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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

122 responses to “Kentucky Drops SEC Opener at Alabama 77-75”

  1. dhard

    Bad loss to a bad team

    1. cking

      Uh..Alabama looked pretty damn good today…

    2. dhard

      I think we were that bad.

    3. Truth_Hurts

      Shots just didn’t fall. It happens.

    4. dhard

      Shots may not fall, but defense and effort must. E there.

    5. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON dhard!

    6. Irish son

      Cal makes 8 million a year

      Avery Johnson 2.4 million, just saying

    7. mm40

      What are you saying? Simply that a lower paid beat a higher paid coach? I’m sure you’re never outperformed by someone that makes less money than you.

    8. mashburnfan1

      cking, we made them look good. They lost at home to Georgia St, lost at UCF, lost to Northeastern and struggled vs powers like Murray ST, Liberty and App State. Only good {which is really just decent} win is Arizona at Bama but Zona may be NIT bound. They are not good and like I said we are not either. June will be here soon, oh now we even lose that as it will be all dUKe.

    9. Luether

      Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…

  2. eddiesuttonsliver

    well on the plus side now KSR and the people who had to eat the last two games can pretend like the sky is falling again.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      That’s not a cool nickname dude.

    2. JASUN74

      I hear you brother. I laughed, and I’m ashamed I did. Lol. Damn you Eddie. Haha. Not cool. It is a little Funny!! But definitely not cool!

  3. Smyrna_Cat

    We played flat. Also, got to shoot better than that.

    1. UKPROF

      Yes we did Smyrna. If we don’t come to play and play hard, then we are going to get beat. The offense was not there and neither was the defense, The perfect recipe to get defeated.

    2. UK Maine-iac

      Didn’t see a lot of urgency from the boys. They’re still growing and it happens. Probably some carry over from the UNC/UL games. And how is it always, always, always, someone has the game of their lives against us?

    3. mashburnfan1

      Just pretend we played great, I am not upset, I learned we can just pretend we won so all is good. How awesome was that 40-0 team, we really should bring them all together for a parade since we can pretend they beat Wiscy and we won number 9. Woo hoo, come on BBN lets party. Just got back from Orlando and the bball team welcomes me like this, pathetic. Glad we have football now, was a great trip and so happy to watch them beat PSU, who also showed up in force and had fun fans to interact with around the resorts and theme parks.

  4. KYjellyRoll

    Why didn’t they drive on last possession?!?!? Could have won in OT! Omg!

    1. cking

      Absolutely agree 100%!!

      Missed opportunity for sure!

      Would have been huge for Hagans!

    2. KYjellyRoll

      Man oh man he had a shot to the lane!

    3. makeitstop

      Doesn’t want the ball in his hands for last shot, just like Seton Hall. Fox or Wall drive the lane. He’s a great defender and exciting to watch but he’s better w the ball that he seems to believe right now.

    4. timbo

      It wasn’t Hagans’ decision. Watch it again,he’s CLEARLY looking to get the ball to Herro for a three and it was a designed play. I don’t like the call either, but if it goes, it’s the right call every time.

    5. makeitstop

      Talking about Hagans obviously – KJ does want it but they forced it

  5. dakich is stupid

    Johnson should have took that shot. Since we didn’t win, we didn’t lose (we learned).

  6. drew_123

    Gonna be hard to win in the SEC if they can’t beat a team like Bama.

    1. Luether

      Kiss the regular season goodbye and hope we jell for the SEC Tournament…

  7. big cat

    Oh well. Confirms what I already knew….we are average…just like the food at KSbar…

    1. cking


    2. Dildo Baggins

      I had some of the worse shit pains in my life after eating there you aint kiddin!

  8. Bigblue7982

    Terrible loss!

  9. Matty Arbuckle

    We should try to score more points than other teams, especially ones not in the Top 50.

  10. j

    Maybe Ryan and Drew are ready now? Ryan’s opinion’s felt disrespectful towards MBB yesterday.
    Can not believe that just happened.
    Go Cats.

  11. bluebew


    1. mikeg84

      So I guess Kansas and Nevada have zero business winning anything this year either. KU lost by 17 to unranked Iowa St and Nevada by 27 @ New Mexico. Both teams are clearly average teams and probably won’t win a game in the tournament. Man was I wrong thinking those teams were any good at all – they obviously are trash!

  12. BigolBlue

    Again this team has no chance at title and are even trashy. Cal isnt winning another title here its time to move to a coach who cares about titles and not nba draft. Just lost to a team that lost to Northeastern by 16, Central Florida, and Georgia State. Ultimately another average Cal team that will hang on to being in the top 25 and a likely 8 seed. Football school

    1. cking

      Get a snickers bar buddy.

      We are going to be fine…this team has a much higher ceiling than you think, and are going to get better.

    2. KYCat4EVER

      Ceiling??? A “much higher ceiling”?

      Seriously cking?

      I believe those are the same words UCLA and INDIANA fans here been using for the past 25 years as their programs high standards and success has vanished!

      It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY… and it’s what has kept UK a successful basketball school!

      So WHEN does this small contingency of UK fans you belong to wake up and start holding our Coach ACCOUNTABLE for:

      a) Embarrassing our UK program with ridiculous and humiliating losses
      b) declaring “let’s go catch UCLA… but hasn’t come close
      c) Declaring on National Television “we are the gold standard of college basketball “… yet DUKE, VILLANOVA, and UCONN have won more championships than our CATS since Calipari stepped on our campus to be our head coach.

      It’s time to hold “PROCESS CAL” accountable and fire him.

      GO BIG BLUE!

    3. dakich is stupid

      Agreed, love the Snickers comment!

    4. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON!

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      BigolBlue is a UL fan in disguise if any of you are newbies, and he has multiple screen names (Slater, CombatMedic, “BigBlue” with many different numbers attached to that phrase, etc.).

    6. Bobbum Man

      Or… you could go find another coach/team to troll, maybe find a hobby? You sure seem to have a lot of free time to do nothing but troll UK message boards

    7. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Oh yeah, I forgot KYCat4EVER is another one. He’ll post shortly with another one I can’t remember because he has so many.

    8. KatFan48

      You are so right lil ol chicken. THE SKY IS FALLING. THE SKY IS FALLING

    9. 4everUKblue

      Can always count on Slater to come and trash the team and coach, shows his lack of character and intelligence. I suspect Slater is also Kycat4ever, I know he’s also combatmedic and bigoldumbass.

    10. mikeg84

      Gotta love these a$$ hats that bring literally zero value to the program or the fan base! Also the dip$hits that obviously don’t know squat about basketball and what they saw today. Bama is 13-10 vs ranked teams under Avery Johnson and will be a tough team in the tourney. We will absolutely grow from this loss a ton and be a lot better moving ahead —- can’t wait to see what all these clowns say when we roll off 6 in a row and beat Auburn and Kansas on the way through it

    11. BigolBlue

      Lol @ mike. You ppl are beyong delusional. The uk fans who think we are the superior program.

  13. maximumscott

    Back to life, back to reality…

    Starts with energy and effort. Johnson didnt get as many touches as he should have gotten. Reid shooting 25 footers in crunch time. Very poor shot selection.

  14. dakich is stupid

    Man, sucks we didn’t win cuz Hagan’s was balling. Will he be to young to declare for the draft at the end of the year?

    1. drew_123

      No, Hagans is older than Kevin Knox lol

    2. michaelb

      Yea hangans is suppose to be a head of his grade . He’s suppose to be a junior but also suppose to be a college freshman too lol. As in he is behind a grade before high school

  15. ScottGreene22

    Got to realize they can’t just show up and get the W

    1. henderblue

      Legitimate comment ^^^


      Best comment I read so far

  16. cking

    Not sure why we didn’t drive straight to the basket on the last play…We missed an opportunity by not having Hagans take it coast to coast.

    Their length bothered us..and led to poor shots in the second half.

  17. dakich is stupid

    Cal used all his timeouts, trying to stay positive.

  18. chardun20

    At least Ryan Lemond could care less!

    1. chardun20

      Couldn’t care less.

    2. dakich is stupid

      ?? Plz explain.

    3. chardun20

      Ryan said Friday on the radio, that he couldn’t care less if UK lost to Alabama because he was still happy about the football Cats.

  19. Dusten

    I liked that fight in our team to keep getting after it even after I had given up watching at home. Gotta like that we were one shot away from a win despite being down 8 with 52 seconds left. Sometimes the shots just aren’t falling and this happens. I’m not really worried about it.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      I worry less about the shots falling than I do the lack of hustle and focus, and the poor rebounding. Those are deadly.

    2. makeitstop

      Well u can not worry all u want but the downstream effect is there is no way we win the conference now – this is a must win on ur schedule to do that – and it’s a bad loss, so it effects ur seeding, which means ur looking at a 6 seed instead of a 4 or 5 and u should lose the first weekend instead of win. So losing games u should win is not a “no big deal” it is an outcome determinative event on the seeding process which may not guarantee a result in March but it strongly influences ur odds. Incredibly bad loss.

    3. dakich is stupid

      A little early to make predictions like that. Alabama could be better then we think, doubtful though.

    4. makeitstop

      It is early to be predicting it… but unfortunately the probabilities are what they are. This is worse than “oh well, it’s a road game, blah blah blah.” It’s no worse than losing at UGa in 10 days but it’s just as harmful to the overall rankings/seedlings. Must wins if u want a protected seed.

    5. BigolBlue

      Not really worried about it? We are gonna get worked in the sec. You fans are the “worst”. No accountability. Cal gets a pass for everything. You play to win titles especially at uk

    6. henderblue

      BigolBluecardinaldumbass you’re an idiot

  20. Smyrna_Cat


  21. KYCat4EVER

    Well there’s another game we can pretend we won…

    No wait… I forgot!

    THIS is part of the COACH CAL “PROCESS”…

    This was supposed to happen… just like g tying humiliated by Duke, embarrassed by Seton Hall,
    and now losing to an SEC team we beat the last TEN MEETINGS….

    LOL…. Coach Cal? You need to hire a “PROCESS ENGINEER”, and improve your process and Bench Coaching.

    Looks like another year of excuses and NO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER!

    1. cking

      Oh lord…lmao!

    2. Bobbum Man


    3. KatFan48

      Your name is a bad joke. You can’t have ever been a Kat Fan

    4. 8 god

      I like how you posted essentially this same comment above with a different username, BigOlDumbshit

    5. 4everUKblue

      Can’t you tell KYCat4EVER is Slater/combatmedic/bioldumass? Same lack of style and intelligence.

    6. dakich is stupid

      L’s down baby. Troll

    7. BigolBlue

      You morons think just because people dont worship cal like a saint we are all the same ppl wake up!!!!!!!!!! We are a laughing stock latelt nationally

    8. BigolBlue

      1 title and none in sight. Not this year and def not next. These people are fine if we go another 10 worthless title lesa years with cal

    9. KYCat4EVER

      It is amazing how a small contingency of UK fans have the same “misguided thinking”: so let’s review a little UK history from the man who built this program:

      The renowned Kentucky Coach Adolph Rupp once told him, ”By God, Cawood, when you see one of our teams dogging it, by God, burn ’em.”

      However, there continues to be a small, lost, contingency of UK fans who feel those UK fans who uphold Adolph’s directive, to be “trolls, not true UK fans, or too negative”…

      LOL, I wonder what this small contingency would have told, or called, Adolph Rupp when he made this directive to Cawood???

      It’s too bad these little lost fans are not upholding the UK HIGH STANDARDS that Rupp built and letting sub-par Coaching Results continue.

      However, I believe we ALL can agree on one thing… let’s hang a National Championship Banner this year… and NOT settle for anything less!

  22. CatManDo

    All 10 starters scored in double figures, can’t imagine that has happened a lot.

  23. ukcamel

    Harder to win on the road in the SEC than any conference in America. Not our best game and the ball didn’t bounce our way. The sky is not falling.

    1. henderblue

      What he said ^^^*

  24. Bobbum Man

    Hagans is the most fun player who hardly scores I’ve ever watched… love that kid and I think he’ll be a stud when he gets his offensive game figured out a little bit…. not sure why we didn’t drive on the last possession, knew we were gonna jack up some awful three for the win instead of trying to force OT but it is what it is… didn’t play great, thought they fought well at the end when it looked to be over. Still think we’ll be fine

    1. henderblue

      The way we played I think a 3 for the win was the right call today. Just didn’t fall. He had a good look

  25. makeitstop

    I’d like a go fund me page for Cal’s optometrist if he thinks this is his best shooting team. And Travis taking 3’s may be good for him (if he could make them) but it does nothing for us bc no one is under for the inevitable rebound, and at least one of those was after a TO. Getting outrebounded is inexcusable, but when 5 of ur 3’s are by ur big men it doesn’t help those numbers.

  26. Big johnson

    So much for camp cal

  27. Big johnson

    When they fold its a total team effort.

  28. UKinIN

    It’s a bad loss but it’s also a loss after two big wins. I think this was s huge trap game and UK fell into it.

  29. Jiminy Crickets

    The loss was bad, but only second road game. That’s Not that alarming. Things that were alarming was getting out hustled, and out rebounded. Also, in last 50 seconds trying to make come back and both Travis and Washington attempted a 3, this shows lack of situational awareness. Overall bad loss to not very good at all Alabama.

    1. BlueHeaven

      Remember when UK used to beat less talented teams on the road?

    2. makeitstop

      Completely agree but I think the quality of the loss will hurt us badly in the end. “Lost to Alabama” will be one of the reasons they drop us a line or two and we have a deep hole to dig out of instead of margin for error.

    3. 8 god

      duke lost to St John’s, a losing team, last year and still stumbled into a 2 seed

    4. makeitstop

      That’s DUKE! They get seeded UP a line for spelling the coach’s name, we get seeded down for every stumble. Just the way it is.

    5. 8 god

      that’s true. my point is bama is a hell of a lot better than that SJU team was.

    6. makeitstop

      Lol true but when has that mattered to the Duke Pep Squad a/k/a “the committee”?

    7. BigolBlue

      Jiminy being blue tinted and dumb again

  30. bigblue2284

    But camp Cal and we beat UNC so we must elite! Told every single one of you last week this team isn’t elite.

  31. CahillsCrossingNT

    A minimum of 10 more losses is on the way. Ever since Krzyzewski started cleaning Cal’s clock on the recruiting trail, UK has been in an undeniable decline.

    1. bigblue2284

      Yep agreed. Even when Cal got elite talent he never won except when he had a once in a lifetime talent in Davis, even then he almost screwed up the title game.

    2. BlueHeaven

      Remember when UK basketball made Dec-March fun and you would schedule you days around them? Not anymore.

    3. 4everUKblue

      You guys all need to get on the dUKe bandwagon because you’re not true Kentucky fans.

    4. bigblue2284

      lol what gives you authority to declare some not a true fan? Fans have a right to voice opinions if you don’t like opinions other than your own the internet isn’t really for you.

    5. BigolBlue

      Very true. Let me guess they think you are me

  32. dakich is stupid

    If that is true, what a pathetic loser.

    1. dakich is stupid

      That UofL trolls are amongst us

  33. KYjellyRoll


  34. makeitstop

    It will be a 10 loss season if he can’t get more out of EJ. Zero rebounds. He’s 6’10”. Every guard outrebounded him. He’s going to be the key to this season, bc he allegedly can stretch the floor. Hasn’t shown it. If he remains a 7-10 minute guy who provides foul relief, little D, no O and no rebounds, and we are In trouble w teams who have size and strength inside. Tennessee is a terrible match up if he can’t step up and make them go guard. Can’t minimize the bad shooting and lazy rebounding for 4 minute stretches but if he develops we are much better and if not we are one player short.

  35. rainman

    Rebounding, terrible perimeter defense, too much to overcome!

  36. Kat4Life

    Terrible start. No sense of urgency

  37. bigblue98

    Way too many missed shots from point blank. Reid had way too many misses close.

  38. bigbluehank

    Cue the Calipari, “But we’re just so young” comments. Like a broken record.

  39. calcat

    Looks like everyone that has been hiding for the last two weeks are back

    1. BigolBlue

      Nahh weve been here the whole time. Who are you again?

  40. VirginiaCat

    Important to maintain perspective. Remember, this game was Alabama’s Super Bowl. Don’t forget that we are young. They hit 10 3-pointers on us, but heck, somehow everybody gets lucky against us and shoots the lights out. Nothing to do with our defense. Keep in mind that, despite our 28% shooting from 3-point line, this is the best shooting team that Cal has coached. That’s a big plus. Oh, and how silly for anyone to think that we should have driven the ball on the last shot. Sure, driving the ball and either scoring or getting fouled would have been a higher percentage play, but what the hell. We had the momentum and a good chance of winning in overtime, but better to go with the 3-ball since we had missed 72% of our previous attempts. Not to worry, the SEC is weak this year, so we can afford to lose to one of the weaker teams in the conference. Oh, wait…

    1. makeitstop

      Someone needs to introduce Cal to sabermetrics, seriously. Love the guy but statistics is not just a boring math requirement it’s a real thing that can better inform ur strategy. Take it for a test drive man.

    2. BigolBlue

      All again a bunch of mumbo jumbo protecting the fact we lost to a lesser team who lost to 3 horrible teams and by 16 to NORTHEASTERN

  41. runningunnin.454

    Wow, the night crawlers sure come out after a loss…just like after a warm summer rain.

    1. henderblue

      Lol…exactly..kinda like leeches

  42. jaws2

    Just make some damn 2 footers every now and then!!!

  43. henderblue

    Agree ^^^also think a noon road game with a young team…not good. Especially first conference road game. They looked flat

  44. c_evs

    Some kind of fatigue sine 2015. Since then, recruiting has been back just enough to allow the top 1-5 guys to pass up on us, leaving us in a limbo of players who are really good, but feel pressure to leave after a year.

    I love this school, these players and Cal. I’ll never turn my back on them. But something since 2015 has felt like we keep reliving the same season on repeat, and I don’t see how we start having fun again consistently without some sort of shakeup. The sky is not falling, we are still a better-than-average team and program each year, but there’s definitely been a drop off from the first 5 years of Cal. We need to figure out the cause and get it fixed.

    1. kybirdieman

      Orlando left and he brought in Barber which Auburn fired is your answer.

    2. kybirdieman


  45. UoKFB PHAN

    Is it football season yet??? (That makes up for everyone who has ever said is it bb season after an early loss on the football field.) Okay, I really want Cal and company to win every game… give them some time and lets see how things go in March. Until then I’ll just go back and watch every video I can from this years fb season. I miss Benny and the boys already.