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Kentucky survives, will play Wichita State Sunday at 2:40 p.m.


It got a little scary there at the end, but Kentucky saved us all some embarrassment and finally put away Northern Kentucky by a final score of 79-70. The Cats let the Norse hang around for far too long, due in part to another cold night from Malik Monk, who finished with only 12 points (many of those in the final minutes off foul shots) off 3-11 shooting, 0-6 from behind the three-point line. If Kentucky is going to accomplish anything in this tournament, he’s gotta warm up fast.

De’Aaron Fox led the way with 19 points, but had six turnovers to only three assists. Bam Adebayo had a career-high 18 rebounds to go along with 15 points. Isaiah Briscoe had 17 points and 8 rebounds, and, as often happens, when the Cats were out of sync, became Kentucky’s only source of scoring.

Sure, Kentucky could have been playing to its competition, but man, they can’t afford to play like that on Sunday vs. Wichita State or it will be a very short March.

By the way, the Wichita State game will tip at 2:30 p.m. following Louisville/Michigan game at 12:10 p.m. Both games will be on CBS.


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112 responses to “Kentucky survives, will play Wichita State Sunday at 2:40 p.m.”

  1. 72uksprinter

    They outscored us in the second half!!!!!
    Kudos to them, but WTF?

    1. BanjoBeliever

      I’m concerned that UK’s offense is off – and hope they get it going before the tournament advances any farther!

    2. syrin23

      Well, one positive is minus Vandy having a stroke at the end of their game, the SEC should be undefeated so the conference is better than we thought.

  2. original slappy

    Monk has completely disappeared. Because of that… We will not make it to the second weekend for consecutive years. Unless he pulls one hell of a 180 by Sunday.

    1. uk27ncaa

      He just had 17 against Alabama and 20 against Arkansas. Yep he’s disappeared… smh

    2. ClutchCargo

      Monk is a luxury, not an absolute necessity. Try to pay attention.

    3. original slappy

      And he just went ofer against a tournament team. Tournament teams fight harder and want it more. Wichita state won’t give him looks as good as he got against NKU.
      A luxury? I know you seriously didn’t just say that.

    4. ClutchCargo

      “in a first round game vs a 15 seed”, is what I meant to say. I guess that did seem pretty silly, but that was the bourbon talking. Anyway, the point is that I’m not worried about Monk’s game. He’s due to break out again and I believe he will.

  3. AGSlater

    Didnt save me embarrasment. They played bad. Monk has slowly gotten worse. The ugly turnovers piss me off and the lazy play.

    1. syrin23

      Monk likes to play fast and Briscoe WALKS the ball up the court killing 10 seconds off our shot clock before we even get the offense set. Hard to get into a rhythm with your PG killing the tempo.

    2. blackmilk23

      I knew somebody would find a way to blame Briscoe.

    3. syrin23

      Great counter. You know your stuff.

    4. AGSlater

      i hate when fox is there but briscoe ignores him and brings it up

  4. shelby

    Is there such a thing as an embarrassing win? Monk needs to see a sports psychiatrist; he is done–completely lost his confidence: if he dont Check back in, we lose sunday…and definitely next week. We were the least impressive 2 seed of the 1st round. Maybe cal should’ve done more coaching this year and less pod casts and book tours! lol f u can’t tell, i’m a life-long fan who is really worried about this VERY TALENTED team.

    1. BanjoBeliever

      Don’t blame Monk. Blame the one that is SCREAMING from the sidelines and sits him (and many others) down whenever they start shooting and scoring. Fox had a tremendous dunk, and the next thing you know – He is sitting on the bench directly there after. How are players supposed to get momentum with that kind of coaching?

    2. UK Maine-iac

      Yeah, Cal, is such a terrible coach. Podcasts? Book tours? Why is he not around these players 25/8? Why is he not cuddling next to Monk every night, whispering defensive techniques into his ear while he sleeps? That’s sarcasm in case that was hard to pick up on. Podcasts and book tours have nothing to do with anything. And Banjo, exactly what coach would you like to come in and do better? C’mon now, so I can tell Mitch.

    3. AGSlater

      the reasonable fans finally here. Wait for big board, runnin, and the other cal worshipers to show up

    4. BanjoBeliever

      What about Sean Miller or Pitino?

    5. BanjoBeliever

      I like Cal, don’t get me wrong. It is just that I don’t think what he is doing at the moment is making UK be the best it can be. I want to see UK win championships! I want to see us have more trophies than Duke or any other teams out there.

    6. ClutchCargo

      Dude. We have more banners than anyone other than UCLA, who blatantly cheated during their run in the 60s and 70s. I’m good with what this program has done and is doing.

    7. AGSlater

      1 title since 98. Some people on here might nit have even been alive in 98

    8. UK Maine-iac

      Sean Miller? Has he made a final four? What has he done in the tournament to suggest he could do what Cal has done in 8 years? What has any coach for that matter? And Pitino……jesus christ. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter who coaches here. Some people are just going to hate them no matter what. Cal is proof of that. If you’re not happy with what he’s done at UK and what he can do, then you should cheer for UL or NKY or WKU or watch golf. This is not a sport for you.

    9. BanjoBeliever

      Look what Sean Miller has to work with. How good would he be if he had 5 McDonalds All Americans to work with? I disagree with your logic Maine-iac. What decent Coach couldn’t do good with the NBA talent players that UK gets? Look where Pitino goes with JR College recruits and 3 star players!

    10. damage_control

      Pitino goes 2-8 and 0-2 in the NCAA with his way vs Cal’s way.

    11. BanjoBeliever

      Pitino has been to 1987, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2005, 2012, 2013 NCAA tournaments. Imagine what he could do if he had 5 star McDonalds All American team players to work with. Above Pitino is Mike Krzyzewski, John Wooden, Dean Smith, Roy Williams and Tom Izzo – in that order.

    12. catsarerunnin

      It’s great to read the posts of the anti-Cal crowd after a loss or if UK doesn’t win by 30. First of all if Sean Miller or any other coach were here,you would still bitch and moan if UK didn’t win every game or a title every single year.

    13. damage_control

      How bout you imagine pitino made it to the sweet 16 this year- suck it

  5. bharlan24

    UK will lose Sunday and Calipari will continue to boast 8 players should go in the first round. I’m tired of this BS.

    1. damage_control

      Good – go root for Louisville or Western

    2. uk27ncaa

      Then cheer for another team!!! Simple.

    3. BanjoBeliever

      damage control, what if we want to cheer for a WINNING UK? Too bad? No, it is time to hold the coaching team accountable for what was a VERY GOOD UK TEAM at the beginning of the year…turning in to a mediocre team in Feb. and March. Remember when they beat UNC? Now UNC is a Number 1 seed and winning against opponents by blow outs, while UK is scraping by….

    4. damage_control

      Last time I checked UK won tonight. Last time I checked Cal has won as many Championships and been to more Final Fours in his first 7 full seasons than any UK coach since Rupp. Like I said, if you aren’t happy go root for a better program that wins so much more than UK does

    5. AGSlater

      a million draft picks….1 title

    6. UK Maine-iac

      30-5. Yep, terrible team with terrible coaching. Why are we not in the NIT?

    7. AGSlater

      agree. Cal only cares about nba draft

    8. damage_control

      Gee- for a guy who only cares about the NBA draft he’s managed to win about 83% of his games (highest in NCAA since 2009), been to 4 Final Fours (most since 2009), and won at least 29 games 6 times in 8 years. Do you realize how delusional that statement is?!?!

    9. syrin23

      Sorry to rain on your idiot’s parades, but for all the high end talent that has gone through, Cal has under performed. A billion dollars worth of NBA lottery draft picks and as many titles as Villanove and UConn. The reality is lesser programs have achieved more with less. That loss to Wisconsin was the worst coaching I have ever seen in basketball, PERIOD, and the IU game last year wasn’t far behind. If someone were to look at NBA rosters and all the UK players, one would logically assume we had multiple NCAA titles, not a handful of FF’s.

    10. AGSlater

      dont tell damage control this

    11. EdC

      syrin23, not jumping into the argument but fact check … UConn actually has 2 NCaa Championships during Cal’s time at UK as does Duke.

    12. damage_control

      Gfy Syran

  6. Kyblue34

    Our defense was just pathetic. NKU was able to run just about any offense they wanted. Fortunately, they missed several open shots or this would have been close. Going to have to play significantly better to beat Wichita St.

    1. Luether

      Willis played D just like Kyle Wiltjer…

    2. BanjoBeliever

      You better thank Willis for being a good player – because without him and Dominique – UK would be in some trouble.

    3. damage_control

      Thank you derrick willis

    4. catdaddyd

      Willis led the team in blocks, steals and assists.

    5. ClutchCargo

      And people say we have a knowledgeable fanbase. Okaaaay.

    6. Kyblue34

      Yeah, I’m not blaming Willis at all. He was the one of the few giving effort on defense. The problem continues to be that opposing coaches are pulling Bam away from the paint, which leaves Willis or Gabriel to defend the rim and neither are good enough to do so. Why Cal doesn’t adjust the defense to prevent this from happening is baffling.

    7. JusSayin

      Willis blocked 2 shots. But every other shot taken on him went in. They inverted their offense to specifically attack Willis.

    8. EdC

      I thought the defense was great in the first half. 2nd half holding them to 24 points.

      The KenPom 9th ranked devense allowing the KenPom 133rd ranked offense to score 46 is pretty terrible.

  7. BBN17

    We played good all game. We just didn’t play defense in the very end. It’s fine and a lot of haters in the comments saying we’re gonna lose if monk doesn’t play well against Wichita state. When did Wichita state become the best team in the NCAA?

  8. Wildcat Sheli

    Doesn’t seem right that Wichita St has several more hours of rest than we will. Why didn’t they put our game later on Sunday? Very little turn around time.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Sunday afternoon is plenty of turnaround time for high D1-level athletes.

  9. blackmilk23

    Sky is falling.

  10. 72uksprinter

    Cal was badly outcoached tonight.
    I expect him to say so in the presser.
    Norse found plays that worked and ran them over and over and over.
    I’m looking at you, DW and WG. Matador defense.
    I wish Cal was not so stubborn about a zone D.
    It might be the only way to compensate for the weak D at the 4.
    Bam, Fox and Mr. Penetrator, Zay won this game. Barely.

  11. Lip Man 1

    These guys have as LOT of work to do before Sunday. If they play like that again against WSU they’ll get hammered.

    VERY disappointed. They should have blown these guys apart tonight.

  12. 72uksprinter

    No, the sky is not falling.
    But, there are serious cracks in it.
    Really can’t afford those this time of year.
    Looking forward to the genuine version of our Cats on Sunday.

  13. damage_control

    Monk was pressing- simple as that. Once he missed the 3rd wide open 3 he should’ve started taking it to the hoop more. He’s not a selfish player but you could tell he wanted to get on a roll. He just couldn’t tonight. He’ll be fine. Instead of crushing him focus on Bam, Briscoe and Fox allowing him to hopefully get this stinker out of his system and still pick up the win.

  14. dballrb

    I’ll take Briscoe anyday.

  15. jaws2

    Cats won, enough said. It’s ridiculous that #2 seed team has to finish playing at 12:15 or so.
    Wichita St will not beat KY Sat. Cats by 11.
    My only complaint and I’ve said this all year, this team should press every game. Why we didn’t pressure NKU all night is beyond me. With the talent and bench discrepancy we would have destroyed NKU. I just don’t get Cal sometimes.

    1. BanjoBeliever

      Jaws the Cats won, but they didn’t look like the team that they were at the beginning of the year when they took out North Carolina. They haven’t looked like that team for some time now.

    2. damage_control

      They don’t look the same because they aren’t playing the same way.

    3. BanjoBeliever

      That is what worries me, damage.

    4. syrin23

      Their defense has been much better, and the SEC teams should be undefeated in the tourney so our conference is better than people thought.

  16. Brian in Franklin

    Is it football season yet?

    1. BanjoBeliever

      I hope not. Lol.

    2. AGSlater

      lol at this. Sadly I agree

  17. 72uksprinter

    You are spot on.
    Malik really, really wants to contribute.
    I loved it that when all those shots went halfway down, he kept his head up, played hard on
    defense, had some terrific passes and wanted the ball at the end to shot the free throws.
    I like my team.

  18. Jiminy Crickets

    Of the 2-seeds we played the weakest opponent, and looked the worst. Coach Cal had it written all over his face that he is realizing this team just doesn’t have it.

    1. AGSlater

      took him that long?? ha

    2. maximumscott

      You’re right he hasnt been excited at all this week. They didnt blow them out but give NKU credit they were throwing up prayers and hitting them. This will be good for UK going forward. We dont lose on Sunday. They said there were gonna be at least 1-2 games in NCAA that Monk is off, lets hope that his 1. This team doesnt need him to get 30 everygame but he needs to be getting 2-3 a game to stretch the D. Also, #1 2 seed plays until almost 1am?!?!?

    3. AGSlater

      im tired of people saying close games to bad teams are good for the team. Been hearing this crap all year. If I was on the team and barely beat a horrible team id think ” we must not be that good”

    4. catsarerunnin

      Yeah 30-5 is just terrible. Please deliver us a coach who can give us 31-4!!!!

  19. paducahminooka

    whatever. Trolls.., you’re going to get scared because they pulled within single digits a couple times at the end? Was anyone really ever worried about getting the W or just about the margin? Pretty sure all the posters so far have been punters pissed about not beating the spread. tl;dr we got the W and it wasn’t ever even in doubt : survive and advance, kudos to NKU. p.s. Wichita State is vastly over-rated, worry about UCLA.

    1. AGSlater

      you would blow cal if you had a shot

    2. syrin23

      We had to play our starters way more than we should have because we kept that a close game.

  20. Harrelson55

    Y’all are embarrassing, we were up double digits the whole game, NKY just wouldn’t lie down, credit to them. I hate our idiotic fanbase sometimes.

    1. maximumscott

      I know. Why cant people focus on Bam being dominate amd the guards getting to the rack at wil. Thay is so important in March.

    2. BBN17

      Thank you for saying this! Almost everyone in the comments are acting like we are awful. We played good arguably great. We were up 18 with 7:30 left! We just didn’t play defense at the end and gave up because we thought it was a for sure win. Enough said time for the next one!

    3. catdaddyd

      Arguably great??? 3-17 3pt. 12 assist 12 turnovers.

    4. syrin23

      exactly catdaddy. The stats tell another tale.

  21. ClutchCargo

    There are no style points in the NCAAT. Survive and advance. We’re just fine.

  22. SanDiegoCats

    Jeez love how everyone is freaking out. My god. They started at 10:00pm. Against a team they knew they would beat. Just get it out of the way and come back Sunday hungry.

  23. bharlan24

    If you’re satisfied with getting to the NCAA every year, then ok. I’m interested in hanging championship banners. It ain’t gonna happen again with this coach. Oh by the way , stick it.

    1. Sheeeeeiiit

      That is seriously one of the dumbest ass things I’ve heard. You cannot back that statement up whatsoever. We always have a chance with Cal if our team is healthy. The randomness of the NCAA tournament makes that the key, having a chance.

    2. ClutchCargo

      Then you can quit watching and posting with that knowledge. Have a nice spring and summer.

    3. BanjoBeliever

      Clutch, I think the point is that they WANT to watch UK, and they want to WIN Championships!

    4. ClutchCargo

      And we have 2nd most of any school in history. What part of that do you not comprehend?

    5. AGSlater

      Won a bunch in the 40’s and 50’s . My parent werent even thought of then. Almost 70 years ago

    6. AGSlater

      I think Cal only gets 1. Not only that he wont make another final four

    7. catsarerunnin

      Oh damn. No more FF’s in the Cal era! Mitch please call Slater to get the name of the coach who will win every game and by 30 points. He knows his basketball.

  24. calbert

    My question is, why does the NCAA feel the need to pair Kentucky with a smaller in state school so often? 2012 first round game was against WKU and it was sloppy. The year rondo and sparks went to the elite 8 we were a 2 seed and played EKU in round 1 and barely squeaked by. Tonight was similar. These small school teams have a lot of players from the state that dream of playing against Kentucky and so they show up and ball. Meamwhile Duke plays Troy and the birds play Jacksonville State, I guess the ACC, excuse me, NCAA thinks it’s cute. It’s garbage. Cats by 8 over the fighting Greg Marshalls.

  25. Harrelson55

    Bharlan do you understand how difficult it is to hang banners? Or no. 4 final fours and a title in 7 years, find me a better coach minus Coach K.

    1. syrin23

      Find me a coach with the level of talent Cal has had. Hell, imagine what the NKY coach might have done with this roster.

  26. Sheeeeeiiit

    I want to see us kill teams but this version just doesn’t do that. We get ahead of ourselves and think we got this. We have done that all year. Twice this attitude got us beat vs. UCLA and KU. I think we play down to teams lesser as well. I don’t think this is a coaching issue it’s just these guys think they good to go. This wasn’t what I wanted to see but on a positive note SEC is doing well and maybe our record there this year is a bigger achievement than most give it credit.

    1. BanjoBeliever

      Don’t forget they also lost to LOUISVILLE this year.

    2. damage_control

      2-8 (0-2 in NCAA)

  27. kentuckybackupplayer

    if cal takes us to a championship and four final fours every seven years i will take that for eternity, he can stay forever on life support and an iron lung to keep him alive.

    1. bharlan24

      Yes, I will take that.However, we didn’t get out of the first weekend last year and I don’t believe we will this year, I hope I’m wrong. It’s been five years since a title, how many more years before the next one.?

    2. 8 god

      do you understand that there are literally hundreds of teams in the NCAA? and that the vast, vast majority of them have not won a title in the last 5 years, or ever? Y’all are just butthurt that Rat Face has more titles than Cal does in the last 10 years. Well, guess what? At least Cal hasn’t lost a 14-3 or a 15-2 game.

  28. bharlan24

    Harrelson55, I like Cal and I think he is a good coach. However, playing with 5+ new players every year is just not going to get us to another title. Get some guys and coach them, quit running them off every year. When the season is over, Cal will be saying and has already intimated 8 guys are leaving. In my opinion 3 guys are all that have the potential to go in the first round. None of them are lottery picks.

    To all of those who don’t like my opinion, I’m a die hard UK fan and have been for more years probably then anyone here. If you’re of mind to tell me what to do , stick it and you know where.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      You mean like Willis, Hawkins, Mulder, Briscoe, Humphries, Wynyard, Gabrielle, SKJ, all multi-year or potentially multi year players?

      I would never tell you what to do any more than you can tell anyone else what to do. There are 8 guys listed above who are on this team and NOT one-and-dones. Several All-Americans. Are those guys winning a NC without a couple one-year guys? Seriously, I am asking.

  29. mnewton1995

    Bashing Calipari is absolutely ridiculous

  30. AGSlater

    Of course jones is saying no big deal and comparing old teams as usual. Also call screening only cal suck ups

    1. catsarerunnin

      Well you do know a lot about sucking…

  31. southalcat

    Man, y’all make me mad. So hateful, so insistent that there is something fatally wrong with either the team or our coach. It’s simply not so. We are who we are, every team is going to take their best shot at us. Give them a chance, please!

  32. 8 god

    Started to type out a long-winded defense of this team and Cal. But honestly you people are so deluded it’s not even worth it. We didn’t play any worse than two of the 1 seeds, and Duke even let Troy hang around. Have some perspective. Maybe enjoy the tournament and cheer on these 18-21 year old kids instead of smugly touting their (limited) failures.

    Also, if anyone watched Wichita-Dayton, both teams sucked heavily. Contrary to popular belief, the sky is not yet falling.

    Go cats.

  33. Booby Petrino

    Lol @ this thread. Typical cry babies like Slater And Syrin, but i see some new ones too. Cats won, suck it.

  34. 8 god

    Y’all out here like “fire calipari!!! make Kentucky great again!!!!”

    1. Booby Petrino

      What other team has 5 losses in the season, still in the ncaa tourney, and has fans wanting the coach fired? It’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

  35. sp

    It’s the same thing every tournament. The blueprint has been there since cal got here with boogie. Switch and switch and switch until the center is stuck out guarding a two or three at the three point line and either pull up for a three and get the rebound over our smaller interior or and attack the rim with our guards in the post. Over and over and over. Every game we have lost in the tournament was the same thing. The year we won the title Davis was skilled enough that to get off his man and still defend the rim. He was one in a million. Wichita state will do the same thing.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Thank you coach sp…

    2. CATandMONKEY

      …and. One-seed Wichita lost to an 8 seed UK team that wasn’t expected to do anything.
      Your misogynistic fantasies don’t stand up to reality.
      Winning a title is both rare and somewhat random. With the exception of one season since Cal’s arrival we have always been in the hunt.
      Under your constraints the 97 loss is by far the most disappointing.