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James Young says Rihanna is sweet, swears he wasn’t staring at her


James Young also made the rounds at the Draft Combine today, and predictably, was asked about sitting next to Rihanna at an NBA Playoff game a few weeks ago. The pictures are well-known by now, particularly the one in which James seems to be staring at her…tank top. Young swore to reporters that he was actually just looking at the ground:

It might have looked like I was looking, but I was looking at the ground,” Young protested. “They made it look like I was staring at her, but I wasn’t.”

Sure…anyways, James said that he didn’t want to bother Rihanna too much. “I talked to her a little bit,” Young said. “I didn’t want to sweat her too much with everybody around her talking to her and stuff like that.” However, when they did speak, James said she was “real nice” and “real sweet.” 

Because that’s what all sweet, nice girls look like.

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26 responses to “James Young says Rihanna is sweet, swears he wasn’t staring at her”

  1. Magnum's Mustache

    Rihinna forgot her bra and wore a see through shirt. James would have to be gay not to check it out.

  2. HUBER

    “I cant believe you guys have Rrianna’s nipples on the front page of KSR. I’M never reading this filth of a website again”

    Signed, Random KSR Reader From Last Week’s Ron Jeremy Post

  3. Rizzoli

    I admit that I’m staring at the lady in leopard print PJ’s next to Rihanna. Is that a coat or a reddy bear in her arms?

  4. Old Codger

    Thank God for Rihanna. My tallywacker hasn’t been this stiff since 1985!

  5. MikeMan

    Haven’t used the word “sweat” in a while. I’m putting that back in my vocabulary.

  6. Bassfan

    Looks like James gets to play with the “twins” again !!!!

  7. Michael Sam

    What’s the big deal here?

  8. Tennessee Wildcat

    I agree, not very impressive. Too much exercise and not enough cleavage.

  9. clipper

    Keep it moving folks, nothing to see here.

  10. Chris Brown

    She ain’t all that…

  11. Yep.....

    I would!

  12. Rihanna

    I represent, what exactly? I probably won’t be remembered in the grand scheme.

  13. My Info

    I dont care how famous you are. Dont ever come out of the house like that! Smh

  14. Big Blue Lou

    She is VERY HOT! I wouldn’t last a minute….

  15. I'm old

    Maybe I grew up in a different era, but I can’t help but look at this picture and think how ridicolous they all look. James is wearing black and white flower pants with boots with no shoe laces, Rihanna is wearing no bra and has a dollar bill purse and the other lady is decked out in leopard print. It looks like a scene from a horrible 80’s music video…smh

  16. KA in CO

    What the heck is the lady next to her wearing?

  17. James Young

    When you know you’re hittin that in a couple hours, why stare? Enjoy the game

    1. Luther

      Bobby won’t like that…

  18. Larry Wachs

    ……………..”way tuh go Ho”….

  19. NCAA

    This will definitely help Graduation rates, Mr.Young has earned a degree in something positive.

  20. howard stern

    Robin didnt have nips like that!!! R U gay, James? I’d have been in front of her on my knees just begging to stick my big schnoz between those jewels

  21. Gap Tooth Danny

    My lord, check out the size of those….

  22. Ho Lee Fuk

    Ain’t nothing wrong with looking James. Just say that you tried to be nice and not just stare.

  23. etownblue25

    Rihanna is smoking hot

  24. ==== PIX2CLICK ====

    ==== Floppy assed tits with very little definition, she needs some plastic to fill them out ……. round and perky ……. then you can go braless …….. beotch ! ====

  25. Blonde Bomber

    Girl’s built ok but has a forehead like Frankenstein.