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15 responses to “Kentucky third favorite to win title in anonymous coaches poll”

  1. 2andToodleLoo

    Seriously – when will Kansas get punished for all their noted cheating. If these D-bags were to win it all before being punished I wouldn’t be surprised. NCAA is a joke.

    1. grammarpoliceUK

      They won’t be. Now the government has joined the NCAA by refusing to release their files because, as they state, it could “hurt third party individuals”. Those third party individuals are more than likely the coaches. Case over.

    2. JASUN74

      What’s happened is, they’ve found out that some of their colleagues and close friends and/or family has been involved and they’re trying to protect them. I guarantee some NCAA employees were right in the middle of something and making some big money. This judge has probably gotten a pretty hefty bank account lately also. Lol.

      I honestly have no idea about anything except for what I’ve read, but I’ve always thought, if you do the crime, you do the time. Or at the very least lose your job!!! Haha. I don’t think people can ever forget about this and even in twenty years someone will want the truth. Its really un telling who is involved in this crap. The only thing we really know is, it’s a disservice to all the Coaches and Schools that do it the right way.

  2. JTHinton

    That MichSt team scares me; I’m not one of the Trolls who say we won’t make a bowl game or we’ll be a 11 seed, but I think they might kill us on opening day if we start slow. I think we will be fine in the long run though!

    1. IrishCat

      Having two legit point guards coming back keeps me pretty confident in how we will show out, especially since Winston is so crucial to what they do offensively, and I think Ashton might be able to swallow him alive. Still, I have some reservations, just like you.

  3. BobbyBlue

    NCAA is completely corrupted, starting with Emmert and his $4 million

  4. UKinMKY

    Don’t get the Kansas hype. Even with Azubuike in the lineup, they weren’t exactly a juggernaut. Don’t see them being that good with him coming off multiple injuries. I buy the MichSt hype though, Winston and Langford will carry that squad.

  5. VirginiaCat

    Norlander hits the nail on the head when he says that “…a few years back…,” Kentucky was the alpha team of college basketball, but that lately people are “…doubting them on the court and on the recruiting trail.” This will be a critical year for the Cats, whether we get back to the swagger of Cal’s first six years, or continue with our pattern since 2015. I am hoping for the former. Go Cats.

    1. a21CATSfan

      Yet, Tom Izzo “only” has one championship in a much longer time period than Coach Cal at his respective school, but never receives near the criticism. And Coach Cal has the same results in the NCAA Tournament as Coach K in the last 4 years (since he supposedly took over recruiting), but doesn’t quite get the same praise for adapting to the game. Coach Cal is also becoming one of the best evaluators in the sport. I wouldn’t want anyone else. CATS

    2. nocode96

      Amen 21

    3. BigBertha


    4. catsarerunnin

      Why do you care VCat? You’re not a fan regardless.

    5. JASUN74

      Yes Sir a21CATSfan!! Mich St will have a great team this year, but I’ll take Cal and not think twice about it.

  6. BigBertha

    What’s special about Kansas this season? In years when MSU is the best team, they always lose in the first round.

  7. CahillsCrossingNT

    Kentucky probably won’t even win the SEC, regular season or tournament. They certainly are no longer a threat to win the NCAAs.