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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

38 responses to “John Calipari tells Jim Rome PJ Washington did not practice and hints at Brad Calipari’s future”

  1. Numberniner

    PJ looked good walking, heck he beat other players to get on the bus!!! PJ flirts with a triple-double on his return tourdebut!!

    1. Truth_Hurts

      This would be great. I think he plays Friday but I don’t think he’s going to play enough minutes. I imagine they’ll some what limit his minutes. Maybe 6-10 per half.

    2. snoopjdawg

      He will play a lot of minutes IMHO. He is in great shape and should be really fresh with the break. Reid Travis didn’t miss a beat when he returned.

  2. BigJohnC

    I think he’s just keeping the opponent guessing. Idk just a thought

    1. runningunnin.454

      Gaslight the Cougars.

    2. ballplayerstu


  3. BigJohnC

    Postpone it another day, that’s one less day of preparation. They’ll have to go with a two way game plan which will indeed make it more complicated anyhow you look at it.

  4. John Capilari

    Reminds me of watching the door for Cal in Memphis, except PJ actually came out!

    1. loosey101

      Only old school KSR fans will remember that! Haven’t felt that level of anxiousness/excitement since.

    2. Ridge Runner

      Damn if old school is watching the door for Cal at Memphis… watching Kevin Grevey hoist left handed shots puts me hanging out at the graveyard.

    3. runningunnin.454

      RR, just be glad you don’t remember Johnny Cox and Vernon Hatton.

    4. nocode96

      Don’t remind us rg

    5. Ridge Runner

      Yeah runnin’.. I hear ya. But those folks are “experienced fans”. Wink-wink

    6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Again, I remember Issel, Lyons, and Payne.

  5. Brutal Hustler

    Brad’s finishing his undergrad in just 2 years? That’s 4 times faster than Nick Roush finished his!

    1. BUCats

      This is Brad’s third year.

  6. a21CATSfan

    TJ is about 0-for-everything when it comes to prognostications. I’ll put my house on him staying, then. CATS

    1. Alex90

      TJ be like…..All signs point to him committing elsewhere and he even said UK is not an option but I feel good about UK’s chances and think he commits here soon

    2. Carcrook

      Who’s TJ?

    3. Carcrook

      Never mind

  7. gasman01

    I doubt Cal uses him unless he has to on Friday. Foul trouble would probably force him to if PJ can go at all.

  8. Swizzle

    Sack up Nancy we have a title to win.

  9. chrislarkey

    No one ever expected PJ to play, it don’t take a genius to figure that out.

    1. nocode96

      “It don’t” huh? I expected him to play. The majority around here did too. Your conclusive “no one” is provably false.

    2. 4everUKblue

      This guy says some stupid stuff. Don’t he? Haha

    3. chrislarkey

      No, not really. I do have a right to say what I think. If it hurts your feelings then sorry snowflakes, go color or play with play-dough.

    4. nocode96

      Such a response is expected. “Snowflakes” isn’t edgy anymore man. You can say whatever you want, and I’ll always defend you’re right to say it. But, do t get butthurt when folks call you on your BS. Grow up. Secondly, you presented something as fact that was easily disproven. You, and a certain chunk of American bigots need to realize your opinion on something doesn’t make it a fact, nor does you getting personally offended mean you can’t be criticized and called out for the crap you say.

    5. MrPioneer

      I’ve come to realize that people calling others “snowflakes”, are actually the “snowflakes” themselves because they can’t deal with other people disagreeing with them. So rather than forming a logical argument, they resort to dropping “snowflake” and believe they won the argument. Keep on licking those windows, larkey!

    6. ibescootch

      Yeah, I think a lot of us expect him to play, and have expected him to. I’m not sure why you’d assume otherwise. These comment boards have been a debate forum for this exact scenario, which means many people expect him to.

    7. chrislarkey

      A bigot, hahahahaha, I’m far from that and even further from a snowflake.

    8. MrPioneer

      You’re still a loser if “snowflake” is the best comeback you have. Truly pathetic, honestly.

  10. clarks

    If he can play he will. No sense in practicing when the more rest on it the better. Work it a little tomorrow and see how it responds.

  11. Larkin123

    This is too much…

  12. nocode96

    I enjoy this head game. Cal not PJ shouldn’t let anything be known. Why give Houston any type of advantage. Daily reminder that the fans are in no way entitled to full disclosure regarding injuries, despite what some of y’all seem to think. You’re owed nothing.

  13. bigbluecrazy

    Brad Calipari to UPIKE

  14. dballrb

    A pop in the bottom of his foot doesn’t sound good.If hes gaslighting great…If not,his teammates will pick up the slack.

  15. TheBIGGeez

    If he plays great! If he doesn’t then great. No one knows if he will play but him at this point. Would look really bad if PJ came back in action and UK got beat after after all of the “UK needs PJ” drama. Don’t get me wrong, I hope he is there Friday 100%. Just can’t get over all the comments out there about UK NCAA doomsday without him and now comments that Houston better watch out because “he’s back!” Hope we can win with or without him

  16. jim tom

    Hope so but just don’t see it happening.