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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

39 responses to “Kentucky Kicks Off Rust in 85-74 Win over Texas A&M”

  1. big cat

    We suck. Cal doesn’t make NBA players; they have made him (millions). He can’t coach a lick. UK basketball has lost its mojo. Fans looked bored at Rupp. #underperforming

    1. runningunnin.454

      Which team do you coach? I’ll be sure to watch, and cheer for you.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Fans have looked bored at Rupp ever since I’ve been alive my dude, and I’m 36. Our home games are blue hairs and old rich people sitting where real fans should be. I’ll pose to you the same question I pose to other trolls who can’t answer, how do YOU make this better??????

  2. Bigblue7982

    That was an ugly game.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Looks like we can thank the officials, needed help from them to beat a bad team at home. I know most of you will say it was their Superbowl and we played down to their level….blah blah blah.

  3. cking

    Kick off the Rust???

    Thank god for Herro, cause the rest of this team SUCKS!

    PJ & Reid need to start a new band called the “Stand Arounds”…cause that is what they are good at.


      My thoughts exactly. I found myself screaming “DO SOMETHING!” at the TV… Ridiculous…

    2. StillBP

      Hagans:18pts,4 assists, 5 steals. Only 1 turnover in 30 minutes. But yeah everyone but Herro sucks *sarcasm font* worst type of fan, BoB and his aliases.

    3. cking

      No alias here stillbackwoods…

      Hagans has been so great at defending the 3. I wish he put as much effort at guarding the 3 as he does going for steals.

      You can spin it however you want.

      Tennessee is going to squash us like a zit on your left ass cheek.

    4. StillBP

      You probably said that about UNC too. And it sounds like you need a dermatologist, I don’t know anything about zits on butt cheeks but it sounds like you’re familiar with them. Perhaps bathing from time to time would help.

    5. cking

      Hey buddy if we played North Carolina tonight we would have gotten smoked…

      This team is reverting.

    6. mashburnfan1

      30 game season all teams will have a game to 3 or 4 they play really well, maybe UNC was ours. Likewise you will have games you play terrible, maybe dUKe was ours for that. True level of a team is how consistant they are, hiow they handle the bad teams etc. We are not very good, PERIOD.

  4. StillBP

    Lol at Darryl and Bryanna getting a shout-out during the game. How many ksr references were dropped tonight? I heard several and I don’t even listen to the show.

  5. ukbradstith

    Hagans is really coming on. He looked so good tonight. And yeah, one of the only 2 coaches to take 3 teams to the final four can’t coach. You sound just utterly stupid saying that. I mean have your opinion but just know how moronic you sound.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Did the NCAA take away the other F4’s. Legally he took 1 team with more talent than any person has ever had.

    2. ukcamel


    3. RealCatsFan

      Oh good Lord, then if the NCAA actually enforced its rules evenly dook would have about 3 less championships and titles and UNCheat would have, let’s see, about 5 less. Literally one of the dumbest things I have seen written on KSR, and that is an achievement lately.

  6. Ridge Runner

    Glad to get a W anytime but this is a frustrating roller coaster of a group.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Bet Cal & the coaches age a lot this year -at least up to now…

  7. KYjellyRoll

    Not every single player will play perfect every night out. That is understandable if you’re an understanding fan. Or a fan period. So many people bashing this team because they didn’t win by 20. A win is a win. Hopefully they won and learned. Learned that no matter the opponent, you have to come out to play! Leave it all on the court Every Single Game!!! Go Cats, beat Vanderbilt!

    1. cking

      We should have bett this sub 500 team by 20 points.
      As I fan I have s right to be critical of sub par effort from Washington & Reid…

      Pj scored 9 points in the last 10 minuntes…
      If he played with Any kind of passion he could score 20 points EASY…

      This group sucks…plain and simple.

    2. bwise

      Cking you should know by now ksr has their you know what suckers. You can’t say anything negative or you’re a “troll” lol. Just ignore the emotional people on here. StillBP is probably is one of those fans who think terry Wilson is a good quarterback. And I’m tired of a win is a win….because yea technically you’re right but you’re a moron if you think it was a good win lol. But I’m out, just hate seeing dumbasses like stillBP “sticking up” for his team and bashing another person for their opinion. They don’t need your help bro, and your the true troll.

    3. StillBP

      Lol “as a fan i have the right to be critical”. Saying the team sucks isn’t being critical, it’s being an ignorant troll. Are all trolls this stupid or just the ones on KSR?

    4. cking

      No you can be critical and call it like you see it.
      That’s not ignorant and it’s not trolling. It’s called the truth. This team is just not very good and it hurts my heart.

    5. CATandMONKEY

      You have a right to be critical and everyone else has the right to call your opinion uninformed and lacking sense.

    6. Duff86

      Johnson can’t go 22% from the field and he has to hit at least one 3 a game. By the way, this team is way less frustrating than the 2010-2011 team and look how that turned out. We’ll be fine come march.

    7. cking

      Yes just like yours..stupid and informed.

    8. Ridge Runner

      I think what has hit the emotional button with this particular team for many, is how they looked in the Bahamas. Then, such drastic decrease at times followed by great performances. I use roller coaster as a illustration but some fans personality and makeup can boil blood pressure. We are all different.

    9. StillBP

      cking, I think it’s past your bed time, little guy. Talking about butt cheeks and looking at your comments I’d say you’re 12 years old. You’re going to be tired at your middle school tomorrow.

    10. bigbluebanana

      They weren’t sub 500 until we beat them cking.

    11. cking

      You still talking BP…time for you to get your shine Box..

    12. StillBP

      Go to bed, little guy. You clearly need some rest.

  8. dballrb

    It’s not the big name talent..What gets lost a lot of times is how coach gets less than household name players and developed them into ‘didn’t see that coming from him’ talent..
    Just like 2? Josh Allen etc,from Stoops..That’s the real coaching job….Not Sam Malone, J David etc…Its obvious some who post on KSR don’t know a damn thing about real coaching.
    Gotta win by 50,block 10+ balls,gotta shoot 60% from deep everyone’sgot get 25/15/10/8 or they’re a bum…Sh?t…Go root for_______……

  9. Kentuckybbnfan01

    I wish pj would stop shooting threes that goes for all of our big man and stop big so lazy on offense half the team just sits their in watches

    1. RealCatsFan

      Completely agree with this. Reminds me of T Jones.

  10. slangterm

    Every single game piss and moan. Stop it. This team has everything it needs. We need people to just stop watching games I guess. The drain of energy is real. Everything you look at. Stop it. They will be fine.

  11. bwise

    Another great article from nick. “Kicked off the rust”? Lol dude watch the games

  12. big cat

    Blame coaches? Yep. They played welk in Bahamas. Why? Less time with coach Cal to get in their heads? Maybe. IDK. It’s frustrating. I have no interest.

  13. Stitch from Paris

    Question… Was the TV announcer’s mention of “you could hear a nose whistle” during the technical delay a shot at Matt Jones?