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Keep “sleeping on” Sacha Killeya-Jones, he says


Following a disappointing freshman season for a recruit of his caliber, Sacha Killeya-Jones spent the spring fighting off unsubstantiated transfer rumors, and now he wants you to keep sleeping on him.

The big man, whose confidence seems high as he heads into the summer before his sophomore season, tweeted Tuesday afternoon, “Keep sleeping on me.. I love it.”

For those of you who may be a little confused by the tweet, to “sleep on” means to overlook, ignore or completely forget someone or something. Killeya-Jones does not mean “sleep on” in the literal sense, at least not by my interpretation.

Last week I ranked Killeya-Jones as one of the players I am most excited to see in the fall. Hopefully there won’t be too many people sleeping on his game then, after a freshman-to-sophomore transformation. But if he doesn’t make great improvements from Year 1 to Year 2, there are plenty of bodies that will be fighting for playing time in the frontcourt.

#TeamNoSleep on Killeya-Jones.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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31 responses to “Keep “sleeping on” Sacha Killeya-Jones, he says”

  1. unbridled

    I’m sure he’s a great kid and I love his confidence…but I don’t think anyone is “sleeping” on him.

    1. JusSayin

      I think they might be. We had a deep front-court last year. He got lost in the shuffle. Kind of like how Josh Harrellson was a great player but we never find that out if Kanter is able to play.

    2. Mathlete

      I’m not sure I’d call Jorts a “great” player. He was definitely a good role player who got every last bit out of his potential though. Getting in shape and going toe to toe with Kanter in practice definitely helped him step up his game, no question about that.

    3. JusSayin

      Jorts played 3 seasonsin the NBA and even started a handful of games. More than some of the one and done All-Americans we have had. I say thats great.

    4. Eazy

      More than Teague but less than about 20 of our other one and done guys.

  2. 4everblue

    Wide awake and 100% behind you SKJ!


    He will be a Double Double machine…20 and 12 a game…Make it so.

    1. TBW3011

      That pumping sound should be your brakes!!!

  4. meeksfor3

    Maybe that tweet was for a UK co-ed that he loves sleeping on him. I mean he is a UK basketball player after all.

    1. Luether

      Not funny…

    2. meeksfor3

      and who was joking? Have you saw the girls that the players get?

    3. satcheluk

      I have seen them, but I hope no one “sawed”, as that would be gruesome.

  5. Mathlete

    I hope SKJ is the guy who teaches the freshmen class how to love the grind and do the little things like go all out in practice every day. He’s been through all of this before and he’s been given a golden ticket to be a breakout player next year if he’ll be the guy the coaches want to see him become

  6. BigBlueMeade

    Most Improved Player in NCAA next year!

  7. Ken Grizzle

    Young Man I know you will be a great player. Keep the faith.

  8. TBW3011

    This kid will be fine. Has all the tools.

  9. chris43

    Hope you wear it out next year young fella!

  10. henderblue

    SKJ, BBN is fully behind you.

  11. blueballs80

    Ok got the tweet. Now let’s see it on the court.

  12. UKPROF

    I’ve been searching the Internet and the dictionary for the definition of “sleeping on me” and for the life of me, I can’t find anything that refers to basketball and/or basketball players.

    1. ukcamel

      It isn’t specifically basketball, it just means to ignore or underrate. Like “don’t sleep on the lower coast of North Carolina” or “don’t sleep on Templeton Rye.” I’m in my 30s and not cool and I’ve heard the term plenty.

    2. UKPROF

      Thank you ukcamel! I’m retired, and apparently ‘out of touch’ with the current jargon.

  13. Bobbum Man


  14. UKfanman01

    At the beginning of the season I thought SKJ was going to be the X factor. He played with grit and determination. Didn’t stray from contact, fouled a bit much, but wasn’t afraid. I was sorely disappointed to see this kid benched. Hopefully he gets some playing time this year

  15. RealCatsFan

    I was at a game 2 years ago, and SKJ was there behind the bench. After the game, he walked over to the visitors end and patiently stood and signed autographs and took pics with at least a hundred fans. He even upstaged Cal signing balls for a little while there. He wasn’t even officially on the team yet, but you could see that he enjoyed being there, basking in the glow of BBN. Believe me, this kid “gets it” when it comes to UK basketball. I hope he has a monster year at UK this season.

  16. Randall lee

    The kid deserves a chance, unlike hamidon’t he actually wants to play for UK.

    1. Booby Petrino

      I love UK, but if I could make millions without attending, you bet your ass I would.

  17. Sentient Third Eye

    It wouldn’t be the first time a kid had a very modest freshman year and then exploded in year two. We’ll see.

  18. ClutchCargo

    I’m optimistic that the light bulb will come on for SKJ now that he has been through a season. He looked a step slow at times, but I think that will change as the game slows down for him mentally.

  19. Randall lee

    That’s ok make millions but hire someone to train you,not use a school to advance your agenda. And Don’t give me that crap that he helped the team by practicing, I think they would have made the elite 8 without him.

  20. tbbucs86

    Cry me a river snowflake Randall Lee. It a wonder he would even consider coming back to UK with people like you.