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Jerry Tipton Starts Transfer Rumor, then Diffuses It

marcus lee

After the Herald Leader’s story today on me, I told myself that I would take a break from any criticism of anything Herald related so as to not look to have any bad blood (the article wasn’t all that bad…I expected it to be much more negative honestly). But then I saw that Jerry Tipton posted this story about rumors of Marcus Lee potentially transferring and I had to comment. Tipton began:

Going into the Belmont game Saturday, freshman Marcus Lee had not played in two weeks. He’d played only four minutes this month.

Predictable whispers about disgruntlement and a transfer elsewhere ensued.

Seriously Jerry? Where were these “whispers?” I run a large UK fan website, host a radio show with fan call-ins and spent (way too many) hours on Twitter every day and I literally have not heard one person speak of Lee leaving the team. So what was the basis for these rumors? Or were there even rumors at all? Then Jerry goes further,

Given that kind of wise perspective, what are guys like Marcus and Bryan Lee doing in a place like the Big Blue Nation? Excess and impatience mark UK basketball, which has become synonymous with so-called one-and-done players.

Bryan Lee dismissed the whispers. Gossip, which George Harrison memorably labeled as “the devil’s radio” in a song, serves no useful purpose.

Besides the classic Tipton-esque shot at the UK fans/program (when the Herald Leader’s main basketball writer says that “excess and impatience mark UK basketball”, it isn’t hard to figure out how KSR was able to fill the fan void in Kentucky), and the reference to a George Harrison song (staying very current), one could argue that the “what are guys like Marcus and Bryan Lee doing” is actually commentary disguised as “news.” I honestly have no idea what Tipton is talking about in reference to Lee and if he had spent any time with Marcus before the season (as I am sure he did during preseaosn interviews), he would know that Lee has always planned on being here for longer than a year.

My criticism of Jerry Tipton has softened over the years, thank in part to the fact that his role has changed somewhat. When he was the lone major voice in the media covering UK basketball, I thought his negativity was detrimental to fans and the program. Now, with many reporters and outlets, his negativity strikes me as a poor business decision, but one that allows another point of view in the UK media deluge. However today’s article seems beneath Tipton…referencing transfer rumors that don’t exist (at least that I have heard), while then taking shots at the program and fans that are your customer base. Just a silly decision from my point of view.

Article written by Matt Jones

52 responses to “Jerry Tipton Starts Transfer Rumor, then Diffuses It”

  1. JRS1972

    It’s just the parting shots of a sinking ship. In a world where print media is only as relevant as the size of the remaining population born before 1965 or so, the only thing they really have left is the pretense of ‘serious’ journalism.

  2. MtnCat

    So what else is new?

    1. notbillyg


  3. rainman

    I was born before 65, and I don’t read that CRAP!
    The only way to get rid of stupidity is to ignore it,
    it will go away!

    I ignore them all the time, but Loserville still sucks!

    1. Catcounsel


  4. A Nattering Nabob Of Negativism

    Tipton has become less significant with the boom of the internet. Who really goes to the Herald Leader for sports information anymore? You are correct that in a time when newspapers are struggling to keep afloat, Tipton’s negativity only exasperates the readers.

  5. Frank

    Akin to spreading rumors about kids getting kicked off the team

    1. Rei

      Except that really happened.

    2. schwing

      except marcus lee still has time to transfer. you win nothing, rei.

  6. Shelbyjoe

    Tipton is at the bottom of the barrel, fabricating “rumors”to get the uninformed to read his drivel. He is a relic… as relevant as one of richie farmer’s commodore 64s.

  7. Wise Monk

    JT is the gold standard for reporting UK sports. We should all thank our lucky stars he is part of the BBN. His oversight of UK Basketball is very important to the Commonweath. He is the needle for all of college basketball. JT is not reporting, he is the ” REPORTER”!

    1. Horse

      Idiot, MJ is not a reporter!!!

    2. Doak and Clagger

      It’s sarcasm….take a breath and just laugh

  8. mightywag

    Who is this Jerry Tipton?

  9. Tiptonisanass

    Jerry Tipton? Never heard of her.

    1. schwing

      just the worst elementary school-level insult attempt. people know women named jerry?

  10. Boogie Fan

    If this had not been mentioned here, I wouldn’t have even heard of it. That is how little I read from Tipton. It would seem like a no brainer to read the thoughts of the beat writer of the hometown paper, but the guy is now an after thought.

    1. JT

      Thanks Boogie Fan, a true believer.

  11. Want to Know

    When will the Podcasts be up?

    1. RSK

      Maybe tmw.

  12. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    Cue the “I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my point of view” sound byte.

  13. JT

    Love me or hate me, all hits count.

  14. PrintMedia

    I think KSR should steal all the pics they can fron the LHL…

    1. schwing

      they do.

  15. ibescootch

    Who’s Bryan Lee? He really must not be that good- I read a major UK fan website every day, listen to their podcast, and follow the program closely, and I’ve never even heard of him.

    1. BBN

      Marcus Lee’s brother.

    2. classof68

      Yeah, all of a sudden he starts talking about Bryan Lee like we should know who he is. What we have here is the pot calling the kettle black. (I’m sure us old timers will have to explain to Matt what that means.)

  16. binarysolo


  17. Gap Tooth Danny

    It gets harder all the time to tell them apart, Jerry Tipton and Not Jerry Tipton.
    This is one of JT’s signature moves; wild conjecture based on a hunch which then gets “validated” by asking an obscure (or anonymous) “Expert” what would happen IF the rumor (which was totally just invented out of thin air) were true.

  18. The Tooth Doctor

    I can fix that.

  19. Buckets

    I’m in my mid-30s and I grew up reading the Herald-Leader every single day for my UK news, and I always looked forward to Tipton’s weekly notebooks on Sunday. I majored in journalism at UK and work in the industry still, but I haven’t read anything Jerry Tipton has written and they haven ‘t gotten so much as web hit from me in several years now (probably since the advent of KSR).

    That, in a nutshell, says everything you need to know about the H-L’s downfall, which is in part due to Tipton. I couldn’t agree more with Matt that continuing to employ Tipton and allowing him to write this kind of stuff has helped speed the paper’s decline. It’s a TERRIBLE business decision to anger the people who are paying your bills. Covering UK should be a huge money maker for the H-L, but they’ve squandered that opportunity.

    1. Catcounsel


  20. KG

    JT is a regular poster on this site in case you didn’t know. He uses the alias “Wise Monk”

  21. $1.75 Tacos?

    Lee has not played because of a hurt back. You would think that someone that covers UK basketball would know that. Who does the H-L think is their target customer to buy their product? Not UK fans I guess. I know of no other business that has more of a disconnect with their market.

  22. LA

    Bottom line is Tipton is a low level douche in the sports news media. KSR on its worst day blows away the Horrible Leader and its sports writers. The dying newspaper should have him write a gossip column if he wants to write about fake rumors.

  23. Jerry Tontip

    Pulitzers don’t grow on trees. They grow on throwing garbage against the wall and hope it sticks.

  24. Gap Tooth Danny

    “However today’s article seems beneath Tipton…referencing transfer rumors that don’t exist (at least that I have heard), while then taking shots at the program and fans that are your customer base. Just a silly decision from my point of view.”
    Actually, why should we expect anything different from the folks who bring us Larry Webster and Joel Pett, just to name the number Two and Three worst wastes of ink at the HL (Jerry being number One). I understand the need for a free and vigilant press to keep tabs on the excesses of those in power…I just never thought of sports in general as being a target of investigative journalism.

  25. Kevin C.

    Um….it’s “defuses”, not “diffuses”. SMH….

    1. Buckets

      Wrong, smart guy.

      Diffuses – 1. spread or cause to spread over a wide area or among a large number of people.


    2. schwing

      you defuse a bomb. you don’t spread a bomb.

  26. bigblue091812

    I’m sure they didn’t notice but I quit purchasing that liberal rag a few years ago because of JT. I hope I’m part of the reason they go broke, tomorrow would not be soon enough.

    1. Beavis

      Yep, same here. Stopped taking that rag a few years ago. Nothing but an opinion piece instead of a “news” paper.

    2. schwing

      tell me the news vs opinion ratio on fox news, beavis.

  27. jpg

    I do not have a problem with investigative journalism (something Louisville does not have in its city), for it helps put pressure on a coach and their staff to stay on the straight and narrow. With that said, I can not stand Tipton and his fabrications/obsessive digging when there is nothing!

    The man criticizes UK for its one-and-done approach, yet instigates rumors of Lee transferring, even though Lee has always been about staying at UK for multiple years (It is almost like he is trying to put the transfer thought in his head). Marcus has had a small back problem, which has limited some of Cal’s usage of him, yet Tipton does not even mention that!

    Everyone should just ignore this man. Let him fade to dust.

    1. JerryWho?

      What annoys me about the H-L also. They won’t put Tipton’s name on the links to his columns. You think it it something interesting you ‘click’ and you doscover more tipton drivel and it looks like you just read his article. I’ve quit going to their website.

  28. holler baller

    I enjoy Mr Tipton’s UK notebook when I was younger. Now I don’t even read it. As a UK fan I’d like to read.something positive about UK, not a bunch of negative crap with some obscure reference to Jerry’s apparent man crush Woody Allen.

  29. donv

    When Jerry Tipton goes even the green flies and buzzards won’t show up.

  30. RealCatsFan

    If Tipton wrote for the CJ, Jurich would have him wearing concrete shoes on the bottom of the Ohio River.

  31. Monte

    has anyone heard from Marcus? would be nice to hear his comments. I for one think he should get more minutes than he is getting. he brings energy and speed to a sometime dull and lackadaisical team. also make an investment in his development for the remainder of the y ear and into next

  32. Dennis Smith

    I can’t believe that no one has used the classic description of Tipton’s article as a “straw man” story. This is a classic use of journalism that has been practiced for decades. That is, to mention something that has no merit, only to create a story to write about. Jerry, I believe, has even lectured about the use of the of “straw man” story in his occasional meetings with Journalism classes. And, in most cases the use of a straw man is considered to be unethical. In fact our own fine Senator just a few day ago made use of a straw man in a public outing. He first made reference to the IRS as being a haven for the radical left, then pointed to the solution as one of getting rid of the ACA. Tipton, perhaps not as evil but surely as guilty. I even wonder now if in fact Jerry may be past his prime. I mean surely he should have know he was not going to get away with this kind of stuff in Lexington – but he didn’t. That makes him more likely to be senile than evil.

  33. Probably some truth

    By the end of the season he and Willis will both be thinking about a possible transfer. If it wasn’t for having to sit out a year I’d say they would transfer. But that is what will deter them from doing it.

  34. Uncle Jesse

    Tipton sucks. Plain and simple. Needs to retire