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Listen to Matt Elam on KSR (Monday Show Thread)


Good morning and merry Christmas Eve Eve. Even though it’s a holiday week, it’s still Monday, which means you’ve got two hours of Kentucky Sports Radio coming your way. Matt and Ryan are in studio this morning to recap the win over Belmont, get you ready for Louisville, and interview one very special guest.

John Hardin star MATT ELAM will call into the show at 10:30 a.m., so to hear how his recruitment is going from the horse’s mouth, tune in. Elam is down to the Cats and the Crimson Tide, and landing him would be a major coup for a budding 2014 recruiting class. Plus, he gets pedicures and taking care of your feet is awesome.

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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

208 responses to “Listen to Matt Elam on KSR (Monday Show Thread)”

  1. trey

    The crowd at the Duke game yesterday was unbelievable. I’ve never been in Rupp when it was that loud and it stayed that way throughout the whole game. Granted, it was a different type of people that showed up, but there is no excuse why it shouldn’t be that way for the guys. The one mens game I went to this year was, to say the least, very boring. The women’s games are just a lot more fun to go to. Needless to say, I will be going to much more of the girls’ games in the future.

    1. Otter creek

      Florida 03

    2. DrSayre

      Trey is 1 away from joining the 5 timers club

  2. UK_JB

    Merry Christmas KSR family!

    So Matt Walsh is leaving WLAP… A great opening for KSR! OR… The Ryan Lemond Show from 3pm-6pm. He knows Lexington. He could talk about the homeless and politics. Nobody better. Clear Channel management… you want ratings gold. Get Ryan on.

  3. Bluegrass

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  4. UKBlue

    We need Podcast damn it

  5. Fake_TG_Thunder_Shuck

    Well… it was warm. No snow for Christmas.

  6. DrSayre

    I have a feeling my post was flagged or something…

  7. Steve

    Why no podcasts for last Thursday & Fridays show?

  8. UpperSectionStudent

    Unless it’s his decision, I have a hard time believing anything that Matt Elam has to say will be interesting to me. Not really into the smoke and mirrors that is recruiting before they announce their decisions.

    1. Wi Tu Hi

      Then why do you go to the comment section of a post to say, how little you care?

    2. UpperSectionStudent

      Isn’t that a point of a comments section? To voice your opinion? Hahahahaha, you’re a jackass.

  9. Fake_Richie_Farmer

    Are the podcasts back? Did the persons who did this dislike Target as well?


    KSR, can y’all please get the podcasts of last Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays post game show on iTunes! I missed 2 of 3 and its killing me. Thanks.

  11. Daniel

    On Christmas break, I can finally listen to KSR live.

  12. Boogie Fan

    I didn’t think the article was a hit piece at all. Thought they were fair to KSR.

  13. wes78

    STFU about the podcasts. They’ll be there when they get there and you whining about them not being there won’t speed up the process.

  14. Wait What?

    Matt you take personal shots at everyone. On twitter and the web site. You are always taking personal shots.

  15. Boogie Fan

    Journalists, especially in the sports media, are some of the thinnest skinned people in our society.

  16. classof68

    How about Lindsey’s belly? That’s pretty vulgar.

  17. Blake

    Okay Matt, like you said, the article is what media people care about. Let’s get back to basketball.

  18. dkjfdiosjfksdj

    you never go on record matt, why not go on record of what Kevin Ware did this summer.

  19. Bucky Small Hooves

    The biggest problem I had with the Herald Leader Article is that I had to read it in the shadowed area behind that membership login screen.

  20. Fake_Richie_Farmer

    I love that sound of the newspaper. Also Dial-up.

  21. joe B

    Do you think it’s personal when people, honestly so, tell you about your nose whistle. What is the difference between that and you slamming Tuckers hair. Merry Christmas and we will be listening to see if you really change in the new year and try to become a LESS angry person.

  22. Bluegrass

    I was kinda hoping that Ryan would have had a “foot-in-mouth” moment during his interview for the article that would’ve made this show today a little awkward.

    But Ryan is a good dude and gave his buddy props

  23. Edd

    In keeping with KSR xmas spirit, I have a YouTube fire glowing on my TV.

  24. mrgwildcat

    Talkin Noise with Lloyd is on at noon….what the heck happened to Zack!!!???

  25. ClayBob

    I’m at my desk in a cold, crappy, rainy Atlanta. Flying home tomorrow!

  26. question

    Talk about leaving Kentucky sports tv… what’s the truth? Since the article would not reveal anything new.

  27. Chris

    What Vanetti said last week was vulgar but funny how Matt reacted to it.

  28. Trill

    Typical Matt, he only wants you to write a story about him if you praise him, cant handle any of the criticism.

  29. BigBlueMan


  30. trey

    Great hookup with the tix!

  31. Mike Honcho

    Matt, I think when you refer to someone as “poop-tooth” could be considered vulgar……because I imagine a tooth covered in poo and frankly that’s just nasty.

  32. James K

    If you are someone that is looking to see about two hours of Amy Adams’ side boob, American Hustle is the film for you.

  33. Double_Dee

    I wish that elderly gentleman wouldnt have complained about the free tickets Matt gave him…He actually paid for them due to guy on the corner being out.

    Merry Christmas.

  34. James K

    I seriously think Tubby Smith needs his own documentary, and I’ve thought that for a while. Grossly, grossly underappreciated era at Kentucky.

  35. Burr

    That dude got free tickets and is complaining?!?! SMFH!!!

  36. joe B

    Now with all the personal cap out of the way, please tell us how many we beat Looserville by. I am saying the Cats pull out a 9 point win. 79-70

  37. Wes

    Christmas spirit?!?! I’d root for Al Qaeda and/or Satan before I’d root for Louisville.

  38. Homestead Fred

    Since you are going to be nice to Ryan after the New Year’s can we have a Ryan Hate Day as sort of a roast for Ryan Lemond?


  39. Michael

    KSR was mentioned at the Southland Christian Church Christmas service on Saturday evening. Just letting you know it was in a positive manner and perhaps first time KSR was ever incorporated into a religious service.

    1. Cotton Mash

      That’s pretty cool. I may have to go look for their podcast.

      They have incorporated the Andy Griffith show and Seinfeld into Sunday School series… now KSR.

  40. Winston

    Maybe Tom was scarred by “KSR The Body Issue” #greatestpostofalltime

  41. Larry The Producer

    Tell “The Truth” to wake me up when IU plays somebody.

  42. Living Legend

    Matt, Nothing encourages rude remarks like Anonymity!!

  43. Bucky Small Hooves

    Matt, I would have read the Herald Leader article but my couponing left the paper in shreds.

  44. Chester

    What is your beef with Mr Cameron Mills? He hit the shot heard round the bluegrass…

  45. Ralph

    If Elam gets on all of these talk shows and doesn’t sign with UK what will you guys think of him then. It’s a dead period right now in football recruiting. So decision done. If he signs with UK, nice, if not, this is mockery to the BBN!

  46. jasondnice

    I remember Pat Patterson completed Bachelor’s degree in 3 year. Do you know if he has done any post grad work? And Has Brandon Knight done any college work?

  47. James K

    You did sort of allude to the fact that he has gained a lot of weight… which he has, dear God.

  48. KY Steve

    Sorry the guy complained about the tickets you have him..

    1. The Dude

      Should have been like, well… they were free…

  49. mrgwildcat

    when you ask Matt Elam a question, say “when you commit to UK, what will be the first thing you do on campus” haha see if he falls for it

  50. Matt Elam

    Just said what ‘we’ have with the recruits when talking about UK.

    1. LynchMobJr

      Right! I feel like he has been dropping hints this whole interview!

  51. realme

    If Elam chooses Alabama, this is a really mean fakeout.

  52. Bucky Small Hooves

    Matt, do you have any other terrifying experiences to give away? Heights don’t bother me so much, but that t-shirt cannon sounded scary.

  53. Bluegrass

    He’s a Cat – no doubt in my mind

  54. E.P.

    Worries me that he said his mom loves Alabama.

  55. Death From Above

    Of course Eblen went easy on you Matt. He’s a left wing elitist snot just like you. Too bad he didn’t mention that you routinely (and on a daily basis) spew venom at half your listening by audience by referring to them as “goobers” simply because they’re politically astute enough to be conservative and you’re not. Not to mention your curious hatred of senior citzens which is strange coming from someone pushing 50. Your success is remarkable in light of the fact that you work so hard to offend and alienate so many people like myself. I listen daily but seldom finish an entire program and I’m certain there are legions of people who are unable to tolerate your hatred and self absorption as well.

    1. realme

      Dear Death From Above:
      I don’t think KSR is good for you. It seems to make you extremely angry. Perhaps you should not listen. You do know that you have a choice, right?
      Sincerely, Me

    2. Bluegrass

      what an ass you (death from above) are

    3. James K

      I’m surprised this was responded to on the air. Pretty idiotic post.

  56. James K

    I hope Shannon got a drop of Ryan saying ‘I don’t know diddly squat!’

  57. Homestead Fred

    There is one thing: Mama likes Alabama.

  58. BigBlueMan

    Didn’t he say he was more comfortable with the UK staff? IE.. Stoops?

  59. classof68

    Ryan – Wiggins also said “we” when talking about UK.

  60. Matt Jones Pushin' 50....

    30 something is the new 50.

  61. James K

    What people don’t realize is that when the t-shirt cannon starts up and everyone stands, you think ‘oh, those people love t-shirts and must really want one,’ when in reality, being in close range of a t-shirt cannon is terrifying.

  62. Jake

    Elam sounds like a bright kid. Well spoken and gave a great interview. Sounds like a good kid. Hope for a huge Yahtzee soon.

  63. Adam

    didn’t realize Hatcher was a DT Ryan. Thought he was a DE.

  64. Trill

    4 DTs from the state of Kentucky played in the NFL last season:

    Corey Peters from Lou Central
    Brandon Deaderick (3-4 DE) from Etown
    Myron Pryor from Lou Eastern (think he was cut this season)
    And the DT that played for the Ravens from Paducah

    For whatever reason it is the position the state produces the most of.

  65. bigbluecoop

    Read article and just have one comment. In regards to copyrighted material, you can ask for permission to reprint and permission will (at times) be given if credit is given to the source. Matt Elam sounds like an intelligent, well-spoken young man and would be a great addition to BBN.

  66. Adam

    Elam is a big momma’s boy. I’ve been told by coaches from John Hardin that is why he will end up at UK and not Bama. His mom likes bama but she likes the idea of him being in Lexington much more.

  67. quickie

    I think Mike is accustomed to getting things free.

  68. Robbie

    Iheartradio is not working

  69. Bluegrass

    I COMPLETELY agree with Ryan about the caller and the tickets. What an ungrateful “thanks” from the caller. If you can’t say something nice – don’t say anything! Very ungrateful

  70. Al Bundy

    That Short boy has a lot to learn about ‘Bigguns’….

  71. DrSayre

    To defend Mike… Matt always talks about how he’s like Larry David. There’s an episode of Curb where Larry and Jeff were given tickets to the Lakers game in the rafters, Larry went off on the guy who gave him the tickets because they were bad tickets.

    1. Bluegrass

      What I don’t understand is WHY they would want to hack the podcast in Gaza

  72. i heart

    I’m listening on I heart 630- working for me.

  73. H-L Reader

    Matt, Article was good not great. First thing I told my wife is that those chicken shit folks that badmouth you on a daily basis didn’t have the guts to be quoted. Didn’t surprise me. Envy is not a good look —— You’re only doing what all of them wish they have the ability to do. They all had the opportunity but not the chutzpah to make it happen. Merry Christmas to you and the entire KSR family!!

  74. Edd

    I had nothing but the John Short spread on my mind win Willie went for the lay up. I felt a dagger in my heart when he missed it. People will speak of the curse of the John Short spread someday.

    1. SirBrent

      My thought exactly! How did he miss that ?

    2. SirBrent

      My thoughts exactly! How did he miss that?

  75. H-L Reader

    PS —- I’ll name names if you’d like for me to. 🙂

  76. Double_Dee

    I think it’s this time of year again!

  77. Bucky Small Hooves

    Hopefully the renovations at Rupp will create a less terrifying experience for spectators in the Upper Arena.

  78. @kamharper

    The UKHoops played a great game yesterday. Height was a difference maker. Also, can you give a shout out to my dad Kent who took a fall at Rupp yesterday trying to catch a t-shirt. He’s fine..just scared us all.

  79. Shooter

    So how is talking to Matt Elam not a violation like when you talked to Barker And Snodgrass.

    1. catdaddyd

      Because he is not committed to UK.

    2. UKGrad93

      Plus then he was on the UK pregame show. Not KSR

  80. realme

    Matt, can you talk about Tipton’s article refuting a nonexistent rumor? I bet it was on your list.

  81. quickie

    When I read stories that quote folks who don’t want to be named I initially think there are no folks being quoted but simply the story writer is making it up. Especially involving the Herald Leader.

  82. Blake

    There’s no way that the season would be over after a loss to a 25-win Belmont team.

    The season’s over when we miss the tournament.

  83. HugoCabrera

    If Jarrod Polson hadn’t hit that 3-pointer, the Germans may have won the war.

  84. wildthang

    I TOTALLY agree with Ryan…the guy that won the tickets was a big Danny Downer here at Christmas Time…

  85. trey

    When Marsha took the ball to the face

  86. wildthang

    Pork Chops and Apple Sauce…

    1. quickie

      that’l be swell

  87. BPM

    Loved the episode where the Brady Bunch went to Kings Island.

  88. Boshek

    King’s Island episode of the Brady Bunch!

  89. BPM

    Also the Grand Canyon episode 2 parter was great.

  90. The ghost of Davy Jones

    Don’t forget me!!!

  91. Edd

    My favorite Brady Bunch moment is the episode where Greg was high.

  92. doubleDfence

    Have you guys heard about the guy that just came out of his bunker from Y2K? Lived in a bunker in his backyard for almost 14 years now.

    Missed another UK National Championship and Miley tweerk’n.

  93. Jarweed

    Brady’s at the Grand Canyon.


    Greg moved to the attic. Kind of hard to move to a non-existing basement.
    Favorite episode, Greg’s Thanksgiving movie.

    1. catdaddyd

      Fun fact. The real Brady house didn’t have an upstairs. They hung a fake window on the outside to make it appear. If you look it up, it’s in a real neighborhood.

  95. brady bunch

    I like the one where they used the clothes line to move a sheet back and forth to look like a ghost.

  96. Jodies Cheeks

    The best episode of the Brady Bunch was when they went to King’s Island. I’ll never forget the scene where they ride the Drop Zone.

  97. WalkersGoggles

    Best Brady Bunch was when Bobby was infatuated with Jesse James. “He was a mean dirty killer”
    He ended up having a dream and Jessee shot the whole family on the train. Good times.

  98. greg

    I like the one where I hooked up with my stepmom in a sexual fantasy- oops that episode never aired.

  99. Henegg

    Brady Bunch King’s Island episode!

  100. Jennifer

    When Marcia tries out for cheerleader. One-two-tell me who are you? The Bears!!

  101. Delaney Hanley

    The Hawaii episode is hands down the best. I actually liked Oliver I like the episode when he slept in the Brady’s doghouse. I’m 44 this brings me back to my childhood.

  102. Cr1spy

    Ryan can’t name a single world leader, but knows every single member of the Brady Bunch. ‘Murica!

  103. Dud wash

    The one where Greg plants the incorrect football play book to Marsha’s boyfriend

  104. Bucky Small Hooves

    Richard Pitino is the modern version of the dad from the Brady Bunch. Interpret that how you will.

  105. bigbluecoop

    When Greg and Marcia were making out. Oh wait, that really happened!

  106. tlhoag65

    in one of the early episodes, Greg moved into his dad’s den…not the basement.
    Later, he moved into the attic after he and Marsha argued about it…

  107. @kamharper

    Greg dated Mrs. Brady.

    1. catdaddyd

      Not really, she went to some school function with him. She spoke about on tv after Greg put it in his book. The media picked up on it and ran with it.

  108. trey

    Canada sucks. Reason:

    Another note, soccer is making kids pansies now and when it comes time those kids actually lose a game, they don’t know how to handle it.

  109. mrgwildcat

    the oldest boy and girl used to make out in between sets

  110. El debarge

    They stole my really bad songs.

  111. BigBlueMan

    I know a guy in Hopkinsville who claimed to have dated Mom Brady in high school in Owensboro.

  112. Shane B

    Did you have permission to play the Brady Bunch song?

  113. hey

    I heard that 35 is the new 50…. who would have thunk it.

  114. quickie

    Can’t we all just get along?
    Rodney King

  115. Delk for 3

    Can’t wait to go to Bearno’s on Friday and try to win some tickets.

  116. Shooter

    Thanks for the answer.

  117. ukrandy

    35 is the new 50………

  118. quickie

    Is Marsha Poe from Baltimore?

  119. hawk the raven


  120. shannontheprude

    Saw Matt Jones over the weekend at a grocery store his disrespect for the geriatric population was outrageous

  121. Adam

    I Christopher has a bedazzled sweater

  122. Bucky Small Hooves

    Maybe Matt is pushing 50, the KSTV-Lee Todd story sounds like an episode of early onset dementia.

  123. Alumni for Matt

    Matt, keep on doing what you do for BBN. Thank you for all you do for the University and the Cats!
    Go Cats!

  124. Bluegrass

    Matt, so why don’t you just record some interviews with the players so that we can get to know them?

  125. jumbojulep

    Jared played well against Belmont’s slow white oafs.

  126. cry baby fan

    Matt I just hate it that you get to go to games free and I have to pay. Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  127. Bluegrass

    That caller was clearly fishing for Matt hooking him up with some tickets. Nice try dude, sorry things didn’t work out haha

  128. tin cup

    Matt doesn’t like old people, kids and dogs don’t forget about dogs- who would have thought David Sims was a real person.

  129. Bluegrass

    Matt – where behind the bench do you sit? I keep trying to find you when watching the games on TV but I never see you sitting anywhere?

  130. Shooter

    I hated all the Brady women, pure smart asses just like Wilma and Betty on the Flintstones.

    1. Fred Flintstone

      Betty Rubble. I hit ‘dat.

    2. Dino

      Yeah, Betty Rubble—I’d make her bed rock.

    3. elton john

      You take Betty, I’ll Barney.

  131. realme

    That hate mail guy does not speak for the alumni. Just needed to state that for the record.

  132. Bluegrass

    Lloyd Spence hasn’t gotten cancelled yet?

  133. Delk for 3

    I am not too sure this team can’t win a national championship with Polson playing point. This team’s stars are at the other four positions and all they need is a point to get them the ball, get them under control, and not mess things up.

  134. catdaddyd

    Ernest T Bass appeared on the Andy Griffith five times as ETB, and three times as other characters.

  135. John


    1. Garret Morris

      Quit stealin’ my shtick.

    2. John

      You can’t be serious…

  136. justin credible

    How about the episode were bobby is a safety patrol and saves a cat from a burning house

  137. Walter White

    Matt Jones has a radio show
    some people respond with so?
    He has a fan called Marsh Poe
    Who thinks he is a real pro
    and fans who thinks he is in the know
    I need to stop but am on a roll
    But I am old and really have to go.

  138. Dud wash

    Can you play the theme from Sanford and sons next?

  139. quickie

    I often wonder about the rumor that Jerry Tipton is a drunk.

  140. Edd

    Don’t you think the problem is the LHL is actually NOT better than that?

  141. catdaddyd

    Briscoe Darlin(g) appeared in only 6 episodes.

  142. why

    Donald trump? are you kidding me?

  143. Bluegrass

    Matt – while you have your fair share of haters and doubters, let me say that your FANS are a much much bigger, louder and more supportive crowd than anyone else. So just drown out the negativity.

  144. 69

    Now you know why everyone picks the 69 in the contest your run… well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    1. 69

      oops typo- you* not your

  145. jumbojulep

    WHAS needs to put you on during 7-9pm time slot. No brainer . What are they waiting for? Who listens to that bald idiot they have on now? Not I.

    1. fake matt

      I can’t get up that early.

  146. James K

    I had a professor in college that in the middle of class one time asked aloud ‘WHOSE EMAIL ADDRESS IS ‘[email protected]’?!?! He then ridiculed the guy in front of the class and told him he would never get a job if he didn’t grow up, etc. It was pretty classic.

  147. Delk for 3

    I mean, really, think about it: This week is Louisville-Kentucky week! I am freakin’ fired up. I cannot wait ’til the show on Friday! Is WOO going to be there?

  148. UKY Alum '12

    I’m a UKY Alum who donates money to UKY and I think KSR is the best Kentucky Sports website and radio show around. I am sure most Alum agree with me!!!

  149. jumbojulep

    Ryan needs a date with Ms. Manners.

  150. Bluegrass

    It would be hilarious if the Restaurant had no idea how that scratch happened until they listened to this show. Expect a bill in the mail Ryan

  151. quickie

    Standing up is good. Walking up and down the stairs with food and drink during the action is not good.

  152. James K

    I had a woman spill a large soda down my seat and it soaked my jacket and got on my jeans. She neither a) apologized nor b) offered to clean it up. She just moved on.

  153. Bucky Small Hooves

    Ryan is for standing in Rupp, but not standing up in Jeff Ruby’s. What a hypocrite.

  154. jumbojulep

    The new Rupp needs to have hover seating, suspended over the court, 30′ up in air. Put all the old people in the hover seats so everyone else seated below can stand up with out getting bitched at by seniors.

    1. Old guy

      And ‘Hover-round’ is the perfect sponsor tie in.

  155. MarkyMark

    I was up the UK Indiana Sweet 16 game and I’m pretty sure the entire Georgia Dome was standing up throughout the whole game. That place was loud it was crazy, cheers coming from both fan bases and it was a very fun game to be at. The point of it is, there weren’t ANY old buzzkills sitting down on their hands that game because they didn’t have a choice.

    1. MarkyMark

      at* not up

  156. quickie

    I was a little let down that the newspaper article did not mention the nose whistle.

  157. cheering

    I also believe you can cheer while sitting down too. It bothers me to stand up causing the people behind me to stand up so they can see. Also- short people, like the ones drew doesn’t like, can’t always see when everyone is standing up. Just my thoughts- and I’m not against standing up to cheer.

  158. Bluegrass

    I took a kid to his first game at Rupp one time, he was so excited and was standing the whole time. (This was before the game even began) Well this elderly couple behind us tapped me on my shoulder and told me to have him sit down. I politely told them that this was his first game and I will not tell him to sit down. They kept complaining and I started ignoring him. They went to the ushers and the blue jackets told them that they would not tell us to sit down and that we had every right to be standing. This older couple got really upset and ended up moving.

    Funny thing is, about 4 years later, I moved to Virginia and looked up where the alumni association meets up. When I went, everyone was super nice and inviting. But ironically enough, I ended up sitting right next to that elderly couple from Rupp – they didn’t recognize me though.

    1. Walter White

      All us old people look alike.

  159. catdaddyd

    I like both Mannings, but Peyton’s late game interceptions in the playoffs are like clockwork.

  160. James K

    If Alex is moving on a jumper — almost certain miss. If Alex has his feet set — almost certain make. The kid has great touch when he has time.

  161. Walter White

    Just one comment about the old people. It is not the old people who leave empty seats in the student section and leave gaping holes in the Eruption Zone. They are also usually not the drunks who curse like sailors during the games.

    1. MarkyMark

      Most of the time the Old people are not the students so obviously they are not the ones leaving empty seats in the Erupiton Zone. But I guarantee if the students were allowed to surround the Court like they do at Duke then Rupp would be filled and Rupp would be loud, the only time the old people are loud is when they are telling people to SIT DOWN!!

    2. Walter White

      rolling eyes

  162. Mike

    Easily the best Christmas song right here. Good call Dude.

  163. James K

    He essentially should’ve said ‘better them than you!’

  164. James K

    Holy crap… if I created a machine that was designed to tweet awful things, I think that might be one of them. Dear Lord.

  165. gossie21

    Justine’s phone was hacked

    /Kevin Ware

  166. BigBlueMan

    Look around though, Sacco has a history of sending out crazy tweets.

  167. Clay Morrow

    Kevin Ware said her account was hacked

  168. Bluegrass

    This is why if you’re going to have a Twitter account and say stupid stuff – it’s best to hide behind the anonymity of a parody account

  169. EasyE523

    Why would you have an ounce of sympathy for someone that ignorant.

  170. elton john

    She should have said her twitter account was hacked.

  171. EasyE523

    There is no instance in that transaction that warrants anything out of her control. She posted an insensitive racist comment on a global networking website. You reap what you sow. Probably get a reality show to pay some bills though, she’ll be alright.

  172. Walter White

    We have become the most hateful society in the history of the world and seem to never have any sympathy for anyone.

  173. elton john

    If she was black, would it still be racist?

  174. ShadySHAW

    PODCAST!?!?!?!?! You’re killin me!!!

  175. EasyE523

    To be deserving of sympathy from the human race, you need to respect it a$$hat. Walter, you get sympathy because your tragic tale was spawned from the desire to take care of your family. While you were a monster in the end and your path was misguided, you had motives that mankind can empathize AND sympathize with. I see nothing in Sacco’s garbage where she ever intended to help any cause or crusade.

  176. pthutch

    Podcast, podcast, podcast. Will someone PLEASE fix the podcast.!!??! I am jonesn’ for the podcast!

  177. WithdrawnWalter

    Mathew Harper Jones: My lifestyle keeps me from listening to your radio show live. You have purposely got me addicted to the podcast and now you have yanked it away, leaving me in withdrawal symptoms and without adequate information to fiend off an occasional Card fan. I called the The Mother station and told a tape machine about my problem, but did they call back? No.
    My wife thinks I am grumpy. Last night I almost kicked my dog. I don’ care if you are a Dook educated lawyer. If you don’t get the podcast back up and running by Christmas day you can expect to hear from The Heavy Hitter on my behalf.


  178. UKGrad93

    Me too!!! PODCAST!!!