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11 responses to “John Calipari officially signs new 10-year contract to retire at Kentucky”

  1. Headhurts


    1. J. Did


      John Calipari is my hero.


      CAL goes to mass every day. Despite how busy….wow!

      Just WOW!

      That’s awesome!

      On my bucket list…..when I retire….mass, daily.

  2. Bruce Dickinson

    He will be a hard act to follow.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Yes sir…

  3. nicky

    Mitch sounds quite a bit different now than when Cal was first hired

  4. CalsCats3.0

    Smoke and mirrors. All of Cal’s contracts have no buyout on his end. No one ever worries about UK firing him. The concern/rumors has always been about Cal leaving on his own accord.

    I’m assuming this contract still allows him to do this. I think he retires here but this contract hasn’t changed anything.

    1. DelrayCat

      Cal like many powerful people want to maintain their integrity, image, and legacy. Although you are right about this contract not truly being binding…it does create a public perception that if he breaks early will tarnish all that.

  5. mashman 93

    In Cal we trust. Kentucky Basketball is the gold standard like it or not.

  6. Dark Soul

    i want him here longer than 10 more years

  7. 1ukwildcatfan

    I would like to see Coach Cal stay longer than 10 years but I also realize what a stressful job it is. I only hope that he will choose someone with plenty of time to groom to be the next coach when the time comes for him to retire.
    #BBN #GoCATS

  8. DelrayCat

    I can’t imagine Coach doing anything but coaching. What is he going to do at retirement..say in 5-6 years and at age 65?? Grow tomatoes, golf and fish? Heck no….he’s our coach for a long time to come yet. Now, he needs to begin to chill with all the game-day yelling or he’s gonna have a heart attack on the sidelines. I see him mellowing out a bit in the next few years. As long as he keeps good assistants and has that private jet..recruiting is easy for him.