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John Calipari is telling people the Twins are staying

(AP Photo/James Crisp)

(AP Photo/James Crisp)

We now interrupt Matt Elam mania for some interesting basketball scuttlebutt.  The Sporting News’ Sean Deveney wrote a piece this morning about the Harrison Twins’ draft prospects, and in it, says that sources say “John Calipari has been telling folks around NBA that his twin recruits, Aaron and Andrew Harrison, will not be entering this year’s draft.”

However, Deveney adds that another “source with knowledge of the situation” is saying not to count the Twins out of the 2014 draft just yet:

But a source with knowledge of the situation said the Harrisons should not be counted out of the ’14 draft just yet. They still are giving strong consideration to entering the draft in June, and while Calipari has influence, the family will make the decision. The Harrisons’ parents were strongly involved in choosing Kentucky last year, remember.

The Twins aren’t listed in Draft Express’ most recent 2014 mock draft, while Andrew comes in at #30 on Chad Ford’s latest Big Board.

Check out Deveney’s article in full to read more of his thoughts about the Twins.

[The Baseline: Are Kentucky’s Harrison twins ’14 draft prospects after all?]

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95 responses to “John Calipari is telling people the Twins are staying”

  1. dude

    I agree they should stay, but all it takes is a few good games in March and they’ll be gone.

    1. Jomani

      Totally agree. March Madness is make or break for players. Just look at McGary at Michigan. Was a nobody before the tournament, top 10 pick (if he had gone) after the tournament

  2. Dribble-drive high-five


  3. The CAT

    Feed the “D” League.

  4. One problem

    Another year won’t help if they’re still standing around the court with no clue how to play defense. One year won’t change low basketball IQ.

    1. JoeMoney333

      It always seems that the fans with the least IQ are the first ones to accuse others of not having any.

    2. Big Blue B-Rad

      I would agree with you. But look at Alex Poythress. He was just as bad last year if not worse. And he’s come back this year playing very strongly. I think the extra year could help them both.

    3. Hey Joe

      You’ve got to be among the three dumbest posters on this site. Go back to embarrassing yourself by posting marginally coherent rants.

    4. AaronGabbart

      Who are the other two? I would agree that old Joe isn’t too fast on the uptake, but I’m curious why you picked the number “three.”

    5. ATB

      I’ll take them back. I’m still not certain that Andrew is a PG. However, he is a heck of a basketball player. I personally think Aaron is even better. Andrew reminds me of a Point Forward and I would welcome him back and do think its better or his future as I think both could be a lottery pick in the future.

    6. theSkinny81

      So, we want them to stay more than a year, but if they do stay, they “aint gonna get no better”….. is that what I’m getting from the original comment above? SMH

  5. Rei

    Randle and Young (and even then I don’t think he’s that good) are the only ones who could go at this point. Will be glad to see the twins, Poythress, and WCS back again.

    1. Not so fast

      I agree that Randle and Young are the only ones that SHOULD go, but you are delusional if you are already counting on the twins, Poythress and WCS to come back. Daniel Orton is all I need to say. In late January of his freshman year, I bet you said “will be glad to see Orton back again”. Whether or not any of these kids is ready to be drafted is irrelevant. Have the Calipari years taught you nothing?

    2. Hayley's quadriceps

      Agree, those are the only two who should even consider going. Honestly, both of them could use another year to develop. Randle has been suspect against good bigs this year, and Young needs to iron out his shot.

    3. Rei

      Not at all. I didn’t care if Orton stayed or left. He rode Kansas’ dick because he didn’t get any minutes.

    4. Not so fast

      Whether you liked Orton or not, I am sure you could not have seen any way possible he would declare for the draft. And then get drafted in the 1st round! Readiness for it has nothing to do with it is the point. No way you can sit here in January and assume with your apparent certainty that the twins, or WCS, or AP will be back. If one twin leaves, they both will. Given Willie’s demeanor, not sure that he and Cal are getting along. And Poythress is actually starting to play hard in long stretches. Now to be clear, I personally don’t think any of the freshmen, even Randle, are NBA ready. But like I said, ready doesn’t matter, only potential does.

  6. Frew Dranklin

    That’s the freaking problem with this team…they are all worried about their draft status! Give effort and heart on the floor now and rest will take care of itself (just ask MKG). I hate to see articles like this because it just seems to me that these kids all believed the hype coming out of high school and they think that all they have to do is play one year of college and then make their millions….they don’t understand that they have to put in extremely hard work in practice now to get to where they want to go.

  7. Jomani

    Honestly I think Aaron could go just because he shows leadership and is genuinely good. Andrew needs to work on the attitude but I still think he’ll be a starting PG in the nba

  8. Casper

    we need Matt Elam to play point guard.

  9. Bradsd

    Randle and Young are the only ones that will have a chance to go and they should come back as well. Randle needs to work on his mid to long range shot and add a few more post moves to his little twirl move that everyone has figured out. Now Young on the other hand is likely the most NBA ready player his game will transition pretty well I think.

  10. AWAT

    I would love to see those 2 guys stay! I hope we can begin to keep a few guys around for 2-3 years. No doubt they have talent, just has taken a little longer than expected to get it going. Wish our fans would stand behind our kids and not jump ship so often!

    1. Biglaw Dawgin'

      True that. If our best talent stayed for 2 years, we wouldn’t be putting all of our eggs in the freshman basket each year.

  11. Chris23

    The Twins have absolutely no shot at the NBA. They are to heavy footed, extremely slow lateral quickness. Jumping ability is decent. I like many UK fans are a little disappointed in what we have saw from them so far but I still believe they can be pretty good college players, if they leave this year that means they were having no fun here and did not want to play for Cal anymore. But it’s there decision.

    1. Wow

      Your grasp of common grammar is minimal, at best.

      All credibility: lost.

    2. Jughead

      “have saw”? WTF???

      You should be slapped.

    3. schwing

      where decision?

    4. Chris23

      My bad, medical student here so grammar is not my strong point, credibility lost huh? only if you knew

    5. scot

      “if only you knew”, I think is what you meant to say. I wont even harp on your first post. seriously though, you read at a 6th grade level. I hope for the sake of people who fall ill that you are an idiot savant of some sort, should you graduate medical school. otherwise the bar needs to be raised wherever it is you go to school.

    6. chris23

      lol, thanks. If you want to visit my penthouse in new york city let me know.

    7. Haha

      “Medical student”

      ….And which community college are you getting your two year nursing degree at?

  12. 9 is fine

    Let’em go. If they are concerned with their (nonexistent) draft stock mid way through the season, their mind(s) clearly aren’t in the right place…give me Ulis, someone that will actually make the assembled talent around him better.

    1. Brad

      LOL…wish I could hold onto this comment until next season when you’re cussing Ulis and calling him the next Ryan Harrow.

      How dare they be concerned about their draft projection? You mean to tell me they’re actually THINKING about the millions and millions of dollars that could be on the table for them if they’re drafted in the first round? Get a grip man…you would do the same thing.

  13. Will Totten

    UK fans will blast players and coaches for the one and done culture but turn around and blast those same players when they aren’t NBA ready 3 months into their freshman season as well.

    No one wins.

    1. BeastmodeKP

      Well said Will. I completely agree.

    2. theSkinny81

      I agree. See comment #4…..

    3. Brad

      Agree. Reading the KSR comment section has made me realize that we truly do have the most annoying, irrational fan base in the world. Its sad but true. THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! FIRE CAL, HIRE RICHARD PITINO! HE’LL BRING BACK THE GLORY DAYS!

      I can’t take it anymore. Good buy, idiots!

    4. M

      “good buy, idiots’ hahaha. Seriously though, if you’re judging an entire fanbase because of comments you read on this website, you’re being narrow-minded, and I hope you don’t use this perspective on other issues. This message board does contain idiots, I won’t deny that. However, are they UK fans or trolls? We’ll never know. Additionally, I would guess that 95% of the fans don’t post online, and are rational. Judging an entire group based on the actions of a few is probably the same mindset that people like Hitler had.

  14. Wait a Minute

    I thought both Harrison twins said they “would be spending the next 4 years at the University of Kentucky”?

  15. bung

    seems like Joe B yanked all 5 starters once when losing to N Car, put in 5 subs and won the game

  16. bluecat

    And therein lies the problem with this years team. If their major “concern” is leaving UK asap and going to the draft (now) instead of returning for another year, then that has to hamper their oncourt play where its more important about selfisj goals then “team” goals. That article spoke volumes about what may be happening on this team….

  17. NBA "D" League

    Come and play with me in the NBA “D” League.

  18. idontflinch

    Remember, the longest period of time these guys have been apart is something like 24 hours so I would bet that they both come back if one is projected to be picked in the first round and the other is unsure if he would be drafted at all. I wouldn’t doubt if they both came back even if one of them is practically guaranteed to be a lottery pick but the other is not projected to go at all. Question is, will they both declare for the draft if one is a sure-fire first rounder and the other is told that there is pretty much no doubt he will be picked in the second round? I’m sure this is something they have talked about. Heck, if I had a twin and I was in their position I know it is something I probably would have talked about before we even got to UK.

  19. markky

    twins staying??? who in the world would disagree with that decision now…..we’ll see how badly they wanna get better if they leave after a decent performance in the tournament. silly discussion in my opinion but WORSE players have left early. 6’5″ pg- who can’t guard a statue on defense…. d league in 2months. 6’5″ sg- up and down performances in a WEAK sec….. won’t average 2 min/gm for the first 2 years. but money is money, even if it is in the d league.

  20. asdf

    As Archie proved last year, all you really have to do is impress one team enough to squeak into the draft, and then you’re home free (assuming you actually have enough potential to then back it up once you are in the league),

    1. D-Rock

      Archie only made it in last year because the draft class was weak, unlike this 2014 draft class. I don’t see anyway the twins would go first round this year. Andrew is in no way close to being an NBA point (or a college point so far) and although Aaron has played better – there are too many 6’5/6’6 shooting guards that do the same thing but better. I could actually see them as four year players, but wouldn’t be surprised if they try and jump this year. They’ll be in for some disappointment if they do.

    2. AnthonyBBN

      Archie’s game translated to the NBA as shown by his play during the Summer League. While he is currently in the D-League I am pretty sure he will be back in Phoenix by the end of the season if not next season.

    3. Plenty

      Archie is already back with Phoenix on their roster.

    4. AnthonyBBN

      See, there you go.

  21. Kevin C.

    You don’t have to be a basketball guru…or even a basketball fan…to know the twins aren’t NBA ready, but that doesn’t mean they’re “staying”. I actually won’t be surprised if they transfer somewhere closer to home ; they look like lost little puppies when they’re on the court.

    1. asdf

      They’re really not doing all that badly when compared to freshmen who are not already NBA-ready freaks like Wiggins or Randle. Obviously they aren’t ready to be mentioned in the same breath as this years’ super-freshmen, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on them. There have been dozens of freshmen at UK who have done a whole lot worse and still went on to be NBA players.

    2. asdf

      What we are really missing is the steadying influence of some upperclassmen who truly contribute. Darius, we miss you!

  22. inside info

    Isn’t it a little early to be discussing this? Most players lie to us and say they haven’t even thought about it until after the tournament is over.

  23. Orange Julius

    Well said bluecat, well said. Pretty much sums all this up, articles and talk about leaving when the season is still going on, instead of what are we working on to get better. No leadership here from these players. May “The Force” be with you when you exit this program. It is getting harder and harder on a daily basis to like this team.

  24. Syrin

    I am stunned. After a whopping 20% shooting performance with 50% of the FT, all the geniuses here kept telling me how great the twins were and that those wonderful numbers were highly desired at the next level. How about their incredible defense? Now you’re telling me that what I was seeing all along with the numbers to back me up are indeed reality? *GASP* I am fricking SHOCKED !!

  25. Big Brother

    I think most UK fans are OK with one and done guys IF they are truly READY for the NBA AND as long as they produced and won at a high level while here. Teage and Lamb no way should have gone but at least they gave us a championship but what did Archie give us? He gave us an NIT! I don’t think this team has what it takes to win a title OR even a final four so if my prediction is correct in that we reach neither of the two AND borderline players like the twins leave then I think most of the fan base will not be thrilled with Cal over that. UK fans will deal with the one and done but we better win at a high level.

  26. Mudcreekmark

    I’m telling you guys, the main problem with us is that we don’t have a true point guard, just like last year. Last night I watched Kansas and Iowa State. Tharpe from Kansas had 12 assists and one turnover. Kansas had 20 assists on 32 made baskets. In the Arizona-Stanford game, Arizona had 12 assists on 18 made baskets. In the North Carolina- Georgia Tech game, NC had 20 assists on 28 made baskets. Macus Paige of NC had 7 assists and zero turnovers. In our game against LSU we had 8 assists on 32 made baskets. Our “point guard” had one assist in 35 minutes of playing time. The number of assists don’t tell the whole story but it is usually a good indicator of team work. It usually means you are getting easy shots for your team mates. A lack of assists to me means there is way too much individual and not enough team in the way you are playing. When Andrew and Aaron was growing up, one of them had to be the point guard and the other had to be the shooting guard. I don’t think that Andrew became the point guard because of his point guard skills, it is just how it worked out. I think Aaron actually sees the floor better and plays the point better than Andrew does but neither is a true point guard. I actually don’t think this is something you can teach, and you sure cannot teach it in 9 months, I think it is something you either have or don’t have. You can improve some of those skills over time and become much better at the position but the ability to see plays before they happen and having great peripheral vision and awareness on the court is a god given talent that some people have and some people don’t

  27. Wedding Planner

    Would prefer that they leave and we get Rashad Vaughn.

    Vaughn, Booker, Ullis, Towns, Lyles, Poythress, Hawkins, Willis.. we’ll be good

    (Marcus Lee is not UK material)

    1. AnthonyBBN

      I’d like all three of them but I’d rather have two gifted athletes with a year of college experience under their belt than a single untested HS player. If I learned one thing from this year so far is don’t get too excited until they actually play a college game. The only exception for me is Karl Towns, he has actually played against NBA players when he was on the Dominican Team, sure it was one game but hey he has been on the court with real big boys.

    2. Brad

      You’re right, that’s a Final Four team right there. LOL what makes you think Vaughn, Booker, Ulis, Towns, and Lyles are so great?

    3. Real Cracka

      ^Because Ulis is actually a true PG and they make everyone around them better. Towns is definitely legit also.

  28. Casey1

    U have one bad game and people r ready for u to leave. Would not have beaten Louisville with them that is really all that matters

  29. whodat

    I pontificated a few weeks back they might be staying. Despite protestations to the contrary Cal still needs to get the best HS kids available.. However, I have come to think this should not apply to the point guard spot. It simply is too steep a learning curve for a one and done regard less of Wall/Knight et al.

    1. KevinGrevey35

      Dude these 2 are NOT the best in the country….Let em go to the D League – they dont care if we lose to Baylor – much less LSU……How can we recruit these kids….they are not that skilled…just tall and height alone can make you look like Superman in High School…..Definitely poor recruits – thanx Cal.

  30. Mike

    Hey, I would like to see the rules change to where every pro athlete had to complete 3 years of college if they don’t go pro straight out of HS………….They can earn a degree in 3 with summers and be somewhat more prepared for the pro’s and life after sports.

  31. Casey1

    U have one bad game and people r ready for u to leave. Would not have beaten Louisville without them that is really all that matters

  32. Jughead

    You guys are a bunch of neurotic chumps. Calm friggin down.

  33. schwing

    what’s this about their parents being involved in the commitment to kentucky? their dad couldn’t have pushed them towards maryland any harder.

  34. Fatcat

    Best recruiting class in college bb history and is 1 game better than that terrible NIT team we had to watch last year. Its pitiful the coach can’t make in game changes to help his team. It ugly bb to watch.

  35. Mudcreekmark

    Anyone who says they want them to leave are idiots. You all cry because you don’t like the one and done thing and want players to stick around but then when someone mentions the Harrisons may actually stay around, you want them to leave? Please stop watching basketball for your own good. These twins are really good players for freshmen. Are they perfect? Of course not, I just pointed that our in an above post, but if they stay at least one more year, you will see a big improvement in their play. They didn’t get to come in over the summer to get some extra work in and some instruction. They have been on campur since maybe August I’m guessing. So that is 6 months of coaching. How much better will they be by the time November rolls around next year? They both will play in the NBA, there is no doubt in my mind, so you are willing to run off two NBA prospects so we can bring in the next bunch of freshmen and hope and pray they are better? Idiots!!!!!!

    1. rahrah

      Well said except for the name calling.

  36. AnthonyBBN

    My only hope is that some of the most disgusting and crappy posters on here are just really UL/IU fans trolling, because otherwise they need to turn their BBN cards in.

  37. theWilkman

    The reading comprehension of some commenters is baffling. “…sources say ‘John Calipari has been telling folks around NBA that his twin recruits, Aaron and Andrew Harrison, will not be entering this year’s draft.’”

    What in that sentence, or the rest of the article if you bothered clicking on the link, said the Harrison twins themselves were thinking about declaring for the NBA? Nothing. They were overrated coming in to the year with regards to their readiness to lead, but if you can’t see that they have real basketball talent and don’t think Cal could pull a Poythress/Terrence Jones with an extra year, you can’t be helped. Also, there’s nothing in their comments or actions that suggests they are focused on their draft stock, not the team. All of you Chicken Littles need to take a deep breath. Maybe read a book or 2 and work on that reading comprehension.

  38. Chumps

    Most these comments are delusional. The twins are VERY talented and have very high ceilings to reach. We are lucky to have them. Any guard you put in front of Coach Cal is going struggle. Will they go in the draft ? Nobody can answer that question. They fell to pieces on the road against a team that was shooting the lights out. I would love to have both of them back next year, but I think they turn it up late in the season and they go to the draft.

  39. Hendo Blue

    Maybe they ought to hire a Fatcat to coach the team.

  40. Hendo Blue

    Thank you mudcreekmark.


    It’s in the best intrest of the twins to stay two, maybe even three years…. To go to the NBA would be very damning to their future… Clearly not ready… They need to mature mentally more than anything. Guys in the NBA would eat them for lunch…They need to find a way to play mean, if that makes since. I truly want the best for these kids. They made the choice to play here, regardless if their mindset was one and done in the begining… They are our kids now. As a true fan, one should support each player and their journey…

  42. InsideScoop

    Just get rid of WCS. He is a cancer to this team. Willie is the definition of prima dona. Just look back at last year’s twitter responses when things got bad. Who makes a bonnet out of a towel to cover their head. Please, look at me because I can’t garner attention with my sorry game.

  43. Real Cracka

    Funny how the empty headed comments above seem to think the Harrisons wrote this and are blaming them for worrying about their NBA status.
    And how Andrew is picked above Aaron I’ll never know. Aaron is a much better scorer and Andrew hasn’t even proven he can play PG at the collegiate level much less the NBA.
    Personally, I think they’ll go pro. The disappointing season and attacks by the “fans” will ultimately make them not want to come back. Randle, Young and Poythress will go as well. I wish WCS would go but the way he’s played he destined for overseas. He should have went last season. His stock has only plummeted.

  44. People

    I read the comments on KSR now just for pure humor and entertainment. All these basketball gurus really just need to shut up they’re gonna b**** about no matter what happens. I don’t think any of them actually realize how stupid they make their selves sound. I just don’t understand why the University of Kentucky isn’t paying them millions of dollars a year to coach their basketball team, these people are pure geniuses(sarcasm). It’s these people who give UK fans the name of being annoying and irrational, leave the reporting and analysis to Matt, Drew, TT etc. and keep your thoughts to your selves where people won’t realize how stupid you actually are.

  45. DCCat

    Can you imagine what Wall, Bledsoe, Rondo, etc. would do to either of the twins in a matchup right now? They are soooo not ready yet. Hopefully this is the start of a shift and more guys will see some benefit in staying at least two years. The NBA is already watered down enough.

  46. Peoplewhowork

    Sure we can start thinking as fans. I wish it was more obvious they were committed to the present and not thinking of the future. At this point their future is best served by another year in college. As has previously been stated, March will ultimately decide their fate. If they just learned to play lock down defense they could really up their draft stock.

    With that said, if they did come back for another year and made improvements similar to Poythress, Jones, or even Lamb we would be in great shape. That would also start a domino effect as the depth of the program will continue to build. WCS leaving would have left us with just Dakari at the Center. WCS stays last year leads to a likely Dakari staying next year. This will give us Dakari and Towns at Center. Imagine Davis staying a second year and having Noel and Davis. Noel then more likely to stay a second year which would have given us Noel, WCS, and Dakari this year. The level of hypothetical thought has been exceeded in this post.

  47. UKALLDay

    They both need to stay. I mean they both have big holes in their game. Honestly they are both shooting guards. Andrew Harrison is just not good at creating shots for himself and others, when he drives to the basket he does not keep his head up looking for open teammates he just battering rams his way through. Aaron is much better, but he needs confidence I don’t think he knows how good he is. He is way to timid, he does not trust his jumper and he is a good shooter. Both need to come back and Aaron needs to work more on his guard skills, I think he can be a better lead guard than his brother. Sorry BBN but no way this team wins #9 this year, their just not good enough.

  48. Mean Randy

    I think I would take pleasure in seeing Bledsoe and his biceps hammer one or two down on these Harrison punks.

  49. paducahfan

    We have 3 guards who all think they are lottery picks. When one does well, he takes lottery position money from the other two. So there is absolutey no incentive for them to make the others look good.Just the opposite. And you know what Stone Cold says!

    1. Biglaw Dawgin'

      No. No we don’t know what he says.

    2. Rei

      Something sexist and childish, I imagine.

  50. Chicago Chris

    Interesting – I would view them entirely different if I didn’t think they were leaving after one year. However, it’s far too early to tell. I would wonder if their decision is determined by the one with the lowest draft stock – they both go or they both stay.

  51. Shooter

    Next year will be Cal’s best team. These guys this year will make a run , but next years experienced team will be classic… no doubt!!!! If they aren’t I’ll give you my home number so you can rub it in!!!

  52. Cov

    The selfish play this year is awful. Maybe they should just transfer to some place in Texas !!!

  53. Biglaw Dawgin'

    This is the best thing for those two. For once, staying in college is actually in their best interest as well as Kentucky’s. For those fools saying they should go to the NBA or transfer because you don’t like them: you’re an idiot. They will mature and grow into the players they should be soon. Plus, we need a couple more PGs and SGs next year.

  54. Culver

    40-0 ‘next’ year…can’t wait!!

  55. Kevin Grevey

    I seriously hope that the twins go pro. Who wants these cry baby premas back for another year to mope and wine.

  56. Jordan

    Look where Teague is at in NBA, if he isn’t playing what do people think Andrew will do in NBA?

  57. A Uof L fan scared of the future

    Looking at the guards coming in next year, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to stay! And so the roster would look something like this: Ulis 5-9, Hawkins 6-1, Booker 6-5, Harrison 6-5, Harrison 6-5, Willis 6-9, Lee 6-10, Lyles 6-10, Johnson 7-0, Towns 7-1. Throw in one of these guy’s(Poythres 6-8/ Vaughn 6-6/ Gill-Caesar 6-8), look out! What would that be 10 future NBA players on one team?

  58. ls

    kinda funny all we worry about is the NBA