are the wins that great team has, Montverde would prolly be a 20 win team vs that schedule.

    1. Norfolk St 2.Indiana St. 3. Hofstra 4. Winthrop, 5. Dayton {real bad this year}, 6. Garder Webb 7. George Mason 8. UAB 9.MTSU 10. UConn 11. Murray St 12. Cornell… 13/14. UGA 15/16. Ole Miss. 17. MSU 18. Vandy 19. Tenn 20. LSU 21. Mizzou 22. Ark 23. UK
    WOW some power teams there that the top 5 of any conference would beat. And the UAB, Murray St and MTSU were all 6 points or less wins, we could not even get that close. Look at those lousy teams folks, that is all their wins right there. Plus they loss to a bad Temple team.

  11. Mc12

    Just a weird group. 1 potentially decent rim protector in Richards. He has raw talent and is frustrating at times but does have some instinct….Cal hates him. Our best passer in transition is a power forward that is a great rebounder. JV needs more minutes imo regardless of his limitations shooting. Diallo is a good jumper but is a liability unless he is a lockdown defender and hustles, which he hasn’t shown. You have our biggest offensive threat on the bench with 5 or 5 to go and 2 timeouts. He may have been frustrated with his D but switched to a zone and could have used him on an offensive set, Green is a solid shooter but not very quick or athletic. PJ flexes sometimes. I say just play Richards, JV, knox, green and sga and bring Gabriel in (know he was solid today which seemed the exception not the norm) and play those 6 30 min each and Diallo and Washington can earn time if they want it

  12. BigBlueNationDude

    Cal keeps saying hes not worried this and that. Wake the f up!!!! Pleasse stop

  13. bigbluehank

    I’m interested to see who fans place the blame on after his game, since the majority won’t dare say a coarse word about Cal!

    1. DelrayCat

      Why can’t you accept that we lost to a more experienced, better team on their home floor?
      Why does there have to be blame?

  14. CayutsBy90

    Cal earlier this: “if you want to blame someone blame me”
    Post game question: “Cal you were up, what caused the breakdown?”
    Cal: “guys broke down defensively. One guy gave up 8 straight.”
    Wait what?

  15. LouisaCatFan

    I’m the most Debbie downer of any Cats fan! If they are not winning by double digits it’s a travesty, but let’s put this in perspective they are soft bunch of players no leaders players or coaches Cal is clueless we all know that. It’s just a game what happen in FL is real life let it go.

    1. CAT_KING5

      Amen! (From the 2nd most Debbie downer of CATS fans…lol).

    2. vandzandz

      A comma is a punctuation mark that indicates a pause in a sentence or separates items in a list. A comma is also used before the words “and” or “but” to join two independent clauses

  16. bigbluehank

    Wonder who fans will blame after this game? Say a coarse word about Cal and your opinion is immediately considered invalid!

  17. BigBlueOnYou

    Coach cal = coach CLOWN
    This is beyond a joke!!! Get him OUT

  18. JATR4

    Stupidest team in college basketball. Diallo is NOT a basketball player. Has Kevin Knox ever blocked anyone out? Up 59-55 and two straight unforced turnovers. Can’t shoot fre throws. Just pathetic.

    Lipstick — PIG!!!

    1. CAT_KING5

      Don’t insult these kids by calling them stupid. The fact you made that statement is stupid!
      They are probably losing hope like all the fans are so trashing them on social media doesn’t help, especially when you insult their intelligence. Give them a break! #GOCATS

  19. ebow1


  20. ebow1

    What a bunch of idiots on here!!! Embarrassing to say the least!!!!

    1. CAT_KING5

      Agreed! ??

    2. CAT_KING5


    3. BigBlueNationDude

      Well we just got 1 more on here apparently. Realize we suck and cal cant coach

    4. bigbluehank

      Rude of you to call a fan with an opinion an idiot!

  21. BBNstrive49

    well see what had happened was

  22. Catsfan1715

    Poor UK fans. We have it so bad. So many recruits. So many final fours. Coach Cal’s only won 1 championship. It’s really a travesty. Get him out. Let’s bring in a real coach who can’t recruit but is one heck of an X’s and O’s guy. LOL.

    1. bigbluehank

      Yeah that 2012 title was due solely to Cal’s coaching prowess. Had nothing to do with having the best college prospect in 20 years on that team.

    2. Catsfan1715

      And two of the four final fours? What happened with those? He got lucky? Compare what he does with freshman talent with coach K… just look at the statistics. If Cal were that bad of a coach wouldn’t you expect duke to have had more success ? They’ve won 1 more! And they had several contributing upper class men in both those 2 teams! Who should we hire? How much better could another coach do ?

    3. bigbluehank

      Cal’s success has waned the last few years. Ever since the 2015 Wisconsin game, things have gone downhill. Opening weekend loss in the tournament a few years ago. Tough game vs UNC last year. Struggling to establish a tournament resume this year. It shouldn’t be this difficult for him to see that a freshman-dominated roster without upperclass leaders has a tough time making deep tourney runs. Yet year after year he explains how his players going pro is more important to him than a team’s success. The comments he made during the 2010 NBA Draft say it all.

    4. Catsfan1715

      (In the last 10 years)

    5. Catsfan1715

      Yet, how do you measure success? Because if it’s based on final fours and conference and NCAA champions we are overall, probably #1 or #2 depending on how you weight it. To me, that sure doesn’t look like we have been unsuccessful.

  23. philbo

    Lotta hate displayed here. Cal has a call in show on Mondays. Call him and say it to his face. Didn’t think so.
    Haters are like crickets. They make a lot of noise until you get close. Then they are very quiet.

  24. bigbluehank

    Fair, but it truly felt like Kentucky lost that game more than Auburn won it. Stupid fouls, costly turnovers, and questionable lineups all contributed to the outcome.

  25. Howdy Doody

    “Wuda, Cuda, Shuda”……WHERE have I heard this all before ??