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Let’s talk about ESPN’s new college basketball graphics

If you’ve watched a Kentucky basketball game on ESPN or the SEC Network this season, you’ve surely noticed the new graphics, specifically all that chevron. From the scoreboard to the sidebars, ESPN looks more like an Etsy page or Pinterest board from 2013 than the Worldwide Leader in sports. What gives?

Upon first glance, the graphics may seem low budget, but upon further review, I think ESPN actually spent a lot of money making the scoreboard look like a Tervis tumbler. In a desperate attempt to connect with a younger audience, they overhauled the graphics with bold patterns and animations to say, “Hey, look, we’re cool now! We use Futura! Don’t cut the cord!”

Follow me on the road to Chevron City…

Intros: Dancing megaphones spitting lightning bolts! Chevron!!!

Watch out, students, here come some tiny basketballs that look like tennis balls!

Title card: Megaphones spitting out “goGOgo!”

Sidebar: Here come Jimmy D.’s keys with squiggles and chevron!

Outros: You know this game is intense because we circled “Vs.”!

Scoreboard: Once you see that subtle chevron, you’ll never unsee it!

Spring 2017 was such a simpler time:

Halftime report: We’re going to make your logo look like a postage stamp!

It’s the SEC on ESPN. We’re gonna make your eyes hurt!

Your turn…

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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23 responses to “Let’s talk about ESPN’s new college basketball graphics”

  1. Swizzle

    Need a third option, don’t care

    1. memphis wildcat

      Agree on a third option – my only issue is it is hard to find the shot clock without losing track of the action. Everything else is a “don’t care”

    2. runningunnin.454

      Agree, didn’t like where they put the shot clock.

    3. Rowdy TX CAT

      It might help if the shot clock was red like the old setup.

  2. KTR2786

    Pretty soon they’ll be using only gender neutral pronouns. “Xi drives the lane and lobs to Xer!”

    1. foamfinger

      That sounds like it would be Chinese names.

    2. KTR2786

      Haha I guess that’s a PC trap now!

  3. TB112162

    I don’t care as long as I can read them.I’m more concerned with poor camera work like in yesterday’s game vs Vermont were in the last minute and they show the fans while we’re going for a rebound and we miss the action

  4. VolsSuck

    Everything sucks except for the in-game scoreboard. The new setup allows them to show key stats and play-by-play without taking up any more of the screen above the graphic.

  5. JTHinton

    Score bug is trash

  6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    The “Outros: You know this game is intense because we circled “Vs.”!” reminds me of the early years of ESPN2, or “The Deuce” as they called it. They were trying to be all young and hip with their graphics, the names of their shows (“Sports Mash” instead of “SportsCenter”), younger anchors like Stew Scott, anchors not wearing a suit, etc.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Here are a couple examples (“Look, we have graphics that look like Magic Markers and are lower case!”):

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Please Tyler, help a brother out! Mod bot got me!

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Thanks MTT!

    4. ukjaybrat

      “and are lower case!”
      i heard their shift button broke 😀

  7. catdaddyd

    I glad you wrote about this, I was thinking I need to buy a bigger tv in order to see score. Hard to see the shot clock, and as someone said earlier the camera work or director was horrible. Also I don’t need Cal taking up half of my screen when the game is in play, especially when the game is close.

  8. Wynn

    I was indifferent before reading this, but am now convinced they are evil. Thank you Tyler.

  9. foamfinger

    This is one of my favorite posts of all time. The snarkiness and creativity are a treasure.

  10. UKinIN

    Last night I was getting to the point that I didn’t want either team to score because I didn’t want to see the score change animation.

  11. Cincy Cayt

    I don’t hate it…
    *ducks for cover*

  12. LegggoooCats

    Screw ESPN… liberal sinking ship.

  13. willmenser

    My question is why is it such a big deal?

  14. Hartline

    Optimized graphics for mobile