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John Calipari scheduled for (another) in-home visit with James Wiseman

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John Calipari has been on a recruiting tear over the last week, picking up commitments from five-star prospects EJ Montgomery and Ashton Hagans.

He also fit in visits with top-rated juniors Keion Brooks and Matthew Hurt. And then set up visits with Vernon Carey and Tyrese Maxey.

And guess what? That grind isn’t stopping anytime soon.

According to recruiting insider Pat Lawless, Coach Cal will be in Memphis for an in-home visit with James Wiseman on April 16.

Immediately after the news, Wiseman released a tweet with the following picture…

There have been rumors that Wiseman will indeed stick in the class of 2019, and he has regularly told reporters that he plans on playing another season at Memphis East High School.

Still, though, Calipari is going to continue to push for a reclassification to 2018 and commitment to Kentucky. At the very least, there are rumors Coach Cal has talked to Wiseman about transferring to another prep school, with Findlay Prep being the most discussed option.

I don’t care what year he’s a Wildcat, he just needs to end up in the right shade of blue and white when it’s all said and done. Get him away from Penny Hardaway and Memphis.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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23 responses to “John Calipari scheduled for (another) in-home visit with James Wiseman”


    Yep, it definitely sounds like Cal is afraid Penny will get his hooks in J.W. if he doesn’t stay aggressive….especially if he really is pushing for him to leave TN for another prep school.

  2. SuperTroy18

    I don’t care what season we get him either; we’ve just gotta have him. Of course, being the final piece to next season’s megateam would be sweet.

    1. Ez21

      Getting him for 2 yrs would be unbelievable.

  3. Angelo

    In Cal We Trust!! Genius!!

  4. unbridled

    Just curious as to why we think coach cal is wanting everybody to reclassify? Who is going to be left in 2019? Might we assume that coach cal thinks the one and done rule will be lifted in the next year? In cal we trust.

    1. Han

      I think it honestly has more to do with Duke getting guys to reclassify and specifically getting some guys that we were once considered favorites for. Cal’s gotten a couple reclassifies the last few years, but right now K might swoop in and get a guy last minute who decides to reclassify after Cal’s already recruited someone else to fit that hole. I think he’s tired of that.

    2. Aar

      I think it has to do with the ability to do a summer travel program to bring the team together before the season. It would be like Big Blue Bahamas before the 2014-15 season.

    3. ukjaybrat

      what Aar said. get these highly touted guys in now, take the summer trip, repeat of 2015 season. this will probably be his MO in another 4 years as well.

  5. Han

    Whatever picture Wiseman tweeted has been deleted.


      Did anyone see the tweet before it got deleted?

  6. Catscats23

    Has anybody noticed that since the FBI practically put an end to bribing players Cal has gotten back on top of the recruiting game? Don’t think that’s a coincidence! They gotta cheat to beat Cal!

    1. Duuuuuude

      Wow…..yes, a keen observation.

    2. ScottGreene22

      Think Puke lite a fire under him too

  7. TB112162

    Unbridled the NBA and Union Contract isn’t up until 2020 so the one and done rule would not change if it does till 2021-2022 don’t see the union agreeing to anything unless they get something in return

    1. ukjaybrat

      they can change things in the middle of a contract. jsut doens’t happen very often.

  8. AllBall

    Wiseman would essentially be signing up for two yrs at UK so ultimately it wouldn’t effect 2019 other than class rating.

  9. UKLugo

    Love them both, obviously; but I’d take Carey over Wiseman.

  10. Jiminy Crickets

    Just a thought…
    When cal got here he said “if I’m still here 10yrs from now, something went wrong”
    After the 2012 title he said “I want to win a title with a team that starts all freshmen, and I ent to coach a team that goes 40-0”.
    He said “I want to coach my son”, and most people believed he be here until Brad graduated (Brad can graduate THIS year).
    Could Calipari be building HS super team of freshmen to complete his own stated goals before he steps down?

    I seriously doubt it, I think he’ll stay until K retires, but it does seem strange how suddenly aggressive he is. The Zion thing happened a few months ago, it’s only about 3 weeks that Cal has been on a tear

    1. Alex90

      Also he had to wait for the recruiting season

    2. UKLugo

      If he goes 40-0, I think he steps down. If he wins another title, I think he steps down.

    3. Big Blue Genius

      Brad cannot graduate “THIS” year. He might be able to graduate after his third year in 2019. But your overall point remains. If Brad is out after NEXT season and we go to another Final Four (perhaps even if we don’t)…. Cal is likely gone. And it was a good run.

    4. UK Fan In Nashville

      I feel like all of this reclassifying signals this might be his last year. Leaving not much left to recruit for 2019. Maybe I’m just paranoid here.

  11. Alex90

    That’s when the season ended.