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Isaiah Briscoe has the perfect response to a classic Jerry Tipton question


Isaiah Briscoe was one of the players who addressed reporters during today’s media opportunity, and when faced with a classic Jerry Tipton question, he had the perfect response. Tipton asked Briscoe how it felt to “be the lesser” guard in Kentucky’s backcourt while Jamal Murray and Tyler Ulis put up such big numbers.

Jerry: “Jamal and Tyler are putting up big, big numbers. You’re playing well, but your numbers are not–”

Isaiah: “Well, I’m not, I’m not–”

Jerry: “How does it feel to be the lesser of the three lights?”

Isaiah: “I don’t look at it like that. I think I contribute everywhere on the court. If I’ve got to score, if I’ve got to rebound, play defense — I just do everything. Like I said, Tyler and Jamal have been shooting the lights out of the ball and my assists have been going up, so I ain’t mad at that. I enjoy seeing my teammates shine. I think they deserve it, they work hard, so other than that, I’m just happy to be a part of what they’re doing.”

A+, Isaiah. Keep doing you.

Watch the exchange for yourself around the 4:50 mark:

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47 responses to “Isaiah Briscoe has the perfect response to a classic Jerry Tipton question”

  1. ukblue22

    Jerry Tipton is a classless, talent-less buffoon.

    1. BluKudzu

      UK has sold a lot of newspaper for the HL. UK creates most of the hits for The HL/ would cease to exist if UK sports pushed them out.
      Jerry Tipton is not providing hard hitting journalism excellence, and has not done so for many years. Keeping this guy around until he retires will further galvanize potential readers and fans from their media publications. If they want to allow him to retire, use him to edit stories not create them.
      He is not helping his long time employer remain viable in a market flooded with publishing of stories about UK Sports.
      Keep him away from UK Athletics.

    2. rabblerabblerabble

      BluKudzu: Do you actually believe that the Herald-Leader would cease to exist without Kentucky sports? You’re kidding, right?

      Lexington has more than 300,000 residents, many of which, believe it or not, don’t subscribe to the paper solely because of its coverage of UK sports.

    3. rabblerabblerabble


    4. JoeMoney333

      Lol if you actually think a large proportion of people even subscribe to paper to begin with. It’s going to die out by itself, Kentucky sports or not.

  2. me 3

    What an unbelievable hack! Why would he try to destroy team chemistry and Briscoe’s confidence?
    Because he loves others misery.

  3. secrick

    Oh my gosh, this man is such a dumbass. I am so pissed off at him for asking that question i would love to punch him right now. Please retire you idiot.

  4. RBT

    Why hasn’t BBN pushed the issue to get this man fired? I don’t wish ill of people but he is a clown who thinks way too highly of himself.

  5. dean winchester

    Tipton was looking for shade, but only got sunshine

  6. J-Dub421

    Well Briscoe was a lot nicer and more diplomatic than I would likely have been. Props to Briscoe and our PR/media people who train our guys.

    Someone needs to ask Tipton how it feels to be a crotchety old geezer who works for a dying form of media.

  7. beastmodekp

    Grade A Douche. He shouldn’t be allowed to speak.

  8. Go Deep

    Tipton makes me understand why a guy like Belichick answers questions that way he does. Isaiah could have just said, just doing my job or it “great” and then said next question… I really wish UK would deny Tipton access to the players. They’ve denied others access in the past, do it with this guy.

    1. catdaddyd

      They should deny him access to all UK sports. And while we are at it, the media should have to pay for tickets to games.

  9. bosshogg24

    Jerry…….How does it feel to be the lessor of all the people working at the Herald-Leader?

  10. Realme

    Tipton is too lazy to report on things that happen naturally, so he will try to create a story instead. Jerry will have had a specific article he wanted to write in mind before he even asked the question. “Briscoe says it’s not easy to be third wheel” or “Briscoe struggling to shine in the shadow of the other guards”. Hopefully Isaiah didn’t give him any snippet that he can take out of context and create a negative article.

  11. scwhite9

    I loved Briscoe’s attitude at the Women’s Clinic. I love his aggressiveness, his ability to get to the basket, the fact that he wears his shorts old school, and the obvious work he has put in on free throws. But, most of all, I love that this young man acted more mature than that buffoon, Jerry Tipton.

    Isiah keep on shining!

  12. Sentient Third Eye

    More convinced than ever that the “89 year old lady” was a fabrication.

  13. ClutchCargo

    That was a great answer, but there’s a part of me that wishes Briscoe had just played along with Tipturd and made him look even more foolish than he already does.

  14. wudro

    I do not know why those UK basketball fans living in Kentucky have not boycotted the Herald-Leader in response to the intentionally harmful, negative and anger enticing reporting by Jerry Tipton. I live in Florida and refuse to visit because of this one man. The Herald-Leader is UK’s home town news paper for goodness sake. It is not as if UK basketball does not have enough national media outlets looking for dirt or to stir the pot without its local press attempting to undermine it from within. Paper sales as well as website hits are what keep these guys employed. If KSR was truly tired of Tipton they would not post links to his ridiculous reporting which in turn increases his perceived popularity. The proper response to a goon like Jerry would be to ask fans to stop visiting and cancel Herald-Leader subscriptions until they remove the cancer known as Jerry Tipton.

  15. Willy

    Great response, Tipton is what he is & Isaiah is what he is, A CLASS ACT!!!

  16. sincitycat

    When I attended UK in the sixties I boycotted the LHL because it was so anti-UK and Tipton would have fit in well with that edition of the HL. I have never understood UK fans buying that rag.

  17. hweathers

    What a classless question! Sounds like he’s trying to start trouble in the backcourt. Try g to get the jealousy thing going. I don’t get the HL since I live out in the state. Must be a real joy to read his articles.

  18. blueballs80

    How is he even allowed to attend these events? Totally out of bounds. Classless tool of a journalist.

  19. jwild

    Pull his press credentials and he’ll straighten his ass up. UK is not obligated in anyway to provide credentials to anyone. I say you pull them at the end of this year so it isn’t a story during the year while the team is trying to accomplish their goals. He would not be missed.

  20. Biglaw Dawgin'

    What a dick thing to ask somebody.

  21. millertime98

    Clown question, bro.

  22. mahatma

    Somebody should teach the professional writer the difference between ‘lesser’ and ‘least’.

  23. postfeeder

    I love this kid! If everyone on this team has his attitude, the skys the limit! The way he defends, rebounds and passes he’s not far behind them!

  24. GroundControlToNumber9

    Tipturd has been the dimmest light in Lexington journalism for the past 30 years… and that’s saying something with Merlene Davis around.

    He’ll be dying soon enough… and the longer it takes for that to happen interestingly is just more punishment for him.

  25. JusSayin

    I’m like legit mad.

  26. Big Kat

    This borders on the personal attacks Cal talked about earlier in the year. I would hope the Coach will call him or his editors over this one. He’s a teenager Jerry.

  27. merle

    I hope Tipton gets an ingrown hair.

  28. Northfork

    My God what a prick he can be.

  29. BlueDew

    The U.K. Athletic Director can pull his press credentials. That question is clearly an attempt to cause disharmony among/between team mates. I’m not sure a boycott by fans would do substantial harm to the HL finances. It’s up to the athletic department to solve this ongoing negative journalism with any media outlet. There is a reason, unbeknown to us, why they don’t.

    1. inside info2

      Go to Fayette Mall on a weekend when the HL has a kiosk there trying to get subscribers. Ask the person working there how many times they hear, “I’ll subscribe as soon as you guys fire Tipton.” It’s a lot. I have heard it a couple of times just walking by. The fans are already boycotting.

  30. 2thepoint

    UK fans have boycotted HL for years. Many refuse to click on anything that makes them money. For some unknown reason, at least to me, the paper has always been negative toward UK. Tipton is bad, but he doesn’t hold a light to billy reed.

  31. EdC

    Everybody just completely refuse to buy a Herald Loser. Dont’ subscribe. If you have control over advertising for your company never advertise anything in their paper ever. If UK fans refused to buy the rag and refused to advertise it it then it will go away.

  32. JusSayin

    I still haven’t forgot about when he asked MKG to “re-live your uncle’s heart attack”

  33. jwa

    Hey Jerry,
    How does it feel when I teabag your wife every night?

  34. Dusten

    Briscoe just grew on me a lot. What a homerun answer to a d*ckhole question.

  35. nybrasky

    Briscoe has come up with huge rebounds, drives and mid-range jumpers at crucial times. Not everyone can be *the* superstar, but a team doesn’t win without “glue” guys. Was Tipton asking MKG the same things? He should be embarrassed.

  36. somerset bill

    how does it feel to be the lesser of the two jerry tiptons in uk basketball media?

  37. Lexingtonyn

    Somebody please punch him in the throat.

  38. za

    Here is a good example why college basketball players on this level should get paid.

    1. catdaddyd

      They get a scholarship, free medical, room and board, and a stipend. They have it pretty good. If you do away with title IX and non revenue sports and keep only football and men’s basketball then I could see paying into a fund for each player and get paid after graduation or career ending injury.

  39. jjrobert

    That’s like asking Phil Collins if it bothers him that he’s just the drummer.

  40. jessiestn9

    As much as I agree that it was both an inappropriate question to ask and that Jerry Tipton is a horrible reporter, I also believe that it is equally inappropriate for people to make negative comments about Jerry Tipton as a person. Making negative comments about Jerry as a person is no different than him asking inappropriate questions. The thing of it is I have rarely read an article of his that I thought was even remotely intelligible. Personally unless The Herald Leader gives him a major story I skip his articles altogether. Instead I read John Clay and Mark story. Verbally attacking someone because I said something wrong just creates more problems, instead calmly and rationally point out that the behavior was inappropriate, in both needs to be corrected and not done again.