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Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 responses to “KSR’s ‘Best And Worst Of’ UK’s Second Exhibition Game”

  1. bigblue2284

    Well player of the year candidate Maxey sure looked about average. Same story different year, no outside shooting except maybe Juzang. 27% against a below average team.

    1. 4everUKBlue

      Oh no, they sky is falling….

    2. grammarpoliceUK

      Don’t forget the three point line moved back also. Most teams I’ve watched during exhibition season are struggling from the three point line so far.

  2. Lip Man 1

    Just start calling E.J. (and Richards) the Marshmallow Men.

    1. Looother


  3. MauiCat

    This is a solid team….deep and athletic. But there’s not a single player on this team that will make a dent on an NBA roster next year.

    1. Ned T.

      Let’s talk in March.

    2. JPhelps

      The November versions. Like above. Bet you won’t say that in March.

    3. 4everUKBlue

      I don’t know about the JP, he might be smoking some Maui Wowie.

  4. dave1964

    Best chance this team has is going small. Richards and EJ are a joke.

  5. JT55

    We all knew they were going to struggle inside. That’s why loosing out on Blackshear will hurt all season. They will he fun to watch but unfortunately have a ceiling this year.

    1. Bluehender

      Defense, particularly out front and on the ball will be our strength this year. Create turnovers and get out and run. Our long range shooters are Juzang, Sestina, and Quickley. We need Richards to be a rim protector and rebounder. EJ will find himself by the end of the year. Our length will be our best weapon, especially in the passing lanes. I think we can be very good buy the end of the year, as roles become defined. I think the ceiling is very high JT55 if they learn and execute their roles. I really think Whitney and Brooks will be difference makers

    2. Bluehender

      By the end of the year…not buy.

  6. mashburnfan1

    Tons of empty seats last night {not anything close to what it used to be}, guess even UK basketball fans won’t go if it is cold outside. Don’t give me it was a scrimmage vs Kentucky St as a reason. Is actually more reason it should have been full since they are close and had fans there as well. Even at UK fan interest is just not there, never thought I would see that in my lifetime. Some use excuse of cost but tix were cheap for this game, some use the old I can be more comfy watching on tv. I guess that is really the issue, we have become such a lazy society we can’t even go cheer our teams anymore, takes too much effort.

    1. Bluehender

      Were you there Mashburnfan?

    2. Looother

      Yes, I saw the Mash…