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Kevin Ware isn’t an Anthony Davis fan


Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware must have been watching Anthony Davis and the Pelicans last night. He had a few tweets for the NBA stud that have since been deleted. I took the liberty of censoring the foul language. I’m sure you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks. And fix Ware’s typo.


Article written by Stuart Hammer

B.S. Broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky. @StuartHammerKSR

113 responses to “Kevin Ware isn’t an Anthony Davis fan”

  1. lesigh

    He was either high (likely) or his account was hacked (less likely).

  2. Jake from State Farm

    Who the F#@k does he think he is. He isn’t worthy to carry The Brow’s jock.

  3. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    a more appropriate tweet would’ve been “u a rich n****”

  4. In the know

    This is about Ware’s GF…..once upon a time she was feeling the brow!

  5. shelbyjoe

    if these tweets r legit, ware is is a POS just like his coach.

  6. merle

    kevin ware said these things? america’s sweetheart? say it ain’t so. see you in december chump…

  7. Rick

    His twitter didn’t get hacked be forreal? He clearly said these things and then deleted them. These are his true colors… me he’s not the media darling he portrays

  8. acd
  9. BBN

    Sounds like he’s the first candidate to get posterized by Julius on 12/28 – assuming Ware gets in the game. I say every time they dunk on “da ville” they say Davis.

  10. nick

    Hope he snaps his other leg. Hes a piece of shit.

  11. Yep

    I embarrassed for this dumb sob.

  12. TrollKing

    Whether you delete it or not, being an active D1 college athlete threatening to shoot an NBA player in the head, or suggesting that someone else do it for you, would likely get you kicked off of most college teams. Or, at the very least, suspended.

    Since it’s Louisville, I’m guessing it likely won’t even be addressed.

  13. Sam

    Did AD smoke his fantasy team or something lol

  14. Kevin Ware

    ” I wanna give Anthony Davis head. I’d be his b*tch for real.”

  15. raining blood

    @#1 I’m high. SO!! You’re a fn nerd now go was the dishes!

  16. kywildcat

    The truth is all he had to do, is say his twitter was hacked, but the death threats took it to another level. They will know pull his ip address and for kevin wares sake, he better hope it wasnt his IP

  17. cleatonite

    To bad he didn’t fall and break his big mouth

  18. CJ

    Nice… good luck this year, Kev. I mean, break a leg.

  19. btowncatfan

    Pitino has had enough of this. Suspended him at 10:13 a.m this morning. Reinstated at 10:16 a.m. Lesson learned.

  20. DB11

    @18 LMAO

    This kid is a POS and as soon as this whole sympathy thing fades away we can all see him for what he really is.

  21. pfife

    And to think all this time (as a KY fan) I’ve been wasting my time hoping Ware made a full recovery

  22. Section 133

    Terroristic threatening. He should be arrested. For real.

  23. KYStout

    This can’t be real – can it??

  24. Sick of this ish

    I too,felt sympathy for this kid last year. I’m hoping the NBA security investigates this…It’s time for all of these threat’s by player’s etc. be dealt with .

  25. Dandy Don

    Yeah he was definitely high when he tweeted that. He is a thug and will never play professional basketball. I think its likely that Ware is kicked off the team this season.

  26. Buster Hymen

    Lol Ware is a bum..gotta love internet gangsters hatin on other dudes railin their chick. Too bad he’ll never get to play Davis in a real game again. Tough break bro

  27. Krispy Kreme

    Maybe the girl still had some AD baby batter in her Va-Jay Jay and Kevin got a taste? Coward deleted it. He and Chane need to go smoke a little more weed.

  28. classof68

    The sad part of this is that KSR writes about this kind of crap. Whether it’s true or not, who really gives a rat’s ass what a kid puts on Twitter, which is one of most useless things on the internet. I miss the old days of KSR when you didn’t have to scan thru a bunch garbage like this to find some important news about UK sports. I guarantee another KSR writer will post about this same useless subject.

  29. BAdams

    He’s just salty. He wanted to be a Cat, Cal passed on him. He wants to make millions, he’ll never be in NBA. Sounds like a major case of jealousy and envy.

  30. Wampus

    Kevin Ware gets all the breaks.

  31. wes

    looks like ware got the browstain on multiple levels to bad he wont be playing in the NBA to get it again… UL only beat last years UK team by what? 3? at the Yumm center last years team couldn’t hold this years second team’s jockstrap…. I hope our guys are out for blood come Dec…

  32. Rich

    If he’s not in prison when they play UK, I hope everyone makes some creative signs and brings AD fatheads to the game, with pictures of his girlfriend…. Come on fans!!!!

  33. Ken

    Feel free to drop the University of Louisville’s Athletics Compliance department an e-mail about this:

    Or if you’re feeling REALLY frisky, drop Homeland Security an email about Mr. Ware. After the way they searched all of us who went to the Wizard/Pelicans exhibition game, I’m sure they’d love to know that an athlete at a prominent college is asking people to kill Anthony Davis on his behalf and claiming to be a Blood.

  34. Linda Taylor

    Just for a little contrast I thought I would post a couple of Marcus Lee’s most recent tweets:

    Marcus Lee ∞ ‏@SuperKingMe 2h
    Book of Revelation chapter 7, verses 16 & 17.

    Marcus Lee ∞ ‏@SuperKingMe 2h
    Why wouldn’t you give all you can when your numbers are called?

    The difference between Ware and Lee is striking is it not?

  35. john

    just another reason to hate louisville

  36. warning...

    Old person alert!!!

  37. Bleed Blue

    @16 that’s not how it would work at all. One the tweets are deleted meaning they can’t trace them. Two you can’t trace single tweets. If he was hacked they would check is sign in locations, but since he probably just uses his phone that means there wouldn’t be any, it would go off Cell towers. Most athletes use twitter on their phones not computers.

  38. Just wondering

    Hey Kevin? How does it feel to play in the NCAA finals and…. Oh, yeah, that’s right. You didn’t!

  39. Don't worry

    Scared lil biotch just gave the ERUPPtion Zone all the ammo we need. I’m bout to let’s this bi. tch know all about ad fuggin his girl and how his d league azz will never get to play against the brow. I’m a call him a weak azz bitch if he doesn’t try to come fight me. Ill break both his legs. Got milk bi. tch?

  40. Ahole

    39 sure you will. I hope all of you break a leg including the douche Anthony Davis

  41. CATS #9

    More pure class straight out of loserville & it’s delsional band of idiots… No surprises here. GO BIG BLUUUEEEE !!!!!!!!!

  42. Davillelovesdacox

    hey you do realize your phone has an address as well……. but that doesnt matter because nothing will be done, ware is a chump he had a few drinks got mad AD was banging out his girl before him and started feeling all gangsta…

  43. randy

    kevin ware is what L1C4 is all about.

  44. Don't worry

    41. I sure will I’m bout to call this girl out for the bi. tch he is and see how tuff he is without a gun in some warm ups. You can bring your scared azz and ill slap the fug outta you infront of 24,000+ everybody hear that sh. it.

  45. TrollKing

    Who knew that Kevin Ware also read KSR and posted here under the screen name “Ahole”?

  46. John

    Just like that, any sympathy I ever had towards him is gone. Typical Louisville thug-nasty hood rat…

  47. SelfRighteous

    Linda you should read the part about casting stones.

  48. Linda Taylor

    TrollKing I have to disagree. I think the person with the screen name “Ahole” is much too literate to be Kevin Ware and that is not saying much. He is just one of our usual UL trolls that have no life. I do find it interesting that he chose that word for his screen name, must be a Freudian fixation.

  49. buddyblue62

    who is kevin ware?i know who ad is.

  50. Linda Taylor

    47 – Aren’t you a little touchy. Exactly what stone did I cast? I was merely illustrating what a great guy Marcus Lee is.

  51. art vandalay


    Could be the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. My guess is when his girl figures out he doesn’t have a shot at playing in the NBA she’s gonna evaporate as well.

    At least Louisville and their players do things “the right way” and display that high moral character both on and off the court.

  52. Bandit

    If they ever bring back Pros vs. Joes, maybe one day, he’ll get his chance against Davis.

  53. Jirwin33

    If I were Kevin Ware I would learn to type and speak in proper English before posting on the internet. But again he attends the University of Louisville, I guess that’s not part of the curriculum anymore!

  54. IsRichieGonnaPlayTonite

    I can’t believe they made such a strong media push to feel bad for him during his injury. I hope the media runs with this so everyone can see the real Kevin Ware. His GF would have been smart to stay with AD since he is the only one of the two to make any real NBA money going forward.

  55. BigBlue

    Ware is a perfect fit for Louisville. What a loser.

  56. ShawnP

    Snap, Crackle, Pop…………

  57. Beatle Bum

    You mean Kevin Ware is not the fine young man of character with a snapped leg I thought he was?

  58. UKBlue

    Someone had to have hacked his account or he left twitter open in his phone because if not that means UL basketball has reached a whole new level of stupid.

  59. gottodoit

    Ware and Louisville are perfectly matched. He’s probably on the cover of their media guide.

  60. theSkinny81

    50 – Linda, I wouldn’t bother arguing it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that not even Louisville fans understand what they are saying, while they are saying it.

    I believe its referred to as ‘diarrhea of the mouth’.

  61. tuxedo park

    Why should anyone be afraid of Kevin Ware? I mean, the guy is as soft as a poundcake. He can’t even jump and land without his tibia exploding. Just imagine if you punched the guy!

  62. Ahole

    Oh I didn’t expect you to comprehend. What a bunch of dick riders! NIT again?

  63. Yup

    How fitting would it be if one of your players are injured? The shit you people resort to. That’s why people HATE kentucky and I don’t blame them. I HATE your fanbase and my mother and brother are ky fans but they don’t act like you bastards.

  64. Al/in/Indy

    Ware is just as worthless as a bottle of used enema fluid. To think I absolutely felt sorry for this kid when he snapped his leg…….really too bad they put the cast on the wrong end of him. Typical Uvel in every sense of the word.
    I hope someone on UKs team plasters this tweet up just before the start of the game.
    It also could be his GF compared the sizes and then giggled and pointed at Ware’s “hardless ware”…..GO CATS!

  65. kevin ware

    I was hacked.I WAS HACKED!!! Oh lord no body believes me

  66. Whatever

    Yup- Louisville can’t say nothing, when Noels went down I didn’t hear any Louisville fans feeling sorry for him. I have heard card fans hope UK plane crashes when they on road trips. u of l players are thugs always will be , and the coach is nothing but a cheating husband and liar.

  67. Louisville Strange Brew

    Anthony Davis could care less about Ware. Why should anyone posting here? As for Ware, good luck in the Israeli Basketball League.

  68. Linda Taylor

    My my, you would think a fan base would be embarrassed by one of their players threatening the life of another human being. I guess that is too much to expect from our neighbors to the west. Criminals first Life in prison forever.

  69. Really

    He hadn’t tweeted in 100 days from that account yet you’re convinced he decided to publicly threaten Anthony Davis for his first post in 100 days? Also, there were other tweets that have already been deleted by twitter. When I say deleted, all traces meaning anyone that copied it into another tweet, etc. Kevin could not have deleted what was deleted.

    Disgusting how you say these things about him when you have no idea if that was legit or not. This is TWITTER.

  70. Sorry, Not Sorry

    63. Him getting injured doesn’t make him a saint, clearly he isn’t, I think what the majority of us bastards are saying that he’s a jerk, and he got hurt and you never wish that on a student athlete but that doesn’t make him any less of a d**chebag.

    He’s hasn’t helped his case ever…

  71. Jordan

    Haha Anthony Davis should have replied “don’t be salty man. I wish you the best of luck…. break a leg”

  72. rick pitino

    I believe you. Kevin !!

  73. ProspectMike

    I’m vindicated. I never felt sorry for him and his leg. Some of you did. Karma wins out! Tommy theTurtle will take no action. Nothing to see here…move along.

  74. Linda Taylor

    69 (Really) – It is not true that Twitter has gotten rid of all evidence of those tweets. I just found them in other people’s links. Nice try though.

  75. Random

    There’s that “quality” University of Louisville education at work, folks. To think those bird brains call our players uneducated.

  76. Women Everywhere

    Sounds to me like Kevin has a little sand in his vagina. How awful for him 🙁

  77. kevin

    What a n*gger

  78. Rick Pitino

    I want to apologize for Kevin’s tweets. I have suspended him indefinitely and he learned his lesson and I have put him back on the team. To celebrate him learning his lesson, I am taking him out to dinner tonight at Porcini’s. Chane will join us later (he is bringing the weed).

  79. Rick Pitino

    Clint Hurtt may come by later with some football recruits and prostitutes….it should be a great night here in the ‘Vile.

  80. James K

    Surprised 5Juice wasn’t taken on Twitter.

  81. whodat

    Sounds like a n***er to me

  82. Derrick Dooley glory hole

    It’s like I woke up this morning and all of a sudden the N word is cool with everyone now…..
    I don’t understand … I feel like I’m in a parallel universe or something

  83. griffin

    @69 he tweeted four days ago, don’t lie to make a point.

  84. uofl fan

    Listen guys….Kevin at uofl to get his education. He’s a true student athlete and as the nation saw last year, a real inspiration to everyone. I even created an avatar with his picture on it because he’s such a great kid. You know, because his leg broke like a twig.

    For these reasons I suggest that you all should understand that his account was no doubt hacked.

  85. kevin

    82- go F*ck yourself douche

  86. Gary

    He’s just another U of L thug

  87. scot

    don’t worry, that chic gonna drop ware as soon as he doesnt get drafted lol.

  88. rodney king

    Can’t we all just get along? Lol

  89. hooters

    Uvels pres. Ramsey is pulling his comb over out of his head. Get him some xanaax

  90. Wi Tu Hi

    Ware should be asking ADavis if he can wash his cars for him. Of course Ware, your girl would leave you for ADavis.

  91. ULKATman

    Kevin just mad that stuff ain’t tight anymore – thanks to AD..

  92. ULKATman

    That girl def. thirsty!

  93. Where?

    He can’t even jump and land without snapping his leg and he calls someone else a b***h? He’s got b***h bones.

  94. Merle Davis

    Just another one of dem monkey boys hootin an hollerin at eachother

  95. ToLikeLouisvilleIsToBeAThug

    No surprise a Louisville player is a Thug. He just blew his entire sympathy equity plus some.

  96. theSkinny81

    LOL at all the Card trolls posting as racist UK fans. These guys never quit.

  97. Culver

    Looks like the C.J. is already trying to cover for their media darling. I call B.S.!

  98. BluKudzu

    Hacked twitter account or not, this is just awful. I can’t believe security in the NBA has not stepped in on this. This ruins Ware for the NBA.

  99. You're dumb

    @17 you’re stupid if you think that deleting a tweet means it is gone forever. It may not be visible to the public anymore but it still exists in Twitter’s database and with a court order they would have to turn it over. Also each cell phone has an IP address they’d be able to track it to unless he goes Aaron Hernandez and destroys his phone. Also, his cell phone provider would have record of his IP and location and be forced to then it over by court order. He’s screwed if Davis pursues this.

  100. sonny

    Dude can’t afford a bag of chips and Davis is earning millions. Dude has a bad case of the want-a-be ,but can’t-be.

  101. Merle Davis

    #96 You better not be talkin to me I’ve been a cat since you were suckin on your momma’s teet. These colored boys are ruinin the great game I love.

  102. Adolph's kids

    I can’t believe all of the racist idiots on here. Dropping N-bombs like its perfectly acceptable, calling people monkeys? Come on! Get real people. Do you actually believe that dudes first tweets in over three months are gonna call out the Brow? Sounds like a hack job, or a crazed girlfriend craving attention.

  103. Puhleeze

    I knew I’d come here to see BBN show its ass on this matter. I was right.

  104. Art Vandalay

    You can count on the sun to rise in the east in the mornings and UofL fans to pose as racist UK fans to try and deflect from any trouble their “shining stars of moral fortitude” may happen to get into. Of course his account was hacked. He told us so and to pursue it any further would just be….. inconvenient. Plus we might find out something we would prefer not to. Like his account wasn’t hacked at all. Oh and did you see all the racist UK fans calling people the N word? Now that’s really something huh….. Lets talk about that.

  105. bigblue091812

    I doubt Davis is too concerned about threats from Kevin Ware. For one they will never be on the same court again since Ware will not be playing in the NBA and after he’s done at loserville and back in the ghetto the NBA don’t play games there. So, Kevin you could’ve taken the time you got to spend with a quality person like Davis while on the court together but it looks as if you would rather make rick and chane proud by being more like them. Have a good time in life, can’t imagine going through life knowing that breaking my leg was the biggest thing that will ever happen to me.

  106. SMH

    You guys are ridiculous. I have never read such ignorant nonsense. Just when I think BBN could not be more annoying and stupid, you go and do it again. Anthony Davis tweeted kind words to Ware when he broke is leg. Ware hasn’t tweeted in three months but you think he comes out of the wood work to say he is a gangster and make public death threats after rehabbing his way back to practice? You all need to get a life. Congrats on your 2nd W in football yesterday, I am sure you are proud. Good luck in basketball. Get a life you bunch of rednecks.

  107. cm punk

    Never one time did I feel sorry for this chump! NEVER.

  108. UKBB4L

    If Ware posted these comments, it needs to be addressed by the NCAA and UL; it’s completely unacceptable. If not, the University of Louisville and Pitino need to come to his defense and explain what happened.

  109. ClassyFan

    Wow…it amazes me just how classy BBN is…racism and laughing at Ware’s injury…was anybody laughing at Noel? You should all be ashamed

  110. Katbluefan

    As a resident of the Conyers/Covington, Ga area for 23 yrs and watching K. Ware grow up this doesn’t surprise me, and after he went to Looserville and be corrupted by Pitino. I also am a KY resident before moving to Ga. so I have knowledge of Pitino. Pitino is a slime bucket period. I know I will hear from Pitino fans but so be it. What he did with his female on a table any other coach would have been fired but UL is a CHEAP, CRAPPY school and it rewarded him. LOW CLASS

  111. Wow

    There are more UL fans posing as UK fans than there are actually UK fans.

    Troll much? Regardless, I hope Ware likes prison. The NBA and NO will investigate and may press criminal charges of terrorist threatening.


  112. J

    No matter the situation, to wish an injury on a player or to poke fun at an existing injury is childish. But I do expect that from BBN. BUMS BY NATURE. GO VILLE

  113. J

    Racism makes you all look just as bad considering the only reason you win any games are for the monkeys and n****** on your team. Call your own players that name and see how it works for ya.