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Kentucky gets no respect in ESPN’s re-seeding of the Sweet 16


Hey, let’s talk about basketball! It’s been a busy morning around here, but Drew’s battle with the NCAA and Gregg Marshall’s wife is going to have to take a backseat for a minute, because we have a bone to pick with ESPN. Myron Medcalf re-seeded the teams in the Sweet 16 and according to him, your University of Kentucky Wildcats are only the 10th best team left in the NCAA Tournament:

10. Kentucky Wildcats (Reseed: 3, previous seed: 2)

The Wildcats have three players who will probably secure slots in the first round of the NBA draft this summer (De’Aaron Fox, Bam Adebayo and Malik Monk). So how did they end up in a single-digit affair with Northern Kentucky, eligible for the NCAA tournament for the first time, and locked into a one-point game in the final seconds against double-digit seed Wichita State (yes, the Shockers deserved better from the selection committee) after making just 33 percent of their shots in the first half of the win? Well, Monk is just 6-for-21 overall and 2-for-11 from the 3-point line through two rocky tourney games. The Wildcats seem more surmountable and less Kentucky-like when he’s off. He may shake that funk in Memphis this week. But if he doesn’t? Well, Kentucky’s ride could end.

The two best teams left, according to Medcalf? Kansas and North Carolina. Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Michigan, Arizona, UCLA, Florida, and West Virginia are also all rated above Kentucky.

The more bulletin board material, the better, right?


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53 responses to “Kentucky gets no respect in ESPN’s re-seeding of the Sweet 16”

  1. 3Goggles

    I think this as good as time as any to say farewell to my respect for ESPN analysts. They just want click bait and controversy. Im surprised Myron didnt find a way to rank duke.

    1. pancakesfordinner

      You realize we only beat NKU by 7 and WSU by 3 right? Other team have absolutely dominated (Florida over Virginia or Kansas over Michigan state) ot beat a team there weren’t supposed to beat (Wisconsin, South Carolina). I’d say this 3 seeding is fair, and should give us motivation.

    2. damage_control

      No pancakes- I didn’t realize that because it’s not true.

    3. J-Dub421

      79-70 is not a 7 point win. Math is hard.

    4. pancakesfordinner

      Oh my bad, I remembered it as 79-72, but that game was 3 days ago and driving back and forth to Indy yesterday was a long day.

      You are 100% right, because of that 2 point different, Kentucky has been much better than Florida’s 26 point win over Virginia and Kansas’s 20 point win over Michigan state.

      It’s important to focus on the one minor detail in my argument rather than the rest. So where should UK be ranked among these teams?

    5. jayiron11

      You realize Wichita State was ranked 5th according to KENPOM? As far as Florida win over Virginia, after the first weekend, it’s obvious the ACC was overrated. That poor, pitiful, toxic porton of BBN wgo have extremely low basketball IQs.

    6. AGSlater

      proof that i you say anything remotely negative you get crucified. He just stated what he thought which wasnt a bad comment just an opinion. Relax

  2. maximumscott

    The WSU game was close bc they were a legit a good team. All metrics could prove they were a top 10 team. Plus, they were playing with a chip and anger. WsU would and could beat UCLA and UNC. They played great and even though we didnt play well offensively we still found a different way to win. UCLA can only win if they perform exceptionally at the offensive end bc they arent the greatest defensively. Really, they just shoot the ball well. They arent really that athletic as a team. Just a way better version of Vandy.

  3. ClutchCargo

    Why in the world would anyone give 2 sh!ts about a “re-seeding” midway through the tournament that doesn’t actually affect the brackets in real life? This is beyond irrelevant, and just makes ESPN look even more desperate for clicks.

  4. AndTheDevil

    UNC looked like garbage in their game, and if not for some truly atrocious calls down the stretch, would be sitting home right now.

    They’re all just made they had anointed DUKE champions and now have to eat crow.

  5. Wildfelinebeeline

    So far the “experts” at ESPN have picked EVERYBODY over UK and have been proven wrong EVERYTIME. They don’t want UK to excel every year and the only way to keep their favorite Dukies even is to try to push talent Duke’s way.

    I say, Please ESPN, PLEASE keep picking other teams! Because when you do, UK wins and your chosen picks LOSE!

    Go Cats!

  6. maximumscott

    Im feeling more comfortable by the minute with UKs chances against UCLA. We have been winning without Monk and now he will show his face.

    1. Luether


  7. SoCalCat

    The good news is that NKU and Wichita State played with a passion for 40 minutes to beat UK. While UCLA and North Carolina are tall tasks, the Cats are as battle ready as they are going to be.

  8. catsarerunnin

    You have to remember these are the same folks who said dUKe should have been a 1 seed. They were over seeded as was UL. All the close games UK had during conference play was because the SEC was a strong conference. The tournament has shown that as well as the ACC being overrated. The ESPN bozos were falling over themselves about a dUKe/UNC title game. They were foaming at the mouth over that matchup. UNC was beat yesterday until the refs got involved and handed the game to the Heels. I seldom watch ESPN because of their bias is just about every sport. They are the ones who are overrated.

  9. Waterview1

    I was shocked by this till I saw that it was one of ESPN’s “experts” doing the re-seeding. They can’t re-seed a patch of pansies.

  10. BigBlueBasketballs

    10 might be too high but not by much. Come on, they really aren’t playing THAT great….

    1. catsarerunnin

      Better than UL and dUKe!!!

    2. Booby Petrino

      yeah they only have the longest winning streak in the country, that’s all.

    3. BigBlueBasketballs

      Trust me, I hope we win #9 as much as the next guy, but it has been a while since i have watched them played and in the middle of the game thought “oh yea, we’ve got this”

    4. catsarerunnin

      So what team that’s left overwhelming “has this” in your expert opinion?

    5. 4everblue

      A W is a W….just sayin’

    6. leon singleton

      Hottest team in tournament with 13 straight wins.

    7. BigBlueBasketballs

      catsarerunnin, thanks for taking it out of context. I guess I poorly worded it. I was just saying that a 25 point win like Xavier had or 26 point victory from Florida would have left me with a little more reassurance.

    8. pancakesfordinner

      Thank you for being rational BigBlueBasketballs. All I’ve seen is people take things out of context! I’d agree that a #3 seed is about right.

    9. catsarerunnin

      Don’t waffle pancake…

  11. realDonaldTrump

    Here we go again with MAINSTREAM MEDIA showing their BIAS, this is not reality ESPN, UK is going to win so BIG (almost as BIG as I did against HRC) and so MUCH they’re going to get tired of WINNING, believe me

  12. Booby Petrino

    Keep piling on the hate, “experts”…our boys are thriving on it.

    1. Booby Petrino

      or perhaps I should say “disrespect” instead of hate. Hate is used a bit too much these days.

    2. Luether

      U hate…

  13. Laker Cat 18

    Myron Metcalfe is a guy who is always looking for controversy. Similar to Cowherd. With that said, he only re-seeded based on the teams left in each region. I would agree with most of his seeds except the East region. (Not sure what he was thinking there.) Based on competition, I think UCLA has performed better than UK during the first two tournament games and would deserve the 2-seed in a re-seed of the Sweet 16 only teams in the South. Now if that were a re-ranking of the Sweet 16 teams overall, I would have a problem. No way should Wisconsin, Florida, & Michigan be ranked higher than UK.

  14. dballrb

    The Cats do need to bring their A game though. UK +3 if monk gets 20.

  15. dballrb

    Haters keep on hate’n,!!!

  16. za

    Monk’s due a big game.

    1. Luether

      Past due…

  17. Laker Cat 18

    My re-seed in each region based ONLY on the 1st two round results would be:

    South: 1 – Florida, 2 – South Carolina, 3 – Wisconsin, 4 – Baylor
    West: 1 – Arizona, 2 – Xavier, 3 – West Virginia, 4 – Gonzaga
    Midwest: 1 – Kansas, 2 – Oregon, 3 – Purdue, 4 – Michigan
    East: 1 – UCLA, 2 – UNC, 3 – UK, 4 – Butler

  18. IstandUPatGames

    This is what I have said to all the UK fans who gripe about the last two games and the scores: in this tournament, you advance to the same place regardless of winning by 1 point or 40 points. Just like death, you can’t take it with you and everyone starts the next game zero to zero!

    1. pancakesfordinner

      Yeah that’s very true, but if you’re using past performance as an indication of future success, the last 2 games don’t bode well fur us compared to how UCLA has played.

  19. Catcasey1

    Who cares what you think laker cat 18

    1. Laker Cat 18

      Capitalize my name when you reference me. Show some respect. LOL 🙂

    2. Luether

      Luether cares…

  20. maximumscott

    They always say the team that wins the title is the 1 that can adapt to multiple styles of play. WSU was the game that could of slipped us up. UCLA plays to our offensive strengths and our Defense is improved more than our offense aince we played last. If we get past UCLA we are final four bound. UCLA is better than UNC.

  21. BigBlueToo

    No respect! This is a suprise?

  22. playmorezeppelin

    Jesus. I mean, do these people listen to themselves?? North Carolina was one missed charge call away from watching the tournament back in Chapel Hill, Gonzaga lost to BYU at home on senior night on the last game of the season, Florida is beneath us, and I would bet my mother’s house that West Virginia doesn’t make it to the elite eight (without even looking to see who they play). Not to mention Michigan being relevant for all of about 14 days and Wisconsin being lucky just to have made a tournament appearance. Kentucky may have not put on a highlight reel in the first two games, but I guess my point is, who did?????
    But W/E. Keep flying under the radar. Bring on the kardashi… sorry, Ball family.

    1. pancakesfordinner

      If you’re using the BYU game to argue that Gongaza has no chance against different teams, you’re basically saying that UK won’t win because we lost to Tennessee. Florida also beat us once (granted it it was at their house, but they destroyed us that game). There were several teams that have put on clinics so far this tourney, Kansas, Xavier, and Florida all won by at least 20 in the second round.

  23. JMFATZ47

    I found a hilarious Duke fan quote amongst many other prized pieces! They actually believe the NCAA committee is against them!

    To me this is the most disappointing exit in the last 20 years. More than Lehigh and Mercer. We knew back then Duke was not going to make it to the Final Four. This time we had an highway in front of us after Villanova elimination and we were coming off an ACC Tournament triumph.
    We got screwed big time by the Committee, they wanted to sell their tickets and I guess they did. It was a travesty.

    But honestly not beating a very average South Carolina team even in an hostile environment, even with biased refs, was a terrible showing. If we play 80% of our potential we win this game. And then we can reserve a Final Four ticket.
    K wasn’t able to teach this team how to play defense all season long. He didn’t play McDonald All Americans who would have start for any other team, he did rely too much on Matt Jones who by the way is Duke worst starter for K since 1983. All these things came back to bite us.

    This is personally the most disappointing season since I follow Duke. This roster was championship material, we lost second round against South Carolina. It’s a shame

    1. Booby Petrino

      comedy gold

    2. Booby Petrino

      more comedy gold (but I can’t quote it verbatim): Yesterday I saw and IU fan talking smack about how we had to face Steve Alford, an “IU stud” and his money is on the Indiana guy.

      Um….your team isn’t in the tournament, and doesn’t even have a coach, and you’re finding a way to insert your school in smack talk since Steve Alford played for IU 30 years ago? Okay. lolz

  24. EdC

    To me as a whole this set of Cats, since December, feels like they can tend to get over-confident. The world is against them. Great!

    Now just need to figure some way to get some confidence back to Humphries and Gabriel. They aren’t confident enough.

  25. runningunnin.454

    Same people who bashed UK and the SEC all season. Sometime you wonder if they know anything about basketball…..or even watch it.
    Incredibly, they thought Duke should be a #1 seed….hilarious.

    1. pancakesfordinner

      runningunnin.454 You didn’t watch any games other than UK games this season did you?

    2. runningunnin.454

      Only 2-3 games every night the entire season.
      If you look, you’ll find my comments supporting the quality of SEC basketball, and you will find my comments saying Duke would not survive their region.

  26. catsarerunnin

    Pancake lays it on thicker than maple syrup.