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Is Wenyen Gabriel the solution to Kentucky’s scoring droughts?

As we are all well aware, Kentucky is 0-8 in games in which they’ve had a five-minute or longer scoring drought; as we are all also well aware, that must stop if the Cats hope to make any kind of noise in March. Assistant head coach Kenny Payne told reporters getting the offense moving is objective number one for tomorrow night’s game at No. 10 Auburn.

“The challenge is, there’s four, five, six-minute stretches in games where we’re not producing, where we go four minutes without a basket, where we got five minutes and they score seven out of eight possessions. We’re not good enough to make that up. We’re just not. We’re a good team, but when you give teams baskets, literally give them baskets, and it’s going to come down to a two, four, six-point game, you look back at the game and those four-minute spurts, those five-minute spurts that have happened multiple times throughout the game were killing you.”

Payne agrees with Calipari that one way Kentucky can get the offense flowing is by getting the ball to Wenyen Gabriel more.

“Wenyen is a good player and he gives us everything he has. When you look over the last four or five games, I think he’s averaging two or three shots. Here’s a kid who can make jump shots for us. We desperately need shooting. He can do that. So we’ve got to get him on the floor and it’s on not Wenyen but the other guys, when he’s open, to get him the ball in the shooting pocket so he can relax and shoot the ball.”

Between Calipari claiming he’s ditching his rotation to these comments about Wenyen, I think there’s a decent chance Wenyen gets the start tomorrow night.

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40 responses to “Is Wenyen Gabriel the solution to Kentucky’s scoring droughts?”

  1. ilovekaturday

    The answer is Brad.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Slater is back…

    2. ilovekaturday

      Who the hell is slater.

    3. Booby Petrino

      Did Brad spurn your Valentines date request, kat? Seems like he hurt your feelings. Poor kat.

    4. ilovekaturday

      Did Bobby petrino turn you down? There for you’re constantly trying to court me into talking to you by following me around.

    5. ukkatzfan

      You might be right. If he plays brad more, miss C is happier. If miss C is happier Cal is happier. If Cal is happier, he hollers less. If he hollers less, players are happier. If players are happier, basketball gets to be fun again for them. If it is more fun, they play harder if they play harder, they win, fans are happy. So there you go. All about the Brad.

    6. ilovekaturday

      Thank you see the bigger picture.

    7. secrick

      Awww, Is someones team about to lose a banner.

    8. 4everUKblue

      Almost feel sorry for katurday…..only not.

  2. Catlogic15

    Wenyen is not the answer.

  3. jahanc2uky

    Green, SGA, Knox, Vandy, Gabriel starting 5 and +20 minutes together is the answer.

    1. jaws2

      No one in this group can defend a decent big man in the post playing man defense. No one. If this group could play zone together, and I think they could, this wouldn’t be a bad lineup.

    2. KYJelly

      Villanova didn’t have a great post defender when they won the title a couple of years back, you’re right it just takes working together

  4. secrick

    Maybe he is the answer and i hope i don’t have to yell at the screen tomorrow night , shoot the dam ball Gabriel.

  5. BluemanGreen

    I like #3’s idea there…but Gabriel just gets so lost out there. Non decisive when he catches the ball…leaves his man on D and gets lost on screens constantly… Hard to believe he will ever be more than a 6th man. Heres hoping though, the effort is there at least. Vanderbilt needs to be in there as much as possible. He might make a mistake or have an ugly shot or 2 but his hustle, playmaking, rebounding, physicality, passing are all difference makers….and hes looking more and more comfortable.

    1. secrick

      Maybe let him play point guard and let Green and Sha play the corners . Well they can shot the ball.

    2. KYJelly

      Shai is not a good shooter

  6. UKinIN

    Gabriel is not the answer. This team doesn’t have an answer. This is what happens when a coach values shooting as little as Calipari does. Not being critical. He just wants to play our drives to the rim vs. the other team’s jump shots.

    1. J-Dub421

      Then why did Cal recruit Jemarl Baker?

    2. secrick

      Yep , That’s why he recruited Booker and Murray to drive to the basket because they could’nt shoot a lick.

    3. BigBlueNationDude

      Agree. He has recruited far too many athletes and not enough guys that can actually shoot

    4. 4everUKblue

      There’s Slater! Yeah add Monk to the list of players who couldn’t shoot and Cal’s record here is absolutely intolerable. Why are we not in the final four every season?

  7. UKLugo

    Maybe next year. These kids are who they are this season. And he is not the answer. We just have to play smarter, harder, and selfless. Play to our strengths and hope it’s enough.

    1. secrick

      Auburn is better than we are , it’s no disgrace to lose at their place and who knows maybe we can upset them.

  8. BigBlueNationDude

    The title of this article made me lol.

  9. Jiminy Crickets

    Can we run a single offensive set play, one that uses multiple screens to create mismatches?? Can we pass effectively and actually throw accurately? Can we hit even 50%of the WIDE open shots we’re being given because everyone is guarding against the drive? If so, we can beat anyone. But the fact that our coaches are saying all of our offensive problems are because we don’t get weynen more shots, makes me think the answer is no

    1. Thunder32

      Not sure how you read this article.. i think its saying..get him the ball more. and see what happens..not saying he will win games for u.. lol . cracks me up on how people read one thing and thing diff than what its saying.. dead.

    2. Jiminy Crickets

      I read that “we need outside shooting, and he can do that”. My point was we don’t have 5-8 minutes scoring droughts because of that, we have long scoring droughts because our entire offense stagnates, people stand around, and we begin playing isolation basketball.

    3. Jiminy Crickets

      To clarify, Gabriel is one of my favorite guys on the team, he gives 110% all the time. But it’s not like we haven’t seen Gabriel play for almost 2 seasons, and suddenly think “man, we can’t score for 8 minutes because we didn’t give it to Gabriel”

    4. Jiminy Crickets

      “Get him the ball more and see what happens” is the exact reason we can’t score. We do not have anyone that can individually create offense, no one. This team needs an offense that creates opportunities, not give it to him and see what happens.

  10. BigBlueNationDude

    If UK is questioning whether Gabriel is the answer we are in big time trouble. He barely plays on a good uk team.

  11. hooter6911

    If he is the answer. He needs to stop with his stupid fouls. How many games has he been in foul trouble or fouled out of? Worst fouler in UK history I think.

    1. 4everUKblue

      LMFAO! You idiots kill me really.

    2. Thunder32

      He only fouled out 3 times.. and foul trouble twice.. ..LMFAO..idiots.. learn to taste whats in your mouth before u speak it.. lol

    3. Thunder32

      here is his stats.. if u want to check them out. lol..

  12. Mc12

    Just please don’t dribble

  13. TonyMontana

    With our size and length why arent we running pick and rolls and throwing up lobs 5x per game? There’s alot that we are good at but dont seem to be doing. Its frustrating to me. Alot of people here seem mixed on Gabriel but he plays with more emotion and energy than anybody else on the team and that is contagious so I love to see him in the game, but he shouldnt handle the ball. Vanderbilt should not handle the ball either…. He’s so out of control, but I love his energy also. When he figures out what he’s doing, he’s gonna be a problem.

  14. Cmart0907

    I just don’t understand how we can have so many games with a scoring drought. Is it that hard to run a back door play? A high screen pick and roll? A lob to the rim? A simple play to get two points. Mind boggling if you ask me.

  15. UK Fan In Nashville

    Gabriel? No.

  16. UKfanman01

    Tony I couldn’t agree more. This team should run an offense more like the 2012 team. SGA drive in, double team collapses, lob to Knox, Diallo, Gabriel, or SKJ for a flush. Easy. You could trade any guard out to rub that, but SGA (imo) is the best guard on the team and most likely to get double teamed in a drive situation. That will open up your 3 game too