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Article written by Brent Wainscott

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9 responses to “Jonny David Clowns Nick Richards in the latest ‘All-Access’”

  1. Big Sexy

    Let me leave the non-pc answer. No Nick you did not back it up. 3 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 block in 25 minutes was nowhere near backing it up. But you weren’t alone Nick. EJ didn’t bring it either. Their two forwards had 19 rebounds, including 9 offensive. Nick and EJ combined for 5 rebounds. Thank goodness for Reid!!!!

    1. Bobbum Man

      They did what we neeed them to do most which was defend and step out on the shooters… I thought nick played great, basketball is way more than the stats. Sure they could have rebounded and done some things better but a win is a win I know it’s hard for some of you’ll but try to enjoy it instead of still finding something to be miserable and whine about

    2. Big Sexy

      He couldn’t score, he couldn’t rebound, he blocked one shot…but he played “great”? If you could see thru your rose colored glasses you would see that I’m just tellling the truth and not whining.

    3. Bobbum Man

      Yes because once again… basketball isn’t just about stats he played great defense on the shooters which was quite obviously the focus for this week… he did what we needed him to do to help get the win.. when has nick ever been a scorer? If u expected him to come in and drop 20 points then I don’t know what to tell ya, if u expected him to come in and grab 10-15 boards splitting minutes with EJ then I don’t know what to tell ya… and they play almost strictly from the perimeter so yeah he’s not gonna be blocking a lot of shots. It’s quite simple, we got the win, and u seem big mad

    4. Big Sexy

      He played 25 minutes. His numbers extrapolate to less than 5 points and 5 rebounds in 40 minutes. But yeah he was “great”. As I stated the smaller team was just as good on the boards. Nick and EJ got 0 offensive rebounds while Jackson and Aluma combined for 9. Playing 25 minutes against a smaller mid-major it’s not unreasonable to expect 8-10 points and 6-8 rebounds at least. That’s very reasonable. Their big man, Jackson, played 25 minutes and went for 11 and 8 respectively. Remember Kentuckys big men “are just better than them overall. The advantage is our way.” Well it didn’t appear that way except for Reid.

  2. DelrayCat

    Unless it is a lob, nick just doesn’t have very good hands. He also tends to bring the ball down low and is constantly getting it slapped away by smaller players. He needs to watch Bam play for Miami. He always keeps the ball high so guards can’t slap it away.

    1. catsarerunnin

      We love fans like you.

  3. BluKudzu

    Yeah, well….they are going to the sweet 16.
    Have you been there?
    If not then STFU.

  4. Dustin Rumbaugh

    Idc what happens…I LOVE this team and the access they’ve given the fans. If you think they’re going to put down their teammate…you’re crazy (and Jonny knew that). If you think Nick didn’t play a little better as far as knowing where he needed to be…then you don’t realize how much of a team effort it was to hold them to the scoring we did. Someone shying from Nick in good position in the paint is just as good as a block out of bounds. Block out of bounds let’s them get a set play. He’s not great. But he did play good and battled through what most of us would have went to the hospital and made an insurance claim against our employer for. Love your team!!!