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Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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14 responses to “Kentucky’s Team Sheet compared to other potential No. 1 seeds”

  1. damage_control

    Gimmie a break Houston.

    1. Swizzle


  2. Ridge Runner

    “ Remember me saying Kentucky had the most Quadrant 1 wins of any team in college basketball on Friday? At the time, that was true; however, Missouri fell two spots in the NET rankings, putting that win back in the Quad 2 column.”

    Ok that’s kinda what I thought. Thx Ms T for clearing that up.

    1. Ridge Runner

      And.. while your right a Q1 win in the SEC championship game would count on the resume, it really wouldn’t be a factor since seeds are determined before the Championship game. Right ?

    2. J-Dub421

      If we make the finals, that would still give us two more quadrant 1 wins that would count in our favor.

    3. IrishCat

      I don’t like this whole deal of changing Q1 to Q2 posthumously. Some teams get better and some teams get worse through the course of the season. Count the Quadrants as what they were when the game was played. Just more NCAA nonsense imo.

    4. 4everUKblue

      J-Dub is right, we only need to make the finals, winning of losing it will not affect our seeding because the brackets will already be set before the champ is decided.

    5. Ridge Runner

      JDub & 4ever.. yes, I knew that but was just attempting to be polite to Ms T as it wasn’t posted anywhere – but, she mentioned a win in the final would be a Q1 win.

    6. 4everUKblue

      Sorry RR, that was not aimed at you at all, I was just making a point that winning the SEC tournament does not help us in seeding, but beating TN will.

  3. wyatts1

    All this is well and good, but where’s some news on Reid?? The remainder of our season depends on that man. His veteran leadership and cool nature really helps anchor this team. Is he practicing with the team yet? I seen somewhere he wasn’t playing at all in the sec tourney?? While I’m just a fan it would be nice to know what’s up instead of feeling like I did when vando got hurt.

    1. Ridge Runner

      I hear ya as a fan Wyatt.

      Cal also has that “Belichick-Patriots” style of being coy and not giving specifics on injuries because of how other teams prepare.

  4. jaws2

    This matters zero if we win the SEC tournament. It will NOT matter what other teams do in the tournament.

    1. Ridge Runner

      It matters to the point it’s how we got here. But really.. if we win the semi, the championship game doesn’t factor in on seeding so the NCAA has said.

  5. Go Deep

    I don’t understand the mint green highlights. What does that represent?