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KSR Film Room: LaChance pulled Vandy within one, Cats responded


Butter up your popcorn and grab a seat in the KSR Film Room for a review of a key sequence in Kentucky’s win against Vanderbilt on ESPN Super Tuesday.

We are highlighting Riley LaChance’s clutch three-pointer that sent Vandy fans into a frenzy and the ensuing response by Kentucky — the play of the game in my opinion — that silenced them.

It’s the breakdown you didn’t know you needed.


With Vanderbilt down four with the ball and under two minutes to play, Riley LaChance had the rock up top and looked to attack:


He drove right at the Kentucky defense but then backed it back out because he is not about that life:


After taking a breath and resetting the play, LaChance called for a screen from Luke Kornet, whose mother, Tracy, was a news anchor at Channel 18 in Lexington from 1994-2000. Tracy Kornet’s broadcasting career has nothing to do with this particular play, but some of you in the Lexington area may like to know that fact.


Kornet came up to set a screen on De’Aaron Fox and then rolled toward the paint, creating mismatches with Bam Adebayo on LaChance miles from the basket and Fox on Kornet down low because KENTUCKY ALWAYS SWITCHES.


Big Blue Nation was like…

With Adebayo’s inability to keep up with the speedier LaChance, the Kentucky big man played back on his heels, which gave LaChance, a 55 percent shooter, the space he needed to launch from outside and cut the Cats’ lead to one:


White people went crazy:


Now in desperate need of a bucket, Kentucky’s half-court offense had to come through in the clutch against Vanderbilt’s zone defense.

Fox gave up the ball after crossing mid-court and moved into the short right corner to play zone-buster:


Look at all that room to operate!


Fox went baseline as Kentucky reversed the ball around the perimeter; then Adebayo sealed off Kornet inside to clear the easy path for Fox to the rim:


The pass came in from Briscoe on the wing and Fox went up and finished the uncontested lay-in to extend the lead back out to three:


All made possible by Adebayo:


And that, my friends, is how Vanderbilt threatened but Kentucky responded in the final moments of a tight game.

Kentucky went on to win, 87-81.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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    Fist bump-high five- I owe Drew a 32 oz Microbrew. That was both very informative and incredibly entertaining. Needs to be a regular feature!

    1. Brian Sykes

      I agree, loved it!

    2. Badgercat

      Agree totally. BB and FB

    3. Ridge Runner

      Agreed & Yes, Drew you have created a monster as we now will expect this sir! Ahhhh, not taking no for an answer!!

  2. UKUKUK1865

    Excellent work Drew! Very nice feature. The last time I saw something this informative and well done SchoolHouse Rock was teaching me how a bill became a law.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door


  3. dsims0004

    Why do you have to bring up white people?

    1. 3 fan

      Cause he looked at the picture?

    2. whack0001

      Because the left is obsessed with race and have to bring it up whenever possible

    3. Melvit

      Drew accidentally made a racist statement there. Vandy is known for their academics and level of education, therefore Drew is saying, in a round about way, that only white people are smart enough to attend. D’oh! BTW, there are at least two black people in the GIF.

  4. nachochris

    Love this Drew!!!! More,more,more……

  5. unbridled

    Very good job. I like this feature and hope you make it a regular occurrence.

    Can someone please explain why the cats ALWAYS HAVE TO SWITCH on picks…even when it doesn’t work? In Cal I trust but I’d like some more explaination other than the usual, “we have better athletes” and “preparation for the next level.”

    1. CatBlue in LR

      It cost us the Wisconsin game (and, ultimately, the national championship) two years ago.

    2. trumpetguy

      Unbridled, absolutely correct. Newsflash, coaches can be stubborn! Fact is, UK committing about 6-7 fouls every game because Fox/Monk/Briscoe/Hawkins getting caught pushing/rooting out bigger players because of on ball screens. Plus Bam/Willis/Gabriel picking up some of their own trying to stay in front of quicker/smaller players. EVERY game. Plus sticking out a knee/thigh on their hedge. Very simple, if they aggressively pressure dribblers, they are attacked, just as teams do Willis/Gabriel. If they lay back a couple steps, guys just rise up and stroke 3s, ala LaChance. Fools gold believing all switches are to UK’s advantage. Opposing coaches/teams are loving it!

  6. KY Blue Blood

    White people went crazy? Really?

    1. 3 fan

      Have a beer and new tampon. You see the picture?

    2. whack0001

      Liberals can’t help themselves. Race is at the forefront of everything they see

    3. KY Blue Blood

      Dear 3 fan,

      I don’t know if you just had some extra tampons you want to share or what, but I’m a guy. I don’t use tampons, but thanks anyway.

      I think Drew is the funniest writer on KSR. Sorry that my lack of enthusiasm for the galactically overused phrase ‘white people’ bothered you so much you wanted to insult me.

      You may have noticed that phrase has been beaten to death in a negative way for about a decade now. Just sayin. Unless you’ve been living in a cave stocked with tampons this entire time. 🙂

    4. catsarerunnin

      People shouldn’t be calling other people “people”. Come on people! We are living in a SOCIETY!!

  7. chase

    Love this! More of the same please!!

  8. jaws2

    I almost threw the remote at the TV last night over the switches. We’re awful at it and MUST get it fixed if we’re going deep in the tourney.

    1. unbridled

      I agree. It’s insane. But why do they continue to do it? They could easily stay with their man. I don’t get the commitment to something that doesn’t work.

    2. trumpetguy

      Jaws2, opposing coaches aren’t blind. UK committing way too many fouls directly because of switches off on-ball screens, plus easy baskets to boot. UCLA, UL, N.C., all good teams, really abused us with it. Even marginal talent teams are using quickness &/or size mismatches to their favor to score, AND draw fouls. Bam/Willis/Gabriel defending a decent ball handler/shooter is not going to end very well.

  9. riss1819

    Drew is by far the best writer on this staff.

  10. kuhlkat

    Drew is great when he is doing his thing and not forced by Matt to post something political.

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Take a pill…

    2. CATandMONKEY

      Rather certain Drew posts whatever he wants.

  11. 3 fan

    It feels like this whole post was to show how dumb it is when UK switches…

  12. Sergeant

    Stupid white people cheering.

  13. KevinM

    Good stuff Drew! Maggard’s got nothing on your breakdowns!

    Are you going to xfer some of this to the pregame show?

  14. KyDrone

    One of the best post ever.. good job

  15. Mime-Is-Money

    Fantastic write up DF! ::thumbs up:: Not mentioned but I really liked that stretched lefty entry pass by Briscoe. Also, to the response that pointed out two black people in the GIF — they are not going crazy, so Drew’s comment still stands.