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Is five minutes of life enough to save the season?

(Photo © Kim Klement)

For about five minutes, it looked possible. Kentucky came to life at the 17 minute mark in the second half, going on a 15-0 run to cut it to as close as 6 with 12 minutes left. From there, they tried to keep it respectable, but Florida was just too good, powering past the Cats to win by 19, the second-largest margin of defeat of the Calipari era.

Five minutes of life

I won’t even bother going over the first half. It sucked. Kentucky played the same lifeless, timid basketball they have the past three games, and during halftime, I think a good chunk of fans didn’t think they’d get off the mat. However, they did, cutting a 21-point deficit to six with 12:25 remaining.

What was the key to the run? While I choose to believe it was GIFs of cats wearing socks and bacon, Calipari said it started with Alex Poythress’ defense. “If Alex wasn’t in the game, we could have lost by 50.” In those five minutes, Kentucky held #1 Florida scoreless, and dare I say it, it looked like the light had gone on. However, after a timeout, Scotty Wilbekin nailed a three and even though the Cats hung in there for about ten more minutes, Florida responded to every challenge. That’s what good teams do.

Florida really is just that good

Coming into to this game, I was a little skeptical that Florida was capable of winning the national championship. After seeing them dismantle Kentucky today, I am completely convinced. On Senior Day, with the SEC rival in the house, Florida did what an excellent team does: rise to the occasion. Seniors Patric Young, Casey Prather, and Scottie Wilbikin combined for 46 points, and although it sounds a bit sad, I think this Kentucky team should have a small bit of pride in holding them scoreless for five minutes. Unfortunately, the first half was “embarrassing” (Cal’s words and mine), and ultimately, Kentucky dug themselves a hole too big to get out of.

Another classic Julius Randle face (Photo © Kim Klement)

Another classic Julius Randle face (Photo © Kim Klement)

Dakari will start from now on

The only leader this team has right now is Dakari Johnson, and he didn’t even start the game. That will change. After the game, Cal said that from now on, Dakari will start because “he’s the one kid who has fun and plays that way.” Dakari had nine points and five rebounds in 20 minutes this afternoon, and helped spark that big run with both points and emotion. At this rate, I’d take a team full of Dakari’s, even if the guard play and foul shooting would suck.

After hurting his knee, Julius went to work

Towards the end of the first half, a scoreless Julius Randle went down with what appeared to be a knee injury, but after being tended to on the sideline, went back in and actually went to work. Julius finished with 16 points and 10 rebounds, his 18th double-double of the season, and played with purpose, kicking it out when he needed to, and cleaning up around the rim. I’m not sure what happened when Julius jammed that knee, but it worked. For Kentucky to have any kind of shot at anything, they need more of that.

Photo © Kim Klement

Photo © Kim Klement

Is that run enough to save a season?

A question many of us are asking after today’s game is whether or not Kentucky’s five minutes of life was enough to save the season. Was the fight that they showed enough to keep you believing? I think most of us leave the game feeling about the same as before: doubtful, but desperately optimistic. However, the players say they still believe:

“We’ve got to get this thing. We don’t know what we’ve got to do but we’ve got to get going,” Julius told reporters after the game, “As guys in the locker room we all still believe, but there’s a point where, you know, we have to put it into action and I still think we will.”

“I know a lot of people don’t believe that we can do it right now, but it’s on us right now,” Dakari added. “We just have to believe. If we believe that’s all that matters.”

Calipari was proud of his team for fighting back, but seemed discouraged that it was all for moot. Cal said the Cats killed themselves in the first half, and even though they played great for “five, ten” minutes in the second half, they made some really poor decisions down the stretch: “You’ve got your chance and we come down and then all of a sudden, take two of the worst shots we’ve taken all year. But that’s what freshmen do,” Cal lamented. “It’s time to win now. With eight minutes left, you just don’t take those kind of shots.”

For this team, Cal admits the SEC Tournament is important

It’s no secret Cal is not a fan of conference tournaments. In years past, his teams have been good enough that they’ve only mattered for seeding. However, after the game, Cal admitted that this season, it’s important for many reasons, the biggest being confidence:

“For this team it’s important (because) we got to get the mojo going a little bit and we got to do it there. Historically my teams have done well in tournaments but we just have to see.”

To be continued…

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

131 responses to “Is five minutes of life enough to save the season?”

  1. Alex

    What is wrong with a wide open 12 footer instead of a run over 1on 4 .

    1. schwing

      you won’t have to ask that question much longer. they’ll lose the first game of the SEC tournament and the first game of the NCAA tournament. it’s almost over, so just hang in there.

  2. Hicks

    Make Julius mad. He plays so much harder when he’s mad. Show him game film of the 2nd half of Auburn and tell him that’s who you should be all the time.

    1. Skeps

      Yeah get mad and run over those 3 players that are guarding you.

    2. Hicks

      that’s exactly what I meant, thank you for agreeing.

  3. Skeps

    Curious as to why you doubted UF’s potential to win a championship. I’ve never doubted them. They actually take their open threes. Donovan likes 3s and steals. Cal hates both.

    1. yo

      Right on the money!!! Cal does not like steals. You make an effort to steal the ball, and he will jerk you out of the game. And rightfully so. Cal also likes to play certain players (that can’t score more than 2 to 4 points per game) 20 to 30 some odd minutes per game. I think we should find several other players that never score more than 2 to 4 points per 25 minutes or so played, and give them even more PT. Or better yet, play the ones that can’t score the ball the full 40 minutes instead of just 20 to 30. After all, defense is all that matters to Cal. Diving on the floor, etc. Actually putting the ball through the hoop means very little to Coach. If Poy had played 40 minutes he might have had a total 5 points for the entire game. I love the way 90% of Alex’s points always come in the last minute of the game when the other team quits guarding the ball. You know, after the game is already over. Just sayin,…

    2. Carol

      I love the 3’s. I think that any coach that doesn’t allow his team to use them is very foolish. Look what Rick Pitinos team can do with 3’s!

  4. Sean

    Not trolling, but go look what our big brother is doing to Uconn right now. Pitino knows how to develop a team and always peaks at the right time. I do not see improvement with calapari coached teams.

    1. lol at u

      Yea, the 2012 team never got better, Marquis Teague never got better! Damn it, Cal!!!!

    2. cats'suck

      Then you must have had your eyes shut during the 09 through 12 seasons.Cal is trying to develop overhyped kids who have been told how great they are since beginning their basketball play.It’s hard to make Chicken Salad out of chicken shit,and that’s exactly what Cal is trying to do this season.

    3. sammydog

      It takes Rick 4 yrs however, to develop them. They are playing 4 seniors. Rick can’t develop a freshman in 1 yr. Cal can.

    4. Ike

      Sammydog. Cal can develop freshman? I haven’t seen it for a while if he can. This team appears to have digressed. And the Regular season is now over!

    5. Carol

      Exactly. I am a Pitino fan, and wish he had NEVER left UK.

      Looks like I will be rooting for Louisville for a while, due to this pitiful Coaching that Cal is doing this year.

  5. JThom

    That run had less to do with us and more to do with Florida quitting. Florida showed they are quitters. They have battled and won close games but they have not had to deal with a big deficit. In the tournament if someone gets them down early, they will quit. Watch and see.
    The turning point of the season was the LSU game. We got out-hustled big time and won. That gave us just enough false confidence to get taken apart over the next two weeks.
    I’ll be pulling for the Shockers.

    1. lol at u

      They didn’t quite, they were up 20. Are all of you complete idiots?

    2. Ryan Harrow

      You mean they didn’t quit. You don’t quite know how to spell quit. Happy I got that coveted UK degree; as our fan base is loaded with dumb shits that could never get into this school.

    3. Bigbluesadness

      Ryan harrow, first and foremost you suck. Secondly, the only people who can’t get into UK are the ones who can’t afford it.

  6. markky

    I’ll be anxious to hear who decides to leave for the draft…..Cal has created this culture and kids on UK do NOT care how the teams finish as a team. They all have had their eyes on their draft projections- specifically WCS, Young and the twins. What’s funny is last years team went to the NIT and kids still left. we make the ncaa tournament- good enough…a slew leaves= Cal’s system= make kids dreams come true

    1. OL" PIX

      ==== yeah, we develop millionaires and break UK’s fans heartsb ecause our NBA development league coaching …….. WHEN WILL CAT FANS WAKE UP !!!!

      Caligreasy is not the answer………………. he’s the problem ! ====

  7. Mortimer Ramirez-Huerta

    Listen to all these rednecks predicting success against non-SEC teams in the tournament

  8. Daniel

    Lol, Tyler is attempting deep; “five minutes of life”. He should stick to mediocre sports writing, philosophy isn’t his thing.

    1. Mendel

      I believe the writer possesses XX chromosomes. In other words, you are speaking of a female.

  9. Versailles Porky

    What seed is we gonna get

    1. Rob

      If we are a firs round sec out, I’d have to imagine that we are a bubble team

  10. hal

    twins: 6-21 FG, 18 pts, 7-5 ast-to. not enough offense to overcome their defense. again.

    1. Carol

      But he worries about starting Dakari instead of Willie? ROFL!!!

  11. K2da

    Believe it or not, there’s enough EYE-CATCHING data to convince anybody who watched that it’s more of a Cal fundamental problem than a individual talent problem. That’s why the team has turned on him. Enough people has convinced them to bide their time and get the hell out after the season is over. They play exactly that way now.

  12. Korean Tacos

    Remember last FLA game where we played well for a stretch and thought the team had turned the corner? How well did that go? Yeah, so excuse me if 5 minutes of FLA falling asleep in a blow out doesn’t give me hope for this team.

    1. Luther

      Well said…

    2. HugeCatFan

      I hear you Korean Tacos. I am a Huge Cat Fan. I love this site. But I hate the way that all of the writers, Matt Jones and Drew Franklin included, make excuses for Kentucky when they suck. What is obvious about this team is that whoever rated these kids as high schoolers were wrong. The Harrisons just aren’t that good. Tell me what Julius does well. Rebound? He can’t shoot. Doesn’t pass well. Makes bad decisions. He out physicals smaller players. Will that happen in the NBA? What does Willie do well? Run the floor? That helps. What does James Young do well? He gets hot sometimes shooting. Can’t pass. Defense is suspect. Alex? Couple of nasty dunks every week, then 5 lapses on defense. I’m not blaming Cal. Think he is great. I just think this team was overrated as highschoolers. Why give a scholarship to Willis if he can’t help a team that shoots this bad?

  13. Bill Brasky

    Cal’s needs to put the “that’s what freshmen do” line to bed. It’s too late in the season for that crutch. If Cal accepts that mode of thinking then the players will too. If you give someone an excuse they’ll use it. It’s human nature. Plus these guys have had played an entire season. They have enough game time to know better and the coaches have had enough practice time to teach them better. I have no problem with the one-and-done recruiting style – it’s worked more than it hasn’t – and I’ll still cheer and accept whatever happens the rest of the way, but I don’t want to hear excuses.

  14. JohnCalipari

    “Historically my teams have done well in the tournament, and historically my Final Fours have been vacated, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

    1. Carol

      No doubt that Cal has done some good coaching in the past. Past is past. This one and done thing isn’t working. The jerking isn’t working either. A coach that acts like a jerk to his players will reap the consequences there of….

  15. barn

    cal missed with this bunch. simple. he can’t come out and say it, but it’s pretty obvious to everybody now. like he said “i can explain it for you, but i can’t understand it for you”. we’re going to miss some years with a team of freshmen but some years we’ll win big.

    1. BB

      Yeah, we’ll win big when Cal has someone else’s upperclasmmen leftovers: Patterson, Liggins, Harrellson, Miller.

      Missed with this bunch? Gimme a break! This was the greatest recruiting class in the HISTORY of BASKETBALL. They were supposed to go 40-0. You can’t win with all freshmen. No one ever has, no one ever will.

    2. sammydog

      Cal is high risk/high reward and that is fine with me.

    3. BB

      No, it’s high risk, no reward. Check his record at UK with his own recruits. One NIT and this season. Not good.

    4. Kenny cat

      BB- yea because harrellson, liggins and miller reached their potential under gillispie. Their Is one reason those 3 have a basketball career after kentucky, and that is john calipari.

    5. BB

      @Kenny Cat
      No, it’s because they hung around for four years. And you forgot Patterson. Without Patterson, 2010 team isn’t in the Elite Eight. Calipari had nothing to do with their development. He doesn’t know how to teach, end of story. If he did, Poythress and WCS would be better than they are, Kyle Wiltjer would still be here and be productive, and these freshmen would have some fundamentals.

    6. wow

      B.B Have you ever played sports in your life? I hope you are just trolling, bc I refuse to believe you are that stupid. So that elite 8 had more to do with patterson then Bledsoe, wall and cousins? I loved Patterson, but him and Meeks did go to the n.I.t the year before. Pretty big jump from one year to the next dont you think?

  16. Jrod

    Of course that run isn’t enough to “save the season.” This team has had little spurts of energy while behind all year long. Nothing the Cats did today was evidence of any growth on their part. They came out cold, made a run to dig out of it, and fell short. That’s nothing new.

    1. Bill Brasky

      I wish your analysis wasn’t right, but it is. This team has to be down 15 before they play with any sense of urgency. Mind boggling.

  17. markky

    @ Bill- I agree with the excuse but I don’t think his system is working…. they had a number of “upperclassmen” with the most talented college basketball player at UK in 25 years to win it all PLUS second best player was MKG. Cousins and Wall were stacked but had one good veteran and a decent upperclassmen. It’s becoming more obvious that the system he’s got in place will be less and less successful in UK WINS

  18. McDonalds

    These All-Americans are giving our product endorsement a bad name. Might have to look for better product placement than having all of them at one school.


    That 15 point run kept UK from losing by 40. Florida is good but not that good. They might make the final four, but as soon as they play a good non SEC opponent, I bet they go down. As for UK, the last two weeks has become a nightmare for this team. They are reeling and 18 year olds can’t recover this late in the year.

    1. Blue

      Florida IS that good.

    2. Stone cold killers

      No, UK IS that bad. I will admit, UF is no South Carolina, but UK lost to them too. Lol

    3. News for the Blind

      Anyone who thinks UF is ‘that good’ hasn’t watched any basketball outside the SEC this year. Florida is the best of the worst.

    4. Carol

      I think Florida will do good to make the final 4. I do not think they can go all the way.

  20. REALLY

    1. Maybe Cal needs to spend five minutes in an Italian restaurant
    2. Kentucky is just that bad
    3. Dakari will start now, because there is no one else.
    4. Julius acted like he was hurt because he cant handle the pressure of being beat
    5. Is this another moral victory for UK……. WOW, REALLY!!!
    6. last but not least. CAL is the best car salesman in the country. BUT HE CAN NOT COACH.

    1. Cal

      Yeah, but we were only two key shots from winning this game. Just saying.

    2. sammydog


  21. msg

    why was KY playing 2-3 zone at the 3or4 minute mark down 12 points?

    1. BB

      Because we have the greatest coach in the history of the game. He is a basketball savant.

  22. 5mins

    5 minutes is probably the average length of time it takes you to compose your typical BS TT.

    1. yo

      Your comment is waiting on moderation.

  23. stevem

    KSR–you must be on Calipari’s payroll. Every game we lose you come back and ask whether the next game is a turning point or in this case whether a 5 minute stretch will save the season. The snake oil you and Cal are promoting just isn’t selling anymore. Time for some honest reporting for a change. …oops forgot you can’t do that or you’ll lose your press pass.

    1. yo

      Your comment is awaiting moderation!

    2. SeoulCat

      lol @ yo

    3. Cycledelicbikes

      Agreed. You’ll be banned from posting before long. I asked a VERY tame question in a live blog before Gillispie was hired and was blasted in an email from MJ for questioning him. I’ve not been on the site in years under that name since. So we’re talking 7 years now. For a guy that claims to be a liberal (which I am also btw) and a lawyer, he rules his “FAN” site like a fascist.

    4. TPACAT

      Why are you so surprised? Everybody knows Communists eventually kill each other off for “disloyalty”…

  24. Boyd Crowder

    How about we start Poythress next game along side of Dakari and reward his performance. The twins give you absolutely nothing …game in and game out. You have to Young for offense, but you don’t have to have the Harrisons they give you next to nothing.

    How about

    Randle PF
    Johnson C
    Poythress SF
    Young SG
    Random Harrison or Hawkins/Polson?

    1. yo

      Alex Poythress is a scoring machine!

    2. Ava Crowder

      Where you been, Boyd?

    3. Lloyd

      Poythress had a total of ONE rebound and FOUR points (2 in the last minute of the game when the Gators were not even contesting shots) in 24 minutes of playing time today. His typical game. And you think he should start? I think not.

  25. Stu Katz

    The answer is NO

  26. Pistol Pete

    You asked if 5 minutes can save our season? I thought college games were 40 minutes. We have not played well for 40 minutes in any game this year.

    1. BB

      In the basketball savant mind of John Calipari, they are not 40 minutes. This is how Cal brainwashes Big Blue Nation with his snakeoil talk.

  27. what?

    Are trying to tell me 2012 wasnt with his recruits.lmao you are an idiot. Miller was the only one that wasnt. Thats the dumbest thing I have ever read. You are clueless.

    1. BB

      We don’t win it all without Darius Miller. Go watch the Final Four game vs U of L again you dipwad.

    2. what?

      Yea you are right. We didnt need davis, lamb, mkg, and are delusional

  28. what?


  29. JohnCalipari

    “Historically my teams have done well in the tournament before I leave the programs I’m at in scandal, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

  30. JohnCalipari

    “Historically my teams have done well in the tournament, but we’ll just have to wait and see if I’m pregnant because my belly keeps getting bigger and bigger. I hoping to bear another basketball savant like myself.”

    1. David

      I have it from a reliable source that Cal is in constant pain with both hips and knees and the steroids have made him gain weight. I know you don’t now feel ashamed of yourself, but you are an insensitive idiot.

  31. old timer

    We are not fundamentally sound in many areas which is what happens when you don’t have upperclassmen. Hopefully, Cal will have time to work this out as I don’t see how ANYBODY but Randle could even think about going pro. Anybody else will be riding a bus in the D-league.

  32. Some Guy

    Am I the only one who was really bothered by Cal’s “I don’t care if it hurts the program” comment?

    1. Luther

      I was…

    2. stevem

      Calipari is so under so much fire right now he is saying anything that sounds good for the moment, irrespective of whether he actually believes it…not unlike Fiftino come think of it.

    3. UK fan

      “Fiftino” is under any fire. He has his team primed for another final four run. 🙁

    4. Skeps

      Another asinine statement from Cal. Barnhardt needs to call him out on it but he’ll probably make some public announcement defending it.

    5. OL' PIX

      ==== ” I do not care if it hurts the proram !” by John Calipari ………………. hopefully those of us that understand he doesn’t walk on water will be able to explain to those who are ignorant …………… exactly what that means …………. in snakeoil car salesman speak !!!! ====

  33. willyboy325

    “Cal doesn’t deserve any criticism, he won us a title a few years ago. Its the players fault, period. Even though the university pays this guy 5 million a year to coach up these young men its still the players fault dont matter if the harrison twins are just as bad as they were beginning of the year, no blame should be put on cal cause he walks on water and does no wrong! Even though he used 2 former players fron last years team as a scapegoat for the epic failures before he blamed himself he’s still the greatest coach to grace the bluegrass

    1. David

      So who should he start instead of the twins? Hood? Polson? Lanter? It may be a requirement he has these KY kids on the team, but were he able to recruit other decent guards he would have options.

  34. Luther

    Is five minutes of life enough to save the season? NO! HELL NO!!

  35. UK fan

    If wiggins would have came to UK, we would’ve went 40-0. It’s wiggins’ fault not cals.

    1. Cycledelicbikes

      He looks incredibly smart not wanting to be around the twins now

  36. News for the Blind

    Could have saved the season if Cal would make the guards pass to Randle and let the offense flow through him. It really is that simple. He was the spark of life during that five minutes BECAUSE for that five minutes, he was given the ball. I want to throw up every time I see the young man work to get open, only to have the ball passed around the perimeter and away. Is he a savior? Nope. he can be lazy. But he’s a better point guard than Andrew. Let him find the open man, because Andrew only sees 3-players and none of them is Randle.

    1. True Story

      ^^^ this.

    2. Yep

      It looks like Cal’s plan, at least the past few weeks, has been have the guards drive/shoot 80% of the time and the bigs just crash the boards. He’s looking to get fouls called because of the rule change this year but it isn’t happening.

    3. OL' PIX

      ==== and if randle gets it he will get triple teamed, ball stripped, or he will run over a defender …….. throw up a prayer …………….. ====

  37. UK Fan

    How to we get Mary Kate & Ashley and the cards get terry rozier? He clearly is a a better player then both the Harrison’s combined.

    1. News for the Blind

      Really? Rozier? ROFL

    2. UK Fan

      Yea 🙁 as much as I hate to admit it, Rozier was the second best point guard in last years class. Right behind tyler Ennis.

    3. BigBlie22

      Even if you don’t want to say it, rozier is a phenomenal freshman. He plays hard defense, has a ridiculously high AST/TO ratio and can shoot from anywhere. Legitimate pro prospect.

    4. Rise

      Only UL fans have been calling the Harrisons mary kate and ashley. Nice try

    5. News for the Blind

      Harrison is NOT a bad point guard. He just won’t pass to Randle. It’s that simple. I know it’s been lusting after one of Fiftino’s crappy guys is the equivalent of walking out onto the ledge. Don’t jump bro!

    6. Bobbum man

      He also had academic issues and had to go to Juco… Yes I reliase this class isn’t what it was thought but frankly when u can get the #1 pg in the nation (yes I know, he’s not really that good) or a kid with issues why wouldn’t you

    7. 8Ringz

      I would love to have rozier on this team. Great player and hustles.

    8. BigBlie22

      I’m in no way “lusting” over a UofL player. It’s just obvious that he’s a better PG than Andrew.

    9. True Story

      Rozier gets dismantled in the ACC kids. Watch for it.

    10. Bill Brasky

      Nice try, little brother, but UK and the twins already beat you.

      Do not feed the trolls…

    11. UK Fan

      Bill, you do know the AAC has WAY better guards playing than the ACC does?

    12. Bill Brasky

      I believe you’re lost. You are currently trolling an SEC blog, not an ACC blog. Step up your troll game please.

  38. Rise

    Just like half of the players on our team, Coach Cal doesn’t care about the program either. He pretty much said I will help my players for their future even if it hurts him or the program. What a idiotic thing to say. I used to be the biggest Cal supporter but the crap he says grinds my gears. The program pays you 5 million a year.

    1. Bill Brasky

      I was confused the first time I heard the comment as well, but Matt Jones made a good point on the radio show today: context matters. We just saw that one short clip, not the question he was asked. If Cal was asked about players leaving early then his comment makes perfect sense. Cal always says stuff like, “If it comes down to a player going pro or coming back to help me and the program, I’ll tell him to go achieve his dreams in the NBA every time.” That’s nothing new. If that’s not what he was talking about, I would like to know more. For now, I give Cal the benefit of the doubt. He knows what he’s doing when being interviewed. He’s always on message.

    2. UK Fan

      Bill. You really, really, need to stop drinking the kool aid. When are you going to realize cal doesn’t care about this program? We are the laughing stock of college athletics right now. 2-10 in football and a first round NIT loss last year. Followed up with this garbage season.

  39. BigBlue

    Cal is full of BS

    1. sue

      I concur!

    2. OL" PIX

      ==== I too agree ….. ====

  40. UKBlue

    There is nothing about this season or team that’s easy. We literately have no offense. Teams are just going to stay in zone against us because we can’t break the zone & our shooting is so bad & inconsistent teams can just shut us down. Zone defense just kills the dribble drive. I wish we had the ability to run pick & rolls & back down cuts like Florida was running. The best we looked on defense just like the first Florida game was when we ran zone, totally confused Florida; we are so big no idea why Cal will not just say screw it & stick with it.

    1. yo

      You are 100 % correct when you say we should play ZONE defense. Course Cal is a little slow learning that fact. But I must beg to differ with you when you say we have no offense. We have Alex Poythress! He’s a offensive machine. I rest my case.

  41. ILCatsFan

    TT, Florida is a very good team but I don’t think they’re the best in the country. They are in the group of top teams but they aren’t overly talented. They are senior-laden, deep, and can shoot the ball. On the other hand, they are weak defensively inside and have problems guarding people at times. The Gators are a very good “team”, but I could see a dozen other teams beating them on any given day.

  42. OL" PIX


    Caalipari has LOST this team at about the same time he lost last years team …………………… he is a piece of

    work ………… our AD needs to start [email protected]@king for his replacement two weeks ago !!!



  43. At the game

    I was at the game and was 10 feet from their entire per game shoot around and witnessed some interesting stuff.
    First, James was lights out warming up hitting 3’s and I yelled down to him several times that he was going to have a good game. He hit 2 threes in the first couple minutes, he smiled when I said it.
    Second, Alex was crushing the 3’s even more than James. He was 8-10 in one stretch… Made me wonder why he doesn’t shoot more.
    Third, Randle was hitting every shot
    Fourth, Willie was last out of the locker room and onto the floor, acted like he didn’t even want to be there.
    Fifth, there was NO fun out there. No one talked, no one smiled, no one was enjoying the experience, which in my opinion is the problem with this team. They are not connecting with each other.
    Finally, a CBS photographer looked up at me and said, ” is that Randle?” … *sigh*
    I still believe in this team, but they need to find their soul… But they are running out of time.

    1. yep

      I suspect Alex was indeed shooting it’s eyes out in warm up. He’s also great in practice, from what Cal has said for two years now. It’s just in an actual game that he shoots air balls and/or barely grazes the rim when he shoots. Course that is if he actually gets a shot before he turns it over first. Like someone said earlier, Poythress is an offensive dynamo. I just hope he keeps it up and leads the nation in scoring this year.

  44. IcemanJ

    No 5 minute stretch is not going to save the season. Every team at some point in a basketball game puts together a 5 minute stretch where they look good. It’s complete game that matters. Do yourself a favor and take the big blue shades off and look at this team. They just are not that good. We played as hard as we are going to play this season and they are who they are. It’s tough to accept given the crazy hype this team had at the beginning, but truth be told they are Freshmen that were over-scouted and other media outlets followed the hype as well to inflate the rankings. They are talented, but what you see is what you get this year. If they stayed, sure they could get better but I think we know at least 3 of them will go pro after the season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kyle Wiltjer-type transfer as well of somebody who sees themselves getting no playing time and getting recruited over. Either way- good luck Cats!

  45. At the game

    A thought, when everyone gives plays you like it’s their Super Bowl and you are a young team full of 18-19 year olds, you have to find that inner strength to match that intensity. The problem i see is it takes a challenge ( like a underdog status or behind bad in a game ) to find that fight. Our slow starts are an example of that throughout the year. Terrible teams finding a way to beat us because they can’t get “up” for the game until its too late. A young team needs a rally cry, something to fight for and it seems that the name on the jersey (KENTUCKY) isn’t enough to get past their youth and immaturity sad. My prediction is that the NCAA Tournament will rally this team to fight for each other, to find their soul, to be better than they think they can be. A team with “better pieces” playing individually will always lose to a TEAM that plays as a team. Right now we are not a team. But…. We can be.

    1. Well…

      If we can’t get motivated to play the #1 team in the country I don’t know what it’s going to take.

    2. OL' PIX

      ==== This team is “deader than a door nail” ………… they’ve quit ………… their coach hasn’t got a clue ……………….. time has expired, the season is just a few games from conclusion …………… those who know what of I speak have a rally song ……………. “Riddin’ The Storm Out !” ====

  46. jaws2

    Hate to admit it, but I spent more time watching the girls today. I told my wife if the men played with the same intensity, made FT’s, and actually ran plays like the girls, they may have lost only 3-4 games at best this year. Damn shame they have no leadership and little basketball IQ.

  47. Oh Yeah

    “Historically my teams have done well in the tournament” – unless it’s the NIT 2013

  48. Truth or Dare

    Cal, Mrs. Tyler T, and I know basketball and we love Alex’s game. He is an integral part of our success these last two years. Jmo. Archie was selfish. Ryan was not a good point guard. Wiltjer did not deserve any PT. But Alex? How could we have done without him these last two years?? We would not have won a game without him. Him and McDermott are the two best offensive players in the game today. I’m just glad Cal understands that.

    1. Bigbluesadness

      Hahaha, what!? Poythress is the CLUMSIEST offensive player in the game today. The only thing he’s got on McDermott is power and jumping ability… when he’s not playing like a 12 year old girl and fumbling the ball like tony romo.

    2. Truth or Dare

      It’s called sarcasm, BBsadness. Going on 60 games now, and some of us are still waiting to see what he actually does to earn one single minute of playing time in any game. We have spent two seasons hearing what he does, but never seeing it. But Cal is a believer, nts. He says he’s great in practice. Ha ha. Wonder why Lee and Willis can’t see any minutes in his place? Poy has had major minutes per game for two full seasons now, and I’ve yet to see one single thing he can do. Well, I guess he dunks it okay when no one is guarding him. But cal says he’s sure a superstar in practice. But he says in games he can’t dribble or pass. Cal says he’s just a finisher. That would explain why he got 24 minutes today with a total of one rebound and 4 points (two of them in the last minute when the Gators were not even guarding us).

  49. Hammer

    Can Willis be so bad that he can’t even sniff even a few minutes a game when Cal’s little sissies suck so bad they are a pain to watch. So many times people post how big Randle plays…what an absolute joke. His confused and ridiculous facial expressions are second only to Calipari,s.

  50. Really?

    It really just took Cal till now to see Dakari is the only player player with heart and emotion? He’s the only player that looks like he’s gotten better this year. Pretty sad for the rest of the team.

  51. Bigbluesadness

    Yea yea, after a 15-0 run I still had no confidence because these guys are DUMB! Not 18 yo inexperienced, but just plain dumb. 3 on 2 fast break with a guy wide open on each wing. Young or Pouthress? Of course, give the ball to are top 3 point shooter Poythress and let him throw up another brick. Just enter the draft already and spare me the expectations. The only thing I expect from now on is a class of self righteous divas until I see something different. Damn I miss MKG!

  52. Smile

    When I remember the title team I remember how the players formed the “breakfast club” and were getting together early to work out and practice additionally to what they were already doing. On top of that they were hanging out with each, because almost every day there was a blog post about them going out bowling, to dinner, movies etc. They were having fun. I never hear about this team actually having “fun” or doing anything for that matter other than playing basketball. Basketball is their job because that’s obviously what their on scholarship to do. This year’s team lacks a couple key aspects, such as a low basketball iq, confidence, and work ethic. I’m not sure how this group is off the court with each other, but it seems to me, like with all of us and our day jobs; if we’re having fun outside of work, it makes our jobs that much better and allows us to function more efficiently. If this team can start having more fun (legally) off the court, I think this would go a long way in to turning things around for them mentally, which it seems is their biggest obstacle for all of them.

  53. OL' PIX

    ==== a prayer meeting at least three times a day would help more ====