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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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15 responses to “Jemarl Baker has been upgraded to “limited,” season status still in question”

  1. BlueWildcat_99

    At this point I assume the poor kid has had at least three knee replacements and Cal just feels sorry for him.

  2. CoachCat

    It’s the same as Vanderbilt. He’s not going to play. The exact cause won’t ever be explained. Yada yada yada

    1. BallDontLie

      I think the main difference here is that this kid isn’t saving himself to go get drafted next summer. Not to say thats exactly what happened with vanderbilt. But, its not really the same. And the cause has been explained, even in this article, its knee soreness.

    2. CoachCat

      Just like Vanderbilt had a high ankle sprain right. Keep on dreaming. Knee soreness lol. Yeah. I know that would sideline anyone at this level

    3. bigbluebanana

      Coach, I’d be interested in hearing your theory as to what’s actually going on.

    4. BigolBlue


  3. N-UR-i

    Josh Pascal overcame cancer in less time.

    1. UKBaker24

      This is fantastic ^^^

    2. ClutchCargo


  4. Bigblue7982


  5. KYjellyRoll

    You can’t really compare these guys. Baker has a knee problem…I wouldn’t risk it either. You can sit and assume all day, fact of the matter is…he isn’t ready yet so cal isn’t going to put him on the court to hurt his knee worse or cost the teAm.

  6. Irish son

    I secretly think the kid is now an amputee but Cal is keeping it on the down low until he graduates

  7. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    Get well soon Jemarl. Most of us actually hope what is best for you and while we would love for you to get out on the floor and dominate we wouldn’t want it to come at the expense of your long term health. God bless and we look forward to seeing you in action over the next few years.

    1. JASUN74

      Amen. I think we must have more Doctors on this comment section, than they’ve got at the University of Kentucky Hospital!!

  8. Racerr11

    Yea we have some really intelligent fans …..not. Thank goodness theres only a select few that think they know it all. I hope he gets to play this year and wish him the best of luck.