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Kentucky will take on Alabama tomorrow evening

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky’s quarterfinal opponent has been set.

Tomorrow afternoon, the Wildcats will take on No. 10 Alabama at 6:00 p.m. CT (7 ET).

The Crimson Tide knocked out No. 7 Ole Miss tonight in the first game of session three by a final score of 62-57.

In Kentucky’s last matchup with Alabama on January 5, the Tide edged out the Cats 77-75.

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22 responses to “Kentucky will take on Alabama tomorrow evening”

  1. 1IH

    Thank you! Give us LSU in the finals and then Seton Hall in 2nd Round of NCAA’s and then boomshakalaka, dUKe in Louisville!!! Perfect ending to an incredible season!

    1. StillBP

      Yes, time for the revenge tour!

    2. StillBP

      Plus we could get TN again

    3. 1IH

      Yes I was assuming TN by beating LSU in the finals which would be perfect…on the other hand I am watching this dUKe bs and Williamson is a FN freak so we will definitely need Reid back for that war.

    4. 1IH

      I genuinely wish Kansas would have ponied up the dough that dUKe did to get him……would have been a lot easier to stomach.

  2. Clyde X

    Ugly win for Bama. But, that toughed it out. The Cats had better be ready.

  3. Han

    Revenge time.

  4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    And West Virginny upsets Texas Tech.

  5. catsarerunnin

    Roll the Tide!!

  6. weneedpitino

    Alabama we can handle em no problem. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game I am so excited, mama weneedpitino is hoping to spot me on tv tomorrow, my wife on the other hand thinks I am taking my UK fandom to far. I told her when I get home that the weneedpitino family is going to go on a little trip somewhere. I just don’t know yet where to go, does anyone have any suggestions? So I wasn’t able to secure a hotel on my 75 dollar a day budget that my wife gave me so i’m sleeping in ol blue tonight and my bed bug rashes are killing me I have scratched them until they have bled. I am sleeping in my truck in a hotel parking lot, I hope they don’t have security try and run me off. Well any who everyone be sure and look for me tomorrow, you know how to find me. On a side note I had a can of wd-40 in the truck and I was able to clean the graffiti off of my license plate with it. Go Cats!! and boo Bama!!

    1. StillBP

      I’m not sure what your vacation budget is, but if you have enough money to take your family anywhere in the world, you should take them to Pennyrile State Park in western KY. Best beach in the state, and the people make it the best beach in the world. Your family will love it.

    2. weneedpitino

      Stillbp, you know it’s funny that you say that I have been trying to convince Mrs. weneedpitino forever that their is so much beauty in our old kentucky home and that we don’t have to go to a beach every single time. I’m glad that you mentioned this here destination, I just ordered my kentucky travel guide and map online a few weeks back so i’m going to dig it out of the junk drawer where my wife stuffed it and check it out. I have only been to western ky once and I know that the drive was beautiful, I toured the corvette museum in the pre sinkhole days. I always ask people where we should go in the state and no one I ever asks gives me any places that everyone always mentions like mammoth cave, red river gorge, etc., so it’s nice to hear something different mentioned. Thanks again i’m going to try and get some rest here in ol blue, this old seats wore out in the ol 84 dodge d100. Go cats, and go stillbp!!

    3. RealCatsFan

      Wenee, you can also use the WD40 on those crab bites. Or do what I used to do with poison ivy – wipe gasoline on it and light it. Makes that itch go right away.

    4. weneedpitino

      You know my brother had mentioned something similar like that to me, I wasn’t sure if he was serious or being a goof. I was taking him at his word because he’s pretty smart he went to college for 4 years and he is some supposed big wig at a potato chip manufacturing plant. He’s told me a lot of crazy things to do over the years and it ends up that I usually get hurt or something you know. But you’re saying it now to so I may take you two gentlemen at your word. I’m gonna sleep on it. Go cats, and go wd-40!!

  7. jwillhoit

    The revenge tour begins tomorrow. Go CATS!

    1. makeitstop

      It would be a nice set up for the tourney to beat the 3 that beat us, but let’s take one at a time. And of the 3, UT will be for the championship bc neither LSU minus wade/Smart or a tired (4 games/4 days) Auburn or UF will beat us Sunday. Gotta win tomorrow first.

  8. Youngcat25

    If we win tomorrow would it be a Q1 win?

  9. friendsofcoal

    Man, it would’ve been nice had we landed Cam Johnson last year. He would be a nice addition to this years team because I feel like we’re one player short of a title.

    1. BigolBlue

      Yes this. Or if Ashton and Keldon were just a little better

  10. BigolBlue

    Cats in a close one. Win by 4

    1. bigbluebanana

      Cats win it going away. Win by 16.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Just stopping by to say I told you so. It’s getting embarrassing how bad I make you look. And I’m not even the best on this site at making you look foolish. To be fair, the best at making you look stupid is you yourself. Why do you even speak?