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Kentucky Squanders 14-Point Lead to Lose at South Carolina

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky got into the driver’s seat for an SEC road win, but missed opportunities sent the Cats back to Lexington with a 76-68 loss.

The Cats made the most out of an ugly game by building up a 14-point lead with 11:34 to play.  For the final eleven-plus minutes, Kentucky did a whole lot of fouling and not a lot of scoring.  The Cats closed the game by scoring just 11 more points.  They weren’t making shots and they weren’t much better at the free throw line either, knocking down just 3-8 form the charity stripe in the final four minutes.

Despite their faults down the stretch, UK had a chance to take an eight-point lead with just over four minutes to play.  Kevin Knox’s three-pointer bounced off the rim, right into Nick Richards’ hands, but he missed the dunk.  South Carolina turned that into an And One for a six-point swing to take games’  momentum for good.

Short-handed and in foul trouble (59 total fouls were called), Kentucky had an opportunity to win it, but the young Cats made too mistakes down the stretch to capitalize with a road win.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

156 responses to “Kentucky Squanders 14-Point Lead to Lose at South Carolina”

  1. catsby90.1

    Serious question, does anybody know what kind of offense we run?

    1. wildcatblood

      I’m still waiting for the dribble drive. Looks like we just weave out front until the shot clock gets low and someone goes one on one. This year is some of the ugliest basketball I’ve ever seen. I swear high school teams have better fundamentals.

    2. JDMeredith

      I agree the offensive scheme is to deplete 10 to 15 seconds of the shot clock with pointless perimeter passes and then whoever ends up with the ball either clanks a 3 or tries to take their man off the dribble

    3. catsby90.1

      That’s been fine in recent years when we had an actual scorer

    4. StevieGotLoose

      I agree, I don’t see a consistent scorer on this team. I also don’t think we have an offense and it cost a title when got the twins and not Ulis running the show and nobody could stop Towns

    5. krautdog

      I despise Roy Williams but I admit that I do like his up tempo coaching style. Reminds me of Rupp’s-“the object of the game is to put the ball in the hole more times than the other team”!

  2. henderblue

    Foul fest dumpster fire

  3. Matty Arbuckle

    Cal got outcoached.

    1. wildcatblood

      That happens a lot.

    2. UK Big Board Update

      God damn, here we go….

    3. unbridled

      Did coach cal miss the last 8 of 10 free throws? Asking for a friend.

    4. KYcats11

      Not really. He’s coaching his ass off, he doesn’t have his starting pg, he’s integrating a new player in, and he put his team in a position to win. It’s up to the players to do the rest.

  4. GM1978

    2-1 without our PG…..I’ll take that

    Unwatchable game mostly

    1. wildcatblood

      You will take this loss? Seriously? South Carolina is horrible.

    2. ClutchCargo

      wildcatblood, maybe you missed the “without our pg” part.

    3. StevieGotLoose

      Why do we only have 2 guards? We are now getting out recruited. The make a living with one year players is catching up to Cal. Sometimes you need to think ahead and have Hawkins or even a Polson just for a game like this. Nothing against Brad, but he is just a body out there who can’t shoot like the rest of the team.

  5. big cat

    First, the KSR blog sucked as much as the game tonight. Second, Coach Cal was out coached….blah, blah, blah….we are young, road game, silly fouls…whatever.

    1. Cat68

      100% agree on all points big cat! I’ll add ‘low basketball IQ’ to the list

    2. wyatts1

      Totally agree, I know all 5 of my comments didn’t make the blog and that’s just goofy and not acceptable. Wonder just how many others had the same issues, cause if this site and show begins picking and choosing what’s said by who then let me know, I’m sure there’s other sites for big blue. I understand if it’s bad language, but besides that I’d love to know the excuse for it. Not worried about the cats, we got a great team and now with JV back I have more hope then ever for us to have a great run towards the end of this season and tourney time.

    3. RealCatsFan

      Same here. It’s like the moderator bot that no one can figure out in the comments section. You can say F- this F- that, but totally innocent stuff gets squashed.

    4. hartlines left arm

      I’ve tried commenting in the live blog dozens of times with nothing profane or inappropriate said and only once did one get in. The live blog is a [email protected] blog.

    5. sp

      The “blog” is nothing more than a group of KSR contributors having a discussion amongst themselves. Every now and then they add someone else’s post, but those are usually posts bitching about how nothing get through so the Insiders can troll and laugh at their inside joke. They are never going to put anything on there that’s basketball related from someone not on the approved list because they want to be the basketball wizards.

    6. makeitstop

      That’s what it looked like to me too – like a group chat and the occasional nothing gets through so they could laugh about that

  6. Blue Bill

    And here comes the hate, in 3, 2, 1……..

  7. Luether

    Not hard to understand – our young Cats were just out-toughed. You gotta admire how hard Frank Martin Teams play. Too bad Cal can’t replicate this…

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Beat Louisville by 29, though… U MAD.

    2. KYcats11

      Not really. He’s coaching his ass off, he doesn’t have his starting pg, he’s integrating a new player in, and he put his team in a position to win. It’s up to the players to do the rest.

  8. pcashen

    Refs where horrible but we could not score at all i don’t know what in God’s name our offense is but it sucks only bright spot was Jared Vanderbilt

  9. blackmilk23

    I predicted we’d lose this game yesterday. Eventually only jabbing two guards was going to come back to bite us and it did.

    1. rockatao

      The main trouble was UK didn’t have ANY guards tonight. Alexander / Diallo ….. ZERO assists, 8 turnovers.

  10. SanDiegoCats

    I’m done hearing about these losses being learning losses. This loss was absolutely unacceptable and not trying to give up on team but could be dagger in turning this thing around.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Seems like a lot of us were saying the same thing about UK basketball 4 years ago.

    2. justaguyinthebackrow

      Give up then. No one cares. It will have no effect on anyone or anything.

  11. SanDiegoCats

    And we didn’t get outmuscled. We were up by 14 with 10 min left. That’s a collapse.

    1. Miller45


  12. urincatland

    We’re the youngest team in the country. They’re FRESHMEN!! 😂

  13. PillsburyThrowboy

    That FOUL game FOUL was FOUL unwatchable FOUL. Thanks FOUL refs FOUL for FOUL letting FOUL them FOUL play FOUL.

    1. unbridled

      Best comment to date. Sec officiating is unbearable. I’ve watched several big east games and they feel like actual tournament games. This was a side show tonight. Sad really.

  14. wildcatblood

    This team is absolutely unwatchable. No idea how we beat UL by 30. So tired of the same old BS every year. We have to grow up. We are young. Blah blah blah. You know what. UL can have Kenny Payne. I’ll take David Padgett.

    1. henderblue

      You can go with him

    2. RealCatsFan

      Please put on a red shirt with an olde English L and go root for them. Please.

    3. Jazz1124

      Dumbest comment ever? Undoubtedly so. Gtfo with that silliness.

    4. UK Big Board Update

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    5. wildcatblood

      Wait, you’re right. It will be different next year. Just because a fan is unhappy they should be a UL fan? Idiots. As a lifelong fan I can say whatever the hell I want. The current state of UK basketball is horrible.

    6. UK Big Board Update

      Go pee and go to bed.

    7. CatesDuncan

      Sthu and have a little faith in em

    8. justaguyinthebackrow

      Wow, you must have a boring life to go troll fans of a team you don’t like.

    9. wildcatblood

      Sadly, I am not a troll. An actual die hard fan that is so fed up I can;t watch anymore.

    10. UK Big Board Update

      Bye. You won’t be missed….

    11. justaguyinthebackrow

      Sadly, you don’t know the meaning of die hard. Bruce Willis would be quite disappointed in you.

    12. makeitstop

      I don’t understand the personal attacks on people on here… these are Kentucky fans having the same kind of conversation u would have at a bar or office break room or party… hence “social media”. So, why say stuff to each other u wouldn’t say in person and if u would say that, it’s a poor commentary.

    13. KYcats11

      Not really. He’s coaching his ass off, he doesn’t have his starting pg, he’s integrating a new player in, and he put his team in a position to win. It’s up to the players to do the rest.

  15. ukbigblue1

    We are not a smart team, lack effort on defense, and overall soft which is a dangerous combination.

  16. wildcatblood

    Hami is Archie Goodwin 2.0. Can the coach not make him pass the ball before he shoots? Maybe not run someone over every freaking time. I’ve seen high school teams more disciplined and with better fundamentals. This team rely’s on athleticism only. Zero fundamentals and zero discipline.

    1. Jazz1124

      As silly as the first comment was, I agree with this one, actually. I do see a lot of Archie in Hami and it’s hard to watch at times. But other times he really saves us. It’s a take what you can get and live with the result type of approach so far.

    2. UKfan4TwoDecades

      I agree with your frustration and most of your comments. The fact that there is habitual retaliation to you and everyone else when they state; Cal is not a good coach, our teams always fall short of their potential when it counts (sans Anthony Davis one of the top 10 players in the world), that he complicates these “freshman/youngsters” like Hamidou whereby he has to dribble – then look for a teammate before he takes a shot is pathetic. He needs to drive to the basket, shot without recourse if he is open, and be applauded when he ?. Don’t forget this kid gave up MILLIONS to stay at UK. Don’t you think that others looking to go to UK see this? They have to be thinking “look how they treat loyalty”. I’ve said it for years Cal is too set in HIS ways. Has any of us reached out to Hamidou on FB/Twitter/Instagram and gave him thanks? Told him we like his game and keep working? I know I have recently and I will for decades because of its the right thing to do. Just this year he started allowing the zone to be taught and executed in games. Man I learned a zone in elementary school, high school, and college basketball. Cal calls his offense “dribble drive”. WHAT? How oxymoronic. Cal stymied Derek Willis for years. Tai went over the summer and played against grown men and he flourished. His reward at UK? Sit here for yet another year, Cal is always giving preference to the freshmen no wonder he doesn’t have any seniors. Why would they stay here? I, and you, have EVERY right to state our opinions here. To those who get joy out of their excuses bag and start calling names OR questioning ones loyalty to UK need to back up and quit the drama. I’ve been a UK fan for six decades, played basketball all my life until I got cancer, coached a Championship team my sons final year in High School (summer tournament where the state Champions 4A of 8 states play double elimination), etc. and I don’t know it al about basketball. Never claimed to. But my experience and my eyes tell me alot. Thanks to everyone at KSR. Take care.

    3. UKfan4TwoDecades

      *** On my prior reply I made a few grammatical errors. My bad. Technology, you gotta love it. Could have been my Kentucky accent that caused my “words to type” software to fail a few times.

    4. wildcatblood

      UKfan4TwoDecades, thank you very much for actually considering my comments and stating your opinion. I am mad about this loss and the direction this program is going. I don’t necessarily want another coach, I just want to see something changed. We can’t keep going like we are and expect a different outcome. Thanks again and hope to see you here again soon.

    5. unbridled

      Ukfan4two….you made more than just grammatical errors my friends. Sorry but you are bordering on having no idea what you are talking about.

  17. Mc12

    I actually feel okay. I know the loss sucked but JV is going to be a matchup nightmare and I think I’d like to see a lineup with him at the point in man or the free throw line against a zone with Green, SGA and Knox with him. Diallo needs to work on east to west moves and stick to pulling up from 15 instead of charging. He should be an incredible defender. If he can focus on that he can find a path. He will be fine but hasn’t to find a role that can bring the most value

    1. RealCatsFan

      I am starting to think that Diallo is another example that raw athleticism does not automatically make you a good basketball player. You have to have court smarts and skill to go with it.

    2. snoopjdawg

      Diallo started the run for SC when he decided to grab a guys shorts after his jersey was grabbed. He isn’t very intelligent basketball wise. Youth is showing every night. Blowing a 14 point lead to a team that is abysmal offensively. They were defeated. Joke.

    3. Mc12

      He has a lot of similarities to Goodwin. I hope he finds a role shooting pull ups and open 3s only and passing more in open court because he’ll usually get it back for an easier shot. He should try to emulate someone like Liggins. It’s not the sexiest role but he’s pretty limited offensively

    4. snoopjdawg

      Very limited. He even has trouble timing his layups and dunks. He may have been better off staying in the draft in retrospect.

    5. unbridled

      Sorry but it was in no way better for diallo to stay in last years draft. He was not ready and they told him that. It wasn’t up in the air like many of you are suggesting.

  18. EdC

    When being young is your go to coaching strategy because you are most interested in putting players into the NBA you really shouldn’t get to use it as an excuse.

    1. Miller45

      who aren’t even close to thinking about being ready for nba

  19. big cat

    We are the 2d youngest team in NCAA…but who cares?! No toughness, no heart, no tradition, no experience…sad really.

    1. snoopjdawg

      No heart. That’s what is missing. Tenacity.

  20. neilbert

    They hit their free throws down the stretch and we didn’t. PS someone teach nick richards how to dunk. Good nite!

    1. IAmTheDanger

      Free throws were huge tonight.

  21. RealCatsFan

    When was the last time that our two starting guards combined for zero – read it – ZERO assists! We need Quade back pronto! Glad to see JV back on the court, and he is going to be huge the rest of the year, but we need another guard. It is apparent that we cannot depend on SGA to play 39+ minutes every game and for Diallo to play with intelligence.

  22. callitlikeiseeit

    No worries June is coming, that is all Cal cares about. They look ready, can’t make free throws or jump shots {no shooters this year}, lots of turnovers. About what basketball has become, but hey they are athletic. Said before season team has no title chance, wasted year as a UK fan. No way this young group can win 6 straight games vs good teams, that is what has to happen to win a title. We can’t win 6 straight vs decent to bad teams and some at home we barely escape. Cal, UK pays you not the NBA. Time to care about titles and not draft picks. Feel for these young men, not their fault they are in this position. Must have some expeience mixed with the one and done guys. Next year we may have that and could be a special year. Better hope Zion was not watching this disaster tonight.

    1. jaws2

      Nah, he was watching Clemson get beat instead.

    2. RealCatsFan

      If you look back over our history, about 40 percent of the seasons we essentially “had no title chance”. It is extremely difficult to be the odds on favorite to win it all every year. Ask Duke – they were the odds on favorite last year, but…

    3. UK Big Board Update

      I remember when people were saying Duke might go 40-0 last year…

      They lost to South Carolina, didn’t they…?

    4. wildcatblood

      A-freaking-men!!!!!!!!!!! This one and done, players first BS is getting old. How about UK first? How about telling players to stay more than one year instead of cashing out as soon as they can? Yo ucan get insurance on players in case they get hurt. I used to think Cal was smart and doing that to get NBA talent here every year. 1 title in his era with all of the talent he has had is not a good result.

    5. RealCatsFan

      well, you can go down the road and cheer for the school who’s motto is “ho’s first”. That might be a great plan until Cal retires and we bring in a guy who truly puts UK first, like say Tubby or BCG.

    6. justaguyinthebackrow

      How spoiled are you? And who spoiled you? It certainly wasn’t BCG. Doubt it was Tubby. Pitino has some time on his hands if you’d prefer him. Well, it must have been Cal, the only coach out there that gets us in contention year after year. He has the most final fours and second most titles since he’s been at UK. You guys are either 12 or UofL fans. You have no basketball IQ.

    7. UK Big Board Update

      He said he’d rather have David Padgett and has a Louisville IP address. He’s a Louisville troll.

  23. big cat

    Oh well…FL will destroy us too and so will WV…

    1. urincatland

      Several more losses before the end of the year.

  24. dhard

    While the officiating was terrible, the team performance was worse. Not very smart down the stretch.

    1. rockatao

      There was nothing wrong with the officiating. They called a tight game, you have to deal with it. How long did it take you to figure out it was going to be called that way? Then consider how long it took UK players to figure it out.

  25. Gettlefingers

    This team has Stoops play not to lose syndrome. Refs didn’t help. I’ll like my team in March

    1. abevh5

      Same here man most the people are hating on the team as of the moment but with quade out and Jared in I like my team

    2. justaguyinthebackrow

      You’re giving Bill Murray a bad voice with all of your no-nothing whining.

    3. justaguyinthebackrow

      What a stupid insult. You do understand that intelligent adults aren’t upset at a child calling them names, right? No, I guess you wouldn’t. Maybe one day. But I’ll give you a chance: name a better coach that you would rather have coaching UK. Who would be better? You seem to know so much about how UK should be coached. Who would get to the final four half the time? Who would put us in contention nearly every year?

    4. UK Big Board Update

      wildcatblood will be gone soon… 😉

    5. wildcatblood

      Not advocating for a new coach. Why can’t Cal and his staff run a better looking offense? Change up players first? Why in the hell why can’t we get an easy basket? Ever!!! And I like going to final fours, but I also hate coming up empty. How in the hell didn’t we win with Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe and Patterson? How did we lose to Wisconsin? If we didn’t win in 2012 we would be the Buffalo Bills. Honestly think how you would feel if we didn’t win in 2012. Going so many times and only getting one or none?

  26. big cat

    Never thought I’d say it, but I’m looking forward to football season.

  27. Lip Man 1

    Hard to win when seemingly half the team has been hurt or unable to play this year. Haven’t seen an injury-run like this in a long time for UK.

    The good news is that most of these guys will be back next year (whether they like it or not…)

    That being said, you’ve got to close out a team on the road when you are up 14 and even having a good lead with four minutes to go.

    Nick Richards missed another dunk, the free throw shooting was horrendous, 16 turnovers and there you go.

    1. Lip Man 1

      I forgot to add 1-11 from three point range! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. RealCatsFan

      Yep – we knew it was going to be a tough year even before the injuries to QG, JV, JB, and Tai.

      If that Knox 3 that rimmed out before the Richards dunk attempt goes down, the game has a whole different look down the stretch. Key turning point.

    3. wildcatblood

      I’ve never heard so many excuses in my life. Tai being hurt, really? I’m glad Brad didn’t get hurt!!! How about running some real offensive plays? How about a few easy buckets? Maybe an assist or 2?

    4. RealCatsFan

      I called out the lack of assists in an earlier post. Lack of offensive flow? Ya think? Our starting PG is out with an injury, but oh, I forgot, that’s just an excuse. And you don’t think having another big body with five more fouls wouldn’t have helped us when ALL of our bigs had at least 4 fouls and were afraid to breathe on anybody?

    5. wildcatblood

      We had Quade against LSU and barley beat them. Could have easily lost and I don’t see anymore assists or smoother offense when he plays.

    6. RealCatsFan

      Duke has a senior PG, the #1 recruiting class, and possibly the #1 draft pick and they have a couple of puzzling losses – one of them to Boston College, for Christ sakes. Conference road games are usually hard fought. Talent is much more distributed than it was during Pitino’s tenure, even in the SEC. Just the way it is. Learn how to handle it, or find something else to do – for the sake of your own well being.

  28. Rixter

    There is a defensive strategy that is proven to be effective over 90% of the time. NINE times out of 10, it turns the opposition over. Most NCAA teams employ it, practice it, set their defense to utilize it. Yet, UK has never bought into it.
    No, it’s not 2-3 zone, it’s not full court press… it’s flopping.. Flopping every chance you get. If 2 bodies collide, and the defender hits the floor, positioning doesnt matter, it doesnt matter if he’s set or moving, it’s a charge.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yep, college basketball is becoming International Soccer.

    2. Mc12

      Lol. Sad but true

  29. Cat68

    Hami couldn’t make the Lithuania team, much less start over either of the Ball brothers. So sick of his play. Agree with whoever said you can’t use youth as an excuse when it’s also your recruiting strategy.

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Cool. He’ll be a nice addition to next years team….

  30. davis2319

    Bright spot was Vanderbilt. He is very unselfish and will hopefully rub off on his selfish ass teammates (Diallo and Knox). Need Green back. The toll of playing most of the game is showing on SGA. Again with Diallo, I have no idea what that guy is doing and I don’t think he does either. If an NBA team is willing to take him with a first round draft pick even with his athleticism, they are an idiot. I know you can’t teach athleticism but my gosh he has no clue what he is doing on the court.

  31. UKinIN

    No one is going to like this but tonight was a game where UK’s youth really showed up. Hostile environment, can’t play defense without fouling, tentative on offense and fouls kept Uk from getting in any rhythm. Just a bad night.

  32. ksr_commenter

    How long do we have to wait till Quade Green decides he wants to play again?

    1. UK Big Board Update

      When he’s not injured.

  33. makeitstop

    A foul every 41 seconds? Impossible. These kids know what a foul is they’ve been playing all their life and the season is half over. They over called the game BUT we lost bc we shot 1/11 from 3, missed THIRTEEN free throws and Lord knows how many dunks, tips and point blank shots and had 16 turnovers, I swear half on charges. Cal didn’t miss those, the players did. Hard to overcome so many fouls but shooting 30% from 3 and hitting 75% from the line would’ve done it even w all that. Can’t hang that on anyone but the kids. Damn bucket has been 10 feet high my whole life and FT hv always been 15 feet.

    1. jaws2

      Hard to dispute this logic. Players gotta play. Move on to the next game.

    2. CATandMONKEY

      Balanced and reasonable take.

  34. makeitstop

    Rodrick Rhodes for those old enough to remember was a great talent. Could take a close game over and turn it into a loss faster than anybody. Couldn’t win until he left. Remind u of anyone?

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yep, and Pitino ran him off the team after the UNC loss. I get the feeling that Cal may “encourage” Hami to throw his hat in the NBA ring.

    2. snoopjdawg

      Hami missed his chance in last years draft. Maybe he will start playing better.

  35. Willdcat

    I think there is a bunch of trolls in here so i wont say anything about the troll type comments I have read here so far. Good road loss with a bunch of our guys injured and all the foul calls on top of that. Jarred Vanderbilt looked amazing! I wonder why he didn’t play the last 10 minutes? I hope he isn’t hurt. GO CATS!!!!!!

    1. wildcatblood

      Good road loss???? Just picture a thousand laughing crying faces here. The real trolls are the ones that keep accepting this horrible, ugly basketball and the NBA first, I mean players first strategy.

    2. CATandMONKEY

      Yeah – because it obviously should be “wildcatblood first”.

  36. wyatts1

    Do I wish we had some older players? YES!! Of course. But we don’t, so until the nba changes their rule, or until we get players who just aren’t as good as what we are currently getting this is where we are at with UK basketball. I’m a cats fan now, I have been and will continue to be. With that said it’s hard (especially with freshmen without upper class men) to go through games like this that the refs SCREW US. Yes I understand that they had just as many fouls as we did team wise, but they didn’t have any players foul out with 10 minutes left to go in the game, their top guys wasn’t saddled with 3 and 4 fouls for the final 10 minutes of the game. Refs decided this game, although if we made our free throws we still had a chance to win this game. Jared’s back and playing so our team is only gonna get better and I look for us to be killing it towards the end of sec play and tourney play. If you don’t like our wildcats this year then turn the channel cause I hate hearing constant complaining about something our coach can’t control (unless we get worse players) and why in the world would any sane school pass up on the studs coming outta high school?? No one would intentionally. I like my team GO BIG BLUE!!

    1. RealCatsFan

      Good post – a point of light in the darkness.

    2. wildcatblood

      Man if it wasn’t for those refs we would have had them!! Good point.

    3. wyatts1

      Hey wildcat blood, did you watch the game? I’ve seen about 50 of your comments bad mouthing the cats up and down this post, what’s wrong with you? Not feeling so fresh? Does feminine odor and itching got’cha down?… GOOD!! Go take your attitude and bandwagon fan azz outta here and away from BBN….

  37. mikeintn

    Speak for yourself, it’s not been a wasted year for this UK fan, I’ve enjoyed watching them win several games, and if it takes them winning six straight games and a title for you to not count it as a wasted year, well then you have a lot of misery. GO CATS

  38. Jana the Cat Lady

    On a lighter note, how is Brad getting in there before some of his other bench buddies??? “EARNED, NOT GIVEN.” Come on now.

    1. snoopjdawg

      Has Brad scored a point this year? How many assists?

    2. Jana the Cat Lady

      My point exactly. I was mocking his tattoo. And questioning how he made it in the game in the first half.

    3. Luether

      BC couldn’t hit the ocean if his dad took him to the beach…

  39. number9RoyHobbs

    So whoever said that the KSR blog tonight sucked is spot on. Felt like it was an insiders club and since I don’t often follow this during games, not a thing was posted yet 50 other things from regulars was. But whatever. Watching JV tonight, I didn’t see a Lamar Odom prototype. The way he’s built, dribbled and passed, I saw a young Magic Johnson. Call me crazy, but those are the flashes of brilliance I saw tonight times. And look, we are down a point guard and a a couple reserves, it was a tightly called game on a young team. Does everyone just lose their minds and forget about the awesome runs we’ve gone on with worse teams? I still love these Cats. Let’s get number 9 peoples.

    1. number9RoyHobbs

      Forgive any grammatical errors and run on sentences, that game made me drink.

  40. wildcatblood

    How often do we get a good shot or an easy bucket? I haven’t looked, but our assist to TO ratio this year can’t be good. It’s no better when Quade plays either and I’m a Quade fan. Why is it that we are constantly having to go one on one? What happened to drive and dish? Pick and roll? Alley oops driving to the basket?

    1. wildcatblood

      Is that all you can say, “he’ll be gone soon” with a stupid winky face? Can someone explain why we never get an easy basket or even an open shot? I’ll wait.

    2. UK Big Board Update

      Say bye, Tard. 😉

    3. wildcatblood

      Big Board do you ever make a substantive post or just call people trolls or tards?

    4. Luether

      BB had NEVER made a substantive post – his Schick is name calling…

  41. CATandMONKEY

    Both Bruce Willis and Bill Murray would be disappointed in him.

    Please take Padgett as your coach. MAKE players stay. It is NOT the coach’s decision if someone wants to go to the NBA. ” Die hard” or not – you are a troll- at best.

    1. UK Big Board Update

      Louisville internet address…. coincidence? Nah….

      He’ll be gone soon. 😉

    2. wildcatblood

      Is that all you can say, “he’ll be gone soon” with a stupid winky face? Can someone explain why we never get an easy basket or even an open shot? I’ll wait.

    3. RealCatsFan

      What he is saying is that when the Cats start winning again (and they will), you will be nowhere to be found. Write it down. “Fans” like you only come out after a loss. Kind of like people who bitch about things on the internet. Never anything positive to say – just complaining. I would like to see us keep a few kids to be seniors too, and I would like us to beat everyone by 20 and go undefeated too, but ain’t gonna happen. Right now this is what we have – Cal is our coach, and the best fit we could hope for for this job. 2010/2011 and 2013/14 should have taught you that these young teams can catch fire and go on a run. Deal with it or find a school that is more “stable” to root for. Please.

  42. Gettlefingers

    Wildcat blood how can you talk all this trash after that 30 point beat down we gave you this year?

    1. RealCatsFan

      Because de Nile, not de Ohio, runs through the city of Louisville. 😀

    2. wildcatblood

      OMG!! You all are freaking hilarious!! Not quite as bad as our offense, but pretty bad.

  43. CopenhagenCat

    PATHETIC LOSS!! Everyone ones wants to blame Cal or Kentucky’s one and dones.Its simple. You have guys on the team who doesn’t want to listen. Diallo is one of them. He plays out of control and plays no defense at all.I don’t know if he is dumber than a brick or what. Richards needs to grow some balls! Gabriel just wants to come in and shoot 3’s.Cal has told them to pass the ball around more before shooting, but what do they do second half? One on one basketball.The only ones I see is getting Cal’s way of playing is Alexander, Washington, and looks like Vanderbilt will.Who I was glad to see back.So I don’t buy the I am tired of one and done. Davis and Gilchrist did just fine.Its simple they just don’t want to listen.Yes the refs were awful. But no excuse.But I have to say Diallo has showed me nothing.Sad thing is this team can be very good. You can have all he talent in the world but if they don’t wanna listen it isn’t going to matter. Cal needs to figure out who wants to listen and who’s going to bust their butt every game. Hopefully by March he will have 5 or 6 that will.

    1. wildcatblood

      Finally a decent post!! Agree. I like it Copenhagen.

    2. RealCatsFan

      Careful, or wildcatblood will accuse you of performing fellatio on Cal.

    3. RealCatsFan

      And for the record, I agree with you that the offense has no flow. Yep, I doubt Cal drew it up that way. Hint – ever try to coach a team at any level? It can be hard to get kids to listen to you – especially the ones who have been told that their sh!t don’t stink by parents, coaches, teammates, fans, etc, for their entire life.

    4. trumpetguy

      CopenhagenCat, you are closing in on a couple valid points. Don’t know if everyone is noticing, but Richards a few games back chirped at Cal a bit when taken out of a game, then finally just looked away from Cal. He and Diallo both are getting tired of Cal’s habitual “correcting” them and are almost tuning him out while on the bench. Cal basically said on post game show that guys who don’t play unselfishly will see significant drop in minutes. Don’t know if he can do that with such limited bench options, but we will see. Tell you what we are all hearing constantly is criticism directed at the team about “toughness”. If you recall, Billy G said the same thing after losses, and soon practices were like football practices with broken noses, etc. Not sure toughness is such a big thing compared to the teams inability to simply put the ball in the basket! This team starting to look like some past Ville teams, pretty good athleticism, but finding it difficult to score in the half court because of lack of jump shooters. We have several shots that don’t even draw iron from within 10 feet! Free throws that clank away, not even close to going in, S. Car. simply sat back in a tight zone for almost the entire game and UK couldn’t make a shot. Even when trailing in the 2nd half, Frank Martin knew UK wouldn’t pull away, and S. Car. doesn’t appear to be a very good team. I fully expect, (and probably Cal as well) to see steady dose of compacted zone defenses from here on out. We aren’t a very good ball handling or passing team, and I think if you look at assists/TOs stats, you will see that too is an issue contributing to struggling half court offense. Long way to go and a myriad of problems to address for this team. Season is about half over but my gut feeling is that we can’t win 4-5-6 games in a row to make a run in March.

  44. wildcatblood

    I find it hilarious that all you all can say is that I’m a troll. UK has always been my team. Stop with the troll stuff and tell me why we can’t get an easy bucket or an open shot. We’re too young? Don’t have Quade? We’ve had ugly offense all year, even with Quade and I like him.

    1. UK Big Board Update
    2. wildcatblood

      So clever!! Now tell me why we can’t get an easy bucket or open shot. Let’s talk about basketball.

    3. UK Big Board Update

      Go to bed.

    4. CopenhagenCat

      Poor passing is why they can’t get a easy basket. And does no good because Diallo wants to drive and get a offensive charge every game.Knox played good tonight but took some terrible shots second half.Kentucky is no threat shooting the 3 ball. But I am telling ya. You sit Diallo on the bench and let anyone else start they will win.

    5. wildcatblood

      Diallo is so frustrating. He is super athletic, but charges and takes bad shots so often. I agree, the bench is a great teaching tool. I would rather players sit on the bench and us lose because they aren’t following the game plan.

    6. wildcatblood

      I wonder why we don’t ever post up Richards or Washington? Get the interior pass and back down the defender and get a shot in the post. If we get blocked or miss I would be fine with that. I just want to see decent shots! Not off balanced, shooting across your body and falling down.

  45. Miller45

    I’m proud and impressed that hardy anyone is complaining about officiating. BBN has worked hard to garnish a reputation that anything goes wrong is blamed on officiating and even though no one on their right mind could make that claim tonight, I respectfully say that this is something to be mindful of….

  46. CopenhagenCat

    Diallo plays 25 mins has 5 points 3 rebounds. Vanderbilt back to play first game plays 14 mins has 6 points and 5 rebounds. That should tell you right there Diallo doesn’t get it. He tries to force his way to the basket every game and seems to me he is more worried about himself instead of giving the ball up and playing defense for the team. He needs to learn to play team ball this he will become better.

  47. Swizzle

    Relax ass clowns, it’s january