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Kentucky’s Terrible Second Half Hands Texas A&M 85-74 Victory

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Optimism flourished around the Big Blue Nation when Kentucky entered the halftime locker room with a 30-26 lead.  Once the Cats returned to the court, all hope vanished.

Texas A&M started the second half by dominating Kentucky in every facet of the game.  The Aggies forced turnovers and turned them into dunks.  They threw lobs to Robert Williams at will.  They hit every three imaginable, even if they had to bank it in.  After ten minutes, Kentucky’s four-point lead was a 22-point deficit.

It’s hard to have a silver lining after the embarrassing effort, but the Cats must be commended for refusing to quit.  They managed to cut the Aggies’ lead to eight with 45 seconds to play.  However, 30 minutes of decent basketball can’t make up for the goose-egg Kentucky laid in the first ten minutes of the second half.

For the first time since he became Kentucky’s head coach, John Calipari’s Wildcats have lost three consecutive games.  Cal received the worst possible gift for his 59th birthday.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

158 responses to “Kentucky’s Terrible Second Half Hands Texas A&M 85-74 Victory”

  1. Kozmo

    We are young.

    All hail Cal.

  2. cosmic_cats


  3. Luether

    My sources said that this would happen. This Team is talented but immature…

    1. sprtphan

      You should be an expert on immaturity.

    2. dballrb


    3. dballrb

      I have no idea how or why that ? got there…

  4. dakich is stupid

    Gabrielle is the MM of the team. Mistake Maker!

    1. drock

      It’s more than Gabriel. The guys on this years team lack “team player” experience. They’ve always been the “go to” player in high school and have nearly always succeeded but now that times are tough they don’t know how to deal with adversity.

    2. Miller45

      as he may be an elephant in a room full of China he’s the only one who plays like he gives a sh*t about anything

    3. dakich is stupid

      For every 3 good things he does, does about 4 bad. You are correct, effort isn’t his issue.

  5. CATilactica

    Don’t worry guys! we got the nba draft to look forward to!

  6. eddiesuttonsliver

    Happy birthday coach!

  7. Cat68

    in pre-panic mode…

  8. 502CodeRed

    Clearly Cal isn’t paid enough.

    1. KYcats11

      90-61! Goodbye!

    2. dballrb

      Dang,was it that close?!?…What a barn burner!

    3. 502CodeRed


    4. catsarerunnin

      Banner down!

  9. ukbradstith

    I think we still make tournament, but we are VERY lucky this is such a down year in college basketball. This team is aging Cal quickly.

    1. Truman Claytor

      You must be high!!!

    2. Miller45

      I’ve tried to be supportive and optimistic all season to a fault. and once the realism comes in I really believe they are out of tournament. beating auburn is the only way to keep afloat and that’s a pretty bleak outlook. Alabama ran Tennessee off the court today, still have to play in Gainesville. ….. pretty bleak outlook

    3. rockatao

      Right now it’s about 50-50 whether UK makes the tournament. We’re 6-6 in conference and probably headed toward 8-10 at best. That should not be a resume worthy of the tournament. It is amazing to me that these guys have been here practicing for four months and we don’t have a single player with any semblance of an inside game. And Dakich was absolutely right – what is UK TRYING to do on offense?

    4. syrin23

      Funny. Ten games ago I said this team would be a bubble team, and the a’holes that bleed blue here gave me all sorts of crap for it. Reality hurts.

    5. ClutchCargo

      Syrin23, if you don’t bleed blue, then why are you here? GTFO!

  10. catsby90.1

    Well at least we didn’t get beat by 30 like we should have lol. Anybody know what kind of offense we run? I have no clue

    1. dakich is stupid

      ummm don’t think Cal knows either.

  11. KYcats11

    Disappointing and embarrassing loss. That being said, I was predicting a loss today. I think we’ll beat Auburn and we will land the plane with some runway left. Go Big Blue!

    1. 502CodeRed

      Sounds like Flight 90 right before it crashed into the Potomac.

    2. sprtphan

      No that would be the UofL program.

    3. catsby90.1

      God I hope you’re right

    4. Truman Claytor

      You are high! If you can’t compete better than that on the road for an unranked team. You have no chance against a highly ranked team at their gym coming off a home loss

    5. KYcats11

      You must be high! If you haven’t learned by now that rankings mean absolutely nothing than you are foolish! A&M is a good team. They just beat Auburn who is one of the best. Sure I would have liked to have won and shown more effort. But damn, they were making bank threes and we were without one of our consistent performing big men. The odds we’re stacked against us today.

    6. henderblue

      Isn’t that what West Virginia was when we went there?

    7. syrin23

      We were 8 of 17 from the FT line. I don’t understand why PJ gets playing time. Can’t score, can’t hit FT’s, worst passer I’ve seen in years, and terrible on D. Once every 5th game he puts up decent rebound numbers.

  12. CATilactica

    They’re soft and have low basketball iq. I’ll still watch every game but I have zero expectation

    1. John

      You are spot on.

    2. PillsburyThrowboy

      This is EXACTLY correct. And that combination will always be a disaster.

    3. Mc12

      Spot on. I’m not too upset in losses where they play with effort or heart but that’s missing a lot of these games.

  13. ballplayerstu

    They really should stay if they want to become good go great NBA players. They have no clue what to do; don’t listen well and IQ is awful.

    1. CatBlue in LR

      These guys will never be great NBA players. They were not as talented coming out of high school as Cal’s other one-and-dones. As Bilas said on Gameday this morning, none of these guys were really his first choice at their position. They’re good players, but they’re not really great. Nevertheless, they all have the same expectations for themselves that the truly great ones have had, and I’m afraid Cal does nothing to readjust those expectations, even when they should be. So they’re all thinking NBA even right now, and probably four or five of them will declare. That’s my guess.

  14. John

    The NBA draft will save the season.

  15. BigBlueNationDude

    Slaters postgame facts:
    1. NIT is likely
    2. Might not win 1 more game
    3. Even if these guys come back we suck next year again.
    4. This is Cals worst season of coaching a team
    5. Blue Blooders still think this team is just fine and will make a run
    6. Big Board and Blue Bill are mad…bro

    1. dballrb

      Slater is trying to get sponsored since ‘Saved by the bell.’ stopped filming..

  16. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    I hope all these guys go to the NBA. It guarantees they won’t play for UK next year. Is it football season yet.

    Leave your stupid comment below.

    1. BigBlueNationDude

      Ill jump in front of a bus for Cal

    2. dballrb

      You’ll get killed by that bus too!

    3. makeitstop

      Hahahahaha I had that thought, too, like we need an expansion draft but then I remembered the Browns… but I actually think some of these guys will be better w a year. PJ. Shai. JV would be Mashburn 2.0 w another year. We’d be a lot better w some returnees. Lord they try ur patience.

  17. tmcclan16

    Worst KY team I’ve ever seen and I thought BCG had some garbage teams. Cal can lead this team right to another NIT! Congrats they might not win another game

    1. RealCatsFan

      Not even close! We don’t have Mark Coury starting for us, do we? I’m as pissed as anyone, but this is a ridiculous statement. Go to bed, and tomorrow it won’t seem so bad.

    2. BigBlueNationDude

      Real cats fan is on Acid. Also maybe some mushrooms

    3. callitlikeiseeit

      At least Coury was here because of his respect and love of UK, I’d rather have that right now.

    4. eddiesuttonsliver

      I wanna smoke as much weed as you’re smoking because you apparently forget the Gillespie years.

  18. RealCatsFan

    I was thinking that at some point this team would turn the corner, but right now I am losing faith. I guess the only thing good I can say is that they continued to fight. But this coaching staff has to teach them how to play SOME kind of organized offense.

    1. mrcoconuts

      But why does this team start to fight once the game is out or hand and largely determined?

    2. bosch8184

      Because they are padding their stats.

  19. Peas and Carrots

    Yay! I was hoping tamu would run up the score once they got up 20. It may take an all out embarrassment for this team to start playing with effort and some kind of pride.

  20. njCat

    If the team’s too young, who’s fault is that? Certainly not the players. Cal’s job is to win games. If he can’t get the right mix of players on the court that’s on him. He needs to stop making excuses and get better. Or get gone.

    The best of the best my ass.

    1. original slappy

      Logged in just to reply to this since I’ve never agreed with anything more in the comment section.

      Look out though. All of the fans on Cal’s teet will be up in arms about this one.

    2. makeitstop

      In fairness – no one saw Humphreys leaving, Briscoe had no business going and wouldn’t allow those straight line drives and JV being our 2/3 year hurt A LOT. Those things happen, and it sucks. We missed on Bagley she Young and either would be a difference maker. Murphy’s law this year.

    3. dballrb

      Very true..Humphries would be a solid post for us..We need some big bodies in there just to rebound and muddy it up in the paint. We had’em and he walked away..

    4. unbridled

      Njcat, your ignorance is laughable. Hahahahaha. What an obscenely moronic comment.

  21. ukbradstith

    The team needs to hustle. It’s an easy fix really. They passed the ball better in the first half than they have all year. It was evident that was a focus. Players have to play with pride.

    1. JDG3566

      This team still lacks the hustle part of the game. How many fast break layups did they give up to start the 2nd half.

  22. John

    Yeh. Clyde’s team could beat UK.

    Remember when Cal said I can get the best of the best.

    1. Memphis UK Cat

      If we go to the NIT, please turn it down.

  23. JDG3566

    We should pass on the NIT invite that’s just another game of embarrassing UK basketball

    1. callitlikeiseeit

      NO, maybe they could give Cal a revenge game vs Bobby Morris

  24. Blueballz

    I like my team….Cal is a liar

    1. John

      Yeh. Really. I hate Cal’s team.

    2. dakich is stupid

      Now that’s funny

  25. Headhurts

    Think it’s time to tweak the assistant coaching staff, since Orlando left, it’s changed.

    1. mj7juice

      Great comment. Barbee & Justice out. Get Coach O,Jaylen Rose, or Penny on the phone ASAP. Outside of Cal & KP, our coaching staff is a joke. Not to mention the hideous checkerboard. The checkerboard has to decrease any confidence & swag immediately after its put on the body.

  26. John

    Yep. The NIT invite should be turn red down. Cal sucks. Something is going on behind the scene.

    1. John


    2. big cat

      Let’s be very blunt. Can we be blunt? Is blunt a problem?

    3. John

      Nothing like getting to the point. Let me be blunt, CATS suck.

  27. makeitstop

    Why in the world we don’t press end to end I do not know. With JV back, they could wear teams down and recover on D when beat. Other than that what is his plan? Pull up chairs and watch them run by us in the lane? We aren’t good offensively and unless JV or Hami suddenly finds a shot we won’t be.we better learn to turn them over and score in transition or it’s NIT-bound. Upside: as bad as it was, and is, but for 2 banked in 3’s and our HORRENDOUS free throw shooting we would’ve beaten the line. Silver lining.

    1. John

      Jim Jones.

    2. catsarerunnin

      Please drink the kool aid.

    3. justaguyinthebackrow

      What makes you think they can recover on D?

    4. timbo

      That’s true… They struggle to play TEAM defense as much as they do team offense. That’s why every scoring play, a guy in a UK Jersey is holding his hands up toward another guy in a UK Jersey. It’s blame your teammate day, every day on defense.

    5. makeitstop

      I think they can recover in a trapping press if beat bc they are all long, quick and athletic. A good press needs a rim defender and ability to retreat and challenge a shot when they are beaten over the top. It’s a calculated risk. What do u gain from the pressure v what u give up. And I feel comfortable saying that bc ur right, they break down too much in half court out of inexperience and have to mitigate that by exploiting their advantage. Hell, I don’t know if it will work more than the 3-5 minutes they do it now when behind but options getting thin don’t you think?

    6. makeitstop

      And John, it’s not coolaid – I said don’t get too excited after WVU, but u don’t improve thinking if u win it was all right, or u lose it’s all bad. There was a lot to hate about the last 4 games. Lot to hate about tonite but there was a thing or two that went right, 10 pretty good first half minutes and 5 good 2d half. And look, who banks in 2 3’s and a FT? Not ur night when that happens. We didn’t play well enough to win, we left the ball to defend a possible shooter 3 times I counted BUT the energy at the end and scoring 38 in the paint against this team is a little progress. There must be a pony in there somewhere.

  28. big cat

    Let’s have fun. Can we hypothesize for a moment? Who is the next coach that you would like to see?

    1. JDG3566

      Coach can’t teach pride that’s on the players.

    2. original slappy

      Tony Bennett. Established coach who just needs to get over the hump. And he’s not at a traditional blue blood program so he would leave to come here where I think he could make the final push to a championship

    3. catsarerunnin

      Tony Bennett? Seriously? His style is worse than Tubby ball. Folks here at KSR would be screaming about the 55-50 games even if the Cats won.

    4. dballrb

      Naw…Jay Wright or Archie Miller,and my dark horse….Lets bring Joe Hall down to the bench!!.

    5. gobble gobble

      Yes, this “team” is terrible, but if you think coach cal should be fired, you are a complete moron.

    6. John

      Maybe Joe B Hall. Maybe Rick Pitino could come back. Maybe Tubby.

    7. callitlikeiseeit

      In no order..Jay Wright, Chris Holtzman, Tony Bennett, Jamie Dixon, Hurley from Rhode Island, Billy Donovan, Brad Stevens, Rick Barnes {can’t beat him maybe get him}, Bruce Pearl {what could he do here, think about it}..Is that enough, I can come up with a few more.

    8. Peas and Carrots

      Sorry callit but that list is ridiculous. Brad Stevens is the only coach I’d want and we have no shot at him. Jay Wright maybe but he wouldn’t be the fit Cal is for this high profile job. This team sucks but let’s cool it with the fire Cal nonsense. Don’t know what you got till it’s gone..

    9. John

      Rick. Tubby. Billy Donovan perhaps.

    10. justaguyinthebackrow

      From these lists a person could be excused for thinking UK fans don’t watch college basketball.

    11. dakich is stupid

      Obviously he shouldn’t be fired, but this team is going to drive him to retirement. I wish he would try to get the top talent out of KY every year. That way UK would have consistent Juniors and seniors. I knew this team would put some years on him.

    12. bankerbh

      Chris Mack from Xavier .

    13. unbridled

      Mack is going to Louisville

    14. unbridled

      If you dolts want coach cal to be fired….you are clueless and should be embarrassed for yourself.

  29. Dysfunction

    There was a brief glimmer of hope at the end of the first half, but alas, the Unwatchables returned for the second. It was arguably the most painful viewing experience if the Calipari era–at least outside of the NIT. When even the commentators are wincing and calling the effort “lazy”…yikes.

    While there is always hope that this team magically matures and finds some heart and chemistry, I wonder if Cal should seriously consider giving the bench considerable playing time to develop some veteran sharpshooters for the next two years.

    I dunno what the answer is or if there IS a solution for this team’s woes. These are all players who would likely mature into a formidable force over a couple of years, but I suppose that we can’t expect every team of freshman to gel in a relatively short time. Plenty of folks don’t really accelerate the development of their potential until they have a little more maturity.

    Oh, well. Go Big Blue!

    1. ukbradstith

      Is there a bench that I’m not aware of? Besides the walk ons, everyone plays a lot.

    2. makeitstop

      The Unwatchables is the best name I’ve heard. Praying we call them the LateBloomers by April but optimism fading.

    3. njCat

      Perfect name! Win or lose, this team is unwatchable.

  30. ukbradstith

    Good news is most of these guys probably return. If that’s the case, plus the guys we have coming in, should be in the title hunt.

    1. JDG3566

      Don’t want these kids to come back. They’re lazy and that won’t change with age.

    2. ukbradstith

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You don’t think players can develop work ethic. Did you not see UNC recently have good but not great recruits, lose a bunch of games, but eventually get it together when they turned into juniors and seniors?

    3. callitlikeiseeit

      ukbrad…fact is not all will return. agree they should but but some are here for the 8 month rental and the stupid NBA will still draft these guys because they are athletic. Plus it would kill Cal to have no drafted players so he will push some out. I see Diallo as gone, not a bad thing, and SGA will prolly go and that is bad for UK. Don’t see Knox or Richards staying either but hope both are back.

    4. makeitstop

      Who on EARTH would draft Richards? He has potential bc he’s 7 feet tall but it isn’t like he won’t be available for ur team next year anytime u want him in the ‘19 draft. The wildcard wildcat is Vanderbilt. Huge upside. Needs a year, can he afford to stay?

    5. justaguyinthebackrow

      It would not kill Cal to see guys come back who should come back. He want’s to get players back, he just isn’t going to try to hold players back when they are lottery picks. He also can’t stop guys leaving even when he thinks they shouldn’t. Where you get that stupid opinion from is anyone’s guess.

  31. bosch8184

    Looking forward to Matt insulting some more UK fans that have been calling this dogshit for two plus months for what it is. Tonight on Calipari Sports Radio.

    1. original slappy

      (hand clap)

    2. PkP_UofK89

      Usually I agree with Matt on some of those people but you’re right, our anger isn’t just coming from nowhere. This is out of control.

    3. catsby90.1

      It’s probably our fault for not supporting them enough

    4. mj7juice

      Snowflake doesn’t know jack about basketball. It’s even funnier to listen to his “Lexington sources”. This is the same guy that started the 40-0 talk.

  32. catsby90.1

    Everyone chill out at least we have baseball hockey and cheerleading

  33. dakich is stupid

    He needs to change the starting line up. Change something!

    1. JDG3566

      Started the game ok. It’s the effort when the opposing team makes a run

  34. cutter

    the NIT team had an excuse in losing its best player. tired of hearing the excuse of being young. getting passed down the floor because you are jogging is not because you are young, it is because you are a LAZY ASS.

    maybe cal will follow this years group to the nba and yes i mean it. this university and the tradition is bigger than any one person and deserves to be treated that way but cal doesnt see it. his act has gotten very old, he is getting his tail kicked by coach k in recruiting now, there is an obvious reason why this is happening, if you dont know why just watch the games. pretty easy to see why.

    1. ukbradstith

      Why? I’m curious because I don’t see it. Jeff Capel, but how do you see that in the game?

  35. Miller45

    I turned this one with 12 minutes to go for the first time this season

  36. davis2319

    I could honestly see us losing out.

  37. CATandMONKEY

    Not hitting the panic button yet but it is within easy reach.

  38. steeleheart

    I’m not a big fan of this team. Our defense has far too many breakdowns still. Not much runway left to fix things.

    I know some like to compare this team to previous teams as though some magical run to the final 4 is possible but at this point it’s safe to say a run is highly unlikely. Heart and defense are sorely lacking with this team. It sucks because CBB is down all around this year. Hopefully next year’s team will have heart.

  39. UKfan4TwoDecades

    Truly one of the worst played games, for most of the second half in every aspect, I have seen in years.
    I don’t think this team, and I wish them all well IF they get in the NCAA Tournament will last past the second round.
    I will always root for UK and it is tormenting to see these kids flounder and Cal screaming and pointing over and over and over.
    Sadly I don’t see things improving this season or upcoming for Cal. With all the talent UK has had during Cal’s tenure, Cal is the “one and done’ winning just one NCAA Tournament on the back of one of the greatest players in the NBA… Anthony Davis.
    The days of UK being the place that the majority of the best players want to go to will continue to deteriorate.
    Man this game was flat out awful.

    1. justaguyinthebackrow

      ‘The days of UK being the place that the majority of the best players want to go to will continue to deteriorate.’

      You act like this is the first time we’ve lost recruits in the history of the program. Ebbs and flows, brother. Ebbs and flows.

  40. dakich is stupid

    Another thing that is embarrassing is how awesome all these opposing fans are when KY comes into town compared to Rupp’s atmosphere. I think part of the reason we are missing out on all of the super stars, is they would rather play in front of a young exciting fans, instead of the old blue bloods who act like standing up and cheering is for peasants. Now that UK has extended it’s deal with Rupp arena, money will win again. Tune in for more big recruits signing for the other teams.

    1. ilovekaturday

      Yeah Rupp Arena is a POS

    2. Skeps

      Yes! There it is! It’s someone’s grandmother’s fault this team is struggling.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Well not every fan can be as supportive as you…

    4. ilovekaturday

      Rupp Arena is still a dump no matter how supportive someone is

    5. mj7juice

      Hey come to UK, where every road game will have a better atmosphere than Rupp Arena.

  41. ilovekaturday

    I just personally think we need more Brad out there I mean he’s the only shot maker on the team

  42. ilovekaturday

    I just personally think we need more Brad out there I mean he’s the only shot maker on the team and we struggle to make basketball plays

    1. CATilactica

      How can I expect this team to make a run when they Don’t even know how to guard a simple pick n roll?

  43. big cat

    Cal has the bluff on Barnart and BBN

  44. big cat

    REMOVE the players’ last names from their jerseys. First thing to do to a selfish team…strip their INDIVIDUAL identity.

  45. dballrb

    My get up and go…got up and went…I’m done.In fact,I stopped watching the sinking ship.Im crawling along the ropes of the rigging of the sails to shore before I have to swim the shark infested waters to safely get there..

  46. BBN90

    The year of the platoon system has really spoiled a lot of you guys…let’s just be grateful. Remember the feeling of the BG years. We all knew what to expect when Cal came in. He’s done a great job. He can’t coach heart. When he is gone alot you guys are going to be feeling lost. Go Cats

    1. bosch8184

      Can’t coach it…but he can sure as hell recruit it.

      Psssst….the only thing we had going for us was Cal’s recruiting advantage. Now we don’t have that and all we’re left with is his X & O’s.

    2. BBN90

      Tell me how you know if a kid has heart in high school who scores at will on that level? So do you miss out on a top ten recruit and get a 3 star recruit? That player stays 4 years and you have maybe have one year out of those 4 years that’s a final four team. cal has went to 4 final fours 4 times, 1 championship. We went from tubby who won one with ricks team and One elite eight. Then a big goose egg for Billy. Cal is the best thing when he’s winning but when Cal is losing you say get rid of him? Some players just can’t step up to the task. Can’t blame the coach and recruiting.

    3. BigBlueNationDude

      Grrr stfu with this spoiled bs. Wake up

    4. BBN90

      Wake up to you saying brad cal is our savior..I’ll stay asleep lol

  47. makeitstop

    It’s too late in the season to say well they played 25 minutes of pretty good basketball, but before we go overboard, they passed better, set up some clean shots that helped us get our shooting percentages up. They played w some heart at the end – could’ve mailed that in. TAMU is really good in the paint and we scored 38 as they did, though ours was more drives by guards. Hami and JV played a little better offensively. Not great but better. It is possible – not likely – they build on the positives and beat Auburn. If they do, this game may be a turning point. If not, and they lay an egg again, it’s an 11 loss, bottom half of the SEC season and would take a miracle to stop this plane short of the Hudson.

  48. makeitstop

    Obviously a lot of us may not be out of the canoe but we are putting on lifevests.

  49. dballrb

    .I sneak into my own house…Its 4 in the morning. .said I’ve had too to drink..said I was out with the boys..I creep into my bedroom. ..I slither into bed…I know if I wake her,…I I’LL wake up dead.. (solo-Mustaine)…!!!!WE all need a laugh bout now….!!!!!

  50. ilovekaturday

    I personally wouldn’t mind a change of coach I think cals system is figured out and Duke is getting all our players

    1. justaguyinthebackrow

      Of course Louisville fans like you would love it if Cal left. Then you might have a shot against us.

  51. CatBlue in LR

    1989 level of crash and burn. Anybody remember the misery of 1989? I know Matt doesn’t…

  52. bigbluenation90

    Why does he not play Brad more?

  53. ilovekaturday

    Serious question could diallo shoot it into the pacific

  54. ilovekaturday

    Just wait till football……..wait we suck at that too

    1. steeleheart

      I’m all for supporting the team but I’ve never understood this logic by some. One can support a team and still recognize sub par play. I’d wager few on here are drama majors/experts yet we can tell when a movie is good or bad. The same goes for play on a field/court. This team plays poor defense due to effort far too frequently. Effort is something that can always be given. Sometimes it’s just not your night and the shot won’t fall, give effort. Play D. The fans will recognize that. We also recognize a team running down the court while ours jog. That’s effort sand inexcusable.

  55. bigblue2018

    I’ve been a UK fan since 1966 at the age of 8 and it pains me to say it but I will, If I was one of the top 25-30 high school players coming out for a scholarship I’d choose Duke, UNC, Kansas, Arizona, Virginia etc etc but in no way UK. No way would I attend a school where every shot, pass or rebound I attempted was dissected and criticized by a bunch of know it all jerks who expect a bunch of perfectly programmed robots to wear that uniform. And 99.9% of the experts who do criticize the play of these 17-20 year old young men or women advanced far enough in their career to play basketball at “University Driveway Rejects”.

    1. BBN90

      Best comment ever in the history of KSR

    2. BigBlueNationDude

      Good thing u suck at bball

    3. Memphis UK Cat

      I think it is a small minority of fans that do this. I am on the blogs all the time. You have a hand full of momma boys living in the basement with no lives.

    4. Skeps

      Lol, what an idiot. How about you actually do some research. Go look at other team forums and you’ll find fans just as frustrated with their team. Duke, UNC, KU,etc…they’re all there. They don’t like the product out this year they say something about it. Simple Google search could’ve saved you embarrassment.

    5. bigblue2018

      Skeps, you sir are the idiot. No other fan base in college basketball is close to being as bad as UK’s. I travel all over the place for my job and only in Kentucky do I go into a customer’s place any day of the week that they’re not several people in a discussion about college basketball and Kentucky. Amazing how you tried to poke fun at my post while actually making my point for me.

  56. njCat

    Most of the negative comments are about Cal, not the players. Cal can only win with top 5 players and he ain’t getting them anymore.

    He sells the NBA, not UK. That’s why they all leave after one or two years regardless of whether they’re ready.