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Kevin Knox announces autograph tour

Before Kevin Knox leaves the Bluegrass for the NBA, he will tour the state to meet his fans and to sign autographs.

Knox announced his #HardKnoxTour on Tuesday and it includes four stops in its first round. It begins this Friday (April 13) at Tin Roof in Louisville, followed by Towne Mall in Elizabethtown on Saturday, Campus Wearhouse in Simpsonville later on Saturday, and Barleycorn’s in Cold Spring on Sunday.

Details below:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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19 responses to “Kevin Knox announces autograph tour”

  1. JTHinton

    Then the obligatory trip to Allsports in Lex

  2. Megan

    Never been to one. How do they work? Do you pay something for the autograph? How much?

    I’ve always assumed it was a way to make money, but it’s hard to believe it’s worth the effort when you’re about to earn millions.

    E-town, we call it. And we say the Town-E Mall, to play on the name.

    1. JTHinton

      I went last year for Hawkins/Willis and Monk, it varies but I think $25/$30 per autograph, and u also get a picture. Athlete essentials typically organizes it, so I’d say $25.

  3. plumloopy

    Just my opinion, but I hate this. You know what would be actually nice? Do it for free.

    1. plumloopy

      Or charity.

    2. DT in DC

      100000% agree. When I was a kid, every year the Seniors would do their barnstorming tour. That was a highlight of my summer. I guess taking the money is the thing now, but when you’re a soon to be millionaire, taking $25 bucks from some fans where that’s real money just seems wrong. But that’s just me.

    3. UK Big Board Update

      You two and Randall Lee don’t HAVE to go, ya know…

    4. ClutchCargo

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say you guys are probably also lousy tippers.

    5. DT in DC

      Considering I don’t live in state, I won’t be. Nor would I go if I lived in state. And at least 20% tipper, for your information. Idiot.

    6. UK Big Board Update

      DT just got triggered. Hard.

    7. J-Dub421

      Players have charged for these signing tours, including the old barnstorming tours for as long as I can remember.

  4. Randall lee

    Come and meet one of the players that helped end our 3-pointer streak!

  5. UK Big Board Update

    Don’t worry, Kevin – plenty of real, good UK fans will show up to support you.

  6. kyle heavy

    Never understood the infatuation with an 18-22 year-old’s signature. Or any other human being’s signature, for that matter.

    1. Luether

      Great point…

    2. Luether

      And it’s NOT like they need the money. Pure greed…

  7. A_Blue_Wildcat

    I really don’t get the attraction of getting a dude’s signature who only played here for one year, especially when all we really won this year was an SEC tourney (which isn’t bad, but just isn’t that significant)

    1. UK Big Board Update

      So, you’re not going?

  8. Swizzle

    Never been, never will