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John Calipari did not like Buffalo Coach Nate Oats’ “Whining” Comments

Outspoken Buffalo coach Nate Oats has not restrained his comments since his team took down Arizona.  Following the first round win, he made this remark about John Calipari:

“Calipari’s been whining about no experience, young, young, young, we don’t have that problem.”

When a reporter read that quote to Calipari during today’s press conference, he cut off the reporter before he could finish talking.

“Who said that?”

After the quip, Calipari cooled down and responded to the opposing head coach.

“I don’t know if it’s whining or I’m telling the truth.  I’m not whining about it.  I got a pretty good team, but I am telling the truth.  He shouldn’t tell the truth.  He should not even say it. Introduce them and don’t give their year.  That’s fine.  At the end of the day we gotta play basketball game.  Everybody’s gotta get in the ring and play.”

After Oats’ remark, Coach Cal is ready to get in the ring and fight for a victory.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

25 responses to “John Calipari did not like Buffalo Coach Nate Oats’ “Whining” Comments”

  1. maximumscott

    That coach is an idiot or a genius. Maybe he thinks Cal taking this game personal will reflect in poor game plan. I say he f’d up. His freshman are gonna run up and down and shove it down their throats. The players will defend their coach. Cal shares a relationship with his players like no other coach in college bball.

  2. Han

    Cal doesn’t whine about our youth. He just likes to remind the reporters and fans that his job is really, really hard because of all of the youth. He doesn’t get enough credit for getting teams full of freshmen deep into the tourney year after year. I don’t care if they’re all sure NBA lotto picks, it’s hard to get them to play defense, play hard for 40 minutes, not play hero ball, etc. Other teams with lots of freshmen have tried and failed. Only Coach K comes close to the success Cal has with this much youth.

    1. 4everUKblue

      And K is nowhere near as good at developing young talent.

    2. Miller45

      every year cal does this, you know “That’s what happens when you have a bunch of freshmen” and also takes shots at the NCAA for their seeding and its completely calculated and deliberate to stir up a world of s*it to get as many people triggered and tore up as possible, and people let themselves get pulled in hook, line, and sinker like clockwork

    3. ClutchCargo

      Miller45 gets it. Cal thrives on controversy and all that. It’s just how he’s wired.

  3. hitman72

    When will people learn to not talk shit before playing Kentucky.

    1. Miller45

      LOL That worked out real well for Wichita State last session, namely their big man who was going to shut bam down

    2. Miller45

      LOLOLOLOL omg I forgot a couple years ago Daxter Miles from wvu started talking all that crap, and not only did they receive a mega beat down, he didn’t score a single point and was hiding in a bathroom stall after the game????

  4. Epperson

    Well, good! You can say a lot about Cal, which Cal will just swag off; this was more of a shot at Cal and his team. Cal really treats these kids like sons and the jab at his kids will get Cal ready for this game. Go CATS!

  5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    He poked the bear.

  6. Kat4Life

    He’s leaving it all out there… stone unturned……guy beats a 4 seed and he’s John Wooden all of a sudden…….he’s a young guy, full of piss and vinegar, trying to convince his team that they are better than we are, because he knows that is his only chance. Mind you, they do have a very veteran team, but there is a reason our guys wear a shirt that says Kentucky, and a reason they all wear shirts that say Buffalo…..nuff said. GO BIG BLUE !!!

    1. vandzandz

      Well said

  7. bbnZach

    It’s over! This bum will get his stuff smacked now for sure! Cal has never lost to a mid-major at UK! (F Robert Morris) this reminds me of 2015 when WVU talked trash and added fuel to the fire!

    1. makeitstop

      I hope Cal says to him before the game “please tell ur older guys to go easy on my young fellas, they’re not used to these big stages… a*#hole”

    2. vandzandz

      And we all know how that turned out

  8. BBNDan7

    Do they never learn?!

  9. BeanS

    Cats by 90

  10. makeitstop

    Wow. So I guess he rulesd out catching us looking ahead to UVa…. well, your tallest starter is the size of our point guard, why would u need to sneak up on anyone? And If the guy doesn’t make it as a head coach, I’m sure all the coaches who are Cal’s friends and former associates wouldn’t hold it against the Nate’ster when he applies to their staff as an assistant. It’s called a coaching fraternity for a reason.

  11. ClutchCargo

    It’s on!!! Overlooking Buffalo was thing I was worrying about and this goofball just took that right off the table.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Exactly what you and makeitstop said.

  12. BamaBlue

    Cal has said it a lot but big deal. It is a fact so nothing wrong with stating a simple fact. I’m glad that idiot coach said that because it should get Cal and the team fired up. I hope the Cats destroy them.

  13. dballrb

    Gaurd the 3 well. (Which is one thing we do well)..Game..

  14. notFromhere

    Hope they all respond the right way. Freshmen and emotions don’t always mix well.

  15. KYJelly

    Calipari will save his jabs for after they win, because that’s what smart coaches do. If you talk trash and lose, that’s a bad situation. If the cats win, Cal will probably slow a slight jab about the comment, smirk, and that will be the end of it. Something like “I’ve got a great good of kids, they may whine a little (smirk), but they’re freshman”


    Coach cal should
    Be mad for people talking about him plus his team