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Article written by TJ Walker

35 responses to “Is Rick Pitino snitching on Romeo Langford?”

  1. Jiminy Crickets

    Whole thing stinks. In every angle

    1. gobble gobble

      So now rick is admitting to cheating going on??… but just says other people are doing it.

    2. Bull Filmer

      Rick needs to pay the bench Priest to be his personal censor and moral seeing eye dog.

  2. Realme

    How does Rick not realize that by claiming firsthand knowledge of this, he is basically admitting Louisville was trying to buy him first?

  3. ukbradstith

    Guess I don’t understand the story…if the team was legal, why would IU be nervous?

    1. Booby Petrino

      I’d be nervous about a company trying to find ways to pay a player if it were a UK player. If it turns out this is the only way they paid him and it’s legal, then no loss. But I’d be nervous until the smoke has cleared and they have not found any other payments besides a salary for coaching.

    2. Booby Petrino

      essentially it’s inferring that the Langfords wanted to be payed for play. That’s enough to make the school nervous I’d say!

    3. Han

      Because while we all can see the Bagley and Langford situations are suspect (“legal” or not), Indiana doesn’t have Coach K’s teflon to avoid any punishment. It would not be beyond the NCAA to penalize them for the exact same thing Bagley’s family did.

    4. faithguy19

      IU fans were nervous when the story first came out. Then the experts assured that there was nothing to the story whatsoever to worry about

    5. Greatcatfan

      Tom Creamer kept IU on probation for illegally contacting recruits and various other things then self reporting it. Had any other school (outside the ACC) committed the same violation that many times they would have been levied an actual punishment. So IU has nothing to fear.

  4. Blue Jesus

    Is this the same situation as what happened with Bagley? If so, then it would seem to be within NCAA rules, for some reason.

    1. ClutchCargo

      False. Signing with dook is a critical step in pulling off such a scheme, and he didn’t do that.

    2. Mathlete

      Clutch – I don’t know if you intended it, but I immediately heard Dwight Schrute saying the rest of your comment after reading the word “False” as a beginning statement.

  5. RackEmWillie

    If Pitino takes down IU, then he definitely deserves to be in the UK Hall of Fame. Dude won a championship, completely rebuilt UK basketball from the ashes, had UofL vacate a banner and wins, get them put on probation, completely tarnish their reputation, and now if he gets IU put on probation? He’s a saint.

    I would say IU banners would come down, but, you’ve gotta have them first.

    1. IAmTheDanger

      **that’s gold**

    2. Han

      We still need him to drag Duke down with him and somehow get the NCAA to punish UNC for their decades of cheating.

    3. IAmTheDanger

      I think we have a new frontrunner for the successor to ole Roy or the weasel.

    4. henderblue

      RackemWillie…that is truly golden

    5. 72uksprinter

      Rack ’em,
      I’ll have what you’re having. LOL.
      Comment of the Month.

    6. Cletis75

      Easy there Han, he would have to be able to walk on water to pull off those feats.

    7. Greatcatfan

      Well we just found the guy who should be writing some of these articles.

    8. Memphis UK Cat


  6. Duuuuuude

    And now we know why Calipari never went anywhere with Langfords recruitment.

    1. SuperTroy18

      Absolutely. Cal seemed to never really wanna go near the kid. Even when he had him on the USA roster with him. So Ricky’s shade thrown at UK doesn’t add up at all. He’s just trying to get a shot in.

    2. ClutchCargo

      Pitino is so delusional he doesn’t realize that Cal is at least 2 steps ahead of him all the time.

    3. timbo

      And still further evidence that it is done the right way at Kentucky. The kids that come here are the ones that WANT to come here (despite the minority of jerks that think “Cal lost his touch” or “He’s getting beat at his own game”). They are good kids. It was obvious to me (and it’s obvious EVERY time it happens, to me) when Malik Newman went elsewhere after being a huge UK lean, that Cal sensed the danger/trouble. Mo Bamba, Zion, Ky-Ky Tandy… it’s always crystal clear if you’re not a hater in the first place!

    4. chardun20

      timbo, are you saying Cal backed off of recruiting Zion Williamson? I don’t recall it happening that way, Williamson just choose PUKE who didn’t seem like they was in the running.

  7. david8577

    Love that UK was never really in play here. Also, Pitino, keep “UK” and “Kentucky” out of your filthy mouth.

  8. a21CATSfan

    Nothing to see here. This is exactly what Marvin Bagley and his Dad’s AAU Team we’re accused of. If it was ok for a dUKe player, then it should be okay for a…never mind.

  9. Han

    Funny how Pitino has all this insight into that recruitment but saw nothing amiss with Bowen committing out of nowhere. According to him, of course.

    I’m sure he also sees nothing strange about knowing about this but being completely oblivious about the strippers and the money for Bowen. Like other highly visible narcissists, including at the highest national level, he wants to be seen as powerful and knowledgeable and as a result he scuttles his own “I didn’t know about that” defenses right and left.

  10. BobKYCats

    Pitino is basically saying, “I’ll give you everything I know, and you’ll see that none of it includes Brian Bowen or Jordan Fair”.

    Or in other words, “don’t pay attention to that man behind the curtain”.

  11. ukbradstith

    Again, this is all legal, and I’m pretty sure from what I know Tim Langford made this known 2 years ago. He was starting a team, with his son, and looked for high dollar sponsorship. All legal, all out in the open from what I can tell.

  12. PillsburyThrowboy

    Why can’t he just take all of his millions he’s been paid over the years, go to Florida, and shut up? Why is it so hard Rick? WHY!?

    1. PillsburyThrowboy

      Damn it. Here come all the jokes.

  13. Irish son

    Rick’s ego just won’t let him shut up. It’s almost like he has no control over his mouth. Just take your millions and go away Rick. Enjoy the rest of your life