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John Calipari Talks of Negative Recruiting


At his book signing in Northern Kentucky today, John Calipari talked a bit about a new phenomenon he is having to deal with after the return of players for another year. According to Aaron Huff who was in attendance, Calipari said that during a recruiting visit done by his Assistant Coach Kenny Payne, the recruit told him that another coach said Calipari “forced” Willie Cauley-Stein to return. Payne knew this to be incorrect, told Calipari and then called Willie, who told the recruit that not only was he not forced, Calipari told him to go to the Draft. Nevertheless, Willie made the decision to return.

An interesting tidbit and further proof that the crowds at these Calipari book signings get to hear all the good stuff…

Article written by Matt Jones

22 responses to “John Calipari Talks of Negative Recruiting”

  1. beansnbeer

    That accusation is the polar opposite of what Cal is about. How could anybody even believe that? I would believe a story where Cal forced a player to the draft before this.

    1. Nick

      In fact, he did force Cousins out. It’s scary to think how good that 2011 team would have been with Demarcus in the lineup.

    2. Jordan

      I bet Demarcus regrets being forced out 62million times

  2. Hayley's quadriceps

    It is a bit comical – the guy with all sorts of freshman who went pro is the guy forcing players to stay. Meanwhile, Pitino is stealing future earnings from his players and funneling it into their athletic program.

    1. Rick Pitino

      “Hey Russ, why don’t you avoid one of the least talented drafts in the last 20 years, when some fat kid from UNLV goes first, to come back for one more year to improve on your PG skills? Yeah, yeah, I know next year’s draft is so deep that you’ll be lucky to even make it into the Euro league draft, but who wouldn’t want a 5’8″ point guard!? Come on back, kid, our 15 seconds aren’t up yet!”

    2. Rixter

      Fifteen second Rick might become known as 4 year Rick, as he doesn’t let ANYBODY go before their 4 years is up. Rumor has it that he’s forcing Russ to come back as a grad student.

    3. Rixter

      in Rick’s defense, the PG skills he taught Russ will pay off in the league. What’s that you say? Rick didn’t let Russ learn the point? That’s so unlike Rick, he seldom lies. Unless his mouth is moving, I mean.

  3. Cincy Cayt

    Desperation. Hopefully that recruit sees negative recruiting for what it is.

    1. Seriously

      Sounds like he took some convincing if Payne had to call Willie to debunk it. But yeah, definitely not what Cal’s about at all. Players first is his motto.

  4. Matt Jones

    Every time a player decides to come back, I slow jack to my Cal poster on my ceiling.

    1. I Love It

      “Pardon me, the team I root for is irrelevant and I’m running out of stupid insults to throw your way.”

  5. Mass Confusion

    anyone know who the coach was that said that?

  6. Tej

    I hope the coach’s name is divulged. Surely, he knew a 17-year old kid wouldn’t keep a comment like that a secret.

  7. Jud

    Who has Kenny recruited since Willie said he is coming back?????

  8. Bubba Earl

    I would say Jalen Brown or Doral Moore, 2 players he has talked to since Friday, now just research who has offered and you will find the scum, both from Georgia.

    1. TravisC

      According to 247, 3 schools have offered both players: Auburn, Maryland, and Louisville. Moore also holds an offer from Indiana FWIW.

  9. Ten loss Cal

    at lease he haves time to shave his legs…sugar pop

    1. Dude can't even construct a coherent sentence

      Who is this idiot and why is he still here?

  10. Huff

    Hey! I made KSR!

    The book signing was cool. Cal looks exhausted, but was very personable with the crowd. There was an awesome exchange between he & a 90 year old lady (he had the crowd applaud her & told her a funny story about three old guys he met in a park & their tips to longevity)

    Some interesting bits:
    Hip replacement is scheduled for May 2
    He talked about staying at UK until he felt he wasn’t 100% in helping kids succeed to the next level
    He told the story about Payne having to call WCS to verify Cal had advised the draft, not forced back
    He talked about the NCAA food rule (don’t give em peanut butter on that bagel!)
    Dude needs a week long nap

  11. Megan

    If Cal tells you that you should enter the draft, imagine how difficult it must be to say “no.” That takes a lot of perspective, confidence and maturity. So it’s not surprising Willie did just that.

    I hope Cal is making it clear that his opinion is simply one more factor to consider, and that he’s not pressuring his kids one way or the other. It’s their decision, not his.

  12. Charlie Waite

    So he gets trashed for recruiting one and dones, and players not staying in school….then a player decides to stay, and he gets trashed for forcing him to stay?……

    Haters gon’ Hate…..

  13. Bill

    How could any coach force a kid to return? If he wants to go to the NBA or even quit playing no one can force him to do so – not that they would want to anyway. What kind of a relationship would the coach have then?