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Kentucky Projected as Seven Seed in Latest Bracket

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Following the team’s third straight loss on Saturday night to Texas A&M, Kentucky is projected as a seven seed in the NCAA Tournament. Kentucky sits at 17-8 on the season and 6-6 in the SEC with six games remaining before the SEC Tournament begins in early March.

Louisville is currently projected as an 11-seed and in the same region as Kentucky (as the selection committee loves to do). The top 16 teams and their seedings are as follows.

  1. Virginia — 1-seed, South Region
  2. Villanova — 1-seed, East Region
  3. Xavier — 1-seed, Midwest Region
  4. Purdue — 1-seed, West Region
  5. Auburn — 2-seed, Midwest Region
  6. Kansas — 2-seed, West Region
  7. Duke — 2-seed, East Region
  8. Cincinnati — 2-seed, South Region
  9. Clemson — 3-seed, Midwest Region
  10. Texas Tech — 3-seed, East Region
  11. Michigan State — 3-seed, South Region
  12. North Carolina — 3-seed, West Region
  13. Tennessee — 4-seed, South Region
  14. Ohio State — 4-seed, East Region
  15. Arizona — 4-seed, West Region
  16. Oklahoma — 4-seed, Midwest Region

Two other SEC teams, Tennessee and Auburn, are both projected to be among the top four seeds. Kentucky has yet to play Auburn this season but will do so on Wednesday at 9 p.m. on ESPN2.

Article written by Zack Geoghegan

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33 responses to “Kentucky Projected as Seven Seed in Latest Bracket”

  1. bigbluenation90

    A 7 seed? I’m surprised we’re that high. If it wasn’t for the name on the front of our jerseys we would probably be a 10

    1. Eazy

      Actually according to the computers we should be a 5 seed. And Oklahoma as a 4 is a joke. They have the same record as UK but we are better in the RPI and SOS.

  2. ilovekaturday

    Imagine if we lost to Vanderbilt that wouldn’t win a state tournament or West Virginia or Texas a and m at home when gabriel got away with pass interference what would we be then cause we shoulda of lost all those games

  3. SanDiegoCats

    How is Kansas still a 2 seed.

    1. JDG3566

      How’s Michigan state a 3 seed

    2. Eazy

      Exactly. Kansas is playing just as bad as us and they are a 2. Ridiculous. Oklahoma has the same amount of losses as us and they are a 4! The SEC is 11-7 vs the Big 12 btw. Not sure why they continue to fall for the big 12 hype.

  4. JDG3566

    Going to be ranked #1 tonight

  5. SanDiegoCats

    Geez and number 6 overall. 3-3 last 6 games with a 16 point loss yesterday.

  6. SanDiegoCats

    Wow just saw that. Michigan state has 3 losses and is number 11 compared to Kansas 6 losses with half coming at home. Why does the committee get it so blatantly wrong. At least make a little sense.

    1. callitlikeiseeit

      Cause you just look at losses, well not all losses are equal, same with wins. They break it by quadrants and KU has tons of Quadrant 1 wins. We just need to be thankful for Vandy giving us our last win, remember that barn burning 2 point escape where Vandy all but handed us the game. Turns out that game might be the difference in us making the tourney. Just think if we would have lost, {and by our play we should have but Vandy just wanted to lose a little more than we did} we would be 5-7 in sorry SEC and 16-9 overall right now. With a home loss vs a 9-17 team and losers of 4 straight. That is NIT lock as it is hard to see this group beating anyone that is average right now. Ole Miss is bad enough we should win, others are likely losses.

    2. Eazy

      The sorry SEC? Are you kidding. The SEC is projected to get 8 teams in the dance. The SEC is 11-7 vs the overrated big 12! The SEC has the most quadrant 1 wins out of conference, too. It is loaded this year.

    3. Eazy

      Oklahoma is a 4 seed and they are 0-2 vs SEC teams.

  7. BigBlueOnYou

    This team is a joke and honestly doesn’t deserve to be in the tournament period.

    1. JDG3566

      If North Carolina is a 3 seed UK deserves to be in the tournament

    2. BigBlueOnYou

      In what capacity? How can this team possibly win against a tournament team?

    3. bigbluenation90

      How do you figure we should be in the tournament “JDG3566” our only decent win is against an overrated WVU team. The refs gave us the win agains Texas A&M at home. Vanderbilt gave us a gift, we should of lost to LSU as well. We are terrible!

    4. ilovekaturday

      To me the key to a deep tournament run is Brad if Brad gets out we could make a run to the final four

    5. BlueSteel

      You can’t play the woulda, shoulda, coulda game if you don’t play it both ways. We only lost by 4 to Kansas on a neutral court, we could have won the Florida game & probably should have beaten Tennessee at home too… not to mention we beat Louisville by 29 (And they are projected to be a tournament team)… So it works both ways. And before anyone wants to jump on my case I am by no means saying we are playing great right now etc etc… Plus our games are not played in a bubble – there are other teams out there losing just like we are…

    6. ilovekaturday

      We’re 500 in the awful SEC we suck

    7. Eazy

      The SEC is arguably the best conference. SEC is 11-7 vs the Big 12. SEC has the most top 25 wins out of conference. SEC is number 1 in SOS. If that’s awful the ACC and Big 12 are even worse. Lol. Oh, and the SEC is projected to have the most players drafted. So it’s also the most talented league.

    8. Eazy

      Also, to say any team in the top 25 this year has no chance is ludicrous. Have you not seen all the upsets. The SEC has a better shot than the big 12. Kansas isn’t any better than UK at this point. Historically the SEC does very well in March.

    9. Eazy

      Oklahoma is 0-2 vs the SEC and below UK in the RPI and they are a 4?! That’s pathetic.

    10. 4everUKblue

      The awful SEC? Many of the sports announcers are saying the SEC is one of if not the toughest conferences.

    11. Booby Petrino

      How do you figure the SEC is weak? They currently have 8 teams projected in the tournament. Nevermind, it’s a waste of time to discuss something with a person who can’t put a decent sentence together.

    12. callitlikeiseeit

      SEC might have several ok teams but none that are a title threat so is weak in top level play. Is still not a good league, just more average teams than the past couple years.

  8. JDG3566

    How in the hell is North Carolina in the top 16

  9. jahanc2uky

    If we win 3 more games thus regular season, it will be a minor miracle.

  10. shelby

    This is just lunardi’s garbage; he has no freaking clue beyond the top 4 seeds which is all the the ncaa has put out. And the top 4 will change as the season progresses

  11. Eazy

    This is the weakest field I’ve seen. That’s our best hope. Clemson sucks and they are a 3! Cincinnati is in a terrible conference. Florida has wins over Cincinnati and Gonzaga. Tennessee beat Purdue. Oklahoma got smoked by Arkansas and Bama and they are a 4?! Laughable. Just shows how good the SEC is.

    1. ilovekaturday

      The SEC is awful dude are you drunk

    2. ilovekaturday

      Who do you honestly think is good in the SEC

  12. LegggoooCats

    7-seed is too considerate. We’re more like a 10 to 12 AT BEST.

  13. TB112162

    The top 16 are the ncaa selection committees the rest of the field is Jerry Palms and he is not very good