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Kevin Ware on UK: “We Really Don’t Care that Kentucky Exists”

After the Louisville Cardinals beat Missouri State last night, Kevin Ware was asked what he thought about the Kentucky game coming up. He gave an answer that lots of players give (its just another game and being from out of state, it doesn’t mean as much to him as fans) and then said, “we really don’t care Kentucky exists. It’s just another game for us.”

The game itself is just ten days away

Article written by T.Walters

113 responses to “Kevin Ware on UK: “We Really Don’t Care that Kentucky Exists””

  1. Big Curt

    Thanks for the locker room poster, KW. Real smart…….

    1. Whatever

      Didn’t make much difference against Baylor. Signed, Isaiah Austin

    2. Zombywoof

      Big Curt, not sure why you think this will have any impact whatsoever on our Cats…. If any of our players need “extra” motivation for the UofL game, then they should not even be playing for KY! As for Ware, I can appreciate his frustration…. You win a national championship and you are STILL in the shadow of UK! In preseason polls most had KY rated ahead of UofL despite UK being pretty much all freshman….. He is like “what do we have to do?” The short answer is there is nothing that UofL can do….. They will stay overshadowed by UK regardless….. Ware had to know that when he signed, but it still has to hurt…… And as a UK grad, I can’t help but smile at that. 😉

  2. Brian Ellis

    Seems like he gets a little hot there at the end…

    1. Ben

      Bullshit comment! – Louisville has built their program off their hatred of KY. We never wanted to play them or cared that they existed. In 1972, along comes Denny Crum with a plan of hatred towards KY to build the Louisville program. Direct all the hatred towards KY and then make the response look like it is all KY fault. Little Brother cannot be happy unless there victories are connected to a KY misery! The plan has worked for UL, but let not the blame be put on KY, but on Little Brother where it belongs. All the Louisville talk shows are more than 50% about KY, because no one really cares about Louisville. Louisville will never have what Kentucky has no matter how hard they try!

  3. niaps

    I just wonder if any on UK feel the same way.

    1. Steve

      Highly unlikely as they are more focused on lottery position than UK

  4. Matt

    Louisville fans be like, we just beat Missouri State by 30…just cancel the season….

    1. Ryan

      Take a look at Louisville’s schedule. The only tough non-conference game they play all year is UK.

    2. matt

      exactly my point

    3. mattf

      As opposed to Kentucky who plays Basketball in the SEC wwhich means besides from that first game yall played Louisville is the only tough opponent you play . Or you can admit UNC is talented which Means Louisville plays another talented team which is still more then Kentucky because they are in the SEC

    4. Beavis

      Mattf,,,,,before you try and pump yourself up any more,,take a look at Florida and Tennessee. After you do that you can continue to blow up that onion sack.

    5. Ben

      The SEC has 5 teams in the Power ratings, more than any other conference.

  5. Highway 119

    That’s right, Kevin; we exist, and Louisville doesn’t.

  6. Hopeful

    I hope we win but something tells me we are going to lose.


    Kevin would never have even seen the floor if playing for UK…on LAST YEAR’S team.

    1. PJunita

      Are you serious? They could have used all help they could get last year! What an embarassment to the state of Ky! Luckily, Louisville was there to bail out the “basketball” state and they did so with class and dignity as a team.

  8. Shooter

    How many points did he have last night?

    1. Lewis

      4 points…no rebounds, no assist in 5 minutes of sizzling basketball action!

    2. PJunita

      How about you snap your leg bone and then try to play ANY sport 9 months later, let alone the very physical sport of basketball! It’s okay to come back to reality now.

  9. tom

    No big deal. Just athlete smack talk. Would expect the same from our guys talking about L-ville

  10. AnthonyBBN

    I feel like Kevin should slow down there.

  11. EK

    Ole hop along will care after the 28th!! GO CATS!!

  12. Stay Classy

    A lot of really classy comments here.

    1. Kevin Ware's Twitter

      Yeah a lot of classy comments, but none as classy as “5 shots to the dome cuz I’m a blood *****”

  13. Dick Trickle

    And to think that I actually tried rooting for that Louisville team after this idiot broke his leg.

    1. Tony

      Speaking of idiots…. You might be the number one idiot UK fan, pulling for little brother against the Iraq team would make you a trader !

    2. Spelling is for UL fans

      ^Well what kind of stuff is he trading?

    3. Beavis

      Nice post there Tony, How do those sneakers taste ?

  14. EK

    Stay classy… if you don’t like it go back to your own looserville site! Don’t worry BBN we’ll have to read/listen to the trash for a few more days, but after we kick the tards ASS on the 28th….. ALL THE TRASH WILL CRAWL BACK IN IT”S HOLE! GO CATS!!

    1. But But But...

      Everyone knows UK doesn’t win against teams with a number beside their name!

    2. Ryan

      Everyone knows UofL doesn’t even play teams with a number beside their name. Look at their joke of a schedule.

    3. But But But....

      No other program has won as many games as UK. That must be alot of unranked teams they’ve played.

    4. CATandMONKEY

      But But But…
      Non sequitur.

    5. AnthonyBBN

      In reply to But But But, neither does Louisville.

  15. BUBBA

    Break a leg Kevin! oh im sorry is that too soon.

  16. TheBigToe

    And…boom goes the dynamite.

  17. FuzzyNuts

    Typical UL Player, stupid comment!!!

  18. Magnum's Mustache

    That is just the pain meds and dope talking. It is time for this fool to head to rehab with Chane. Being 1-4 against Cal’s UK teams obviously bothers him.

  19. Andrew

    I would say we’d put this on the bulletin board, but it’s probably been destroyed by a ricocheting free throw miss.

  20. JP

    This goes for all sports! Players simply don’t care about the big rival, it is for the fans. Fans care more then the players. Look at the Pros, players going from Boston to NY. As a STL fan I could never put on a CHI jersey.

  21. Frank

    Some sick pups on here – as usual

  22. Waldcat

    People – you guys are coming off as psycho – please don’t make BBN look worse than it already has lately.

    1. JC

      Like who outside of us fans are gonna read this article anyway?

    2. A lot of people

      Bleacher Report linked this to the app if you follow either of these teams or CBB in general. So, a lot.

  23. Cory jones

    That funny, Kentucky fans didn’t know Louisville DID exist

  24. ChicagoCat

    I didn’t realize Kevin Ware actually saw the floor for Louisville. Hmm, learn something new every day I guess.

  25. CATandMONKEY

    Wishing ill or bodily harm to KW isn’t cool. However, Kevin has squandered much if not most of the goodwill he received after his unfortunate accident. He is a mediocre player of questionable character. Fact.

    Ware will not be a factor in the game on the 28th.

  26. inlinefor9


    1. PJunita

      Just like UK’s No. 1 rating doesn’t exist ; ) What a mediocre team! Not as bad as last year but very close. I know you all are sick about your team. It’s looking more and more like it may be the coaching or it could be those huge egos on that team.

  27. um

    I’m surprised that anyone was able to transcribe that; I couldn’t understand a word he said.

  28. paducahfan

    There are times when I fear our own players don’t care that our team exists. Too busy thinking about their place in the draft. And this is not criticism – how can they focus on anything else when millions of dollars are at stake?

    1. niaps

      gee did u get that from # 4

  29. Nick

    Ignorant and arrogant ass UK fans on here, especially the one arguing Louisville’s strength of scedule with the non conference yeah Ville looks at UK as they’re best non conference win oppertunity and UK is lucky to view Louisville as another option well they’re only option now at a non conference win after this years pathetic 0-3 vs RPI top 50 and a close victory of Cleveland state doesn’t look all that fitting too. Living in lexington I now ask if BBN is humbled? Probably not, just a bunch of arrogant ass people slobbering up and down broadway still; BBN.

    1. CATand MONKEY

      Wow. Just…wow. Your post speaks volumes and it is NOT well spoken.

    2. wrb

      Sounds to me like the biggest ignorant ass & arrogant ass person living in Lexington is named Nick.

    3. AnthonyBBN

      They are currently 1-3 vs RPI top 50. UofL isn’t any better at 1-1. This stat changes pretty often.

    4. Aaron

      lol The SEC has 5 teams in the Power ratings, more than any other conference.bla bla bla bla bla did I just see that a guy says that really omg really that’s funny the SEC is 1 of the boringest conference ever conference USA is tougher then SEC wow the ACC is the best now uk blows is so funny you uk fans are so proud of a cheating coach banners have bein remove from both school its a matter of time when hes gone they well find him from something it would not surprise me if they take uks banners down from just cal now let me say this we all know cal is only good and only cares about putting your thug home boys in the lame nb lame nb lame suck uk fans don’t really care for the nb lame over pay players know one is worth that much money ther lil kids in Africa hungry and we wanna just worship the ground uk over rate it players some are good but if cal could just coach mediocre players or just coach any of them with out just tryn buy all star over rate it kids maby he can get kids to win but he suck as a coach point blenk go cards back to back

  30. BlueRedNeck

    Well, looks like much ado about nothing to me. We as fans lose sight of the fact that most of these kids don’t live and die by fan rivalries like we do. He is from Atlanta – he probably didn’t give two sh!ts about Louisville OR UK before he started playing there, and even now, it’s just a game. Remember, a lot of these kids have played each other before, or even been on the same team, in AAU ball. For most of them, it’s not life and death like it is for some of the fans on here. And for the folks who DO make it out to be life and death importance, I feel a little sorry for you.

    I do hope the Cats destroy Louisville on the 28th, but if they don’t, the sun will still come up. I’ll be in a pissed off mood about it for a few days, and have to put up with some smack talk from UL fans I know, but life will go on.

  31. wolfcreekbrian

    I guess we’ll see come the 28th. I think the Cats win by at least 10 points. Slowly coming together as a team.

    1. PJunita

      And slowly moseying down the floor, too! Julius is slow and has way too many turnovers. Andrew Harrison is mediocre at best. The only leader on that team Is Young. They run out of steam in the 2nd half. Perhaps Calipari should take them to the Keenland race track and make them run a few times. Why do you think Louisville players never run out of energy? Pitino takes them to the world famous Churchill Downs (plug), which is right down the street, and makes them run! Our team can go the distance and you’ll find out how far on the 28th! Be afraid!

  32. Patrick

    A career 2.4 ppg average player who will only be known for a broken leg in a big game that EVERYBODY was watching. If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t exist…just like he doesn’t exist on court dates.

  33. I guess we forgot

    To all the UL fans that troll this site telling UK fans to tone it down.

    Did you idiots forget that he threatened to kill Anthony Davis? Because he is a “blood”

    I don’t care that Ware even exist, he is a threat to normal society

    1. PJunita

      Ware & team will surely be a threat to UK and you can take that to the bank (not the “blood” bank that you so eerily referred to). You need to stop making stuff up to fit your preconceived racist notions. Weired.

  34. Dan

    So he doesn’t care about uk, traffic laws, NCAA rules and having a respectable coach

  35. morgan

    Ok. Yes they do because they have always been the little sister to UK and they have always hated it. And it is never just another game, especially this year when UofL has such a sleepwalk of a schedule. But that said, the way the Cats are playing right now doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in a Big Blue win. Cards by 7.

    1. AnthonyBBN

      After Belmont and a week of practice trust me UofL will not be prepared for UK, the only time they played a team close to UK’s talent they lost by 9.

  36. You so dumb

    List of things kevin ware didn’t know existed:
    1. Kentucky
    2. Speed limits
    3. Court dates
    4. Playing time
    5. Anthony Davis’ sloppy seconds


    1. Catpocalypse

      You forgot #6 Hackers

  37. tony

    40 and 0hhhhh crap,looking like Cal still can’t coach.

  38. kyboy415

    Hey 38 you also forgot professional basketball in Israel

  39. wrb

    Guess that makes him even with the world. No one from anywhere knew he existed until his little leg bone snapped. Just hope he gets to play his usual 2-4 minutes so he can say he got his ass beat like the rest of the birds with teeth (what a dumbass looking logo).

  40. Rise

    Louisville fans are already blaming officiating and the game is still 2 weeks away. I’m not making that up either.

    1. PJunita


  41. Boggsytime

    You are right… Louisville has a weak schedule.

    We hoped UK game would strengthen it but UK now contributes to such a bad schedule.

    Cards will blow out yet another bad team on Dec 28

  42. Emoney

    The Louisville game will tell me everything I need to know about this team! Especially, our backcourt brothers… Russ always shows up against us, so how the twins handle him will tell me how they will handle other superstar guards come March(Roberto Neson, Tyler Haws, Jordan Adams, etc.). If they can handle the pressure from Russ and the boys then they can beat anybody come March. We UK fans need to understand that there isnt a better team in the country than UofL. I know its hard to accept because I struggled with this fact. Regardless, the truth is the truth and they are defending champs. There might be a more TALENTED team than the Cards but Pitino will not be outcoached by anybody. His halftime adjustments in several of last years tourney games left me speechless. He is the best coach I’ve ever seen when it comes to halftime defensive adjustments(thats college and the pros… well maybe not better than Popovich but close). The second half of THE BATTLE OF THE BLUEGRASS is the ultimate measuring stick when judging this years team! SO PLEASE STOP JUDGING THIS YEARS TEAM PREMATURELY!!!!!!

  43. scmowzow

    Call me a troll. Whatever i don’t care. I am a Louisville fan and i look foward to your posts on ksr. It’s like watching all the half brain dead morons destroy each others face and balls on Tosh.o. i am at work in the breakroom and me and three others are laughing our asses off reading these intelligent posts. Man you guys freakin rock lol you’re all so stupid lol. What would i do for a laugh without you fools? Thx bbn remember you ARE kentucky.

    1. PhilUK18

      Get back to work, bitch. Those McDonalds toilets aren’t going to clean themselves. Hope you pull a Ware and snap your leg while scrubbing the urinals

    2. PhilUK18

      Really, you’re a grown man and expect people to give even a modicum of thought to what you say when it’s littered with “lol” and “you guys freakin rock”? Your post reads like it was written by a 13 year old girl in her diary. Either that or like it was written by a beta male with the testosterone level roughly equivalent to a 13 year old girl. We can all tell which one you are. Change the way you communicate, or you’ll never get that big promotion to fry cook at McDonald’s.

    3. Woah there cowboy

      Your feathers were so ruffles by that post you replied a second time twenty minutes later? Why don’t you just have a seat.

    4. Beavis

      If you wanted a real laugh, listen to Ware try and put two words together. Or maybe you could hang around Porcini and be a look out for Pitino. Would not be much of a job though, only last 15 seconds.

  44. Jordan

    Doesn’t he know that if it wasn’t for Kentucky Louisville wouldn’t exist? idiot…

  45. Joe Scott

    And after b ball all kevin will be saying is “you want fries woth that”?

  46. kramer

    Ware’s voice was hacked, it’s all good!

  47. Beavis

    You have to love the Louisville fans and players. They are the masters at setting themselves up for the big fall. What in the world are you going to do if the Cards get beat,,,mass suicides ? Note to the Jefferson County Police, close down all overpasses.,

  48. aj

    If Louisville plays like they did last night, December 28th will be a very close game. I’m a little worried that UK’s length at the 5 spot will give us some problems. Looking forward to the Randle, Harrell matchup. That should be an incredible matchup. I believe our guards are more talented and the wings on both teams matchup well. Should be a fun game! Go Cards!

  49. Cat89

    When questions like that get to you the way this one did to Kevin indicates – they care. I haven’t seen any indication that our backcourt is in any way ready to deal with Louisville’s backcourt. While we have great talent – its 18 and 19 year old talent with the target that is The University of Kentucky painted across their chest. This team looks and plays exactly like what it is. A young and inexperienced team of players used to having their way on the floor where sheer talent made up for poor execution. They haven’t figured it out yet. Our hope is they do before they all take their 18 and 19 year old talent to the NBA to compete against 26 to 32 year old talent where even more frustration and development await. GO BIG BLUE!!

  50. Tony

    Awesome……that is spoken like a true UK fan…..I still laugh about what Woodyard did to Bush !!!

  51. Tony

    UK is looking a lot like last year,can’t beat a ranked team nor win away from Rupp.Thank God for the girls team,they’re the only championship material that wears the blue

  52. ThatOneDude

    Keep up the great comments KSR! I really needed a good laugh today.

    But seriously, there are nearly 80 comments on this thread, and only two that were heady and humble. Cat89 and Emoney seem like alright dudes to me.

  53. Iwilltakeboth

    I hear lots of garbage about how trashy Louisville fans are, but some of you Cats fans are pure sewage. Your thin skin can’t interpret this kid’s comments properly (he was saying that he and the other out-of-town UL players don’t believe the rivalry exists) without getting upset and taking shots below the belt. Kevin Ware has never been the most eloquent interview, but he has been a gracious, good sport who went through hell. And he is barely in his 20’s! I can’t believe that some of you would trash him and what he went through over this. Pathetic.

    1. UKBlue1!

      Pot meet Kittle. Who is on the UK fan site?

  54. Kensucky Inbred

    Thinkin about fukin my sister later. Shure wud be nice if my ma would watch

    1. Magnum's mustache

      Typical UL ghetto trash. Has Chane has been laying the lumber to your underage sister?

  55. DB11

    The feeling is mutual, kevin.

  56. WildcatTerri

    I got news for you Kevin Ware….LOSERVILLE does not exit punk

    go get in your paid for car and drive 95 again

  57. umm..

    I believe that’s all anyone knows about the guy. What else does he do? Amarite?

  58. Kayuts

    WildcatTerri, you forgot your two s’s in exists, I’ll just go ahead and add them to your next word for you. sUKs!!!!

  59. t terry

    im a uk fan all the way, ware is lucky to have p as coach and Louisville is lucky to have p as coach, case closed

  60. tony

    First off it’s kettle.Cards fans get any story regarding UL streamed to them on Bleacher Report,it’s not like we come on UK sites to see who the present cornhole champ is.

    1. wrb

      Yet here you are. Guess that makes you the champ.

  61. UK fans need a wake up call

    It’s kind of funny UK fans are talking about strength of schedule when they have 2 ranked opponents in the SEC & UL first year in this weak conference y’all want to talk about schedule when Louisville was in the big east and had a top 10 schedule every damn year and one season y’all wanna to talk shit about out schedule like your SOS isn’t ranked 143… Get out of here with that. I’m not no UK hater, I really just hate the fans, I want to see UK players succeed and do well but calm down on kevin, y’all tend to forget these are kids. They are kids, they just know learning right from wrong

    1. wrb

      Last I saw UK’ s schedule is ranked about 18th or close. The little bird’s is ranked somewhere around 130th. I think there is a little difference there. Also please go back to school & take some more classes. Reading, writing, & spelling would be 3 good classes for you to start with. Maybe then people will be writing about you “just know learning right from wrong” too.

  62. chuck

    Does louisville exist? I
    ‘M not sure since they aren’t in the top 50 in the recent RPI ratings. could that soft schedule come back to haunt them?

  63. John

    That moment when you realize that so called “Lil Brother” is making more money than any team in college basketball, a million dollars a game more than UK don’t be so jealous of “Lil Brother” be proud that were winning conference titles and championships and not losing first round SEC tourneys or first round NIT, besides I got three words for all the UK hatred Michigan St, Baylor, NC haha 40-0

    1. Urmom

      How many championships has Louisville won? Also how many players go pro from there? Just checking!

  64. Double D

    Like last year, The Cards still have more depth than Kentucky & the Cards will prevail. Again.

  65. Double D

    Like last year, Cards have more depth than Kentucky. Again….

  66. Lee Lawrence

    Kevin old chap, Lexington doesn’t really care if Louisville exists.

  67. schmowzow

    Keep bringing up past accomplishments guys that’s always a good rebuttal for the here and now. Yes you have more championships than we do. Those ones in the 40’s and 50’s are especially noteworthy when basketball was about as popular as gonorrhea. So sure you got 8 but half of those were won when Kentucky was really the only school concerned with basketball. There just was no competition then.

  68. Katbluefan

    Being a 25yr. resident of Conyers, Ga.. Kevin Ware is a perfect fit for Slick Rick’s Black Birds. Smart-A$$ Rockdale Co.High who thinks he knows it all. Just glad I moved from there.

  69. Sean

    It’s interesting that all the UK fans have so much to say. Once again coach Cal recruited the best class in the country. Despite his recruiting efforts the Cats still won’t win a national championship this year. I mean its one thing to recruit talent its another thing to coach it. The coaching is were coach Cal is lacking. Furthermore this is college basketball not the NBA. Uni of KY is the only program I can think of that doesn’t reprimand their coach for low or should I say no graduation rate. Kentucky is full of one and dones. Kids go to UK only because they know its a possible ticket to the NBA. That is no way to run a program..not a college basketball program. I seriously think some of you UK fans are delusional. The idiot who posted something about Louisville hiring Denny Crum to hate the Cats is absolutely absurd. You guys should really get a life. Just as Uni of Louisville is not concerned with whats going on in Lexington..UK fans should not be concerned about whats going on Louisville. At the end of the day its just a game. The team that plays the best that day will prevail.

  70. Ken

    Typical U.K. nonsense. Boy, these fans are so full of themselves just like Calipari. God, i dont even know why im commenting except for the fact that U.K. is NOT the BE ALL OR END ALL of college basketball! Overshadowed? Overshadowed by what? Jeez somebody need to give these U.K. fans and Matt Jones a frontal lobotomy or something or maybe some intense counseling.I hope that Belmont comes in here and gives the Cats a lesson in humility.Big brother? Oh brother! I wouldnt give two hoots about the rivalry if i were not from this state and its the arrogance of the U.K. fans that keeps it going all of the time!. I cannot stand the University of Kentucky, and John Calipari reminds me of the pigs that a person would slop in the mornings. He hasnt got the brains that the ox threw away. What a bunch of self-centered, arrogant fans and hosts. Im a veteran and i can say what i want-U.K. fans should not have all of the say and will not as long as i have breath in my body!