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31 responses to “John Calipari once again shoots down home-and-home series with Indiana”

  1. 2Dogs

    How about something with Detroit Mercy?

    1. FakeDickeyV

      Are they allowed to play a WNBA team?

    2. Mark D

      FDV you should change name to Fake Drew F. Drew used the WNBA reference this morning on KSR.

    3. Look Out Fireworks

      Oh! BURN!! You got them good, Fake!

      Oh the zingers we get in these comments!! They crack me up!!

    4. N-UR-i

      Ha ha. Look out fireworks said what I always think. Too funny.

  2. eddiesuttonsliver

    brace yourselves. grumpy old dudes, indiana fans who think calipari is afraid and their program is still relevant, people who have the popcorn box the watford shot is on, dick vitale, and a bunch of other goobers just felt a great disturbance in the force.

    1. Memphis UK Cat

      Exactly, we almost punched a few Indiana fans to get out of that s hole place.

    2. J. Did

      IU fans have damaged egos. It is sad. CAL is just trying to provide the eager want. Why would KENTUCKY enter their racist ‘death’ palace? INDIANA fans = racists, evil, spiteful, belligerent, foolish, bullying, lame-ass bunch of wannabes.

  3. Look Out Fireworks

    Fine by me. We don’t need to play indiana.

  4. nellis234

    I mean, we already play a bunch of mid majors, why add another?

    1. RealCatsFan

      That is a major insult to mid majors everywhere.

  5. ukwildcat1991

    At this point, who the hell cares. Home and home series blah blah blah. Cal thinks one thing, Indiana thinks another. Neither of them are wrong or right. they both think they are right. Just go play the game and stop comparing who’s d!cks are bigger lol

  6. wildcat wayne

    Indiana needs UK, UK doesn’t need them! They’re irrelevant and have been for quite soom time.

  7. Bruce Dickinson

    Indiana is no longer a blue blood. We don’t need to endanger our players by going to Bloomington.

  8. CatfaninCinci

    I remember reading a story about an IU student dumping a beverage over the head of a special needs UK fan who happened to be in Bloomington after Watford hit the most important shot in IU history.

    Everything that has happened to IU since, the meteoric fall back to irrelevance starts with Crean ending that series. I take great joy in the fact that such classless fans have to watch that smoldering dumpster fire year after year.

    1. krautdog


    2. riandri

      Agreed as well. My nieces, in their mid-20’s were at the last game and were scared. The stories they tell point clearly to IU fans being assholes (yea, I’ll say it)!

    3. J. Did

      Well stated CatfaninCinci. I concur with krautdog and riandri. Some of my best friends happen to be IU fans, who pridefully boast of their hate for KENTUCKY, all the while drinking Kentucky Bourbon. It always brings it out. And I laugh and turn the other cheek – because I don’t hate IU. I feel sorry for them. Nothing I can do about their loss of program and soul. They’re still my friends. But their hate holds more disdain for UofK than my Louisville friends. Which is delightful.

    4. notFromhere

      So well said, Cinci!

  9. runningunnin.454

    Not going to happen, Loosiers; IU would have to offer remedial classes in manners and sportsmanship.
    Why should we play them, at all; they had nothing last year, and their recruiting class for next season is ranked 55th in the nation?

  10. RealCatsFan

    Any way someone could teach Nick or EJ to block shots like that?

  11. mashman 93

    We don’t need Indiana.

  12. scwhite9

    My Memphis friends are convinced UK will play a home/away game at Nashville every year. I told them that would never happen. It would only benefit Memphis. Just because Penny wants it does not mean it is happening.

  13. KyZoneBlitz

    It wasn’t just how terrible the fans treated our players the entire game.., the refs handed the Hoosier inbreds the game…. we also lost to vandy in the SEC title conference game, and I won’t make excuses, they played a great game and beat us… no ways around it, hit big shots, played good D, we lost, but that game at indy…. it was lost before we tipped off…. and I think that, on top of the fans, and I agree with Cal, I wouldn’t go back there either, because even coming to Rupp, we wouldn’t treat their players the same way…. neutral site makes sense, if they don’t want it, too bad….

  14. CatsfaninFL

    I lived in Indiana for 4 years. Don’t give them anything. They have a hatred for us that I just cannot understand or explain. We owe them nothing.

  15. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    There’s places here in Indiana that still has more UK fans than IU, there’s places that have as many Little Louis fans as IU, and then there’s places with 50% UK fans 25% from all over 15% who don’t care for sports and like 10% IU fans. SW Indiana is the later.

  16. samodamo

    I say play the game. Make them accountable if they can’t handle their fans.

  17. samodamo

    I say play the game and make them accountable if they can’t handle their fans.

  18. hollcat

    If we’re going to play a team from Indiana there are better programs than IU. Purdue, Norte Dame, Butler, Ft Wayne for example.

    1. J. Did

      I can recall in the 70’s the rivalry with Notre Dame. It was awesome. Digger Phelps vs. Joe B. Hall. I remember nemesis Kelly Tripucka’s highlights. I recall the Dwight Lightening theatrics. Back in the day; and now we have the good old days, better.

  19. wadmalawcat

    I hate IU as much as the next Cats fan, but to say we have home and homes already is incorrect. Outside of conference, little brother is our only home and home.