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John Calipari says Jarred Vanderbilt practiced today and looked great

Thought Josh Allen’s news was awesome? How about some breaking news for the basketball team.

On tonight’s John Calipari Call-In Show, Coach Cal said Jarred Vanderbilt practiced for the first time today, and looked great in the process.

Calipari said he wasn’t sure when exactly he’d be back, but he said he was very physical today and would be a big help when he suits up for the Cats.

The Cats always seem to be missing one key piece when they play, and I think they may have found it this afternoon.

Let’s do this thing.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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41 responses to “John Calipari says Jarred Vanderbilt practiced today and looked great”

  1. Jon Gilbert


  2. J-Dub421

    Good, now hopefully our fan base will shut up about it.

    1. wyatts1

      Seriously, dude if you don’t see the importance of getting this guy on the floor, especially now that coach has even said the importance of him then idk about you. Maybe your just a hater, either way it’s huge news and desearved the attention he’s gotten up till now from the fans gober

    2. wyatts1

      Guber* lol

    3. Luether

      We “fan base” will believe it when we see it – nucklehead…

    4. kuhlkat


    5. Booby Petrino

      lol wyatts why you going off on JDub? She’s just tired of fans complaining about how Cal won’t play him. You’re way off base here. And still can’t spell goober.

    6. J-Dub421

      Everyone wants Vanderbilt to play, myself included. I’m just not going to whine constantly about Cal not playing him unlike a lot of people. Also, Wyatts, you should be ashamed that you took two cracks at spelling goober and still got it wrong. Please learn the difference between your and you’re as well.

      Luether, you have knuckles, not nuckles, the word is spelled knucklehead. Maybe you should stick to shorter words you know how to spell.

    7. urincatland

      😂😂😂 J-Dub421

  3. BlueHeaven

    Cal said he changed the way they practice and that he will change the way they play, he never said Vanderbilt would see the court in a real game scenario so until I see him on the court after an actual tip off I’ll wait on getting excited.

    1. BBNDan7

      Boy you seem fun

    2. KYcats11

      If it changes the way they play, I would assume he plans on playing him.

    3. Han

      Pessimism for now is probably the best approach so people don’t go attacking him for not playing. Right now, we should just assume he’ll push the guys in practice like Diallo did last year, and by pushing them in practice, they’ll improve on the court.

    4. Catlogic15

      So if he were that much of an impact in practice, then is it wrong to assume he’ll play this weekend? Can’t dominate practice and not play. Cal wouldn’t have been that positive otherwise.

  4. KYcats11

    Great News! Here comes 9!

    1. jim tom

      Easy now

    2. KYcats11

      I was kind of joking about the 9 part. But yes, this seriously good news, and if inserted into the line up, should help us make a deep run come March.

    3. jim tom

      Agreed need him bad

  5. TB112162

    BlueHeaven your so positive

    1. BlueHeaven

      What did I say that wasn’t true? Has nothing to do with being positive or negative. How many times did Cal talk about how good Hami looked in practice last year and that never amounted to anything

    2. BBNDan7

      Blue- those are two entirely different situations. Hami never was, or even had the intention, to play. Let people enjoy things

  6. makeitstop

    If they go 7-2 through February they’re good. That’s as rough a 9 game regular season schedule as we have had in awhile. Let’s see them win at least 5 in a row in there and then I believe they could make some noise with a couple breaks in the tourney. If Vanderbilt comes back, it’ll take a few games to get them clicking and someone’s going to get their feelings hurt losing minutes (too bad).

    1. Duuuuuude

      They are not clicking now, so I don’t see how Vanderbilt will mess up the team chemistry. Maybe this will change things. Would have been nice to have Baker this year.

  7. Booby Petrino

    This isn’t exciting. Because we know he won’t play this year, the ksr message board experts have already told us Cal won’t play him because he doesn’t know how to fit him in at this point.

  8. Kat4Life

    Well OK Then !!!!!

  9. Han

    Hoo boy, could’ve used Vanderbilt in that last game, but if he’s having an impact on the team in practice, here’s hoping he can contribute in games. Even if it’s just a few minutes or fouls on nights like the last game when illness, injuries and foul trouble have us down.

  10. Han

    Also, given that our most dependable five for Cal right now doesn’t include Knox or Diallo (SGA, Green, Gabriel, Washington, and SKJ or Richardson), I’d say there’s playing time available even for someone months behind.

    1. Bobbum Man

      What’s a Richardson?

    2. Han

      Sorry. Richards. Typo.

  11. Angelo

    Cal is teasing…

  12. Jiminy Crickets

    would be incredible if true, but as much as Cal has gotten on Knox in last week for “toughness”, I feel like he may be pulling a little Zen Master motivation. Either way, if it works, I’m all for it

  13. Alleykat16

    Great news this is what this team needed now we got somebody that can man up in the low post

  14. mikeintn

    This is great, he may just be the one to get a fire going, a jump start, seems like they just need someone to bring some new energy and a little confidence. Don’t think Cal will put him in a tight game, wouldn’t be fair to Jared, I’ll be looking for him if we get up in a game, be no pressure on him. I’m happy just thinking it’s a possibility.

  15. KYjellyRoll

    Great news for this kid. Whether he suits up in a game this year or not. Good for him. Maybe good for the team. Go cats

  16. Aar

    Looking forward to welcoming Vanderbilt to the party as soon as he’s ready! As good as the current team is, an additional player with a unique skill set will help change their look. A few possessions a game of a different look helps any team (case in point – the zone and the various presses). I hope Cal gives him that opportunity as soon as he can give a few minutes at a time in sync with the rest of the team on both ends of the floor. They will only build from there.

    From his mix tapes and All-Star appearances, I think he’s truly as positionless as Washington and Knox. I saw him exhibit some (not all) of the post moves and willingness to bang as Washington combined with some (again, not all) of Knox’s midrange game. I’m looking forward to seeing what combination of his skills translate quickly the college game and which Cal, KP and staff need to pull out of him over time.

    BTW, the sky is not falling in my Big Blue world. I’m enjoying this team. Far from giving them excuses, with the exception of UCLA, each of their losses has come from experiences that were new and very challenging for each player and the team collectively. They have won more games like that then they’ve lost. I’m optimistic that this season’s journey will continue to be dramatic and fun!

  17. Kychopsticks

    Individual with a great personality and great skill could be the glue. Excited about the news. However; get him on the court to solidify the fans excitement. Could be a rouse to get BBN to rally behind our beloved team. Win win!

  18. ClutchCargo

    Is this The Tweak for this season?!

  19. ricko52

    Even if he can help the team Cal is not going to play Vanderbilt afraid he will get hurt.

  20. Miller45

    depth=effort and completion for play time. sometimes the best teaching tool is being able to sit someone on the bench, a luxury that hasn’t been too available so far

    1. Miller45

      ** competition, screw off autocorrect

  21. plumloopy

    Ohhhh… Will Smith came up with failing fast. He just doesn’t get enough credit.