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31 responses to “Kentucky is back in the Champions Classic through 2022”

  1. madarchitect

    Being it back to Catlanta!!

    1. serdi

      Hope they do not renew the December classic with Ohio State, UCLA, and the Cheats. No problem playing Ohio State and UCLA, just do not feel we should be in competition with cheats.

    2. Shively1978

      1. Kentucky has never been irrelevant. I don’t care who is coaching or who’s playing it’s Kentucky. Cal calls it everybody’s superbowl for a reason. 5 different coaches have one titles. And I’m sure there will be more after Cal. I have no problem playing Duke and Kansas but to call it a champions classic and include Michigan state is a joke. They are not some prestigious historic program. Indiana had better history even though they suck now. UCLA even.

    3. 4everUKblue

      I love Kentucky too but when I say irrelevant, I mean from 98′ to 09′ we never made it to the final 4. Being everyone’s Super Bowl does not make us relevant if we go 10 yrs without getting to the final four, take UConn for instance, they’ve won more NC than we have in the last several years, but where are they now? Do you think they’re relevant? Also Indiana was relevant every year while Bobby was coach and they have 5 national titles but where are they? Relevant to me means you are in the hunt year in and year out, I don’t believe you’re relevant if you’re going 10 yrs without making it to the final 4. We were not up to Kentucky standards during those 10 years, at least not the standards I became accustomed to. Maybe some fans liked Tubby ball, I did not and I found it boring, and don’t even get me started on BCG.

    4. 4everUKblue

      Like it or not, Tubby won with Pitino’s recruits, he was a good coach but could not recruit and that’s the reason he never got back to the final 4 after Pitino’s recruits left. After watching Pitino ball, Tubby ball was boring as hell imo.

  2. madarchitect

    Ugh. Bring…

    1. unbiasedfan

      Just a typo buddy!! Get a life.


    I’d like to be excited, but we have no idea what our team will look like next year, let alone 2, 3, or 4 years from now.

    1. UKCatAttack

      Yeah but you are a UK fan 4 life so it shouldn’t matter. We are goin to be UK and playing Duke Kansas and Michigan St will always be fun.


      My point is that these games are only “big” if the talent matches up to the hype. If you’d have told me 3-4 years ago that UK football would be playing Georgia at home on November 3rd, 2018, I would have had no reason to be excited about that game, like I was just days prior to that game.

      Plus, Coach K will be in his mid-70s by 2020, and who knows if he’ll even be able to sustain his recruiting and success that much longer. Duke is only Duke as long as K is there, and keeping them relevant….which actually makes me happy that he’s getting closer and closer to kicking it, LOL.

    3. Booby Petrino

      I can’t remember one season that Cal has been here that hasn’t been exciting. Why would I expect less in the future?

    4. Booby Petrino

      I mean some are clearly more exciting that others, but it always starts out exciting. Even 2013 was exciting at the start…it just tanked.

    5. UK Big Board Update

      Hey KYFAN4LYFE, don’t forget that an asteroid could hit the earth in two years and kill us all. Try not to get too excited about anything.

  4. clint w.

    I think this is a good sign Cal stays through those years. We want to be relevant in this tourney and Cal is what keeps us relevant.

    1. runningunnin.454

      How long is Nosferatu going to coach at Puke? Gawd, look at that picture…what a sourpuss.

    2. Cokely53

      Pretty sure the name Kentucky is what keeps us relevant Clint. We won 7 titles before Cal and we will win more after he leaves. Sure he is incredible but we will find someone to replace him and have first pick at it.

    3. Iamheasyouarehe

      Cokely, yes we won 7 before Cal came, but after 98′ we started to become less relevant and during BCG years we were totally irrelevant so I agree with clint. He said Cal keeps up relevant.

    4. Iamheasyouarehe

      In other words, he didn’t say Cal makes us relevant, he said Cal KEEPS us relevant, and with that I agree.

    5. 4everUKblue

      I prefer to keep it in the present and as I remember it, after 98′ we never made it to the final 4 again until 2009. After Tubby left, if I’m not mistaken, we went after a few big name coaches and none were interested and we wound up with Billy Clyde and the name Kentucky didn’t mean so much then and we did not have first pick. I hope we keep Cal for another 10 years because he has kept us relevant since he got here.

    6. RAGE

      You are Right… Tubby was allowed to stay about 3 or 4 years to many… Billy Clyde inherited a mess and was no coach to turn it around… Barnhard should have been fired for not hiring Cal the minute Tubby got on that plane… at least he got it right the second time around….

    7. friendsofcoal

      Thank the good Lord that Barnhart didn’t get fired!! He’s the man and the best AD in the country right now.

    8. Cokely53

      But you’re proving my point. The reason we can get a coach like Cal is because we are Kentucky. If we were irrelevant then we don’t pull off that home run hire. You think he comes if we weren’t? We may be down after Cal but we will find another

    9. 4everUKblue

      We became irrelevant after 89′ until 09′, yes we got Cal because we are KY but we did not get first pick, as I said, we offered several coaches and Cal was not one of them so we wound up with Gillespie. I remember a dUKe fan saying years ago that we UK hadn’t been relevant since google was invented and at the time he was right. Some coaches want no part of this program for whatever reason, Cal was the exception and perfect for the job. Tubby was pretty much grandfathered in by Pitino when he left and like it or not, he never got us to the final 4 with his own recruits.

    10. Shively1978

      Irrelevant from 89-09 really so the two titles and three straight final fours from 96-98 are irrelevant

    11. 4everUKblue

      And btw, Memphis got Cal and I’m pretty sure they didn’t get him because their name was Memphis. Cal was perfect for the job, but we didn’t know that at the time. A lot of people didn’t really want him because of how the NCAA had tarnished his reputation, and that is exactly what they did….with no proof or direct connection to anything.

    12. Iamheasyouarehe

      Sorry my bad I meant 98′ to 09′, I just reversed the numbers. If you had read my earlier comment Shively you would see it was an honest mistake, Tubby never got us to the final 4 after 98′, so YES irrelevant until Cal got here!

    13. Shively1978

      Yes honest mistake but I don’t think we where ever irrelevant. We weren’t up to Kentucky standards but when teams played us especially in rupp it was a big game for them. My point is this Kentucky is the most prestigious basketball school in history and have been for many years and will be when Cal’s gone. A team like Duke hasn’t proved they can win without Coach K. So until they do Coach K is Duke.

  5. Iamheasyouarehe

    Amazing Count K has no gray hair and says he doesn’t color it….trying to keep from busting out laughing.

  6. BigolBlue

    If anyone wants to make good money take Duke at +3. Easy money

  7. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    Have they fired Eddie Gran yet?

  8. Cat68

    Who is calling the game tonight?