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23 responses to “John Calipari named semifinalist for Naismith Coach of the Year”

  1. StillBP

    well deserved. Deal with it BoB!

    1. BigolBlue

      35 draft picks. 1 title. Countless shake your head losses in the tournament. Anyone can coach with that talent

    2. chris43

      Where’s ole Jay Wright and Nova at this year? Hmmmmm and here I thought he was THE coach among coaches!

    3. BigolBlue

      Oh Jay is at his house with his 2 trophies in the last 3 years

    4. catsarerunnin

      Well you got participation trophies every year in girls kickball.

    5. StillBP

      BoB you would’ve taken Cal’s championship team to the NIT.

    6. dcforuk

      Blah blah blah blah. Every great coach has horrible losses and horribly disappointing seasons that result in early NCAA Tourney losses. You choose to be a negative Nancy. I could spend the next 30 minutes doing research that I know is true that would demonstrate how the best and greatest of coaches have horribly disappointing losses in the NCAA tournament but it would be a waste of my time to research something that I know is true and that everyone else including yourself knows is true!

  2. bigbluebanana

    But he’s such a terrible coach!!!!

    Bigolblue and mashburnfan please speak out against this terrible injustice.

    1. sivart88

      Jimmy dykes talked about it during a game on ESPN and jay bilas talked about it being absurd him not at least being on the list…..that may have helped…..God knows the committee didn’t have a change of heart

    2. StayBlue

      sivart, yes.

    3. KatFan48

      Bigolblue aka lilolchicken is probably having a coronary. I’ll post for him. “Cal on Coach of the Year list!! THE SKY IS FALLING. THE SKY IS FALLING”

  3. Ridge Runner

    Ok.. so he didn’t even appear earlier.. he is now umm.. a semi finalist… so.. if you… they musta… oh da hell wit it.

    1. Ridge Runner

      I need this committee to help me with national clearing house.

  4. DelrayCat

    Any chance…any chance at all that Calipari could be offered the Lakers job? Maybe to entice AD to come to LA. Then maybe Luke Walton to UCLA??

    1. bigbluebanana

      No. New Ireland management has flat out said they’re not even going to consider trading AD to LA. They said they’ll deal with every other team. AD still has another season before he’s a free agent. They aren’t going to get a title, even if AD goes there in free agency in a year. LeBron isn’t done by any stretch, but he’s in the back 9 for sure. Kyries people quashed thecreunion talk, PG signed with okc, KD won’t go there to help Lebron win anymore…point is that LA isn’t going to attract enough talent to win a title.

    2. Ridge Runner

      To be honest, I don’t think any of us know the exact contacts coaches get from other teams in the NBA. So heck, anything is possible. All we really know is Cal has lowered media reports some the past couple years saying he has the best job in basketball here at UK.

  5. Ridge Runner

    General statement here but you see so many examples last few years it seems on information not getting vetted or proofread before being published. To leave Cal off an initial list is yet another. In this day & time where technology is so abundant, fact checking is now an accepted phrase, etc.. it’s really absurd.
    Passing thought.

    1. StayBlue

      What’s also appalling is the fact there is no explanation or apology that comes out.

  6. jaws2

    Nah, that’s not possible in this technology crazed gold rush to be first, social media, fake news world is it? How can that possibly be?!!!

  7. Han

    Frankly, Cal and K should always be in consideration if they have a ranked team given how many freshmen they have to work with every year, talented or not.

  8. Wade

    Few or cal

  9. UKinIN

    These awards go to coaches that out perform the preseason expectations. Based on that the strongest SEC candidate would have to be Will Wade. Oh wait …

  10. BBN3023

    Well, I thought Will Wade would win about 3 weeks ago.
    Never mind that.