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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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7 responses to “Kentucky coaches update the injury status of Nick Richards”

  1. MauiCat

    Sure would be nice to have an extra center or two on the roster with those three unused scholarships.

    1. BlueSteel

      Yeah because extra centers are just floating around everywhere… Plenty of guys want to just come sit on the bench behind two McDonald’s All-Americans. Cal did try to recruit several big guys but they chose to go elsewhere… We have who we have!!

    2. Soylentbeans

      I think he is saying we should use those 3 on like 3 and 4 star recruits. You know the type that stay 3-4 years and could potentially mean we cant extend a scholarship offer to a too 20 guy because they are being used.

  2. TonyMontana

    I was worried that Nick would be out a month or two, I really hope he’s ready to go for Mich. State.

  3. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    The way his shots looked vs EJ’s on the interior and the way the interior opened up was the 2 most concerning aspects(outside his health) of his injury.

  4. Bluehender

    Junior Nick Richards just needs to be strong mentally. And tough. We need him to be a defender at the rim. And run the floor. Be a WCS and we’ll be good..

  5. nocode96

    Some of y’all think Cal just doesn’t e tend these scholarships. Like my zoo lander living friend explained, scholarships were extended, and turned down. No one wants to come play behind two 5 star players, and if they did, many of y’all would say he’s a waste if he doesn’t beat out Nick or EJ, but would also be mad if he ruffled feathers by starting over EJ and Nick, possibly causing one, or both, to leave early. It’s a literal lose/lose with some of y’all, just can’t be content.

    We have EJ, who I think is gonna bust it big this year and become a star. We have Sestina who by all accounts is going to be a very pleasant surprise for all of us. We have a couple 6’7 or so studs to eat up minutes in Brooks and Whitney. We also have that baseball fella who is 6’9 and at the very, very least can give enough times for EJ to rest up, or eat up some fouls. Also, Nick didn’t break his foot or tear a ligament. It’s a sprain. Maybe he’s back for MSU, but who cares? I’d rather lose to MSU by 100 than rush him back and not have him for when basketball counts around March.

    Lastly, we have outstanding guards. Not sure if you guys have heard about Villanova, but they won a couple ships relying on small ball, we have the talent to do that too. We just have young guys, always will, do it MSU not come together by the time we play MSU, but all that matters is that it comes together when it counts. We are like a week from the greatest season in sports, relax and enjoy the season.