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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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15 responses to “Keldon Johnson, PJ Washington “wowed” by back-and-forth clutch shots”

  1. TheAssman

    I am a HUGE Cal fan and if anyone thinks we can get a better coach / ambassador for UK, then I don’t think there is any hope for you. However, let the complaints and criticism fly….it doesn’t have to be “Fire Cal” because we don’t like what we see. With that being said, blur out the UK coach on the sideline this season and you tell me who is coaching….is it Tubby, is it Billy Clyde, or is it Cal? Be honest.

    1. KYCat4EVER

      Hey TheAssmam, I respect your fanship of Coach Calipari, and your style in addressing the question you pose.
      We just disagree about Coach Cal’s coaching prowess and I would fire him immediately after the his loss to Wisconsin in 2015: he blew that undefeated game, and National Championship, and undefeated season, with TWO great Starting Fives… and admitted it later.
      The mistake is to believe “there is no one out there we at UK can get to replace Coach Cal”.
      That train of thought is Mitch Barnyards “Billy Gillespie” residuals … and it’s not true!
      Sure, there are some who want suggestions, and my response is simple, we replaced Rupp, Sutton, with fine coaches who kept our program on TOP… and we can replace Calipari!

    2. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      You would have replaced Cal after going 38-1? That shows how clueless you actually are. This is real life, not a video game. I really hope you are actually about 12 yrs old and eventually learn better…or a troll…if you are an adult and actually think this way…Yikes


    Looks like tubby offense and Billy Clyde defense.

  3. Smyrna_Cat

    Seems to me THEY hit the clutch shots. We missed the ones we needed to hit.

    1. Bigblue7982

      Keldon hit that clutch 3 to send us into OT.

    2. Wade

      It was luck by Nelson but I would have fed him the ball in ot.also I quess seton halls kid really impressed


    Wanted to know if anyone else noticed this: When PJ stole the ball from the Seton player, he had to stop and mean mug the guy. Took valuable time off getting the ball up court fast. I think this spells out where PJ’s head is. I know it sounds minor, but I think PJ is all about himself, and that is the reason why we never get consistency out of him.

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      I seriously think KJ was fouled as he drive, but ref called charge because PJ stood over that guy. A makeup call of sorts

    2. JusSayin

      That same meanness that made him do that is the same meaness that made him get the block and rebound in the first place.

      Eventhough it annoys me… flexing and mean mugs might be what he need to get himself in the game.

    3. michaelb

      Yep & that also is why he’s not playing up to his potential

    4. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      If he has to psych himself up by mean mugging to get 25 and 15 each game then go for it is what I say.

  5. Smyrna_Cat

    Yes, Keldon hit that shot. Then Herro missed a wide-open three, Ashton missed a free throw. Nick missed a dunk. We lost.

  6. sportsbird66

    Testing 1 2 3

  7. TBW3011

    I am wowed at how this team looked incredible when they’d had a week of practice with Cal. Now that he’s had months to run off on them they aren’t close to a top 25 team.