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Judge denies eligibility bid for Zion Harmon

Jon Lopez | Nike EYBL

The epic saga of Kentucky high school basketball star Zion Harmon continues.

After a last-ditch effort to play for Marshall County this season, a judge has denied a preliminary injunction that would have made him eligible to participate immediately.

Following his transfer from Adair County to Marshall County that initially sparked his ineligibility, Judge Thomas Russell of U.S. District Court in Paducah, issued a final ruling on Friday that did not favor the 5-foot-10 point guard originally out of Bethesda, Maryland. In his ruling (via Jason Frakes of the Courier-Journal), Russell said it was a “close call” and declared the requested preliminary injunction “not warranted in this matter.”

After transferring to his fourth school in four years KHSAA ruled Harmon ineligble until March 5, the one-year anniversary of his final game as a varsity athlete at Adair County. The ruling, originally made on Oct. 16, was because it was determined Harmon was transferring for basketball reasons, not academic or anything of the sort.

If Marshall County can make a run to the Boys Sweet 16 (March 6-10) at Rupp Arena, Harmon will be eligible to participate for the first time this season.

The No. 1 point guard in the class of 2021 started his career at Antioch (Tennessee) Lighthouse Christian in seventh grade, won a state title at Bowling Green in eighth grade, moved to Adair County as a freshman, and is now attempting to suit up for Marshall County for the rest of his high school career.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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19 responses to “Judge denies eligibility bid for Zion Harmon”

  1. katfan33

    He should have never left Bowling Green.

  2. CatManDo

    If he committed to Duke he would be eligible tomorrow.

    1. trumpetguy

      If talent warrants it, he might end up at Oak Hill, etc.

  3. Clyde X

    Is this kid one of Lamar Ball’s sons? Seems like it fits that three ring circus.

  4. dismore

    His daddy hides behind being this great Christian but behind the scenes shops his son so he can get the highest paid job as a traveling nurse. I work in Marshall county and the owner of my company knows the business owners that were in on this. Sadly daddy has screwed his son.

  5. MBrady

    It happens everywhere unfortunately ..! However I do think the rules r a bit much but 4 schools in 4 years is also a bit much ..! Kid isn’t doing it himself tho , getting bad advice from bad peoples around him & unfortunately the kid is who suffers ..

  6. peaches76

    Rules aren’t a bit much….they are there to try and stop this very type of behavior by kids and their parents. Should’ve gone to Scott Co. No doubt he would’ve gotten eligible there.

  7. westkycat20

    I would love to see the different set of rules that private schools benefit from vs public schools. If he would have gone to St. X, Trinity, Cov Cath, etc, this would not be a story.

    1. zoupman

      Since the private schools do what they want, Ky like many states, should have two different champions. . Public schools who earn it and private schools who buy it.

    2. J-Dub421

      Kids from the private schools don’t generally switch schools constantly, that’s a public school phenomenon. The public schools earn it? What exactly are they earning, and what are they doing to earn it? You’re more than welcome to pay $13,000+ per year to send your kids to Trinity or one of the other private schools. No one makes you send your kids to public schools; it’s a choice.

    3. Luether

      Private schools don’t “buy it” – nitwit…

  8. michaelb

    What is the actual rule he is breaking ? Anybody know that ?

    1. zoupman

      Hey J dumbass, what I mean by buying is this give scholarship in excess of what’s allowed. You think all those poor kids at Trinity are paying tuition? Stay in your lane, you are obviously out of your element.

    2. Blue Bill

      You told him… stay in your lane. Okay lavar wannabe.

  9. zoupman

    I’m glad, for this constant school flopping is not right.
    I agree with westky, if he was going to Trinity he would have been able to play. Trinity doesn’t bend the rules, the shamelessly break them. KHSAA sucks as bad as NCAA when it comes to playing favorites.

  10. abobicesaevior

    Let him play. Adults ruin a ton of things for kids.

    1. Luether

      The rules are clear. Why should people who don’t want to comply with them get a pass?

    2. michaelb

      What is the rule ?

  11. michaelb

    There has to be info that we don’t have on this