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20 responses to “Jalen Rose says John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins played for the 2015 Kentucky team, Jay Williams and David Jacoby agree”

  1. michaelb


  2. BBNDan7

    Dang. Boggie played in college and for 3 nba teams while being an all star and rupturing an Achilles all in 4 years. That’s impressive

  3. KYjellyRoll

    They’re all completely clueless!!! They couldn’t have corrected him lol

  4. KYjellyRoll

    That’s pitiful

  5. binarysolo

    All’s I know is Jalen was on Chris Webber’s time out team.

  6. bbn606

    There have been so many come through here in the past 10 years, even the staunchest UK fans get confused. Don’t be so hard on them.

    1. IndianaSucks


    2. ClutchCargo

      These guys were on Cal’s very first UK team, and are NBA stars now. No way do they just blend in with the ones who have come and gone. So no.

  7. jimmer

    Do people actually watch that show?

  8. nocode96

    I’ll give Jay Will the pass since he’s the only guy on espn picking us to win it all.

  9. Wildcat Sheli

    Don’t tell Bilas, but Jay Williams said Zion’s last name as “Washington” the other night. Considering his own last name, I thought it was especially funny.

  10. DHBsr64

    Morons! No excuse…

  11. CoachCat

    It’s their job to know these things. FIRED

  12. addyjaxlarkin

    Why even waste your time writing this crappy post? I mean none of them played for UK or are fans of the program. Apparently you find yourself superior to them bc you have more knowledge about a college basketball program you are a fan of. We have had 30+ one and done players come through our program since cal has been at the helm, it almost seems like they all played together at times. Congratulations you deserve praise for the extent of knowledge you have about a team that you study and follow daily.

    1. BBNDan7

      They are suppose to be college basketball experts. Jay Williams especially. Congratulations on your unnecessary sarcastic comment.

    2. cats646

      Addyjaxlarkin= Jalen Rose.

  13. CB3UK

    The bigger story is someone watched ESPN for any reason other than a live sports event. Their programming is terrible.

  14. fireants25

    Good grief smh ha

  15. CahillsCrossingNT

    Who is more stupid, Rose and Williams or the people who watch them? I’d rather read a telephone book than watch those kinds of shows.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Agree. It’s even worse than having the Weather Channel on in the background all day.