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John Wall makes it rain in Washington DC

Saturday was a good night to be around John Wall. Watch Wall make it rain at Stadium, a nightclub in DC on Saturday night. (H/t to Anthony Wireman)

The aftermath:

That max contract seems to be treating him well. If you can correctly guess how many dollar bills there are on the floor, I’ll give you a gold star.

(I have no idea how many dollar bills there are on the floor.)

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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31 responses to “John Wall makes it rain in Washington DC”

  1. mocha

    has nothing to do with anything but this kind of behavior is completely ridiculous. glad he has money but making it rain is the most idiotic thing that has ever become a thing. Open a savings account for god sakes.

  2. Steely Dan

    I always imagined it would be more glamorous. He looks bored

  3. Ralph

    My guess is 7 dollar bills.

  4. Bubba Earl

    Hope he learns from Antoine Walker, but in reverse.

  5. Grammar King

    I second the above comment. “Making it rain” is a classless move that should be reserved for thugs and gangsters. He should stick with givings millions to charity.

  6. manlySmell

    #1 No, money is ridiculous. I think John Wall is an emerging political hero.
    Also…… I’m going to go with 11 dollar bills

  7. RJ

    To those hating on making it rain, I give you Bad Grandpa:

  8. Wedding Planner

    Very saddened to see this from Wall. Very.

  9. Garrett

    This is incredibly stupid.

  10. BlueDeuce

    Not exactly the image of a “model citizen”…but it is the exact image of today’s youth. Sad and disappointed in JW.

  11. Blackhawk

    Really this is just silliness at the highest level. Nothing cool about it. So it’s cool to toss $1 bills at the peasant men and the cheap stripper women…is that what this is about? Come on John you’re better than that…well I thought you were.

  12. Facts

    Embarrassing for John and all of us who root for him.

  13. wow

    Totally stupid. Nevermind that “making it rain” is probably the worst saying to come from ghetto thug culture…. But why is it on KSR as if it is news? I know its hard waiting for football to start but surely we can find something else. I expect this crap on TMZ with all the Miley Cyrus twerking videos… so normal people with lives don’t have to look at it.

  14. Delk for 3

    Ashamed to see this behavior out of John Wall. He is doing nothing but making himself look like an egotistical and immature little punk. How about you take that money and pass it on to somebody who really needs it? Grow up John. I know you are a good guy but this is not a good thing to do.

    I also think it’s funny how you don’t see people grabbing at the money like they are too cool to get 1-dollar bills. I would have scooped up that cheddar in no time.

  15. Antoine Walker Jr

    Work it on John! I wish I had instagram back in the day so I could have documented my retarded financial skills.

  16. fb

    Who u wanna be? Jamal Mashburn or Antoine Walker?

  17. PhilUK18

    Stupid, but at the same time I’m not too bothered by it. Hopefully he makes better decisions financially over all and was just doing this to try and show off.

  18. Pacman Jones

    Yo, John. Hope you asked fo dat money back like I did playa

  19. UKBlue

    This has become so cliche making it rain; someone needs to watch ESPN Broke on a loop.

  20. bigcat76

    There are 0 dollar bills on the floor. She picked them all up.

  21. bbr

    very immature and arrogant move – thats the problem with very young people with huge amounts of money. Their money far exceeds their maturity and wisdom.

  22. bosshog

    I think this is a good look in the mirror for all of us. We live in a world where “capital” reigns, and it therefore makes perfect sense to make it “rain” upon all of the people (or at least some of the people) who the lottery economy has left behind. It is the same dynamic that makes celebrities out of morally vacuous and intellectually bereft people like, Kim K., Honey-Boo-Boo, etc. So, it is perfectly rational in its irrationalism….grab a few of those dollars, drink a little more “soma,” and hope to find a warm embrace for at least the night….it is the best that many of us can do…..the ghost of Marx hovers……but we don’t believe in ghosts!

  23. Musehobo


  24. Fake Antoine Walker

    And the countdown to living under an underpass begins now…..

  25. Stangluvr

    Why is he making it rain $1 bills?

  26. marshall henderson

    I would have put those GW’s to much better use tucking them in some stripper’s g-string with my teeth.

  27. Give me a racoon, please.

    Yeah, this is dumb, but “making it rain” with about $100 in singles isn’t going to break John Wall – jewerly, cars, boats, kids, entrourage, and “investments” are how these guys end up broke.

  28. kyeric

    I liked it when the Skee-Ball machine made it rain tickets when I was 7 years old.


    You make it rain by using $100.00’s he is just making it sprinkle!

  30. Rainman Raymond

    $247, definitely $247 dollars on the floor… Seriously? A multi-millionaire dropping a couple hundred bucks on the floor. That’s like me digging in the sofa for the loose change and throwing it at a homeless man on the side of the road on the way to work.

  31. The Wheels

    I’m mostly disappointed that he would go to a lame-ass ghetto club. Stadium Club is full of -2’s looking for daddy.