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Kentucky Overcomes First Half Deficit to Defeat UNC-Greensboro 78-61

Kentucky survived a hard-fought Saturday afternoon battle against UNC-Greensboro.

The Rupp Arena atmosphere did not intimidate the Spartans.  UNC-Greensboro sprinted out to an early 5-0 lead and kept the pressure on Kentucky.  At halftime the Cats trailed 40-37.

It took ten minutes of second half struggles before Ashton Hagans injected energy back into the Wildcats.  The freshman point guard’s And One in transition sparked a 15-4 run over the next seven minutes that ultimately decided the game.  The Cats closed the game on a 20-4 run.

Kentucky defeated the 2017 SoCon tournament champions 78-61.  Reid Travis led the way with 22 points and 12 rebounds.  Tyler Herro kept pace with 18 points and Keldon Johnson finished with 13 points and 11 rebounds, even though he missed significant time in the first half after he rolled his ankle.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

69 responses to “Kentucky Overcomes First Half Deficit to Defeat UNC-Greensboro 78-61”

  1. CombatMedic_98

    Hagans is our PG…he is so much more confident on both sides of the floor!!!

  2. cd38

    Great coaching from 1st half to 2nd.

    1. BigolBlue


    2. KYCat4EVER

      BigolBlue ! Agree x 10

    3. catsarerunnin

      Duke plays later right?

    4. KYCat4EVER

      Agree! I thought UNCG’s Coach did a very good job and gave all of us in BBN a look at what real coaching will do for players, team, and an opponent who is supposed to be so much more talented and ranked so much higher. Unfortunately, our CATS don’t look any better now than they did 4-5 weeks ago against Duke. One must ask “where has Coach Cal been since the Bahamas and what has HE been getting paid to do?
      This was no Duke today, but our defense made UNCG look like Duke an awful lot during this game. WHERE is the coaching? Wasn’t evident on our bench, but UNCG did an admirable job.

    5. justaregulardude

      You’re a dim witted twat. We covered the spread against a damn good team. Overcame a 3 pt half time deficit. Guess that was just overwhelming talent, huh?

    6. bigbluebanana

      Our coach made great adjustments and won us that game. We beat the spread against a sure fire tournament team, convincingly! I’ll pose the same to you I have to other trolls and still haven’t gotten an answer: who do you want other than Cal? Do you realize he’s had more success at UK than any coach since Rupp? Do you realize he’s won as many championships as any UK coach in 40 years? So tell me oh great genius, how do we do it better? Cal is absolutely the reason UK is relevant again, 100%.

    7. KYCat4EVER

      Again, you mistakenly are getting fooled by your own measuring. Tubby Smith also won one National Championship while at Kentucky, and so did Rick Pitino: SO WHAT? Tubby was garbage (see Minnesota, Texas Tech, and Memphis), while Rick did win his second at Louisville.
      Right now, Coach Cal has recruited better talent to UK but can’t coach it: Cal is progressing towards the Tubby end of the spectrum than the other end with TWO National Championships!
      You remind me of IU fans who have been fooled every year since Bobby Knight left!
      Raise your STANDARDS bigbluebanana…

    8. bigbluebanana

      You absolutely just proved my point with your answer kycat, lol. My whole point is no one has done better at UK, no one. Only two coaches have won more championships than Cal since he’s been here, neither of which would take the UK job if they were offered tomorrow. You’re part of these plebes that have a delusion of grandeur at UK. We haven’t been a dominant force since Rupp, the only reason UK is relevant in this day in age is because Cal is here, that’s it, he is the only reason. Without him, the best we could hope for is maybe, MAYBE a PJ Washington type player every four years and a lucky run to the sweet 16.

    9. KYCat4EVER

      “We haven’t been a dominant force since Rupp, the only reason UK is dominant in this day and age”…
      Bigblue…your hilarious! ?.
      Your just as lost as a small continent of UK fans who said exactly the same things about Tubby Smith when he floundered his last 9 years at UK!
      Funny thing, the tiny no knowledge UK fans disappeared after Tubby went to Minnesota, failed, Texas Tech, failed, and Memphis, failed.
      Additionally, let me educate your uneducated mind… if Rick Pitino didn’t come into Kentucky after Eddie Sutton left, we st UK may be still trying to rebuild our program today, while your boy Calipari would be at Memphis giving away championships and playing off gullible fans, like you, with his “we are young” and “NBA draft” schtick! LOL
      You should go “on stage” Bigblue…
      and it leaves in ten-minutes!

    10. CombatMedic_98

      No one answers cause no one cares what you have to say…especially with a name like Banana Peel…get outta hir-yah!

    11. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      KYCat4NEVER thinks we don’t look any better since the Duke game…Holding them to 61 points made them look like Duke to you?

  3. bigbluebanana

    Kentucky covers spread against a really good team. Cal makes great in game adjustments that lead to us pulling away. Guys tighten up and finish with great defense. Team finishes with fire. Hmmm, what are the complaints gonna be? A team that is a sure fire tournament team comes in and throws their best at us. That Alonso kid goes lights out. UK makes the proper adjustments and shuts down not only Alonso, but the rest of the team. Yet, in the live game thread and and comments, people were actually guaranteeing we would lose!! Lol. Again, our fans are pathetic. Be frustrated all you want, we all get that way. But your lack of faith and coach and player bashing is a disgrace. Could we beat dook today? No way! Are we making huge strides every single game that’s going to put us in the absolute right place to beat them in March? You bet your arses! Go Big Blue…always!!!!

    1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      “We should beat every team 100-0” -BigOlBlue, probably

    2. BigolBlue

      Cal is awesome and I worship him like a saint. Not his fault he only has 1 title and 100 nba players.

    3. J-Dub421

      Spot on.

    4. BigolBlue

      This is UK. Struggled vs uncg most of the game. Gimme a break. This team is headed towards bubble. Coaching has been sub par. Team has no clue on offense

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Good analysis bigblue.

    6. BigolBlue

      And lets talk about making fun of people. Your the one talking about wifes and taking personal shots.

    7. catsarerunnin

      BigolBlue is Slater.

    8. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Not BigOlBlue/Slater.

    9. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Bigolblue/Slater/Combat Medic, I just posted this on another thread but here it is again.

      I have been plenty critical of the fact that Cal’s coaching was a huge reason we lost to Wisky in 15, and that he nearly cost us the UL and KU FF games in 12 for basically the same reason: taking the foot off the gas way too early.

      I have never seen one positive comment from you about Cal. I’ll wait.

    10. BigolBlue

      Tyler Herro played well. Reid had his moments. I thought Ashton played better defense in 2nd half. If this team had better direction they would be much better.

    11. catsarerunnin

      So we’re NIT bound again huh Slater???

    12. bigbluebanana

      Bigolblue you keep saying stuff like “this is UK”. What do you mean? The only person at UK ever to win more than Cal is Rupp, that was 40 years ago. UK was totally and completely irrelevant on the national landscape when Cal came. I don’t get you argument. You keep acting like we have won 40 championships and Cal is a downfall. You’re totally and completely moronic with absolutely zero logical argument other than you hate Cal…we get. Keep running that sockcucker of yours until Cal gets fed up and leaves. Once he’s gone it’s going to be absolute and total rebuild time for us, at best we get someone like Smart from Texas. People like you ran Tubby off, and you’re going to do the same with the best coach to happen to Kentucky in decades and we are going to be stuck fighting for 12 seeds every year. Will that make you happy?

    13. CombatMedic_98

      You should coach then especially since you like to act like u know anything about sports…making yourself look stupid is easy…please stop while you’re ahead

    14. CombatMedic_98

      Please stop using my name lil’ fingerer…!

    15. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      You don’t have to worship Cal to acknowledge that he is, in fact, a good coach and although not perfect puts our team in a position to win almost every year. If that isn’t good enough for you then I suggest you stop watching until he is gone. Complaining makes you look stupid or like a troll…maybe you are both…I don’t know. But regardless, you complain about wins, you complain about loses, you complain about getting star recruits, you complain about missing out on star recruits. You are a complainer BigOlBlue and your opinion is garbage because you made it that way.

    16. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      That was technically not a compliment to Cal. 😉

    17. henderblue

      BigolBluecardinaldumbass is an idiot. Still arguing how bad Cal is after he made halftime adjustments to win comfortably. Can’t you see how stupid your arguments are BigolBluedumbass?

    18. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      He’s a Card fan.

    19. CombatMedic_98

      It’s DUKE…lil banana rammer…and you are not a KSR “writer” you can’t even spell correctly CRAZY…

  4. zoupman

    Good win and against a good team. Why to go team.

  5. Nickerbocker05

    Call me crazy but I think R.Travis hurts us more then He helps us…

    1. N-UR-i

      You couldnt have said anything more ignorant than this.

    2. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      You are crazy.

    3. JusSayin

      We need his offense and rebounding even if his lack of rim protection cost us.

    4. catsarerunnin

      You’re crazy.

    5. Truth_Hurts

      I don’t think he hurts us. I just thought he was going to be a lot better than he is.

    6. Randall lee

      22 AND 12.

    7. BlooBloodRon

      You are insane. Or trolling hard. Pls say the latter. Or seriously go get some help dude.

    8. addyjaxlarkin

      100% FALSE

    9. Bobbum Man

      I’m not sure what u guys are talking about, u think he hurts more than he helps and the other guy thought he would be better… he’s literally our best player, head and shoulders above PJ. We lose today without him

    10. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I’ll play. Crazy! 😉

    11. Truth_Hurts

      The man at times struggles to finish around the rim. I think he’s good and should be in the starting lineup. Before the season he was supposed to be one of the top players in the country. Probably a little overrated.

    12. bigbluebanana

      I mean, guys, if RT was as good as people made him out to be, why is he here? Think about that. He’s a great addition to our team, he’s integral and absolutely makes us a much better team, but anyone who thought he was going to come in and be first team all American is just wrong. He is what he is, solid double-double machine and great leader, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

    13. BluejayK

      Dumbest thing I’ve read all year

    14. Randall lee

      Yeah, 22 and 12 HURT US.

    15. CATandMONKEY

      Not crazy; stupid.

  6. N-UR-i

    My only complaint is Herro needs to look for his shot more.

    1. JusSayin

      He just needs to run off screens better

    2. Matt10

      I think he needs to get to the rim more often. He’s good at making things happen in the paint, finishes pretty well and makes free throws. The drives and free throws then take a little pressure off and open up his outside shot.

  7. Truth_Hurts

    Played about 10 minutes of good basketball. Really liked the intensity at the end. Imagine if they played 20 minutes of good basketball.

  8. ScratchtheMascot

    The offense has to run through Travis for this team to really succeed. The combination of Hagans and Travis dishing to Johnson/Herro is unstoppable.

  9. ScottGreene22

    Played a great 2nd half. Good W. Gotta learn to play a full 40

  10. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Now it’s time to have some fun and watch Bama v. UGA as soon as Okie v. Texas is over.

  11. bigbluebanana

    I like what Cal is doing with SNR. He is finally showing a team and or player that you have to earn PT. I think this will pay huge dividends for us if and when Nick gets it. When he does come in, he’s by far and away our best rim protector and he’s very energetic, but at his first mistake, he’s yanked out. I like this approach. What I like more than anything I just wrote is the fact that Nick is not sulking. He’s fiery over on the bench, when he’s in, he gives it all, and at every timeout today, especially when it was close, Nick had his arms around teammates and was encouraging them to the fullest. Say what you will about the kid, or Cal, or me…but at some point Nick is going to be a Star. It probably isn’t this year, but he will be back next year, maybe even as a senior. Overall very impressive performance today by our guys and our coach. Defense is getting better e era possession. KJ is a monster, Herro is on his way to playing himself into the lottery at some point, Ashton is starting to be the guard we knew he could be, RT is a grown azz man, and EJ May be my favorite of them all. PJ needs to get out of his own way, and he will. Quickly and Quade weren’t impressive today, but they gave solid minutes. This team is going to be dangerous in March.

    1. CatsfaninFL

      He reminds me of Liggins in that regard… Cal rode him like crazy but you could tell it was because Cal wanted what was best for him and it worked. Hope it does for SNR (or JNR if it doesnt happen this year).

  12. Kat4Life

    Great win against a quality team…….but PJ Washington ??? WTF ???

    1. Matt10

      Remember this gem? “Look like Tarzan, play like Jane.”
      PJ needs to take his skirt off. Haha. I’m sure he will.

  13. henderblue

    Bobbum Man is absolutely correct. We lose without Reid today

  14. michaelb

    Hagans has made some big strides , he has some more untapped potential to be seen . He’s taking small steps of improvement & I dig it

  15. Randall lee


    1. CATandMONKEY

      If this site pinned comments- this should be at the top.

    2. CombatMedic_98

      Big blue banana…

  16. lecantrell

    Thankful for Travis and Hero. Today’s game would have had a different outcome without them. Maybe Cal needs to look for more 4 star recruits and grad transfers that have a great work ethic and are willing to learn!

  17. ukcats1776.90

    someone from ksr should document everytime the announcer obliquely references ksr during the broadcast as part of the post-game coverage on ksr. there was a lot of it during this game.

  18. DH1967

    Where did Washington go? He has been M.I.A this year. He just doesn’t show the effort needed. If he wants to impress the NBA scouts. He will need to work much harder. There will be a great deal of talent in this year’s pool at his position. He can be an absolute beast when he wants to be, but current seems content to let Travis do almost all the heavy lifting.