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Kentucky is an 8-seed in the Midwest, will play Kansas State in St. Louis on Friday

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The brackets are rolling out, and the Cats are an 8-seed in the Midwest bracket, and will face 9-seed Kansas State in St. Louis on Friday, with a potential game against Wichita State in the round of 32.

Even better, Louisville is the 4-seed in that region, which means that the Cats could face them in Indianapolis in the Sweet 16. Wow.

The entire Midwest bracket:


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96 responses to “Kentucky is an 8-seed in the Midwest, will play Kansas State in St. Louis on Friday”

  1. DG

    Wow indeed

    1. Cat1974

      The sec fans should boycott watching the games on TV . They got no respect this year and we need to hit the NCAA where it hurts. UL won 5 games from teams in the top 50 and they were all in their conference. Funny how those 5 teams did the same. No good wins outside their conference. They make each other look good, but don’t stack up outside their conference. Tenn. Beats Virginia by 35 and still gets no respect. BS

  2. Chopper

    Wow. You going to give CBS credit for the picture or not?

    1. Haha

      Got their logo dumbass.

  3. dwildslex

    is this good???

  4. Mark

    A little surprised we dropped to an 8 seed. Thought for sure we’d be a 6 or maybe 7.

  5. Austin BigCat

    Get by K-State FIrst, then Wichita State and we will be City College by 10+

  6. js2

    An 8 seed is horrid … but other than that I will take this draw.

  7. wow

    Don’t want UL but we match up well with them. Kansas state isn’t very good, Wichita State is going to be tough but we can beat them

  8. Clay Co.

    That stinks. No way we beat Kansas State.

    1. Chicago Chris

      Shut up. “No way?” No way we beat Florida earlier today, right?

    2. G8tor

      Who won that game, by the way?

    3. Al/in/Indy

      G8tor, since you all will whimp out in the second round……what will it matter?

    4. Clay Co.

      Hmmm. Who won that game? Thanks for proving my point.

    5. WellActually

      Nope, I don’t see your point being proven. The only thing that can, in fact, prove your point is for it to actually happen. And it won’t. Point disproven (not really but I thought I’d sound as dumb as you just for laughs).

  9. RealCatsFan

    Wow, since it apparently would not have mattered if we had beaten Florida, that is some major disrespect.

  10. Papa Shango

    This looks fun. I’ll take it.

  11. Korean Tacos

    Not sure how they can justify the 8 seed

  12. Bdmnky81

    I like it.

  13. Ouch

    Unbelievable. I thought at least a 6 seed. An 8 seed hurts. Possibly having to match up with the hottest team in basketball–Wichita St. A perfect ending to a not so great of a day.

  14. Professor

    Here We Go!!!

  15. Austin BigCat

    but this is typical NCAA bs, but if City College makes it to us it will be sweet sending the line beards home

    1. Al/in/Indy

      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  16. Rei

    We’re better than K-State in everything but assists. 211th ppg vs 45th. 110th rpg vs 5th. Wichita State is overrated. That’s the bracket I was begging for.

    1. ukbradstith

      Wichita st is better than last year, when they gave ul all they wanted in the final four. They are considerably better this year. How are they overrated?

  17. kybb

    Well the season was interesting while it lasted…

  18. C.Lee


  19. Han

    KState has lost 3 in a row.

  20. Hendo Blue

    If we get by K-State we are a bad match up for Wichita State. I would bet they might be a little nervous. I saw them play at Evansville and they are good. But we are a significant step up from Evansville.

  21. stevem

    Wichita St. can’t be too happy about playing us in game 2.


    I was just telling someone the other day that I hope we get Wichita St. in our bracket so we can be THE ONE to give them their first L and show the committee that they screwed up!!!

  23. Chicago Chris

    UNBELIEVABLE. An 8 seed?!?! Are you kidding me???? No one in the bracket matrix of, what, 50 brackets (?) had us that low? This is absurd.

    1. Al/in/Indy

      Another slap in the UK face….8th seed really? But guess what? I like this especially in St. Louis….BBN will own St. Louis!

  24. colonelcat

    If we get past KState, Wichita St., and Louisville, we then have the pleasure of playing Duke. Yea, this looks fun.

  25. mlvei

    If Ky. gets past K-State, Wichita State is the next opponent. They will either look at that as a great opportunity, or who hates us? Louisville a 4 seed is ridiculous; don’t drive I64 tonight; you might hydroplane on the crocodile tears

  26. Ovaltine

    No more moral victories about playing a potential national championship contender close. Time to be a championship contender! Time to be KENTUCKY and kick some ass. Let’s get this done!

  27. Chicago Chris

    Well, I hope this motivates them, because this is probably as bad or worse than the 4 seed we got in 2011.

  28. Mike

    What time ?

  29. tltaworl

    The entire town of Wichita said “What?”

    1. UK3K

      Or another four letter word.

  30. Lobach

    This draw should send us straight to the elite 8, Warren Buffet just told me so.

  31. roundball fool

    8th seed is a joke but that’s typical of the selection committee.
    one at a time and we’ll be fine!
    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  32. Orangello

    8 seed is BS, but whatever. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the committee. It sure beats what we got post season last year.

  33. Chicago Chris

    I was actually watching thinking 6 seed was guaranteed and a 5 seed was possible. Royal screw job.

    1. Jj

      Who cares.

      Beat em all

      Go cats

  34. BNclay

    Wichita should be pissed. Go undefeated then get the toughest bracket.

  35. Uwe Blab's Perm

    Both UK & UL got hosed

  36. anthonydavisarmpit

    Somewhere Pitino is in a corner crying for getting a 4 seed.

    1. ukbradstith

      And should be, that is terrible.

  37. catdaddy78

    remember three years ago! they all said we had the toughest road ohio st. north Carolina we are peaking! How thrilled do you think K-state & Wichita st. are!!!!

  38. Orangello

    St. Louis is good. Easy drive from KY, fans should show up.

  39. Doug

    Another thing I think is funny is that Kansas lost 9 games and was a 2 seed but the team that beat them in the Big 12 tournament (Iowa State) is only a 3 seed and they only lost 7 games. If Kansas had our resume they’d probably be a 5 or 6 seed. If we had Kansas resume we’d be a 4 or 5 seed. Just shows how much the committee hates UK.

    1. stupid sexy flanders

      . . . and let the silly conspiracy theories start flying!

  40. 2mites

    Surprised that the Cats feel to an 8 seed but a possible match up with Wichita St. in second round means Cats can steal the one seed. I think I like this region as this is the best spot the Cats could be in to make the final 4 with UL as the toughest match up

  41. hal

    unc a 6 seed & we’re an 8….

    1. ukbradstith

      Unc much better wins. Much, much better wins.

  42. cats42301

    I’d say Lunardi is slipping a bit.

  43. NCAA Legalizes Weed in Selection Room

    Mass is a #6? Lost 3 of last 5 in A10 and went 22 – 8? There is some serious hating or game match-up rigging going on in that room. Crazy.

  44. Chicago Chris

    Seriously, though. Beating the #1 seed would be awesome, but then face Louisville and then possibly Duke? Nuts. Can’t look past KSU.

  45. Sk54

    FYI- Pitino is undefeated in the sweet sixteen

    1. True Story

      Really? Well if he makes it there with russ-terrible, I guess he better get ready for his first Sweet 16 loss.

  46. Dingo

    Well it’s obvious the committee seeded us after the game at South Carolina….then never looked at us again. I say we go win he damn thing, snatch the trophy from the NCAA Presidents hand, give him the finger and walk out.

    1. Clay Co.

      I say good luck with that.

    2. Cat1974

      Love it!

  47. Downtown

    Peeps, we can talk bias all we want to. The thing is….the NCAA did not have much respect for the body of work. They probably saw UK as the second best SEC team, and the SEC is Weak. Our losing to Florida by one didn’t matter at all. And we really need to give Witchita State some credit. They are a vetran group as well……

  48. so ga cat

    SEC got zero respect, hence the 8 seed. It is what it is, play like they did this weekend and these kids can make some noise…………

  49. Reality Check

    Wow, we got screwed hard with an 8 seed. And Louisville got screwed even harder with a 4. That being said I’d rather play Wichita St. in the second round than Michigan or Duke. If we manage to get to the Sweet 16 will have to play Louisville. Unreal.

  50. Loosey

    So apparently the selection committee submitted their bracket a week ago…seriously though, did the teams this weekend that made noise have any impact on their seeding? I can’t believe we got an 8, I believe in our boys but it’s not going to be easy, then again, if we are for real, we can beat anyone on a given day. One game at a time and hopefully we meet up with the dirty line-beards.

  51. Catlogic15

    What are you people bitching about??? Seed Schmeed. This sets up perfectly for us. Wichita St. Is beatable- c’mon, you really think we’ll let them be possibly 40-0? No way! And Louisville wants nothing to do with us. They’re groaning as we speak. This is all good. Get your ass to St. Louis. GO BLUE!!!!!

    1. True Story

      ^^^ This

    2. Al/in/Indy

      Oh we’ll be there with Blue Bell flowers in our hair….I honestly can’t think of a better road….WSU is thinking WTF????????? But we hafta get by Ks.St first!
      And old Rick is trying to pork another chic at Porcini’s trying to forget he may have to play us again….

    3. Reality Check

      You’re right, that is cat logic. You think we’re the only team that can keep them from going 40-0? Every team is beatable but why wanna play a team that is less likely to be beat? They were in the Final 4 last season are even better now. That’s assuming we get past a Big 12 battle hardened K St. Which is anything but a given.


      They are really good, they make 3’s and they have lots of talent. If we play them, Van Fleet will be the best guard on the floor, Early is a versatile big and that Shaggy hair Baker kid. I just saw them struggle with a few inferior teams this year. However we have a really soft minded team and they are veteran and tough. To many times do we breakdown mentally and turn the ball over. They WILL not breakdown and they do not turn it over, honestly we do not force turnovers so it allows teams to play at their pace. Witchita St can control tempo seriously.

  52. Travis

    Mrs. TT – can I ride with you to St. Louis?

  53. Larry the Wildcat

    Initial reaction to our bracket and seeding was absolute anger; but on closer look I like the opportunities we get (if we get past K State) to make a statement. Bring it on!

  54. Rei

    Explain to me how Louisville, a team who beat one good team all year, is a 4 seed? They should’ve been a 5.

    1. True Story

      ^^^ and this

    2. ukbradstith

      They great unconn 3 times I think. Just using your eyes you can’t put ul a five, they are playing the best in the country. Just a fact.

    3. WellActually

      Some people don’t know the difference between fact and opinion. It is not fact that Louisville is playing best in the country. Perhaps UConn is overrated, perhaps they aren’t…its all opinion. Louisville is winning big, but they aren’t playing great teams. Florida is playing the best basketball right now.

  55. Hooter

    Can’t complain. This team them selves in the 8 seed spot. Now it’s time to see what they are made of. Go Cats!!

    1. Hooter

      Put them selves in this position.

  56. Doc

    We beat Wichita state, we are the number one seed. This is the team with the most potential in the country, and trying to develop in 4 months was slower than expected, but if we play very physical and not worry about fouls can get tom the final four. We hit some threes today we win, I am excited.

    The committe does not believe in Wichita state but had to give them the number one seed, and saying to themselves if you can’t beat Kentucky(which they can’t) we will make Kentucky the new #1.
    Don’t worry about elite 8 game yet, along way to go, but we will beat louisville as are confidence is growing.

    1. Reality Check

      This is all assuming we get past a very physical, with great guards Kansas St. Wherein is the biggest problem with an 8. You play a 9 that is just as good as you the first game. People think Wichita St. is a joke an yet they were in the Final 4 last season. And return the same team. Every single game is going to be incredibly hard.

  57. Doc

    NC state will beat louisville by the way. If things work out we can cruise to final four

    1. True Story

      Was thinking same


      NC State has about a snowballs chance in hell when they play Louisville, no way they beat them! I hate to say it but Louisville might make another Final Four run, say what you want but Coach Patino is a great coach. I do not like our chances against them assuming we make it to them.

  58. Al/in/Indy

    I was shocked to say the least about the seeding, but as this team has grown especially in the last week, everyone in our bracket are saying OH SH!T!!!!!!!!! We may have to play UK….. Really I like our odds……GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  59. Mark Liptak

    They are done next Sunday. That’s assuming they even win Friday. Embarrassing for the so-called “gold standard” of college basketball. I’ve been a Cal supporter until the cows come home but something isn’t working and he’s being paid five million a season to figure it the hell out.

    1. WellActually

      You’re not very smart. That’s okay, the world needs idiots too.

  60. Hendo Blue

    Take a pill Mark.


    Normally I would be all up in arms about being in the Region of Death AGAIN! (Just like every year) But this time we got exactly what we deserve, we should have beat Florida today. Somehow the be ball ends up in James Young’s hands (Who has a shaky handle AT BEST) while driving left like he always does (Predictable!). The ball should have went to Aaron Harrison the best perimeter one on one player we have and the best driver. Can someone please explain that to me! Once again a break down when it matters most. A 10 loss season amounts to a 8 seed. The committee got it right.

    1. So...

      So according to the BPI, UK is the most under seeded team in the tournament. No “bracektologist” had the Cats as anything lower than a 6, but you say the committee got it right with an 8? Are you, by chance, Ron Wellman?

    2. If 10 losses means an 8 seed is fair

      Then by your logic, how does 9 loss Kansas deserve a 2 seed? How does 8 loss Duke deserve a 3? See how stupid you sound? Glad you have the final play that we should have run all figured out too, maybe you should send Mitch Barnhart your resume.

  62. Jason

    Tip time isn’t until 9:40pm

  63. antonio mouncil

    Kentucky will beat kansas state, wichita state and lousiville just watch and see!!! Kentucky is back and foreal

  64. Ukalltheway

    The sec fans should boycott watching the games on TV . They got no respect this year and we need to hit the NCAA where it hurts. UL won 5 games from teams in the top 50 and they were all in their conference. Funny how those 5 teams did the same. No good wins outside their conference. They make each other look good, but don’t stack up outside their conference. Tenn. Beats Virginia by 35 and still gets no respect. BS