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Katina Powell has been approached about a “Breaking Cardinal Rules” movie

Katina Powell’s tell-all book “Breaking Cardinal Rules” opened the door one one of the most salacious scandals in NCAA history, and now, a movie could be on the way. Over the weekend, Powell participated in a candid Facebook Live Q&A with Louisville comedian Jason English in which she revealed some graphic details about the UofL sex scandal following the release of the NCAA’s infractions report, which will require the university to vacate 108 wins, including the 2013 National Championship. Sadly, English took down the interview due to its explicit nature, but Powell reportedly said that while she is “so sorry” for the fallout from the scandal, it was worth exposing it considering her financial situation at the time.

“It was worth putting food on the table,” she said, via ESPN. “It was worth me driving what I drive. It was worth me living the way I live.”

According to Wave 3, during the interview, Powell described having sex with one of the recruits and told English she’s been approached about a movie deal, as well as a sequel to “Breaking Cardinal Rules.” 

…which begs the question, who would play Rick Pitino in a movie? Gotta be Al Pacino, right?

Alfonso Ribeiro as Andre McGee…

Angela Bassett as Katina Powell…

Xosha Roquemore as Rod Ni Powell…

Vintage Steve Urkel/Jaleel White as Russ Smith…

Get ready to hear more from Katina, because she’s appearing on “Hey Kentucky!” tomorrow night.

UPDATE: How could I forget Dave Fleming as Matt Jones?

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22 responses to “Katina Powell has been approached about a “Breaking Cardinal Rules” movie”

  1. runningunnin.454

    Some observations,
    1 Pacino would not touch it.
    2 An X-rating tends to be a death penalty for a movie.
    3 The death penalty should have come from the NCAA.

  2. lougrantheone1

    Angela Bassett as Katina Powell Is An Insult……

  3. Mathlete

    I was picturing Niecy Nash as Katina, but to each their own

    1. Mathlete

      and Dave Fleming looks like what would happen if Matt Jones face swapped with a baby

  4. Brutal Hustler

    Crispin Glover as Pitino seems like a better and more likely fit than Al Pacino

  5. secrick

    The Devil has Tom Jurich

  6. playmorezeppelin

    Rick Pitino as himself

  7. ClutchCargo

    Haha! I imagined Angela Bassett as KP as soon as I heard there might be a movie. The Crypt Keeper could be Pitino.

  8. UK Big Board Update

    I LOL’ed at Urkel playing Russ Smith. Well played…

    1. runningunnin.454

      He’s a big time basketball fan, of the UCLA ilk; he would probably jump at it.

  9. Jewels

    I would cast Michael Imperioli as Pitino.

  10. originalCatFanForLife

    One minor faux pas…Dave Flemming of ESPN is actually spelled with 2 M’s (Flemming). My dad is actually Dave Fleming (not kidding) but looks nothing like Matt…:) The correct Fleming’s only use 1 M. And there are some people who actually think the correct spelling of Fleming is with 2 M’s,

    1. catsarerunnin

      Good catch. M&M’s also have two M’s. Otherwise they would be called M’s.

  11. bluemoonofkentucky

    Andy Garcia as UL Pitino…..
    (Al Pacino for UK Pitino)

  12. Luether

    Karma will come back and bite UK at some point…

    1. BBNDan7

      Karma for what? Making fun of your school
      For hiring strippers to sleep with minors? Okay

    2. ClutchCargo

      Karma has its hands full with little brother for the foreseeable future.

    3. RealCatsFan

      Oh come on Luether, are you friggin’ serious? I guarantee you were one of the UofL trolls claiming that UK was going to be vacating titles when Calipari was hired, and I am pretty sure you were jumping with glee back in 2013 when UK had their star player injured and ended up with a poor season, while Louisville was winning a title with stripper-tainted ineligible players. Sounds to me like Karma has already done her rounds.

  13. MericaJake

    Please get the narrator for espn 30 for 30 to narrate it and at the end when it fades to black read all the punishments from the NCAA as a result of the scandal.

  14. RealCatsFan

    When I think of an actor to portray Pitino, it has and always will be Al Pachino. Point blank. Period. As Chane would put it. 🙂

    1. RealCatsFan

      “Al PACINO”. Geesh, come on coffee – kick in. 😉