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Kentucky fights off late Troy comeback to win, 70-62

Things were going so well and Kentucky was coasting to a blowout victory over Troy, but Troy had other plans. The visiting Trojans clawed back from a 21-point deficit with only eight minutes to go in the game, and might’ve been able to do the improbable if they had a little more time.

Kentucky won in the end, 70-62, for yet another unimpressive final score.

See the numbers and discuss below:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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27 responses to “Kentucky fights off late Troy comeback to win, 70-62”

  1. BigEastCat

    NIT? That may be ambitious…worst team since Farmer, Feldhaus and Pelphrey….

    1. blackmilk23

      I remember people saying this when that John Wall team struggled with Cleveland State and almost lost to Miami of Ohio.

      This probably is not a championship team but people really need to realize that it just takes a while. They are getting better.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      BEC, do you also go by AGSlater?

    3. BBNDan7

      Yeah 5 games in let’s not jump to conclusions or anything

  2. JusSayin

    Freshmen. They’ll be fine. I know everyone wants to make a comment about how the sky is falling. But they’ll be alright.

    1. AGSlater

      Probably not. Im tired of freshnan this young that. They have major flaws

    2. BBNDan7

      Then go find a new team

  3. shelby

    I like this team; learning to put a team away will take time.

  4. Jiminy Crickets

    looking like first UK team to lose both football and basketball in same season since….wait for it….basketball went to NIT (Billy G)

  5. Jiminy Crickets

    Not billy G, sorry. Cals NIT team

  6. Come on Man

    Nothing about this team has me excited about our chances. Not our Rebounding. Not our shooting. Not our defense. Not our fast break points. Not our leadership. Not or ball handling. Nothing. These are supposed to be “Popcorn State” games. I’m afraid that once we start playing bigger conference teams, we may be in trouble. I’ve learned nothing about our “growth”, if any, as a team since the KU game. Hopefully we are just playing down to our competition. We shall see in a few weeks. Go CATS!

    1. blackmilk23

      3 of the four teams we played made the tournament last year, The two mid-majors of that group returned 4 starters from teams that played well against the power conference teams they matched up with in the first round. (Duke and Purdue)

    2. AGSlater

      Spinning struggling vs Troy @ home. Lol

  7. terwilliger

    While I’m not in the sky is falling camp, and understand that this team can and probably will get a lot better, I also have to admit that John Calipari’s complete lack of an offense has grown a bit stale with me. I love Cal, but I really do think he just kind of “rolls the ball out there” when it comes to halfcourt offense. We’ve never had much of a plan and it doesn’t look any different this year. Even in years when we have multiple speedy guards that can blow by their man, 1 on 1 ball and transition scoring will only get you so far. I feel like not running any kind of traditional half court offense was to blame for 2015 ending the way it did, and he doesn’t appear to have changed much IMO.

    1. AGSlater

      Must be a cards, duke fan

  8. AGSlater

    8 point win vs Troy at home. Man we are improving. Suck

  9. callitlikeiseeit

    Relax folks, they have until June to reach the ultimate goal UK now has…get players to the NBA. This is UK, we are supposed to be college basketball yet we start the season knowing we have 0 chance at a title. Not fun.

    1. AGSlater

      Yes. This

    2. BBNDan7

      Not once have we ever started a season thinking we can’t win a title. So I don’t know where you get this info.

    3. AGSlater

      Really? 11-12 or 14-15?

  10. AGSlater

    Outscored by 8 in 2nd half. Im telling you guys wait until we play a team thats not missing all their 3’s like the last 2 games. Its gonna get ugly. Right now Florida and T a&m are gonna run us out of gym

  11. Cmart0907

    We’re so use to super talented freshmen. Now we have good freshmen. Not great. But very good. They just gotta take some time to get use to college ball. It’s a harder than people think making the transition. Calipari offense is guard oriented. If the guards can break down the defense and make plays then will will be great.

  12. henderblue

    Sky falling ain’t it Slater? You sing the same old song year after year. You’re getting old. I guess you long for the days of Bobby Perry, Sheray Thomas, Brandon Stockton. We can’t go backwards though Slater. Gotta keep pushing forward. We’re 5 games into the season. Give it a chance. Woo is not walking back through that door

    1. AGSlater

      Sad thing is these guys are as bad as woo sheray perry

  13. henderblue

    No they’re just younger

  14. Lip Man 1

    Free throw shooting remains very bad…yet they won’t hire a shooting coach like other teams (LSU did a few years ago). If you know how to potentially fix an issue but insist on not doing it, the issue is on you (meaning in this case Cal)

  15. Biscuits Old Dad

    Why do you guys even bother watching the games if they make you so miserable?