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Julius Randle tells KSR that not going to the Celtics workout had nothing to do with the GQ interview


Julius Randle called into Kentucky Sports Radio this morning to talk about tomorrow night’s draft, and claims he’s not nervous “at all,” believe it or not. Julius says that he’s sleeping well this week and has everything ready, including the suit he’ll wear.

Speaking of fashion, Julius wanted to clear up the rumor that he skipped a second workout with the Boston Celtics yesterday in order to do an interview with GQ Magazine. Julius called the rumor “crazy,” and said that the GQ interview had nothing to do with his decision not to attend the workout:

“Wherever that person got their source from and that’s why I didn’t go to the workout with the Celtics, that’s crazy. I didn’t go because I already worked out with the Celtics, so I mean, they’ve seen me play all season and I worked out with them. There’s no reason to go back a second time. The GQ stuff took me 15-20 minutes. I could have done that yesterday, today, the day of the draft, it wouldn’t have made a difference,” Julius said. “I’m a basketball player before anything and I wouldn’t skip a workout. And I don’t even think you could call it skipping a workout, you know. It’s my choice to go to a workout or not.”

That’s what we thought. Above all, Julius says he’s “really excited to see a lifelong dream come true” tomorrow night. John Calipari will attend the draft, and Julius says he hopes to see his coach tonight to catch up before the big day.

Big thanks to Julius for taking time out of his very busy day to call in. Best of luck tomorrow night.

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10 responses to “Julius Randle tells KSR that not going to the Celtics workout had nothing to do with the GQ interview”

  1. Han

    The surgery rumors and he fell 4-6 spots. This crape and suddenly he’s Hollywood. Same with Young. It’s bullshit. Didn’t Wiggins and Parker skip the combine, yet with that it was just savvy to avoid hurting their draft position. Last year it was crap about Noel. Previously it’s been Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Jones etc were overrated and now all are doing great, especially the first three. Really seems like other players don’t catch anywhere near the nev press. Constant reminder of how many people try to bring UK down even when the program continues to achieve greatness.

    Still waiting for the articles about Jabari being full of crap for bad mouthing one and done when he went to Duke only to become one and done. Or the articles about Duke and Kansas and Indiana ruining college basketball with their early entries. Mercenary players who don’t care about their program or a degree. Not gonna hold my breath.

    1. J-Dub421

      Amen dude. Be ready for all the haters to start calling you paranoid and irrational like they did to me yesterday.

    2. realme

      I agree with you guys. The last couple years it has felt like some of the media has relished trying to make UK players sound like they are suddenly risky picks.

  2. Musehobo

    He makes a good point I hadn’t considered before. How many workouts are enough? They have a year of game film and stats. They have the combine numbers and he took a day to work out with them. If the Celtics think a second workout is going to magically reveal something they didn’t know about him, they must just be indecisive. I personally, am sick of seeing our boys go to Boston anyway. He doesn’t have to prove himself anymore, he’s done enough to be drafted high. Hell, even that devil Colin Cowherd called him “the safest pick in the draft” on the radio this morning, He also said he would be an All-Star. Dude’s gonna get drafted and he’s a good guy. This picking him apart over petty stuff is stupid.

  3. tltaworl

    Gotta disagree with Julius on this one. When I go buy a car I test drive the thing a couple time, different times of day, etc. I don’t spend millions on a car. If a team with the #5 pick in the draft wants to call you in for a second interview, you go. Why not?

    1. Mc

      Risk of injury a few days before the draft….

    2. Musehobo

      Mc nailed it. Joel Embiid lost the first pick because of this happening.

    3. J-Dub421

      They have 40 games worth of film, and I’m sure they’ve sent scouts to multiple practices throughout the season, and likely talked with Coach Cal and the rest of the coaching staff more than once, plus they already brought Julius in for a workout, he participated in the NBA combine, and they have all his medical evaluations and measurements. If that isn’t enough information to go on, then I don’t know what is.

  4. CrazyCatFan


  5. 8&Counting

    UK haters are who calls not going to an optional workout skipping it is who!!